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6 Things PewDiePie Has Done For Charity Nobody Wants to Tell You

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Felix Kjellberg has done a lot of incredible work for charities, both in raising awareness, raising funds, and donating his own money. Unfortunately, if you’ve only heard about him from the recent storm of headlines from big media outlets who are intentionally misleading their readers, you’d think he was literally Hitler. PewDiePie has always been a polarizing figure on Youtube, even before all of this recent nonsense. There’s something special about a guy who can sit in front of his computer each day and reach many more engaged viewers than most mainstream media outlets. If news channels were pulling the same kind of viewership as PewDiePie, they’d be over the moon. And he’s doing it all by himself, alone in a room, without thousands of staff members. That’s why there’s tons of coverage about PewDiePie’s “downfall” lately, but only whispers about the countless positive things he has done. It’s not like outlets haven’t covered his charitable contributions in the past, but the tone definitely changed once he started being more critical of the media, and the way they have been covering him. The recent character assassination on PewDiePie begs the question: How does raising millions of dollars in cash for great charities measure up compared to making a few off-color jokes, that were taken very out of context, and then apologizing for it and accepting the consequences? Both of those things are aspects of the PewDiePie character. If you had a magic switch and you could rid the world of PewDiePie’s jokes, and his charitable contributions, you’d be a monster if you flipped it. Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Kim Jimson (12 days ago)
I'm a year late to comment but awesome work guys. Felix is a genuine, kind person. And the fact that he donates large amounts of money out of his own pocket (outside the official charity streams) WITHOUT "bragging" about it on YouTube is very rare these days.
THE_GARD OF WAR (13 days ago)
I subscribed
THE_GARD OF WAR (13 days ago)
Thank you for those gold things
Lilyrose Moorshead (14 days ago)
Daydee TV (14 days ago)
Good Stuff FragHero!
simounestrada (14 days ago)
Btw . Thankyou for making This Video this is incredible , awesome and really Helpful for Him and for Us to understand who really Is . Let us realize what Pewds have done to help Others .
simounestrada (14 days ago)
This video needs to be share so that other can know how good Pewdiepie is .
Anders Hagensen (14 days ago)
damm right!!!
sonia kumari (14 days ago)
Just came from his LWIAY Video, you guys did a commendable job. Thanks for being different and right. :)
gamezone hungary (19 days ago)
i m speeechless, well done guys this is a turning point for journalism! lets hope the rest of the news will do this too
Jovan XP (19 days ago)
Came here from reddit, I assume?
CIAO-TICK (1 month ago)
Blueprince (1 month ago)
That 34 dislikes came from the media
someone someone (1 month ago)
Celtic Dreamer (2 months ago)
This is beautiful and brilliant. Thank you for making this!! You show cased perfectly why Felix is and will always be a hero of mine and why I will always stand up for him to any hater I meet. It's sad as fuck that because of the toxic media too many people see a version of him that could not be further from the truth while never seeing the good and wonderful man he truly is.
TrickRage (2 months ago)
Pewdiepie donates a million dollars but media never gives a shit
DNJ (2 months ago)
Category : Gaming
Edgar (3 months ago)
Felix doesn't eat for 1 month in 2015
Kyle Khedun (7 months ago)
This video needs to be recommended to everyone!
Asquare (9 months ago)
BroFist! 👊😉
KING (10 months ago)
video starts at 3:40
SecondSince (10 months ago)
Sad to see this video has so fewer views than the others. Still a nice effort. :)
KHOKH 69 (1 year ago)
i always knew he was a great hero
Lay Oh (1 year ago)
idk who he is nU , not joking
Mr. Zedtrix (1 year ago)
Skandh Sharma (1 year ago)
GOD BLESS THIS CHANNEL!!!!!!!!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻
holyfrakwit (1 year ago)
So FragHero. How much did PewDiePie pay you? ;)
TrickRage (2 months ago)
holyfrakwit pewdiepie pay him respect
Shashank Upadhyay (1 year ago)
Love u Pewds everything will be fine soon.
frost the killer (1 year ago)
what happening with the pew guy?
Arin Parashar (1 year ago)
this diserve video some respect
Arkardu (1 year ago)
"This kid from Sweden"? He's 27 years old, he's grown man dude! That aside, nice video! Keep up the good work.
Shaleah Guild (1 year ago)
I personally don't watch Pewds, but I know that, that he's done a lot of good which the media just LOVES to ignore. It's pretty cool that you guy put this out there, nice. 🖒
Whitelance (1 year ago)
"Just to die at the computer" DAFUQ subtitles?!
Marbeloo. (1 year ago)
Corporate Media CEO Guy : "My god, we've finally gotten something big enough to ruin pewdiepie! We will tell everyone he is Hitler, no wait, worse than Hitler! It will spread to literally everyone! He will fall quickly, all because we can't deal with the fact that this guy is free to do whatever he wants and isn't tied down to contracts and such!" couple days later Corporate Media CEO Guy :"So, how is the plan going?" Corporate Media Guy : "Well... the story certainly has gotten to everyone." Corporate Media CEO Guy : "Perfect! So, I must assume he is quickly dying?" Corporate Media Guy : "Well... um... you see sir.... it's only making him gain publicity. More people are watching him and subscribing, because of the publicity we made for him, and other youtubers are making videos supporting him. It's all just making him stronger." Corporate Media CEO Guy : "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!"
Sean Wattsmoore (1 year ago)
I thought u made video games lists
Gollo (1 year ago)
Good job FragHero! PewDiePie will appreciate this!
