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Cop confrontation goes viral

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The mayor and city manager in Rohnert Park, California, say they are investigating an incident where an unidentified officer drew his gun on a man recording him.
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Solid (2 hours ago)
Cop: You need to relax. I just want to bust a cap in your butt. We need to make America great again.
Nationalbornprank Nf (3 hours ago)
Guys this is CNN fake news
Jesse Costa (10 hours ago)
I believe legally the resident could have killed the cop because this person (who happens to be a cop) was brandishing a deadly weapon in a aggressive manner
Abdullahi Bashir (11 hours ago)
If it were not for the white colour skin, he would have been sent to Before the Big Bang in the beginning of the Word to live peacefully in the vicious uncreated space with the Word.
Raul Arvizo (15 hours ago)
Throw that cop in the dungeon
no filter (16 hours ago)
Americunts and their no 1 brain. Oh sorry, misspelled that. Damn, the edit button not working.
inkey2 (17 hours ago)
OPINION: This officer is a monster and clearly hates his country and it's constitution. The department needs to retire him fast. He is a danger to society
warrentomberlin (20 hours ago)
Guess cops are getting more and more paranoid... but then again the individual was a bit too confrontational in my opinion......both men have anger issues!
Wayne H (21 hours ago)
Little man syndrome amplified with a badge and gun.
Everblue Freediving (23 hours ago)
This is a murdering scumbag and shouldn't be in public fishing for an excuse to murder someone...typical cop. All guns and clubs, no brains.
Jaden Ratliff (23 hours ago)
Sam Harmston (1 day ago)
Ok he shouldn’t have gotten out of his car and recorded him recording the police officer but he took that way too far he should be suspended as an officer but when he pulled out the gun it was not bad the man had his hand in his pocket and they weren’t getting along so as an officer he handled the gun part right because the man easily could’ve had a gun or a weapon in his pocket or around his belt that the officer is unaware of but if the officer pointed the gun at the man the officer would be in the wrong
Chris Ashcroft (1 day ago)
In Canada, he would be doing some major paperwork and answering tough questions. Probably on a desk.
Ivuna Proctor (1 day ago)
Soooo.... Because someone takes a pic of u..... You feel the need to take out a gun and potentially kill them😔 I DONT UNDERSTAND THAT.....
newstart49 (1 day ago)
Why is the constitution a bad word to them?
Gabe Wolf (1 day ago)
Dry cop
Neil Frodsham (1 day ago)
Small penis
Hacsuate (1 day ago)
This is to people who hate cops ------ alright police keep us safe right? not all of the cops are bad its just these racist ones so dont say u hate cops when they work hard and protect us
Orange Juice (13 hours ago)
Hacsuate Their job is to investigate crimes and enforce the law, not protect people. As far as I know the only LEO’s that can protect you are us marshals
Hacsuate (13 hours ago)
ok maybe police are useless after all 😂
Orange Juice (14 hours ago)
Hacsuate To my gun
Hacsuate (14 hours ago)
Ok so if someone comes at u with a knife, who will u turn to?
Orange Juice (1 day ago)
Hacsuate “Alright police keep us safe right” Cops do not have an obligation to protect us “They work hard” To go violate our rights “And protect us” WRONG
Ashley Ortega (1 day ago)
It's nothing new white guy white cops love to pull out there gun an cuffs for every race besides the white people the only reason why he didn't shoot you because you're WHITE
Bearhuggles86 (22 hours ago)
Nothing new, racists see skin color and make comments about it.
Jorge Rivas (1 day ago)
Rodriguez was cleared of wrongdoing after a probe, conducted by a private investigator in consultation with a retired internal affairs detective, found Rodriguez’s actions were justified. Why did they contract out to some PRIVATE DETECTIVE? James Rockford paying off Lt. Dennis Becker? But at least the guy sued OFFICER RODRIGUEZ.
Moving On (1 day ago)
That motherf*cker is ready to shoot an innocent person and somebody's family member. He needs to be let go.
Wesley Hutcheson (1 day ago)
I know why he pulled is gun out, that Samsung phone could have exploded any second!
Jeff McKenzie (1 day ago)
And this is why everyone hates cops!!! If you want to be above the law get a badge!!!!!!!!
Science Fiction (1 day ago)
The officer is on uh..... vacation. Yeah. Thats it. Vacation.
sam uk (1 day ago)
This to stupid guys just want have problem
Bill E. Bobb (1 day ago)
More domestic terrorism. 🖕FUCK EM " Are you some kind of a constitutionalist?" Apparently, this scum cop does not understand where his authority comes from. Apparently, this scum cop does not understand his sworn oath of office. WHEN WE SEE A BADGE, WE SEE A DOMESTIC TERRORIST. THIS SCUM COP DESERVES TO HANG AND BURN! HELP DOCUMENT THE CORRUPTION AND TERROR BEING COMMITTED AGAINST THE PEOPLE. ALWAYS FILM THE POLICE
Mike Beson (1 day ago)
send that cop to Pittsburgh and lets see him pull a gun.
