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Top 10 New Upcoming Survival Games of 2017/2018 [PC | XB1 | PS4]

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Top 10 Most Anticipated New Upcoming Survival Games Of 2017 And 2018 On PC, Xbox One, PS4 Top 10: TABZ (Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator) Top 9: Lost Region Top 8: Hellion Top 7: Frostpunk Top 6: Pantropy Top 5: Rend Top 4: ClawHunter Top 3: Rise of the King Top 2: SCUM Top 1: Die Young
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Text Comments (2)
Jesu Tentation (1 year ago)
And miscreated?
Most Infamous (1 year ago)
Jesu Tentation 2017 and 2018 games read the title ;D

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