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The WORST Games on Steam

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These games suck Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Ninkendo MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5iSWG8RHAs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpjtuO3_PPE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/ninkendo Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ninkendo Recorded With: Elgato HD60 Edited With: Sony Vegas Pro 14 Patreon Supporters: $50 Nate G. Nathan N. Bowie Kong $25 zang00se CausTiC $10 Scout Azure it's ya boi Nup Astoniic $5 Alex Korbin C. Julian G. Zack B. Eric C. Collin W. Dravein MSE Mantisword Chad C. Mario D. DanGroove Savion L-S $1 Scout Kally MadderJacker Lukas V. Elisha D. Roman Wesleyem3 Christopher W. Skull Bonk Chris S. Luis E. The WORST Games on Steam
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Text Comments (688)
Satanen Perkele (20 days ago)
Everytime I enter steam I get depressed for the lacking content of good quality games. Personally I think almost eveything on steam is underwhelming cheap crap. (Many games looks like they were made by school students obsessed with memes). I constantly regret upgrading my pc.
rafachi (1 month ago)
Toad6190 (1 month ago)
Ostrich Island had decent graphics for an indie title
Josh S (1 month ago)
STEAM CHAT: Friend: you look like a ostrich kid your reply: UR MOM GAE XD
Reagan Armstrong (1 month ago)
o s t r i c h d o w n
tetus the Takey (2 months ago)
wheres hunt down the freeman hmm!!
Julian Burchard (2 months ago)
>5 games on wheel >Ken only plays 3 why
Cuphead (2 months ago)
Smashi 64 (2 months ago)
I want Potato Man And Orish for Smash Ultimate. Farmer Boy Is Gonna Be Pits 2nd Echo. Press U For Ultimate,Thanks.
João Vitor Corrêa (2 months ago)
Boom Town (2 months ago)
Steam cleaning much?
Tayebz Tayebz :3 (3 months ago)
Link to Minerinho plz now
Nathan Crudup (3 months ago)
lol you should make a video on just the game mineirihho ultra adventures
Zach Marra (3 months ago)
GlitchyCringe73 (4 months ago)
You should play hotel mario
Bliitzz (4 months ago)
Umm u forgot shit tier DOKI DOKI
StormyWeather (4 months ago)
Funny how he said Pubg was good, 51% rating on steam and going down
Insurrective (4 months ago)
Ninkendo legit looks like a brown-haired Marth almost. Just need the Tiara and then you're set.
*get this screaming starving child off my screen*
Peter Griscom (4 months ago)
Where'd you get the custom roulette wheel from?
OpenSalami Guy (4 months ago)
Mineirinho is a brazilian game and i'm Brazilian lol
random linux nerd (5 months ago)
Ieee yaahhhhh
The Retro VG Dude (5 months ago)
Steam was a mistake
Capivara Suprema (5 months ago)
mineirinho is a brazilian game .. and a meme , this game is so bad , like his developer
ClickGamer (5 months ago)
U‘re mom gae
Vastra (5 months ago)
Fastkidzpunx (6 months ago)
Your nose hogs all the light
Shreknos (6 months ago)
play shrek 2 for PC
J Frye (6 months ago)
i know these games has to be off steam (they are getting recalled)
J Frye (6 months ago)
oh fuck no thee hardware graphics was way too low and my god they we're almost pairing to the ps2 but they fucked it up and stole some sound file from the existing ones. these game are a really bad and ripp-off of a fucking disaster.
Sheeper The Classical (6 months ago)
Super potus trump is bad. Play it.
Okay den (6 months ago)
E X P A N D (6 months ago)
u’re mom gea
Gabe Zumba (6 months ago)
Yo I know that I’m late for the party but there’s a Brazilian game called porradaria 2:pagode of the night it a horrible game that has the Metroidvania style but it’s realy trash
Crackers (7 months ago)
Probably the best game for a video like this would be "Zombitatos the end of the Pc master race" Yes, that's the real name of the game. Yes, it sucks r e a l l y badly
Rian Camargo (7 months ago)
que porra é essa Marreco?
Kairom Walker (7 months ago)
Oh no, this reached on America, shit!
Isaac Osborne (7 months ago)
Devil's share
James Gillen (7 months ago)
Othe weirdest fucking add came up for me some guy who had money didn’t give it to these to poor children then the money falls out of his pocket and the two kids dance while trying to pick it up then the man comes back and the two very young kids have food and alcohol from the money he dropped wtf
SmashFocus (7 months ago)
XxBuchtičkaxX CZ (7 months ago)
Longer hair would look better on you.
rodrigo diaz (7 months ago)
Can you play duck game?
Deathangeleas (7 months ago)
gtlive should play these games
Lukas Ramirez (8 months ago)
Nahmirah (8 months ago)
♡ Gemaplys ♡
appleface57 (8 months ago)
Will there be a part 2?
