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Dystopian Futures: Demolition Man Review

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Text Comments (653)
The Dave Cullen Show (8 months ago)
Sorry I of course meant to say West coast, not East coast.
McDangerously (1 month ago)
You are forgiven this one time sir. This ONE time!
Jason Soliva (4 months ago)
Starship Troopers review when, Dave?
James (6 months ago)
List of best movies 1.Half Baked 2.Demolition Man
ukkr (7 months ago)
Dave I was going to say a few things you missed. Outside of coctau brainwashing sylvesters character to be more docile, and want to knit, etc... and the other with passwords connections, tactics, etc.... I think you got it all. I didn't think about it until just now, but sandra bullock has been in a lot of similar pictures about the follies of perfection, in such cases, The net(The security company ends up being the ultimate villain), love potion #9(Striving for permanent devotion, a person ends up almost becoming a slave), demolition man(the head of a "socialist paradise" is the ultimate villain), and even miss congeniality(The head of a pageant is a murderer). BTW I liked all of those shows! I thought ALL were either funny, or suspenseful. The NET was more suspenseful than funny, but still good. AND, as I said, ALL have a worthwhile message. There is a saying in business that is pretty true. Perfection is the enemy of good. OR, to put it another way, a bird in the hand(all the good you have) is worth two in the bush(striving for perfection), so it is better to protect what you have, and improve, than endlessly seek the perfect and never get anywhere.
Courier (8 months ago)
You should watch "Idiocracy" as well as it also a pretty good satire on current social tendencies.
DJJAW11 (13 days ago)
... Indeed ,it's a quirky movie, But,on the other hand,it's basically how the western world is going,or touch wood, political correctness, is simply a passing phase,and it will become very unfashionable,soon!.
Coury McGinnis (18 days ago)
How much do you weigh
Marc Colten (26 days ago)
This movie suffers from one of the major tropes I've seen in SciFi - the localization of the story. It's like The Time Machine where we go 800,000 years in the future but we never see what the world is like outside of a 5 mile radius of where the Time Traveler's house was. Are there Eloi and Morlocks on the European Continent, the Americas, Asia or Africa? I'm talking about the book, not the movie where they blamed it all on nuclear war and fallout. In Demolition Man they act as if the San Angeles mega-city is all of America. You don't like Cocteau's idiotic vision? What's happening in Portland, Miami, Santa Fe? They never say. Unless this one city is all that's left of the Earth - move. There must be other places where you can live like you want.
Chuck Baker (27 days ago)
Loved this movie.
nuno rodrigues (28 days ago)
london 2018
MIKE Mike (28 days ago)
I think this movie predicts our future no swearing no guns every thing is political correctness men forced to learn nitting everyone is overly sensitive
MIKE Mike (28 days ago)
also does anyone know how to use the sea shells?
Elle Calladine (28 days ago)
Possibly the most relevant sci-fi movie at this time?
John Smith (29 days ago)
It is a Comic Book movie, translation; allows for greater suspension of disbelief
Krill Bill (29 days ago)
Eerie how most of the major themes / ideas discussed in the film (much like Idiocracy) have now become a current reality
Darjaboo (29 days ago)
Libtards are authoritarian wanting to control everything you do say and even think.
ExodaCrown (1 month ago)
Your review was good and all, but you forgot to tell us about the three seashells.
Mark Oulaghan (1 month ago)
I am still trying to work out the sea shells scene
Benjamin Allen (1 month ago)
Let me say fuck, fuck mother fucker fuck.. the entire Jay and Silent Bob theme song
ursaltydog (1 month ago)
Finally one I agree on..
jupamoers (1 month ago)
How the hell do the three seashells work? xD
Go_Rilla26 (1 month ago)
This movie is a time capsule
maxsmodels (1 month ago)
It was a bit too prophetic
The Traveler (1 month ago)
I quote this movie all of the time. Funny that back then the hint was that it would be conservatives who would be the puritans and push censorship and control. Now this is EXACTLY what the leftists are doing. And now dennis leary supports the leftists and just what he claimed to stand against in the movie. The real dennis leary would support the murder of the character he played in demolition man.
Scott Phillips (1 month ago)
What's your boggle, friend? Oh, you don't know how to use the three sea shells. lol Well you better figure it out. We're going to TacoBell later.
