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Using 'must' & 'have to' in English

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http://www.engVid.com/ What's the difference between 'must' and 'have to'? In this short English lesson, I explain.
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محمد الحربي (1 month ago)
Thank you
محمد الحربي (1 month ago)
My language improved after I saw your videos
جيجي كحل (3 months ago)
good good
جيجي كحل (3 months ago)
Hussein Hadi (5 months ago)
Well done
aman jahil (6 months ago)
Thanks sir your videos is realy helpful
çağlar yağbasan (6 months ago)
teşekkürler gardaş türkiye +1
mohammed ahmed (8 months ago)
thanks a lot
thanks teacher you must visit to Colombia
Алекс Рейнц (9 months ago)
просмотрел немало видео с Джеймсом... и обязан произнести, он одинешенек из более харизматичных; будто бы этак произнести я учителей, - кто ведет видео уроки. Толи наружный облик, толи харизма, однако его уроки вечно слушаются "на ура". огромное благодарю. i`ve had been sow ,many video with James. and want to tell that he is the mostly charismatic teacher who conducts the lesson. i don`t kwon that is the charisma or appearance? but i`m always look him lesson wery well.
Iqbal Khan (11 months ago)
thanks Dude!
Eyad Bin slman (1 year ago)
والله خال صصصح يواد ياخالي يواد ماتبان
good teacher
Sara Alharbi (1 year ago)
good explanation 😊
Tomas - (1 year ago)
thank you
abbas aljanabi (1 year ago)
Thanks ❤
Chandrica Joseph (1 year ago)
Thanks James, useful lesson and I always use have to , by the way I don't know where to use must,now I understood.
Very good, think U 🤓👍🏼🇸🇦
Brad Ams (1 year ago)
Nice, thanks
Mỹ Hằng Dương (1 year ago)
Teacher use left
Vadim Emyurbekov (1 year ago)
Your lessons are very good! Respect you!
Pedro Betini (1 year ago)
you are a great teacher! thank you for your help!
Really Nigi is real imposible to win con este nigga player pendejo
MR HIDDEN (1 year ago)
I am Czech but I love English as well as Czech :)
Hahah, wow 🤓✌🏻
Gà Đóa (1 year ago)
My English is not well. But i can listen and understand your video about 70-80%. it's really easily understand. Thank you!
Thiên Trương (9 months ago)
when he say i also can undersand 70-80%. he's a good teacher ever before.
Sunyoung Kwon (1 year ago)
I really really like you. Thank you.
Dr.Shaima Yemen (2 years ago)
really thank you ....l liked your explaining
RAAR MUSIC (2 years ago)
A wildly inaccurate spreading of misinformation. "Have to" means you have no choice. "Must" means your are duty bound. If something "must be true" we can deduce that it is true. We can also say "it has to be true" in EXACTLY the same way. It has nothing to do with belief versus facts. As far as emotions being stronger than facts- oh dear- I detect some thinly veiled religious undertones.
WAF AA (2 years ago)
You're really good teacher keep going
Sofía Alayón (2 years ago)
I like this teacher, I am learning a lot, he explains very good!
bich ngoc (2 years ago)
my English is worse so i have to learning very much, i believe that i can do it, Sure when i watched your video i promise continous every day and practice . finally i glad if you make many video which helpful the same. Thanh you so much
bacha mohamed (2 years ago)
we have to keep learning . Respect and great thanks for your continuously tips.
Islan Ferreira (2 years ago)
Nice lesson teacher, thanks alot!
xerxesgains (3 years ago)
good explanation, but in my opinion there is some important content missing, e.g. details of the usage of these both modals. watched the video and tried a pre-test for my exam and i didn't know what to do, ~50 percent of my answers were wrong, so i HAD TO watch a other video, to understand it and then my answers were much better. 
MaGboor Y (4 years ago)
thank you teacher
KseniyaBogdanova (4 years ago)
Thank you.
Alex Brown (4 years ago)
Your explanation is not quite correct. You use "must" when it is your decision (based on facts, belief, or something else - doesn't matter), i.e., it is important for you, but you have a choice not to do it.  You use "have to" when circumstances make you do something-you don't have a choice not to do it.
Ilyos Mahmadaliev (4 months ago)
Must expresses the speaker's feelings, whereas have to expresses, above all, an impersonal idea
Ilyos Mahmadaliev (4 months ago)
Well done.
Nurane Musayeva (6 months ago)
When there is some obligation and you dont have any choice we use "have to" but if you can choose we have to use "must".
Monique Williams (1 year ago)
Xuan Le Must is used to express what the speaker thinks. Have to us used because it is something necessary, as law or a rule. In the US, I have to get a driver's license before I can drive by myself. I must cook tonight before the guests arrive. (not a rule or law) He said must is stronger than have to but I think he confused the two in the end.
Nyledam (2 years ago)
I think that you are wrong. I was taught that must is used wheb something is an obligation so you are no able to decide not to do it and have to you are not obliged to do it. so I think that must have a stronger obligation than have to.
