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10 Most Embarrassing Ways to Die in Videogames in 2017

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Dying in a video game is no joy, but when you do it heroically, the embarrassment is a little easier to bear. However there are situations when you simply cannot put your head in the game and fail miserably to the amusement of your teammates who will boast about it for ages. Because some ways of dying are more embarrassing than others, we decided to put together a list with the worst methods of losing your life in a video game. Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Text Comments (1104)
Boopimus K. (10 days ago)
Why didn't you show Legend of Zelda on Pecked by chicken?
Mr.EliteUnkownSCP (10 days ago)
Frag Hero More Like Fag Hero
CJ Jones (17 days ago)
getting killed by a noob in fortnite n skin
Bacon Avocado (2 months ago)
getting killed with a pickaxe in fortnite. getting pinched to death or run over in pubg.
Emmyers85 (2 months ago)
What about just cause 3 using your wingsuit the wrong way
Emmyers85 (2 months ago)
Harsh Aswar (2 months ago)
You missed getting hit by a pan in PUBG.
Boi Boi (4 months ago)
Why didn’t they do legend of Zelda for the chicken one
Kevin Nicholas (4 months ago)
I think this ever happened to me how I die in Minecraft forgot how to jump of a minecart and got killed by another player
The Blaze (4 months ago)
Dying by a medic in tf2
The Blaze (4 months ago)
Well over cooking a grenade is ok when ur trolling
SixChannelGamer (4 months ago)
Don't forget falling off an obvious ledge because your game lags. And the whole spawn point thing is for cheaters who can't get kills normally.
The Lunatic Dean Ambrose (4 months ago)
Well i guess i got embarrassed because of Tomb Raider
my favevorites Antolin (4 months ago)
Getting killed by chickens 😂
Norayr Izahnaian (4 months ago)
Getting pickaxes in fortnite
Norayr Izahnaian (4 months ago)
Getting sniper half way across the map with a kolibri in bf1 (personal experience)
Amateur Artist (5 months ago)
These deaths are so *IMMERSIVE* #mxrmods4life
Gage Niedert (5 months ago)
Cooking a grenade bitch please in the first black ops cook four thumps boom 3 throw probably explode mid target 2 gets to target may get them 1 too soon
Umonly Y (5 months ago)
My most embarrassing death I was hanging out with a friend playing halo 4 i hopped out of my banshee before he shot it down well it still didn't end good the debris of that banshee fell on top of my spartans head killing me What a embarrassing death
hacks here arena (5 months ago)
People died in games but think again that you really want to do it in real life.
roxy6pink (5 months ago)
Starved to death... while cooking
Techno Racinq (6 months ago)
Dan M (6 months ago)
My embarrassing one is wingsuiting in just cause 3 and dieing by hittin* a lampost
AirbornePigeon (6 months ago)
Falling of the roof in rainbow six siege
Lucy Burns (6 months ago)
I wouldn't call the chicken attack an ambush by any means because, those chickens are in plain sight. That and they're pretty close together. On another note, I've watched my younger sister and her friend play Left 4 Dead together several times. However, this time was different. They were in the mall and the guy jumped to his death. He just thought he could make it. So, I told him that one time when I was playing WoW, I was in Mt. Hyjal. I turned around and took one wrong step, which lead to my death. Here's the kicker: I landed in Felwood.
Zentomon (6 months ago)
getting killed by fist when you have guns in PUBG
Doniczek (6 months ago)
Getting killed by syringe in bf1
DubstepSwag (6 months ago)
Laughed someone and got karma was my most embarrassing ones then they laugh back at me.
Wot n' Declaration (6 months ago)
Dying in wave 1 in Killing Floor 2 by a bloat
Insectoid 101 (6 months ago)
With the mmo one i agree, however if you are getting killed by a lower level who is a werewolf in ESO, then it isnt so embarrassing considering they are op (in my opinion). Btw the most embarrassing death is death by roast in GTA Online.
