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China's uphill struggle fighting extreme poverty - BBC News

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The country has radical plans to meet President Xi Jinping's huge promise to lift 43 million people out of extreme poverty in three years. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog World In Pictures https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBX37n4R0UGJN-TLiQOm7ZTP Big Hitters https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBUME-LUrFkDwFmiEc3jwMXP Just Good News https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBUsYo_P26cjihXLN-k3w246
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Text Comments (2931)
süleyman çebişli (20 minutes ago)
Bu ne lan bizim reis olsa teleferik çekerdi oraya en azında
成 江 (5 hours ago)
Minazai (2 days ago)
习大大有一双无神倒霉的厚皮小眼,一直给好多的外国人国家刮去千亿万的工程钱不还!!! 把那笔钱追回,便可以彻底改善贫农的日子了!!!
chi ming Chong (2 days ago)
Oakland Republic (3 days ago)
With a gold tooth?
Handoko Handriawan (4 days ago)
So ... Beautyfull
cheong teo (5 days ago)
The west can't even take care their yards, but to afraid to mention their own problem the thru of ! Only wanted to lie to their people and same which america create of alot of biased new ,to cover their trouble economy and homeless whose really need the government helped. And colonists otheir to following uneventful ideology systems .whose are more corrupt and dictator using freedom and democracy and human right to cover own dirty works. How many country already fail that worst bad system,and creat problem ,and been invited the rats, and greedy and selfish political policy. The poor and lower people and are suffering without gainst anything, when their economy had being strongly. The west should stop disturb other country business.
J P (5 days ago)
Oh, China, what a disgusting place.
Wendy Lynch (6 days ago)
What a shame
Joey Suggs (6 days ago)
Less than 3.5 mins for this huge topic? Seems like just more propaganda to me.
Jin Chang (7 days ago)
Xi Jinping is the best President ever in China and even the whole world.
Soundar Rajan (8 days ago)
Jim Wang (8 days ago)
1:33 wtf gold teeth and poor?
Duan Lei (1 day ago)
Jim Wang 你哪里看到是金的?
Nihal s (9 days ago)
BBC : when you were poor you cooked outside with woods and poor hygiene...do you miss that Guy : we don't miss the unhygienic way of life...LOL..straight slap on BBC... Stupid questions
Shailaja Nayak (9 days ago)
But even they r poor they can afford cugarrettes sad to see
Stanley Banks (9 days ago)
These people live how people have lived for the past thousands of year. BBC is a propaganda machine
FUN FACT (9 days ago)
Believe it or not.. China has improves a lot..
Hamida Ayaz (10 days ago)
very dangerous, I belong to a village but our village Chitral is like a Paradise
Vishal Bendre (10 days ago)
China is doing excellent progress,
Neel Perry (10 days ago)
China is good except the dog festival
Yanet Rodriguez (10 days ago)
That lady can afford cigarettes why not more seeds to plant
Ana Angel (11 days ago)
Wish know why white people are so curious about others....take care your country
Ana Angel (11 days ago)
You have money to buy your cigarette what kinda poor are you????
Crissy (11 days ago)
Wait but why does she buy cigarettes tho? 1:42
Karen Peach (11 days ago)
poor but we smoke.....
Brett Sandford (9 days ago)
So now the relocated villagers earn a living how? Working in factories, unable to supplement their diets with locally-grown produce? Hygienic? Sterile box more like.
高斌 (11 days ago)
Pravakar Sunuwar (12 days ago)
i think china can! not within 3 years but in a year. china isn't like other other country where politicians get fighting and has one highly stabilized one party system. People there should hope positively.
John merenda (12 days ago)
stanno meglio loro che noi esauriti in città
chiya2006 (12 days ago)
There are over 1.4 billions living there. Some 45 million is what percentage we talking about ? In U.S, there are 5 + million homeless, yet they can manage fund the war globally. Let’s fix our home before badmouthing others countries.
gage4g (12 days ago)
Wow seriously? They are poor and only grow potatoes and corn. But have Tobacco. smh
Rosalyn Dee (12 days ago)
That is china ! The president don't care about being a chinese to his people ! I pitty these people
Ian (13 days ago)
More bull shit from the British bull shit channel. This is England no one cares about this irrelevant story it's not news. Fucksake report on British news not propaganda
Ian (13 days ago)
No one cares. Start reporting British news hey! I.e. Muslim grooming gangs. Wrongful jailing of tommy Robinson and the illegal occupation of Palestine and the poor children being persecuted their
bishnu nepali (13 days ago)
Oh god
StupidHat (13 days ago)
Extreme poor have golden teeth!!!!
shailesh sapre (13 days ago)
चायनांत,अजुन,गरीबी,आहेंच्,मग,भारतांतली,कशी,लवकर,कमी,होणार!आतां, तर, भारत ,लोकसंख्येनें,चीनला,गांठत,आहे. लोकांनीं,जरुर,विचार,करावा,असें,वाटतें.
Ticky Tocky (13 days ago)
still think communism is a good idea? libtards are plain stupid and pathetic.
