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PC Gaming On Your PHONE!?

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Get your LIMITED EDITION "Designed By Linus" Techlinked Shirt here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/t-shirt/men/limited-edition-designed-by-linus-techlinked-shirt/911894/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/TechLinkedYT Instagram: http://instagram.com/TechLinkedYT Facebook: http://facebook.com/TechLinked NEWS SOURCES: Boston Dynamics robots https://techcrunch.com/2018/05/11/boston-dynamics-will-start-selling-its-dog-like-spotmini-robot-in-2019/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjSohj-Iclc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ve9kWX_KXus Steam Link + Steam Video Apps http://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/steam-link-app-details-1202805563/ FCC to repeal net neutrality on June 11th if vote fails https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-internet/us-net-neutrality-rules-will-end-on-june-11-fcc-idUSKBN1IB1UN/ https://www.theverge.com/2018/5/10/17338978/net-neutrality-end-date-fcc Elon Musk's Boring Company is coming along nicely https://www.inverse.com/article/44750-boring-company-tunnel-video-shared-by-elon-musk Google Pixel-branded watch reportedly coming in the fall http://hexus.net/mobile/news/accessories/118088-google-said-preparing-pixel-branded-smartwatches/ Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have updated warranty guidelines https://mspoweruser.com/microsoft-updates-warranty-policy-after-receiving-ftc-warning/ Apple and Goldman Sachs to launch credit card https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/10/business/apple-goldman-sachs-credit-card.html
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Text Comments (1809)
Abe Breakable (12 days ago)
Honestly I was worried a bit about this new show, but it's the perfect place for all of the f**ks to hang out (all zero of them). The laid-backedness of the show is honestly its best quality! TechLinked for fun and quick news, WAN for in-depth analysis and chills! Keep being yourselves on screen guys! Everyone loves it!
Blou (40 minutes ago)
Abe Breakable .
Frijx Frijx (8 days ago)
Fukn A
suicidal.banana (10 days ago)
just curl up in their anus already?
Jared (10 days ago)
I thought that dude from NCIX was going to be on it instead of Linus but apparently #allyourbasearebelongtoLinus
Nothin (10 days ago)
Valentin Petrovitsch . and it is amazing. Haha
Abraham Sarmiento (53 minutes ago)
Will you sell sandals and socks eventually?
ShavedBird (1 hour ago)
I’ve been eating and STILL eating for it on iPhone since 2 weeks ago
Patrick Crump (5 hours ago)
You idiot Linus! Zucc is a robot alien not a lizard!
Divergent Droid (7 hours ago)
I'd be happy to play PC first person shooters on my phone - of course you'd have to do it without the Horrible Evil DRM that is Steam and allow a keyboard and mouse hookup. Real Gamers Don't use Steam!
Irene (7 hours ago)
bless you fam for adding female fitted shirts!!
Chandler Hamilton (7 hours ago)
Vinz De Castro (9 hours ago)
Nice T-Shirt
Dank Memos (12 hours ago)
lol lol (20 hours ago)
great now people will have csgo and tf2 farming bots on their 2000 ipads,iphones,samsung,or any other stupid mobile device
lol lol (19 hours ago)
i know its a stupid joke
ForOne814 (20 hours ago)
That doesn't even affect none of those games lol.
J4YV33 (23 hours ago)
Its impossible for robots to kill us Just pour water on them🤣
Cory Pedersen (1 day ago)
steam link software = LOVE
William House (1 day ago)
man rom (1 day ago)
They're coming for you Mr. Sebastian and anyone else who dropped a GPU.
Nir Bromberg (1 day ago)
Guys I'm not sure but I think it's the same guy from LinusTechTips
kirbythebamf (1 day ago)
im going to sell guns with the facebook currency, haha
hunn20004 (1 day ago)
Dog robots on sale.. Well, there goes my salary
0611zman (1 day ago)
Omg my birthday is June 11th
Fiendmaker (1 day ago)
"Diamonds are forever!" This is actually pretty neat segway from LTT channel liking the new content!
