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DIY Magnetic Pallet Wood Knife Rack!

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Check out how I turned a scrap piece of pallet wood into an awesome, magnetic knife rack. It's easy, so try it yourself! My pallet board was pretty thin (1/2" thick) and narrow, so I just doubled my magnets in 3 drilled holes. But if your board is thicker, you could even triple the magnets, and if it's wider, you could drill 4 holes instead of 3 for more holding power. Knife Rack Magnet Layout Strength Tests: https://youtu.be/riEIr0tRTzI Simple DIY Pallet Wood Coffee Table: https://youtu.be/wKxR8RfpCMI Pallet Wood Paint Trick: https://youtu.be/PjufJVYvMkc DIY "Mini Log" Fridge Magnets: https://youtu.be/64KI1224b6c DIY Zip-Tied Pallet Wood Door Mat: https://youtu.be/V5ufySM4Ms8 How to Find a Wall Stud with a Magnet: https://youtu.be/trc0zFQzBZ0 Original tutorial that inspired me to test this magnetic knife rack: http://www.ehow.com/ehow-home/blog/want-to-display-your-favorite-knives-do-it-in-style-on-a-diy-rustic-wall-rack/ If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and share it with anyone that you think might like to see it too! My Site: http://www.diydork.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/mrdiydork Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrDiyDork Later! - Kevin
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Text Comments (25)
Tristram Credland (3 days ago)
Is that your kids knife set?
LoVe Cheong (2 months ago)
Hi, For the magnets, both side doesn't matter like which side you put in N or S?
Alexander Sim-Rowan (2 months ago)
What dimensions is the wood in the very beginning?
sodatoda (4 months ago)
😱😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵😵😍😍😍😍😍LOVE IT!!!! Thanks you for sharing!!
patrick mcglone (1 year ago)
and the best thing is anytime a kid needs a big sharp knife all they have to do is take it off the board and Chase all their friends with it! SMH.. great ideal but that's about it!
A Shilling (1 year ago)
I made this with fresh lumber. I rarely eat out and cook alot. This knife rack functions! Fun to slap the knives on it for some reason. Thanks! Love your channel! It's super cool. :)
MrDiyDork (1 year ago)
Thanks! We use this one all the time too.
Hans de Groot (1 year ago)
Very nice project. Since yesterday evening I have become an addict to your channel.
MrDiyDork (1 year ago)
haha, awesome. Glad you like the videos!
AngryPunish3r (2 years ago)
MrDiyDork (2 years ago)
Thanks! I use this thing every day and it still works great.
Kermit (2 years ago)
That's cool, I think harbour freight or princess auto in Canada sell magnetic strips in different lengths for exactly this application with tool, so plenty strong, and perhaps a bit easier to make as you only have to put a dado into the board with a table saw or router instead of multiple holes. Would also eliminate the risk here of your Forstner bit punching through the board.
MrDiyDork (2 years ago)
I've seen those at a few hardware store, but never thought to sink one behind wood like this. That could be pretty cool!
Denis Egorov (2 years ago)
Hello! And what are the dimensions of the magnets? Thank you
MrDiyDork (2 years ago)
+Денис Егоров I ended up using 3/4" diameter magnets.
golden hotdogs (2 years ago)
I appreciate the in depth how to. good video!
golden hotdogs (2 years ago)
p.s I'm selling these like hot cakes! people love them. also make wicked hook less key holders for the front door
wtf (2 years ago)
16 minutes just to make a knife rack. Jesus. Show dont tell (too much).
wtf (2 years ago)
+MrDiyDork hey man I didnt mean to sound rude. I actually like your channel. I was just shocked at 16 mins. anyway heh. :))
MrDiyDork (2 years ago)
+wtf Yeah I know. My wife says the same thing all the time. haha. I'm always surprised at how much video I shoot when I make these tutorials. But my goal from the beginning was to give as much info as possible. I'm not a fan of the 2-3 minute "magazine" article how to's. I want mine to be beefier.
Jason Adamczyk (2 years ago)
Nice, would have been a great idea for Christmas presents! You could have also used Neodymium Magnets and gotten away with 1 or 2 for the smaller knives and 4 or 5 for the biggest knife ($12 on ebay fir 20 magnets). They are thinner and stronger so you wouldn't have had to get so far though the wood (allows you to use thinner pieces). Also for a kitchen project I would lean towards using a definitely food safe finish like mineral oil or salad bowl finish - though I am probably just paranoid.
MrDiyDork (2 years ago)
+Jason Adamczyk That's a great price. I considered the rare earth magnets, but found these ceramic ones locally and wanted to try them out. The neodymium magnets would hold great though. I probably should have used an oil. I wasn't sure how this pallet was used in its previous life, so I decided to seal it with the lacquer, but I agree, that may have not been the best choice.
Brenda Albright (2 years ago)
Great video!
MrDiyDork (2 years ago)
+Brenda Albright Thanks!

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