Djani X. (6 months ago)
i love doing kamikaze kills in fps games
How To Use It (6 months ago)
In undertale when you fight Sans and he asks for mercy and you accept it. He kills you and says, "You got dunked on!"
Ben Dixon (6 months ago)
nateedwards03 _ (6 months ago)
And I come from the future saying that this video will be good
nateedwards03 _ (6 months ago)
But I’m in 2018
Reborn O-O (6 months ago)
Besides care packages, getting killed by a direct impact with a stun/flash grenade is pretty humiliating too.
yorangames (6 months ago)
You forgot getting killed by a dodo in ark 😦
Eric Seske Gaming (6 months ago)
the stongest dino ever
Wadawada 206 (6 months ago)
one time in skyrim i killed krosis easy peasy but then got killed by a dwarven sphere
Rib Plays (6 months ago)
The most embarrassing ways I have died is on the first gumba on mario
Volisum (6 months ago)
Tf2: when you taunt and get killed midsecond
Aha Sah Dude (6 months ago)
Trying to knife someone in Battlefield 4 and they grab my arm and stab me with my own knife. Felt horrible and still do...
Duck 64 (7 months ago)
Killed by flash bangs r6
Anime_YT (7 months ago)
Killed by Mercy in Overwatch
Aomiku Chan (7 months ago)
Empty mana, Half health, Lag, With skill cooldown are my nightmares 😂
Toxic D3viL (7 months ago)
How can you not include the behind the back melee execution in titanfall 2
mmandey (7 months ago)
Getting killed by a slave or ghul in shadow of war and when you die by a ghul well their really fierce yup I died by a ghul
Mentions chickens. Me: No cucco?
Wumbo (7 months ago)
Most embarrassing way I've died..... I think the time I was trying a 360 no-scope and got 360 no-scoped in mid-air. I thought the person that shot me was a god but I saw it was a grenade that killed me.
Ian Draper (7 months ago)
Someone I killed was embarrassed. They were hiding in the dark in Minecraft, next to a loot chest. After I got the chest they jumped at me. When they were in the air, I wasn't scared so I clicked a simple zr and they fell in the lava.
Spiderflash (7 months ago)
In gta5 when you leave the helicopter u may stick the landing but then the helicopter gets revenge and lands on you
DiamondDude081 Streams (7 months ago)
So you better make sure you don't upset the fish or you'll be sleeping with them. You'll be sleeping with them. Sleeping with them. 🐟 🚹 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
DiamondDude081 Streams (7 months ago)
One time I threw a grenade and I thought it hit a wall and landed next to me so I moved away and I blew up
Wireless (7 months ago)
When you and another player on gta is on ledge and you try to punch them off and you fall
darsW 713 (7 months ago)
Same here i all ways get killed by lower level guy
blueus maximus (7 months ago)
I once killed myself worth my own rock
Lazy Beaver (7 months ago)
i died by endergragon egg in minecraft
Aaron Co (7 months ago)
I was playing Minecraft pe. I was building a base in the nether when a pigman went in my way. I punched it by accident and I died
NemesisGamer1987 (7 months ago)
You forgot backstabed in CS:GO
AGuy WithAHand (7 months ago)
The worst way I've died in a video game is in ARK: Survival Evolved where I accidently ate feces instead of cooked meat.
Soultrapper 41 (7 months ago)
dying light i was troling my friend by not letting him into a building n he threw a molotov n i locked the door:(
Peter Burto (7 months ago)
I have been killed in a cutsene
Ravenleaf182 (7 months ago)
there is a MUD game called astaria. very few things are as embarrassing as being the max level going through a swamp and dying to a leech. (they die instantly, all you have to do is burn them off. they only suck 1 hp at a time, a very easy and preventable death) and unfortunately how you die is broadcast over the entire world so...yeah. everyone gets to see your death spam of how you died to a leech. *sigh*
Canal Random (7 months ago)
He k mijo ai vou mijar dei like
Nathanel wardana (7 months ago)
Yep a lot low level but pro
Bonzi Brendan (7 months ago)
Getting panned in pubg
Aidan Rice Racioppo (7 months ago)
honestly none of these are embarrassing
cgamerzhd (7 months ago)
Being executed on Mobile legend By:-Turret -Jungle monster -Minions
Vierynbryn (7 months ago)
i have never died to morinth, nor have i taken her over samara in ME2. the way i see it, there are 2 types of people who died to morinth. a) people who knew the outcome, but wanted to do it just because they liked her character. which is fine. then b) the people who were actually surprised that *gasp* a succubus-esq character killed them with that thing you have been being warned about for entirety of samara's questline.