Madalin Florin (1 day ago)
1:21 Rocket League ❤❤❤
Justkallmenobody (2 days ago)
I just want to be able to play my steam games on my phone from ANYWHERE. It's great, but if I'm at home I'm just gonna use my pc. I want to play Skyrim on my phone while on the bus or bored at work... I have great Wi-Fi at home and work why can't it stream it to my phone at work from my pc at home?
Bad Request (2 days ago)
oh good! a great new way for apple's religious fanatics to end up even more in dept by using the apple credit card to buy more apple's overpriced useless products! with diamonds! classy! xD
Simon Röhrs (2 days ago)
Is it just me or does the host look like Sebastian from Techfastie?
Bryan T (3 days ago)
Facebook are going to have their own currency?....Literally they just need to purchase land and become a country
bad muchacho b (3 days ago)
If it’s on a phone it’s mobile gaming
Zuckerberg is 100 per cent lizard person
Do you have a sweet hat to trade?
The3BallGod (3 days ago)
Dashiel Grayson (3 days ago)
Ooooo tf2
Poly Wog (3 days ago)
*A weapon to surpass Metal Gear*
DJ Blue (3 days ago)
Fe male?
Timothy Oliver (3 days ago)
Diamonds are forever.
Victor Kidd (4 days ago)
"oh nice"
DarkeBlade (4 days ago)
HAT TradiNG? app?! SIGN ME uP?!
Rush Hoelscher (4 days ago)
Just a question why so many different accounts instead of different channels on one account.
ID Game (4 days ago)
Linus still salty about his Mac. Lol
Himanshu Pal (4 days ago)
Congratulations! for your new Channel, LMG. 👍
Rutab Farooque (4 days ago)
it is good to see Riley back
TC08071 (4 days ago)
Phone gaming on your pc!? Sweet. I much rather play games on my pc then phone, a whole lot easier to do
SilentStorm996 (4 days ago)
Wait! When did linus make a new channel?
Someidot (4 days ago)
_linus_ Tech *linked* when do we get dat merch
Merlok (5 days ago)
cmon linu- i mean tech linked just look at this, the news with the tunnel its complete waste of resources https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBtL3qDvdZc
PhantomDogman (5 days ago)
Those whoever thinks that you can play pc games dirrecly on your phone because of tittle - Nope it's streaming pc games to phone.
正體字好! (5 days ago)
I got fucking confused when I didn't realise that this was TechLinked lol
Ezequiel Ridolfi (6 days ago)
I'm sorry for the Apple fans, but the company died with Steve. Soon it will be a clothing brand.
Jesse Boddaert (6 days ago)
Diamonds are forever 😂😂😂 LOVE THE NEW CHANNEL 😘
Mahim Hossain (6 days ago)
WP linus
simkarte123 (6 days ago)
So i should be able to stream my games to a Fire TV stick?
Roberto Pierrot (6 days ago)
Zucc is a CYBORG! Not a Lizard.
GMCiaramella (6 days ago)
Linus and that other guy are wearing the same shirt... how unsanitary is that? Ick.
Jimmy Merrild Krag (6 days ago)
Linus = LIzard Not Under Surveilance
James Draper (6 days ago)
Awesome new channel to be fair.
Plasmaboo (6 days ago)
Apple makes a credit card. What could possibly go wrong?
Kain The Troll Reaver (6 days ago)
Already play PC games on my phone... Liquid Sky anyone
Gary (6 days ago)
this whole episode is dystopia
Redhawk Gaming (6 days ago)
im glad i can open my switch now in 4-6 years i can get a new or bigger battery
jon williams (6 days ago)
how fucking devious of facebook to start its own currency. makes me glad i dont use it.