Kathleen Tate (1 day ago)
He some kinda person, who knows his rights
Stephen Connor (1 day ago)
Old bastard should be in a care home
STAR OF DAVID67 (1 day ago)
The guys being a fucking smart arse
Sonic Guyver (1 day ago)
And that is an example of why I will never support "Blue Lives Matter." I believe in the police force and what they stand for but there are also a lot like this guy who intentionally escalate a situation without provocation. We need harsher punishment for crooked cops.
Drew Unknown (1 day ago)
It is obvious his civil rights were violated and he was being harassed, the follow up to this video is that the city hired their own private investigator that ruled the police officer actions were justified. The police officer was allowed to retire with full benefits. Most police officers do what is right but those that are constantly abusing their authority should be held accountable along with the command supervision that refuse to take action to correct their subordinates who abuse their positions as an officer of the law.
Chance Carney (1 day ago)
fucking pig
AnomalyFM (2 days ago)
The camera man was acting really panicky and suspicious. I can't blame the cop in this situation.
Ihdc1 (1 day ago)
AnomalyFM Who wouldn’t be panicky when confronted by an aggressive, armed man brandishing his gun while authorized to kill you with virtual inpunity by moving one finger?
EvaN _27 (2 days ago)
This video is just a metaphor of the American police force
lamar quick (2 days ago)
White_Rook (2 days ago)
Anybody know what the followup investigation concluded?
Robin Sawchuk (2 days ago)
old guyzz don't make good cops.
Cars &Such (2 days ago)
I'm extremely pro law enforcement but even I have to say that was pretty uncalled for.
Joe Momma (2 days ago)
This officer is rabid and needs to be put down or out to pasture. Such a coward, drawing a weapon on an unarmed man in his driveway.
Small mustache complex
unrealone1 (2 days ago)
A Constitutionalist and crazy guy in the same statement?
Robert Stotesbury (2 days ago)
Classic Nepolian complex.
Reginald Lovely (2 days ago)
A piece of steamy dog turd 💩
james carroll-linden (2 days ago)
Lmao what this officer is actually mental
Alan E (2 days ago)
Not all cops are bad, just waaaaay too many.
Javier Lopez (2 days ago)
Police brutality at its best , 😡
Malik Roman (2 days ago)
It did go all over YouTube
plaid13 (2 days ago)
A crazy guy because he believes in the constitution? Thats the mindset of police...
Ihdc1 (1 day ago)
plaid13 The cop clearly forgot that he swore an oath to defend that very constitution.
Son are you G.g.g (2 days ago)
Guyver2391 (2 days ago)
See, this is why people don’t trust cops. This. Right. Here. You wanna fix things get rid of those cops. They’re not doing their job, they’re abusing power because they think they can do anything with no consequences.
S. Wolfe (2 days ago)
Wow...that "cop" is disgusting.
Colin Shin (2 days ago)
Tbh he did nothing wrong. In the end, nothing bad happened. This guy just wanted to bait him for views. He takes his gun out cause there is a real chance he might have a gun no matter what, there is still a chance. The guy had no buisness to record him in the first place. Its his job to patrol
Orange Juice (2 days ago)
Colin Shin If you get that butthurt over a camera, you shouldn’t be a cop then.
Colin Shin (2 days ago)
Orange Juice im saying that the reason he started recording in the first place, was because to peovoke him. Its his right, to record, but ylu shouldnt abuse it so that you can get a couple views off of youtube
Orange Juice (2 days ago)
Colin Shin oh and he doesn’t have to have business to record him. It’s his 1st amendment right. Yea and we know it’s his job to patrol. Nobody said he couldn’t
Orange Juice (2 days ago)
Colin Shin How do you bait a cop into violating the law when acting in a completely legal manner?
Darrell Latham (2 days ago)
What a let down.
Christian Aguayo (2 days ago)
Kill him
J c (2 days ago)
why did the cop turn his back on that guy , but still have his gun out? Old school Cowboy
Stealthy Daud (2 days ago)
CNN is cancer but wth is this cop doing
Melker Ekströmer (2 days ago)
No wonder they get shot!
full house cast (2 days ago)
all cops are pigs
Isaiah Ruiz (2 days ago)
Hey retard, take your hand out of your pocket and show you don’t have a weapon and maybe he’ll leave
The Marine Abroad (3 days ago)
People who support the Constitution are crazy..... I hear this all the time in police videos, "Constitutionalist" "Sovereign Citizens", I wonder what kind of brainwashing goes on inside of police stations thta warps their thought patterns so grossly. Police are quickly becoming the enemy in the Homeland - and they're ignorantly unaware of it - wow
Ihdc1 (1 day ago)
The Marine Abroad The police have clearly forgotten that they swore a damned oath to support and defend the constitution.