Zio Stevie (8 months ago)
Breno Manhaes (8 months ago)
Miner ultra adventures has a sequel and dlc. Play it
Channel DDD (8 months ago)
*AIY YAIY YAIY YAIY* But seriously tho if this guy ain't in Smash 5, I'm 🅱oicotting Sakurai.
RynSpin (8 months ago)
u’re mom gae
Pasta DellaNonna (8 months ago)
Aaron Norman (8 months ago)
Why does your hair look like Marth now?
WallyWalrus (8 months ago)
Yo shout out to anyone who saw the old Cry vid with Mark playing Ostrich Island
Sameere Johnson (8 months ago)
Was that a hickey???? Nani!!!!!!!!
Microsoft Edge (8 months ago)
can't believe you played Mineirinho. It's the darksouls of the bad platformer games.
Mew1king (8 months ago)
It's ya boi Ninkendo youtuber ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shedin Jask (8 months ago)
Dude how do you make cappy just blow things up?
OneVeryMoistBoye (8 months ago)
Stand Jush (8 months ago)
wild animal racing
Peaches (8 months ago)
Full Stream Potato Thriller it's a Silent Hill P.T. Parody and it is fairly long and not completely awful
That one guy 12 (8 months ago)
How to rip off other channels
Sanic (8 months ago)
Please finish potato thriller! It's really funny and the plot is hilarious
Pixel neto (8 months ago)
The12740 (9 months ago)
nemesisvrsa2 (9 months ago)
Where is unturned?
Glory (9 months ago)
Ostrich Island is the best island
Juanfra (9 months ago)
That intro sounded like a "not series" from Alpharad.
Taijean .Moodie (9 months ago)
the last game looks like the game we made in our ICS programing class in grade 12 lol
Solinosolina (9 months ago)
Potato thriller would be worth playing through, trust meh BOI
ABalancedBreakfast (9 months ago)
some random dude idk (9 months ago)
Sonic '06
Ryuōn Techar (9 months ago)
I honestly feel bad for you. You deserve better 💜
KirByX2 (9 months ago)
Is that a hickky?
Crash Bandicoot (9 months ago)
big rigs
PinkSpace (9 months ago)
i swear if you don't keep playing potato thriller i will be mildly dissapointed
DaGr8Torchic Comments (9 months ago)
did you seriously pay 1$ on miner ultra adventures?
FireBlaze 890 (9 months ago)
Ken looks like he’s about to end it all by his suffering but still does his videos for us
ShallowDepth (9 months ago)
excuse me but it would be "your'e mom big gay xD"
Roulle (9 months ago)
yuH Is what all those game creators said as they pressed the "post this crap" button
LimeC (9 months ago)
Whenever I see an ostrich my brain always starts singing that song from scooby doo 🎵I'm in love with an ostrich 'ba wow wow' Dip your head in the saaaaaaaaaaaanddd🎵
Forrie Lurker (9 months ago)
Try playing Nethack. I want to see you try it, and it's actually pretty fun.
Forrie Lurker (9 months ago)
Or fidget spinner simulator
Scroffel5 (9 months ago)
Ken is cool. He makes quality, family friendly content, and he is nice and funny. Keep up the good work.
Hikaren (9 months ago)
Play the game wild animal racing
AleTEB (9 months ago)
You should play the Mineirinho's DLC
Mike Joestar (9 months ago)
Well turns out I enjoy Ken even if he´s not playing Smash , can´t wait for your channel to grow even bigger MA DOOOOD (btw this type of content is a good for a change once in a while I like it)
Miner's ultra adventures' lore is that you are a Brazilian fighting an alien invasion
Matthew Mayo (9 months ago)
Glad my twitch prime Sub is going to such fine art mr. Ninkendo ;)
QuashTheCheque (9 months ago)
Is that a hickey on your neck sir?
Farid L (9 months ago)
Play QWOP you Smash Guy
Red (9 months ago)
ken's nose is bigger than....well.....is there anything bigger than ken's nose?
Ian Sucks A Lot (9 months ago)
seriously tho, why does Ostrich Islands water look so good? It's almost on par w/ Odyssey's.
Efrain Velazquez (9 months ago)
You look like a knock off Tom Holland my guy
Tucker Greene (9 months ago)
Play Big Rigs: Off the Road Racing.
Chef TJ (9 months ago)
Why is there a hickey on your neck
Danger noodle (9 months ago)
gasp is one of the shittiest games on steam and its free i think
Possessed Pickle Jar (9 months ago)
At least Patatoe thriller seemed to be aware of its bad and was trying to use that as a comment towards cheaply made horror games.
Crouton Samurai (9 months ago)
Smash 4 is pretty bad you should play that
Blue Chicken (9 months ago)
Quote ninkendo, “I love steam” said no one ever
Shitakanod (9 months ago)
Boi you better play bad rats or ur mum gae

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