Nobody. (1 year ago)
Felix has my foremost respect
Nobody. (1 year ago)
Thank you for supporting PewDiePie and Bro Army
Bogzy 92 (1 year ago)
He's gone up 1 million subscribers since then, he's fine
TheDiamond Kin (1 year ago)
Those misleading people and also haters are lucky because pewdiepie doesn’t report them
New chanter (1 year ago)
Who ever disses the kazoo kid I will piss on them..
Wafi Ramadhan.h (1 year ago)
*Dont judge people by the look but judge them by the hearth* * people may look like a devil but hearth can be look as an angel * Thank you
Eiline Junginger (1 year ago)
Raziel (1 year ago)
But he is a guy whose childish jokes consists of anal and animal sex, puking, farting, and acting like a mentally challenged ape. I wouldnt be surprised if he jacks it off one day in front of the camera. I for once dont take him seriously at all, he surely didnt mean what he said, he is just a retard trying to be funny to his 13 year old audience.
Arkardu (1 year ago)
You clearly haven't watched his current content... Had you wrote this back in the days, I would toally agree with you! His old content is cringy and childish and even he is aware of that. Just try to watch his videos, where he reacts to his old videos. He has matured A LOT since then and you should not compare the current PewDiePie to the old. His current content might still not be for everyone, it never can be. But in no shape or form, does his jokes consist of and I quote "whose childish jokes consists of anal and animal sex, puking, farting, and acting like a mentally challenged ape" But I don't blame you for getting the impression, that that is what his content consists of, cause it did ones indeed. Thank you for your time, I hope I cleared up some things for you.
Ace Nightshade (1 year ago)
this is really awesome
Lone Wolf (1 year ago)
ChrisDoesStuff (1 year ago)
Great video Frag. That was a true act of freedom of information.
RaveCoaster (1 year ago)
i stand for pewds
Mohammad Ghifari (1 year ago)
Subscribe Juga ya :D Channel SAINS KOMPUTER, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7_McFxCZ5OTluDK9NQDWgA
Vishwash Thapa (1 year ago)
you guys rock i 💓frag hero 📈
Abdul Baaqie Khan (1 year ago)
One word. RESPECT
Love aesthetic (1 year ago)
Even if he is a nazi. Hes a godamn good nazi. But still hes no nazi
Ghost (1 year ago)
You guys made me like u guys even more. Much love ❤️❤️
Joel Adamson (1 year ago)
Subscribe to keemstar 😂
TheDuckyDasher YT (1 year ago)
Please subscribe to my channel if you hate pewdiepie
William Trowbridge (1 year ago)
Thank you for publicly defending my bro poods. it helps more than you know.
Grayson Bolding (1 year ago)
This isn't even a gaming top 10 anymore, that's why I'm unsubscribing
gim824 (1 year ago)
pewdiepie should see this!
Heyydoh (1 year ago)
Great job man! Much respect for doing this :)
Alex Mercer (1 year ago)
I had prejudged pewds and never watched him till WSJ headlines, now I'm one of his fifty million subs, so thanks WSJ
Sir Fapalot (1 year ago)
Can i have an amen !
SpongePop (1 year ago)
love you guys for this
C P (1 year ago)
nice vid. Thanks :)
OwhMai (1 year ago)
ye i mean his youtube channel is cringy, but cmon... he's donated millions if not tens of millions of dollars.
Obea (1 year ago)
I never really liked pewdiepie but it's absurd to call him a bad person for making Off-color jokes. He's an entertainer!!
Weevensteven (1 year ago)
smh i don't like any of u lol jk hes a good guy but his mouth can get him fucked over is all everyone is watching
Peemo (1 year ago)
Such a great video
sly harley (1 year ago)
"death to all jews" is one of the tags for this video LMAO
Sam Gh (1 year ago)
sly harley 😂😂😂
Joshua Oubridge (1 year ago)
Ethan Strydom (1 year ago)
999 views XD
TheFernow (1 year ago)
U make meh orgasm
Joku Tyyppi (1 year ago)
Like👍:10000000$ Sub:unlimited happy life Have a nice day☀️
Prodigy Russell (1 year ago)
Correction Fake media outlets.
BananaNeptune (1 year ago)
Well u do...
Jonathan Diehl (1 year ago)
Changed the title to generate more clickbait. Nice!
Olan O Brien (1 year ago)
It's about time someone looked at this side of the story. Thank you grag hero faor making this. Share with your fellow bros
Johry Duvenhage (1 year ago)
Thank you fraghero
akward frog (1 year ago)
this is so good video. Bravo! finally someone k that Pewds didnt do nothing wrong..
Emineican Productions (1 year ago)
ThatAsianSwag07 (1 year ago)
Splodyf23 (1 year ago)
Agreed , #standwithpewdiepie
Andreiutu05 (1 year ago)
6 things Pewdiepie did for the Reich In The war
Hive Mind (1 year ago)
He wrote the basis for Anschluss
Taryn Prince (1 year ago)
dont forget him entertaining us for the last 7 years lets save pewds
Θανος (1 year ago)
you are god damn right!!!
Harshit Sinha (1 year ago)
pls save pewds.....WSJ will soon go down....😕😕
EnderTroller (1 year ago)
Da Beno (1 year ago)
u guys are awesome for doing this for him
yof (1 year ago)
finally something good noticed
JACBOB (1 year ago)
Well done!!! You can talk about a guys achievements!!! Yee!!!
Vanguard Panda (1 year ago)

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