Abunai One (13 days ago)
Which is why so many Chinese leave China to settle anywhere else other than China. A thriving communist country? Where?
Mi Scenes (13 days ago)
The only way China plans to "lift" people out of poverty is the raise the standard level of income that is considered poverty.
ooXChrissieXoo (13 days ago)
well that's a lot of people walking on some thin ladders lol
WTF (13 days ago)
For British citizens not achievable due to health&safety mental sickness
gaae2000 (13 days ago)
China is not even near to become a superpower.
Aaron Ross (14 days ago)
What about the extreme poverty in major UK cities BBC. What's wrong, doesn't fit your narrative right. BBC is pure radical left-wing propaganda with a healthy dose of high-brow smugness. BBC has literally became the enemy of the white working class
Zhengxian Li (14 days ago)
1:21 they got chicken. 1:25 they got tons of bacon. 1:37 this poor guy has a gold tooth. 1:41 this woman is smoking. So poor. Such lack of food. lmao. They just don't want to move. They are not poor.
Abyadi Srg (14 days ago)
That's great.. They deserve a better life with their government's cares
Neha Singh (14 days ago)
She is poor but she is having a money to buy cigratte woo that's cool
Zhengxian Li (14 days ago)
1:21 they got chicken. 1:25 they got tons of bacon. 1:37 this poor guy has a gold tooth. That's cool.
Jimmy Crackcorn (14 days ago)
So poor.... yet they have cigarettes!
Uzair Malik (14 days ago)
i love china pak chaina zindabad😗😙😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😚😚😘😪😪😪😪😪😊
Uzair Malik (14 days ago)
i love china pak chaina zindabad😗😙😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😚😚😘😪😪😪😪😪😊
Uzair Malik (14 days ago)
i love china pak chaina zindabad😗😙😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😚😚😘😪😪😪😪😪😊
Pp pP (14 days ago)
Why do they smoke? They afford cigarettes but not food for the kids
Zhengxian Li (14 days ago)
They could afford food for the kids, they just can't get GAS and enough materials to cook because they live on a CLIFF, it's impossible to send anything up. And they could move if they wish, the resettlement is free. They just don't want to... It's their ancient land.
Nisarkhan Khan (14 days ago)
good Bay bes
Y G (15 days ago)
China has a long long history...Well the point is this history is filled with chaos, wars, etc. and people might had moved to those extreme places for surviving back to the days, and they just lived there generations by generations. And now they are facing poverty due to the extreme inconvenient of transportation. Some time I also thought that why the hell there are people living there......Anyway, we still have a long long way to go
Y G (15 days ago)
Re-settlements are one of the option, yet despite all those inconveniency (is this a word? Orz), lots of people still don't wanna move ... Hard project
rajie rejected (15 days ago)
my home like brother from hell..noboby will report.. stop complain someone else...
jan pe (15 days ago)
Oh, gosh, that's so dangerous
r kosur (15 days ago)
id be lika scared ro climb that ...wow
Rashid Ali (15 days ago)
cheao peapole chines .i hate chinies kill u
Zhengxian Li (14 days ago)
Come on, come to China and be a terrorists, or be a general and wage a war. STOP TALKING SHIT. You don't dare.
Brendan Gee (15 days ago)
so scary the poor dude had a gold tooth
小纽约网 (15 days ago)
Tom Sawyer (15 days ago)
This is some serious exercise and scary steps to climb as well and they doing it with babies on their back wow!
Arun Deula (15 days ago)
China is developing our city kathmandu 🇳🇵Nepal... Request to China government. Develop your village first.....
Zoey Sun (12 days ago)
Government wanted to resettle them but they do not want to leave their land on that mountain top!
Zhengxian Li (14 days ago)
It's impossible to develop a village that located on a dangerous cliff. You can't give them electricity, you can't give them fuel and gas, and you can't give them economics because the lack of transportation. The government is trying but the ladder is enough. You can't expect an elevator right? Resettlement is a better solution.
Inderjeet Singh (16 days ago)
Everything cool abt it..all cant live in all d comforts...
Mary May (16 days ago)
Wow...i salute them..I am so sure there is no obese people living there..
Jealous Meister (16 days ago)
Dem kids thou??
pusher zap (16 days ago)
Work does legs china
Damien Brander (16 days ago)
They should start by using contraception!
keosh777 (17 days ago)
Why does this community live in such an difficult place to access?? That must be an interesting story.
Zhengxian Li (14 days ago)
Watch 2:48 there is another type of language written on the wall. They are ethnic minority group. So... maybe they were trying to escape from ancient Chinese "invaders". But as the history I know China have been controlling this area for 600 years... Yea, would be an interesting story.
Pooja Jain (18 days ago)
Oh my god
Juan Carlos Saavedra (18 days ago)
People like this will be the first to reach other planets
just come india I will show you what is mean by extreme poverty. I can't control my Tear Too This I say you...
ajith a n (18 days ago)
I think if china decides they can have it in the future
csac1979 (18 days ago)
Super! Die Chinesen helfen den eigenen armen Bewohnern. Wir machen das leider nicht.
