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Scam The Scammer 172 "Face The Music"

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Scam The Scammer Episode 172 - "Jacob" from "U.S. Pharmacy" follows up to get my Medicare information but won't answer my simple questions, like what is his address. Then "Nick" calls and tries his luck followed by "James Smith", floor supervisor, who I make listen to a recording of a previous scam call from "Benny" aka "Giggles The Scammer". James is surprised to learn that I record calls and to hear a fellow scammer admit to being a scammer. Who's having a bad day in India?
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Gary Smedley (4 months ago)
I couldn't care less about all these other braces as I am still waiting on my SUPER BLAST-O- GAS 5000 rectum brace I ordered.
Nigella Blum (5 months ago)
_Shakya man!_ Isn't that Siddhartha the Buddha? Or may be _Shakya Nuni_ . You are really funny. Wish these scammers quit scamming. All we will loose will be the entertainment value. Too many _Floor Supervisors_ . Sounds like a Janitorial service.
Bob Kozlarek WA2SQQ (5 months ago)
Incredible. How did you get on all these lists?
OCDTraci (5 months ago)
You are great and must continue making videos.

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