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Text Comments (630)
Jaylene Mcfarlane (1 month ago)
your dads awesome
Jude Walters (1 month ago)
#brothrerVbrother you need to tell your older brother that you are sade and you want to kill yourself
Daniel curtain (4 months ago)
best yet team Bailey
Lashon Katoa (5 months ago)
I live in Australia QLD
Jakelvis Jones (6 months ago)
Emily Schmitz (6 months ago)
1:29 what are those!
xlenx xdamx (6 months ago)
Haha i've got the same fidget spinner as your cool dad!😂😂
Fliss Bliss MSP (6 months ago)
This is so cringe i love it sfm
Tiko Lockhart (6 months ago)
how old is bailey
Jayla Marshall (6 months ago)
Having a baby at a young age No you are young I am 15 if my mom found out that I was having a baby she will kill me
HARLIE GORHAM (7 months ago)
you should never encourage someone to get an abortion, that is murder of a child that has not been born..
HARLIE GORHAM (7 months ago)
you should never encourage someone to get an abortion, that is murder of a child that has not been born..
Kristi Burgess (7 months ago)
He was so chill and like concerned
CoCo (8 months ago)
Anyways did he even hit puberty to be able to have sex ? Lol
Elizaveta Semkina (8 months ago)
How old is Bailey ?
IGAZI (8 months ago)
You’re a fuckhead Bailey😂
Pug Productions (8 months ago)
4:24 *Awkward silence for 2.3 seconds* "Can u help me bro?" "HELp you with what?!"
1mPRO GMG (8 months ago)
Your dad is funny
Taylor-may Mullane (9 months ago)
Bailey is so sweet and cute!! Awwww love you both!! ❤️🌎❤️🌎
gabyXgaby !! (9 months ago)
Abortions are bad.
Original Bulldog (9 months ago)
oli Flogs and challenges (9 months ago)
Amy Ouyang (9 months ago)
#brotherVbrother #notificationSquad
Name is not valid (9 months ago)
It’s funny because he doesn’t seem to care at all.
Even Michael (10 months ago)
your fucking bailey
Madilyn Wolfe (10 months ago)
Brother v brother
Madilyn Wolfe (10 months ago)
Fidget spinners are for people that have problems
Eh Eh (10 months ago)
Ur dad is like got some special needs about wtf fidget spinner LOL
Cheyenne Covus (10 months ago)
I love you Brooke
Chris Porter (10 months ago)
I'm subbubed#brother v brother you should go to the skate park and call you brother I'm going to hospital I broke my leg best channel ever
Its not as bad as having one of your friends being pregnant at 15 and the father is 17. Her parents are going to probably kick her out.
Blue Price (10 months ago)
Brother favour other
Sarah Barton (10 months ago)
#brothervbrother stick his hands together when he has something important on
Nora Sneaks (10 months ago)
Damian Krysa (11 months ago)
people should never get abortions, thats just awful imo
patrina munro (8 months ago)
Damian Krysa abortion is a big decision. A lot of time and thought goes into deciding to have a abortion. Think about it
Impulse (11 months ago)
I love how broke just hates his brother but loves him hahahaa
Jett Fighter (11 months ago)
Shyann Layfield (11 months ago)
i am 8
vijay murugesu (1 year ago)
shana edelmann (1 year ago)
Bilbo Baggins (1 year ago)
Anyone notice how they fucked "a couple days ago" yet she's pregnant already😂😂😂🤔
Lyla Holt (1 year ago)
Sangtea Hey (1 year ago)
Love you Bailey😂😂
JayTheBlue (1 year ago)
if your aussie why are you calling them flip flops not thongs huh?
Beautiful (1 year ago)
Bailey's face at the beginning while spinning the fidget spinner 😂
im lit_see (1 year ago)
A Distressed Catbug (1 year ago)
I love his reaction because he's being mature about it
If that was me i would never be able to kill an innocent baby for my mistakes
M & E MUSIC (1 year ago)
Is there anybody else what is dying of cringe
Finley Lynch (1 year ago)
He is like 15 he shouldn't be drinking😂😂😂
CHANCE CAUTHEN (1 year ago)
If you can get some kind of non lethal gun that shoots shoot your brother over and over agin but hide so he doesn't now where it's coming from.