Super Sheepy (1 month ago)
The fact that police in the UK are now checking hate tweets now, you got your little swear bot from the movie
Danny Lyons (1 month ago)
Lori Petty was original going to play Sandra's role. Always wondered what the movie would've been like if Petty played that role.
Maniac742 (1 month ago)
Demolition Man is what happens when the SJWs win.
TheyRiseBand (1 month ago)
Dave Cullen, you are fined 1 credit, for a violation of the YouTube Verbal Morality Statute.
NUFCMVFC (1 month ago)
Ah yes remember this one. Strangely applicable now in that everyone is expected to act overtly PC
David Jones (1 month ago)
umm why don't we have cryo Penitentiary's yet? that would be so cool freeze them and they wake up and know how to knit things and make people sissy's lol
Thomas Godwin (1 month ago)
Cocteou = Anita sarkisian
Xavier Matews (1 month ago)
This movie is soo cool, but I'm afraid that its future becomes in our present, it would be a nonsense and... *Censorship Machine:* BEEEP! ... Xavier Matews you are fined One hundred credit for a violation of the verbal morality statute. But what the hell is this machine? you fine me for that amount just for saying "nonsense" censoring me and taking away my freedom of speech and thought ... This is something very bad, people should talk freely and share disparate opinions, with this in mind we would achieve a healthier society, with greater diversity of thought, greater intellectual wealth and always driving the search for the self-improvement of individuals and of all human civilization. *Censorship Machine:* BEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Xavier Mathews you are fined One thousand credit and will go to prison for be a evil fascist and for a violation of the SJW Totalitarian Law.
JLOFlix (1 month ago)
Excellent job! This should be required viewing for Universities everywhere as a cautionary tale against Political Correctness!!
Simply the Best (1 month ago)
When a B movie becomes a scary reflection of what current politics want to achieve. O_o
Revmon Bobbin (1 month ago)
We need a blond haired black man in bluegean overalls to kick us back into shape
Jerrystolk (1 month ago)
''In today's society''............A sentence uttered during all ages, by everyone all the time. Political correctness is just a newer fancier word for doing and saying what you are told. Which has been a concept that has been cheered and enforced throughout history for millennia. Only difference is that most people are literate now and the internet removed the power of documentation away from just a select few elite.
Dooley Knoted (1 month ago)
I still want to know what to do with the three seashells?!?!?!?!?
Monroe Corp (1 month ago)
murder death kill! murder death kill! murder death kill!
baron hyatt (1 month ago)
Hold on you're wrong on this one already in the beginning first off people that Simon Phoenix had as hostages were already dead he had already killed them all before the police pull up get your fucking facts straight
John Diaz (1 month ago)
Another great movie because of the inception of truth in it. Without the knowledge of wit. Somehow truth imitates art. If that makes sense well its because we're living it now. Anyways it's about the story. Like Orwell Animal Farm. People don't read it because they don't understand it.
Nate Jennings (1 month ago)
In 1994 I watched Demolition Man on VHS and enjoyed its cheesiness. Today I appreciate Demolition Man for being an allegory for political correctness run amok.
StinkFingerr (1 month ago)
In-N-Out Burger should have won the franchise wars.
rationalmuscle (1 month ago)
"Alone"? Dude. Sandra was fucking HOT in this film. She's worth the torture alone.
Scott Wheeler (1 month ago)
In 1993 when I was 13 it was all laughs with my uncle and cousin thinking the future would never get this weak, but now......this vision of the future is not so funny anymore thanks to the Patriot Act, surveillance state, etc. I'm really afraid of Minority Report becoming reality because then if you could be charged with "pre-crime" then freedom as we know it not just freedom of speech or beliefs would be in serious jeopardy.
CanadaWaxSolvent (1 month ago)
Odd that it would be based on Brave New World. In Huxley's "Brave New World" the people were pacified by a world of distraction and pleasure. But, really, the whole point of Demolition Man was to amplify the 80's movie trope of the action hero cop just trying to get his job done while the stupid chief sides with the bean counters and pearl clutchers. 1993 was also a time when the main beefs with political correctness were mostly about animals rights, smoking, and people you get upset when you make a joke that actually offended them.