It better be sandblasted with black sand off a lava beach, otherwise I won't buy it.
over00lord Unknown (7 days ago)
1:03 "Don't worry, the robots are still coming to kill you, relax and accept death, Linus..." - Linus 2018
Michael S. (7 days ago)
I love the shirt
Wesley Mercer (7 days ago)
"Doesn't that defeat the purpose of apple pay being on your phone?" Yes Linus, yes it does.
Einar Johnsen (7 days ago)
I’ll definitely buy that shirt!
Jmcgee1125 (7 days ago)
Why only a limited time item? That shirt doesn't look bad, it looks damn good.
TheRobArmy (7 days ago)
How many channels do you have?
Garfield Budd (7 days ago)
How many episodes of TechLinked can I watch before I get packaged by a package.
Ronaldo Costa (7 days ago)
TechLinked should be 6 days a week covering everything possible! Like you said, everything is technology! Also it could have an in-depth program once a week, to cover more information on the best topics of the week in a longer show.
I want one of those robots! Oh the good things, I could do!
bbnguyen92 (8 days ago)
Nice pasties Linus.
qvshadow (8 days ago)
warframe is only a matter of time now XD
Austinthewind (8 days ago)
Linus and gang I love all of you so much right now
mujjuman (8 days ago)
you should make a tshirt with this logo... without real tape but the logo should have painted on tape. this should be the logo
Pixel Brush (8 days ago)
Everyone's just talkin' about the shirt. Does no one care about the entire Net Neutrality thingy?
Cody Phillips (8 days ago)
"Wow Vancouver. Wooooowwwwww!" 100% got me to click the bell icon. 😂
Dakila Lozano (8 days ago)
it would be cool if they actually printed that t shirt that way and they actually did
Ian Takao (8 days ago)
There is no better channel than this one. This is the best one. That's it.
Snarky (8 days ago)
As a scientist, I can find an immediate use for the SpotMini, though not the budget. If I had a SpotMini with the robotic arm on the back, I would use it for placing sampling equipment in hazardous areas, inspecting or performing simple tasks confined spaces, and collecting soil samples in the bottom of excavations.
MiniExtreme (8 days ago)
pizza delivery from the dog!!
FZPX (8 days ago)
GamingMet Jeroen (8 days ago)
But Apple already got rid of ethernet
Neil Highley (8 days ago)
Linus is not that funny for techlinked. Let Riley have editorial
Elias Ojala (8 days ago)
4:30 Apple credit card would probably be expensive 😂
ThunderBlastvideo (8 days ago)
Wait wtf happened to techquickie
AWW yeah I have now ordered my new shirt
Ranu Chakraborty (8 days ago)
Thats what my kid does in school
Felix Archambault (8 days ago)
Ik3 M04B (8 days ago)
"diamonds are forever" wavy🌊
Claudio Lluberes (8 days ago)
*S A N D B L A S T E D A L U M I N I U M E D G E S*
Stan V (8 days ago)
Riley just makes everything fun.
buder5 (9 days ago)
ElixTwo (9 days ago)
2:37 <3
Preston L. (9 days ago)
Well you ask and you shall receive
HeyItzButter (9 days ago)
Finally I can play FSX on my phone
phcasper (9 days ago)
Omg they actually made the fucking shirt😂😂😂😂
Mac J (9 days ago)
Skynet man...
Edward Wood (9 days ago)
If you bend the credit card while it is in your pocket Apple will not fix any billing errors.
Gentry Perry (9 days ago)
The robots are coming for Linus specifically because he drops their small helpless brethren so often...
Edward Wood (9 days ago)
Hey Linus, Riley was funnier than you were. Can you and Riley do a Friday night news ad-lib off? It will be funnier than when Colbert was on the Jon Stewart daily show.
blackcorvo (9 days ago)
Apple ™ is too busy trying to destroy the refurbishing / maintenance market for it's products to allow better warranty services.
Mr. Tux (9 days ago)
One Suggestion: When you have people saying stuff from behind the camera please have a second microphone or something so that we can also hear them at lower volumes.
Pepino Gino (9 days ago)
Can denis be your clothing model?😂 I would pay to see that!

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