Beth Williams (3 days ago)
Why are the words, crooked n cop synonymous with one another? Why are cops ALWAYS on holiday when you want an answer (shiiit - one particular cop I know, is like, on permanent vacation!!!)?
inurtrash (3 days ago)
That abusive cop probably got an extension to his vacation paid for by the taxpayers. That's how it works, folks.
ghostly265 (3 days ago)
CNN cocksuckin faggots givin all credit where it ain't due. Fuck that police station there whole mayor and the bitch add kop that still getta vacation
CNN is a bunch of lies
customjrod (3 days ago)
This cop has got a little man complex
customjrod (3 days ago)
Fire him
David Martinez (3 days ago)
cops should be required to take mental evaluations every 2 yrs. some have gone wacky with power. Will kill you to satisfy their sick needs.
benis on penis (3 days ago)
Stupid pig
Ramo John (3 days ago)
I hope this cop gets killed in the hood
Ashu (3 days ago)
Honestly self defence and civil arrest is a thing over there right? If someone pulls a gun on you, like a cop without any reason and you feel threatened of your life. Shouldn't you be under the right to defend yourself and arrest this cop? I mean I'm not sure if I would recommend that since the cop will probably gun you down and claim he was right and whatnot like the kinda bullshit goes these days. I'm just speaking from a technical stand point
romualdo borromeo (3 days ago)
This kind of police should be sent to Syria.
Maha (3 days ago)
They are so scared of cameras. Use it as your weapon people.
Heat-21 (3 days ago)
It’s a fake cop that’s why
hanabahtah (3 days ago)
Word is, the cop loves to SUCK COCK.
kdancer 1990 (3 days ago)
Give police the respect they deserve Idiot
Walter White (3 days ago)
Sweeeet, sweeet America!
Supaket (3 days ago)
This cop is a bully ,why pulled a weapon on a guy doing nothing wrong ...Then he tells the guy to calm down lol..He needs to be dismissed from service as he isnt really what the public wants .
AIbinoPo1arBear (3 days ago)
He didn't do anything that bad amd dont make out all cops to be bad because of a minority
MBK K (3 days ago)
this cop obviously should not be a cop. brandishing a gun for no reason on a cirizem at his home , Fire !! the cop!!!!
OF THE GREATEST (OTG) (3 days ago)
How hard is it to take your hand out? Would have avoided all of that. #FakeNews
Ihdc1 (1 day ago)
OF THE GREATEST (OTG) So you believe in comply or die policing? Not every word out of a cop’s mouth is a lawful order.
Speedy Nguyen (3 days ago)
This is america!
Noah Gutierrez (3 days ago)
“Are you some kind of a constitutionalist” no bitch I’m a human and know my rights... idiot
Ihdc1 (1 day ago)
Noah Gutierrez It’s particularly ironic that that line came out of a man who is supposed to have sworn an oath to defend the same constitution.
Sushi Roll (3 days ago)
Connor Mayfield (3 days ago)
Fake news gone viral
Orange Juice (3 days ago)
Connor Mayfield I’m glad you agree
Connor Mayfield (3 days ago)
Orange Juice SURRRREEE it is
Orange Juice (3 days ago)
Connor Mayfield this is real
Yasin Parker (3 days ago)
This a celly Thats a tool
Ginger Supreme (3 days ago)
They are all corrupt. We need to take a stand against them.
spushka c (3 days ago)
When a video of a viral video goes viral😂😂😂😂
Brian Mittoo (3 days ago)
Do not attempt this while black or brown, speaking on the phone will get you shot and killed........ various beat down may apply
Toby Flenderson (3 days ago)
Mr. Layhee 🥃
A B (3 days ago)
Being black, dead by cop
Larry Dockery (3 days ago)
fuck that god dam cop hope he dies
DG24 (3 days ago)
Don't worry everyone, the police will investigate themselves and find no wrong doing.
Soundhealer (3 days ago)
"Are you some kind of a Constitutionalist"? Explains it all, right there.
Roy Harrigan (3 days ago)
We already know the guy recording wasn't black by the fact that he's not dead or in jail.
andyt2k (4 days ago)
"What are you, some sort of constitutionalist" - Ummmm, you mean American?
John Smith (4 days ago)
Of course he’s on vacay I mean why not
adictiveadictive (4 days ago)
"You need to relax, I only wanna kill you"
Kevin Maloney (4 days ago)
The lack of training and intelligence is staggering

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