Roberto DeJuan (1 month ago)
Sandra Bullick's character's name, Huxley, was of course from the author of Brave New World Aldous Huxley. I believe it was even Lenina Huxley, and one of the characters in Brave New World was named Lenina.
Scott Free (1 month ago)
Loved this movie, holy shit makes me realize a lot!
How can you only see this once?
Andrew Elie (1 month ago)
Political correctness taken to its extreme? I'd say that this is taking political correctness TO ITS LOGICAL CONCLUSION.
Ryan Brennan (2 months ago)
I forgot how much I love Dennis Leary and Friendly.
peabody66 (2 months ago)
1993's "Demolition Man" accurately predicted the over-sensitive, hyper-political correctness we see now in 2018 which started since 2016.
lightweightbench (2 months ago)
One of my favorite movies.
Constant Colours (2 months ago)
Demolition Man is silly, cheesy and the best movie from Sly.
Game on (2 months ago)
It’s like living in yh uk
Crylec (3 months ago)
ChocoD (3 months ago)
God I loved this movie seen it at least 10 times but I would rather die in the most horrific way possible than to never be allowed to SMASH again. FUCK THAT.
Paul Steven (3 months ago)
Yes, yes, yes, I do see that there is a real dilemma here. In that, while it has been government policy to regard policy as a responsibility of Ministers and administration as a responsibility of Officials, the questions of administrative policy can cause confusion between the policy of administration and the administration of policy, especially when responsibility for the administration of the policy of administration conflicts, or overlaps with, responsibility for the policy of the administration of policy.
TheWyrdSmythe (3 months ago)
For such a silly, but totally goofy fun, movie it had surprising depth, texture, and imagination. And, like the film Idiocrcy, was way on point about society! But that’s kinda the _point_ of the best SF...
Game on (3 months ago)
Demo man world is the uk
Game on (3 months ago)
And the working class are the underclass in said film
M J Grasscutter (3 months ago)
Really? Cuck- toe?
Jordan TRusso (4 months ago)
And we still don't know how the damn 3 sea shells work.
canadian monarchist (4 months ago)
you forgot to talk about how taco bell is the only restaurant
GiantYankeeMan (4 months ago)
You talk just like Christoph Waltz in Django Unchained 😂
Edward Alexander (4 months ago)
A whole future society filled with beta soy boys. "Be well!"
WelloBello (4 months ago)
We need to find a balance BETWEEN idiocracy where society relies on corporate conditioning and mob rule, and demolition man where society relies on big government and happy thoughts, not one or the other.
Stephen Lane (4 months ago)
What I demand to know is; Demolition man came out in 1993 - that is 25 years ago !!!! Where the hell has the time gone!!!
Joshua Owens (5 months ago)
How do you use the three shells?
brrrayday (5 months ago)
At 6:30 is that Nathan Fillion to the right of Leary?
sightinsight (5 months ago)
in reality salt is what human actually needs (probably most living beings in some quantities)
arte0021 (5 months ago)
did political correctness exist 20 years ago? i thought it was no more than 10 years old.
Thetreetroll (5 months ago)
Everything is Taco Bell
Thetreetroll (5 months ago)
I love this back when movies were good
Shayne Gadsden (5 months ago)
most of the sentiments I agree with except smoking in none smoking area mainly because everyone should be able to do as they wish as long as it doesn't cause harm to someone else including bad words what happened to people bitching about what someone said and then getting told about the sticks and stones
WickedDealer (5 months ago)
Demolition Man is what will happen if the 3rd Wave Feminists and SJW's get full control and why we must tell those cocksuckers to fuck off on a daily basis.
RUSSIAN BOT (5 months ago)
Cucktoe the god of the left.
Bad Request (5 months ago)
weak and over sensitive people? wait i thought this was a sci fi movie!
Cuman of Cumania (5 months ago)
I find it entertaining to think that, as a concept for the movie, every other day you can't drink coffee, then a new scientific paper comes out and you can drink it one or two days afterwards, meanwhile the scientists are just swigging tons of the stuff under the guise of studying it when in reality they love coffee and they haven't been able to get nearly as much done as they use to. I feel like that would fit in with the movie with just the general absurdity.
Muhammad Obamastein (5 months ago)
SPOILERS! Holy shit man, at least a little warning in advance. Also the movie gets a bonus star for Sandra Bullock's ass in those tights.