Good explanation! I always thought that there are no differences between them. Thanks a lot!
Jesus Gutierrez (4 years ago)
Maria gabriela me gustas mucho
SoonerSaoirse (4 years ago)
Sorry I find this explanation rather hasty. But thanks for wanting to help out
José Gabriel (4 years ago)
I'm braziliam too!
H.Bi Chan (4 years ago)
Thank you
Awdaly Saleh (4 years ago)
Thank you , so much , what is the next step please ?
Romulo Hernandes (5 years ago)
yeap , belief is like 'crença' , i think xD
Phi Thiên (5 years ago)
u r the best teacher i've met
Awdaly Saleh (5 years ago)
Indeed Mr. James you are Fantastic .
niziardo bonaparte (5 years ago)
why every teacher isn't like you !!! thnak you so much,now i'm learning english with smile :))))))))
Adeelh Hamoda (5 years ago)
I like your videos teacher James
neeha glee (5 years ago)
Good video James. thanks for sharing.
Abdulaziz mohammed (5 years ago)
thank u mr.james
la unica (5 years ago)
Thank you a lot.
Alexander Komissarov (5 years ago)
Belief ? is it right?
Tyler Kruzicki (5 years ago)
What about I have to finish stuffing my face or I have to get drunk this weekend? Thats factual as well? I must is on its way to becoming archaic. Native speakers are using it less and less. And what about have got to?
Ongarbayeva Meryuert (5 years ago)
Can you download video lessons of advanced level i dont know more difficult
Haninsid (6 years ago)
thanks .. so easy \
Edgar Rodriguez (6 years ago)
Richard B. (6 years ago)
You are a very good teacher. Nice job.
Quế Đặng (6 years ago)
@winwillkim so what?
Quế Đặng (6 years ago)
I have to go. bye!
shiruvandyk (6 years ago)
nice, quick and simple, just straight to the point. All english classes must should be like that
Lucin Ka (6 years ago)
One suggestion: More examples ...
Lew Morris (6 years ago)
i really appreciate the way you explain,no questions anymore!
Ankith Yelamarthy (6 years ago)
@Geritaffer lol
I can not concentrate in class because you are very handsome
Rajat Gupta (4 months ago)
lol its been 6 years and honestly I still want to ask you. Are you married now? Or do you still have a crush on him haha.
men6040 (6 years ago)
hi james thank you so much for your explanation
Mo Sena (7 years ago)
Hi James, I appreciate your explanation, however... from observing real-life situations many times, must and have to are interchangeable. Fact / Belief - good contrast... but not enough scope: how about: Parent: "You must be home by 11 tonight." Kid: Can't stay longer. I have to / must be home by 11". In actual terms I only tell my Ss: must no "to" - following... ;-). Thanks again for the videos.
Win Will (7 years ago)
1:20 "Come on,"
Win Will (7 years ago)
GOod hand writing
marvily eduards (7 years ago)
great way of teaching i enjoy it
Sadegh Safari (7 years ago)
if anybody want have practise in speaking can use my account in ""oovoo"" ("sadeghsafari").thanks
MICHALE24 (7 years ago)
thanks to shuring my good teacher !
Teacher Mauricio (7 years ago)
Always holding a paper before class starts.
19PrettyGirl91 (7 years ago)
I was tought at school that we use 'have to' when it's our will do to sth, and must when sb tell us to do sth. Is it a good way of explaining?
Simón Duque (7 years ago)
Thank you man! You rock!
Emmeett Amir (8 years ago)
Good one...
maristela oneil (8 years ago)
good teacher!!!!!!!!!!
JAZZSTARish (8 years ago)
This is one of the many confusions of English grammar...nicely put...(this is another one lol).
Soheil Rod (8 years ago)
there are few good teachers like him.
us12a (8 years ago)
Thank you very much!
soloconcert (8 years ago)
Hi James, i have a question for you. What is/are different between "have to" and "have got to". I watched some video from utube's user but made confused than understanding tho your point different then others i like it. Here are example. Drivers have got to get a license to drive a car in the US. (necessity) 2. I have got to be at work by 8:30 AM (obligation) Can I use have to in these sentence? Thank you for video and giving time. Peace :-D
renski336 (8 years ago)
LOL is it SOMEFHING, instead of SOMETHING???
alam55555tfl (8 years ago)
in deduction we use 'must'
I I have to comment, thank you, because i want you to add more vids :)
Herbeth Helder (8 years ago)
i've thought that the difference was formality, must to situations more formel and have to for informal situations
Max (8 years ago)
thank you
blue91r09 (9 years ago)
Thank you sooooo much! :D
ulisses cioffi (9 years ago)
mate thank you very much for your video. Cheers from Brazil!
Sebastian Sanchez (9 years ago)
thanks I always watch your videos and go to your website! by the way I always us "have" i think "must" is for orders and it is also related to "should" i think

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