The Penguin Player (1 year ago)
Who's watching this that's in South Australia. Like if you are cause i live there
Break (1 year ago)
Break (1 year ago)
Break (1 year ago)
Break (1 year ago)
Tate LW (1 year ago)
-gcinm’a lesane (1 year ago)
"your shouldn't be drinking, number 1" and im thinking "that's the least of worries"
Hailey Vigona (1 year ago)
#brothervbrother smash your big brother phone prank 😁
Honestly575 (1 year ago)
How old is Bailey?
ADI Studios (1 year ago)
Because brook said don't drink on a school night
ADI Studios (1 year ago)
He drinks
ADI Studios (1 year ago)
How old is bailey
Skye McGovern (1 year ago)
His dad at the start lmao hahaha
TUFF SAMURAI (1 year ago)
r u still possessed Bailey???
Sam Schalki (1 year ago)
Haha the only thing Brooke was worried about was that he didn't use a condom
MusiCDudE Cool (1 year ago)
What all parents say about fidget spinner, it's just a waste of money
Nydan Luckhai (1 year ago)
I miss seeing Bailey like this😢❤
Shaiane Ramirez (1 year ago)
#brothervbrother you should have a female friend in your brothers room, pretending to be pregnant and say she is pregnant, and say to the brother she needs his room and that he needs to move out
carlos Velasquez (1 year ago)
I would have believed him too...😂
Ruby Duquette (1 year ago)
Is it normal for 15 year olds to drink and have shmex there or something? I'm lost...
Jshe Pringle2004 (1 year ago)
Omg this mught be where he got the idea of a prank
Lovely Mae (1 year ago)
#brothervbrother, do another drunk prank. But let brook walk in and find u. Than tell him the reason your drinking is because you got a girl pregnant. That will make him mad. 2 pranks in one
Declan M (1 year ago)
Abortion is murder
Lil MelDub (1 year ago)
I SUBD!!!!
Chacken (1 year ago)
Dang love your vids bruh
Simplykate (1 year ago)
I love how much he cares about you
Hatboy Hat (1 year ago)
ive a question is bailey allowed to drink alcohol does his parents know
who moans like moana (1 year ago)
Okay~~~ bailey is preggy lol
Scarlet Gordon (1 year ago)
The way that Brooke sat up when bailey said I got a girl pregnant 🤗 It shows that he is a caring bro 😂
Und3ad _Square23 (1 year ago)
you are the best youtuber ever you are my favret
DUBZ_LAZAR (1 year ago)
Why was a 15 year old even drinking
HELL WAR (1 year ago)
baily was making me cringe while he was dancing with the fidget spinners
Oscar Else (1 year ago)
#brothervbrother laxitives on plane or train
Shane Rian (1 year ago)
Around of applause 👏 for baileys acting skills 👍
Connor Cheshire (1 year ago)
#brothervbrother. Pretend u got it by a car and your. Dying
blondiesid80 (1 year ago)
#brothervbrother tell your brother that you are adopted and that you are not his real brother !!
Alex Soares (1 year ago)
hahahah😘😘😘😘😘👬🖒 500
Hillary Clinton (1 year ago)
bro you're a fuckhead mate bro fuck
Emma _ (1 year ago)
I love this haha
Mumma7 2 (1 year ago)
Love you two ! Hilarious 😂
sports life (1 year ago)
#brothervbrother tell Bailey your going off to war
SQUIISHY2304 (1 year ago)
You should've pretended the girl was refusing to get an abortion and you were going to have to be a father
Liz McKenna (1 year ago)
1 like =1 potato
That Model Mia (1 year ago)
Call of duty Ko (1 year ago)
Blue Fidgett spinner and a blue and a pink Fidgett spinner
Lennyscott Vevo (1 year ago)
#brothervbrother. Pretend someone killed you I subscribed
Potato (1 year ago)
How old is bayley ???? He looks like a 12 yr old , I am not hating
Taylor Cummings (1 year ago)
#brothervbrother I'm not sure if this is a great if even a good idea but maybe pretend you are drunk and that you think he is so.eonr else and try to sleep with him

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