Kevin Batts (6 months ago)
Forgot how awesome this movie was.
P (6 months ago)
It's so nice to see a "future" which isn't completely dominated by society's fixation on cellphones.
Kc Cain (6 months ago)
"We live in a time where some people in our society today consider words to be a form of violence." Too true.
Maske002 (6 months ago)
The best monologue in the worst movie
Ricardo Guanipa (6 months ago)
But how do you use the 3 seashells
Dante Herrera (6 months ago)
How do those three sea shells work?
Doug Bleach (6 months ago)
I've seen this movie before but your description of it prompted me to remember the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. God said "don't eat the fruit of knowledge of good and evil or you will surly die." So what did the humans do? Of course they ate the fruit. I am not a Christian but I know the creation story in the Bible and I'd imagine that the film makers did too. I don't believe it is human nature to rebel necessarily, but I think that it is human nature to explore possibilities and expand our horizons. Also, you cannot learn without making mistakes and so in order to grow we must first fail. If this were not the case then Adam and Eve would've never ate the fruit and lived perfectly unaware and unambitious forever maybe but that sort of plateaued stagnation does not appeal to me at all. "Destruction breeds creation." ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Charles Dog (6 months ago)
I forgot the guy who comes up with the idea that everyone has to act like a cuck is actually named Cuc(k)teau.
Zara Thustra (6 months ago)
Late to the party I know. But I just wanted to say that this is an inaccurate depiction of the future because a society resembling this would be conquered by neighbouring Islam. "Please violence is against the law" "Allah wills it infidel" *Sharia for all*
Jeremiah Alexander (6 months ago)
“You can’t take away people’s rights to be assholes!” -Simon Phoenix
L0reweaver (6 months ago)
literally just watched the movie, beeing a kid of the 90s I have to say it was a bit cheesy but kinda fit the time I guess? I enjoyed the hell out of it especially all the Huxley references, having read Brave New World just a couple of months ago :D also good series man, really relevant now, I saw 'equilibrium' mentioned further down, that one's a must for topics like this. I'll try and think of more, take care!
El Guiñolo (6 months ago)
Hey, what about the three sea shells ?
The Dougherty (6 months ago)
Thesavagesouls (6 months ago)
Fuck I love this movie. It got everything a good 80' action movie should have.
sean maga (6 months ago)
damn it i thought this was going to tell me how to use the 3 sea shells...
Judson Joist (6 months ago)
0:35 False. We find out later from Phoenix that they were already dead. 1:02 Cuck-tow is more like it. 2:47 HK G11 prototype. In the movie, it's a stand-in for some sort of energy weapon. 3:29 28mm double-barrel flare gun.
Dwayne Bertrand (6 months ago)
salt is essential for life
DareToBeDeviant (6 months ago)
I love this movie, filled with so many one-liners and it's fun to see the police get their asses kicked by Simon. That electronic swear jar. Pfft. Spartan: "Thanks a lot you shit-brained, fuck-faced, ball breaking, duck fucking pain in the ass." Machine: John Spartan, you are fined five credits for repeated violations of the verbal morality statute. Spartan: (grabs stack of tickets) "So much for the seashells. See you in a few minutes."
keggerous (6 months ago)
this movie is SUPER relevant now.
Gameskool (6 months ago)
"What!?Fuck you!"
If there were only one reason to like this film it would be Bullock saying, "You really licked his ass!" That quote still brings out the 12 year old in me! Edgar Friendly reminds me of the protagonist in Ayn Rand's "Anthem" named "Equality 7-2521" but called himself "Prometheus." There is a point where he wonders why humanity would sacrifice their freedom! I personally wonder that every day.
Mi Les (6 months ago)
I love this movie!
Janet Smith (6 months ago)
When Arnold Schwarzenegger became Gov of California I had a fleeting though he might actually become President. This is one of my favorite movies.
Justme Here (6 months ago)
Don't forget Sandra Bullock was H-O-T in this film
SnazzBot (6 months ago)
Dave Cullen in a nut shell :This film is bad because socialism.
Alexandre Martins (6 months ago)
All the premises of this stupid movie would be OK if they were 300 years, not 30 in the future. As it stands, it's completely idotic. I know it's a sort of parody, but the time frame is so stupid that it completely destroys the illusion for me.
Ameha K (6 months ago)
Love this movie

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