E13S (7 months ago)
When u mess up ur jetpack I battlefront and get stuck outside of the map
wolfvenger (7 months ago)
dying in cod then being t bagged
Density MoDz (7 months ago)
I die by low levels when I go afk
Refer ee (7 months ago)
when you die and your friend start being gay and says HAHAHAAHHAHA HA HA NOOB
Edge Ryan (7 months ago)
Being sledged in rainbow six siege
RedBread WhitePencil (7 months ago)
They never mentioned about dying on Rainbow Six Siege on tutorial on easy
Fnaf Show (7 months ago)
Can you spot Spot the difference? 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Br00mz man (7 months ago)
Died from a Mercy :)
Cody Ralston (7 months ago)
Mihnea-Robert Focea (7 months ago)
**sings** embarrassing ways to die so may embarrassing ways to die embarrassing ways to die-ie-ie so many embarrassing ways to die!
The One The One (7 months ago)
Mihnea-Robert Focea follow the yellow brick road
ug gaming (7 months ago)
my embarrasing way to die is when u spray bullets at a near opponent with a light machine gun u just get killed with a crowbar
Tide pods (7 months ago)
They never mentioned about dying of fall damage in Black Ops 3
endsss (7 months ago)
Most embarrassing way to die is to a frost trap in a 1 v 1 situation
Wagwanpiftin Dsnuts (7 months ago)
Guess what in gta 5 I had a 5 star wanted level and I was by phill box hill hospital and just a random civilian starts bursting at me with his muscle car and hits me without even knowing I was there literally he looked like he did not know anything
Use This (7 months ago)
I suicide grenade n usually kill 2-5 people
Wallace_House 115 (7 months ago)
Getting cross mapped in BO3
NTGames (7 months ago)
Once in GTA 5 a random citizen stole Trevor's Truck, it wasn't the Prisoner. I had to restart the save to get it back.
Scott Orcutt (7 months ago)
Tele fraged is rare but when it hapens, its not embarising, its humiliating
Amrica ball (7 months ago)
Yup this is pritty funny
MK-Dunn the goat (7 months ago)
Today in Foes.io I was in a face off with the last guy i was on my last legs but had a loaded gun and crossbow,he had nothing. But because I did not just button mash he punched me out of nowhere when i had guns,and I lost the whole damn match
Sniperr180 (7 months ago)
That last clip of cooking a gernade is called a ninja nade nooooobbb
Lay Moo (7 months ago)
getting killed by a noob
ThePoopyOne gaming (7 months ago)
How about getting killed by a bot?
MEGAFAGGOT FAGGOT (7 months ago)
What if your cooking a grenade for the name of alah
Nick Valentine (7 months ago)
Once, while playing TF2, i was demoman and walked over my own grenade right as it went off. Worst part was someone was spectating me.
Scumbag Survivor (7 months ago)
I died in mini DAYZ when I bled out. The thing is I had two stacks (6 total with 3 in each stack) of bandages
sean lol (7 months ago)
Getting killed by support character that has been nerfed
Rogue Operation (7 months ago)
2:18 know what your talking about before you make a video, he said "receiving a care package full of ammo".smh
ArKaDiOS (7 months ago)
if youre messin with chicken yore messin with me (little kid)
יונתן שגב (7 months ago)
dying to an an auto atack from soraka in league of legends
Enshine 544 (7 months ago)
None of these are embarrassing
Ryan Bullock (7 months ago)
1:44 That always happens to me all the time.XD

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