AndreW Gan (18 days ago)
It seems scary and I am not even climbing it!
Jay Dee (18 days ago)
IF i wanted to read I'd Buy A Book.
Phobreeze (18 days ago)
43 million in poverty, and in the past 5 years only 5 million been relocated, so another 38 years for the rest to be located? Even if it improves by time it still will take decades before they sort it out.
SeBasTiÁn G (18 days ago)
Este tipo de "pobreza pictórica" entusiasma y vende más que la pobreza verdadera. Una lástima que la Bbc se apegue a este periodismo de denuncia de tipo tendencioso y con afanes turísticos
ZYZS Y (18 days ago)
Selvyn Quijada (18 days ago)
Now, they're being enslaved by their government.some know exactly what I mean.
spiderman01980 (18 days ago)
It's all fake.
allah is a Pimp (19 days ago)
The West should stop fake propaganda against China. Meanwhile U.K. freed ISIS leader and Jail Tommy Robinson. Shame U.K. for support terrorism.
allah is a Pimp (19 days ago)
X Jinping is a Great Leader in Mordern Human History. He succefully manage 1.4 Billion of people with peace and progress. Already 500 million Chinese out of Proverty by his brilliant Leadership. China always need Him to keep Chinese Development Forward. I hope his Long Life.
Kampilan dela Cruz (19 days ago)
Poverty? I don't think so. They chose to live there. That's how people live there like the ancient times. Tough life, yes.
GI Nyc (19 days ago)
scary trek up. Great that the Government is determined to push to hard to wipe out poverty and helping the poor. Hope that they can achieve this almost unbeliveable challenge. 👏
ava gd (19 days ago)
This BBC item maybe somewhat bias but i believe most countries have poverty. In America we have poverty and homeless people living on the streets. The richest country and so much homelessness. Someone is always fighting to eradicate it. Any country that is trying it's best to wipe out poverty I admire. The Chinese I believer will succeed at like many other nations. It will take time and I pray that they will succeed.
Diego Henao (19 days ago)
Now those who have resettled can help build more homes. I hate terms I look at it as more we should all help eachother.
Molly Love (19 days ago)
So poor yet still has money to buy cigarettes. Stop smoking and use that money for food!
Zhengxian Li (14 days ago)
They could afford food for the kids, they just can't get GAS and enough materials to cook because they live on a CLIFF, it's impossible to send anything up. And they could move if they wish, the resettlement is free. They just don't want to... It's their ancient land. And that old man have a gold tooth lol.
momthegreatest (19 days ago)
This is yet another anit-China propoganda by UK
Mr EHEHE (19 days ago)
I'm pretty sure with some rope and a few poles you could make some kinda carriage to get stuff up there easier
Mr EHEHE (13 days ago)
Well since they been up there for so long I guess they haven't got a very creditable CV pretty unfair to the children I would imagine its pretty up there though.
Zhengxian Li (13 days ago)
They are not really... THAT poor. They got corn and potato, they got chicken to feed, and the man have one golden and one silver teeth, the woman smoking cigarettes. They got many bacon hanging on the roof. You can see those in this video. They are far from starvation. But their children can't get educated, they can't use tapwater and flushtoilet and cooking gas. But that's not a reason to abandon their ancient lands... I guess.
Zhengxian Li (13 days ago)
Escape from ancient war, probably. In 14th century there was a huge war between China and Mongol, and those local people were not Han, nor Mongol. So they have to escape. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ming_conquest_of_Yunnan
Mr EHEHE (13 days ago)
Then why the hell are they up there
Zhengxian Li (14 days ago)
It's 1400 meters tall.
puspa rai (20 days ago)
Do China people r also below poverty line???
Home Sick (20 days ago)
BBC sucks
DJ AEC (20 days ago)
Looks like what the u.s did with section 8 housing and that didn’t turn out too good
My Alluring Beauty (21 days ago)
In most third world countries, the richest is filthy rich and the poorest is very poor... sigh...
Zhengxian Li (14 days ago)
1:21 they got chicken. 1:25 they got tons of bacon. 1:37 this poor guy has a gold tooth. 1:41 this woman is smoking. So poor. Such lack of food. lmao. They just don't want to move. They are not poor.
Maan Elayda (21 days ago)
Now they have to deal with their pollution and some of the animals they eating like shark fin
Moon Light (21 days ago)
They can grow flowers and sell them.They can also sell clothes,old radio,Mobiles etc.
Zhengxian Li (14 days ago)
No they can't. They live on a cliff. As long as they don't move, they can't sell anything. Cars can't climb ladder.
Samjhi Samjhi (21 days ago)
2:45 🙀😱
SandcastleDreams (21 days ago)
So, the answer to poverty is to take people away from the land, put them in public housing and what? Make them work for the government?
Pandacat 666 (21 days ago)
poor as hell! *guy with a gold tooth and his chick is smoking expensive cigarrettes... YEAH RIGHT!*
桜満集 (21 days ago)
vivek sai (21 days ago)
What if anyone slips suddenly ?

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