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Gun Expert Demonstrates Difference Between Bump Stock Semi-Auto, Full Automatic Weapons

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ATF confirmed Las Vegas gunman had 12 weapons modified with bump stocks.
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Travos Ymir (9 days ago)
Why did the false flag room have bump stock when he had full autos and chain fed machine gun when he could have 1000 round chain? What about the multiple broken Vegas windows. Repeal of the Smith-Mundt now allows American government to present propaganda programming on all media and schools and to NATO allies as fact even though they made it up.
Dragoon Crimson (23 days ago)
That third rifle aint no ar15, that is a LVOA-C.
Katsura Amatsuka (29 days ago)
This report was dishonest, the full auto rifle wasn't an AR-15, it may be apart of the same family, but it is not one. Its like reporters love telling half truths to get a reaction from the people.
SkrtManBabbels (1 month ago)
Bumpstock are better than full auto because you save more ammo and it sounds nicer
Mike R (1 month ago)
People kill, people not the gun. Its just a weapon
Jakub Piatkowski (1 month ago)
Maybe just stop selling semiautomatic rifles with high-capacity magazines?
TwoScoops (1 month ago)
If the gunman involved in the LV murders were using his belt loop, I think it's safe to say that property damage would have been the biggest concern. Don't play stupid.
Sebastian Love (1 month ago)
Stop trying to take our guns you propagandist mainstream media. Our guns and bump stocks are to defend ourselves from our corrupt government, that once tortured and abducted it's own citizens for mind control research called MkUltra
The Real Carl XII (2 months ago)
"It takes him 6 seconds to discharge 30 rounds, that´s a firing rate of about 5 rounds per second" - WOW, you don´t say...
Mack Shelton (2 months ago)
Justin Jackson (2 months ago)
Vince McMahan a news reporter now?
MrJem444 (3 months ago)
Ahhh, the media, where apparently "fully semi-automatic weapon" is a term.
TADionysus (3 months ago)
from the sound of the Ar 15 and then hearing the sound of the shooting in vegas that is not an Ar 15 firing those bullets sounds like a BAR rifle firing some big ammo cause an ar 15 firing from that distance with a bumbstock he would be lucky to hit the road before hitting people it is not accurate with the bumpstock
SuperMilkfloat (3 months ago)
As a brit i find it mind boggling that the public can own these things legally, although i can totally see why youd be pissed right off if you were suddenly told you couldnt have them any more. I think people have just got to except the fact these shootings are the norm for a young country that has evolved with firearms interweaved within the fabric of society, guns are in Americas dna.
NECC dude (3 months ago)
From one video I watched, it seems that the LV shooter could have done just as much "damage" with an un-modified semi-auto.
NECC dude (3 months ago)
Interesting that they haven't determined what the shooter actually used. And yet the ATF has hastily put out a notice of proposed regulation change that'll change the definition of machine gun so that the bump stock falls under that definition. It'll probably be banned. As another poster pointed out, one doesn't need a bump stock to bump fire a semi-auto. So, the ATF's re-definition of machine gun is just more "feel-good" or "do-something" legislation. Oh wait, it's not being banned through a legislative process....
phizzelout (3 months ago)
these reporters are
Kalashnikov Mania (3 months ago)
I plan on registering my finger and belt loop.
Mr. Trump (3 months ago)
Steve Hammond (4 months ago)
You can do bump fire using nothing more than a belt loop. Time to outlaw belts and belt loops because they are obviously too dangerous for civilians to own.
zero chan (4 months ago)
and finally, the automatic ar-15
RuskiBeaner (4 months ago)
hey, at least they weren't cnn who made up shit like "full semi automatic"... i mean... idk... i think this wasn't that bad of a report
Kutulue (4 months ago)
Umm bad comparison. You can fire a semi auto at more than 10 rounds per second if you are fast. This guy was only firing at mid speed. A semi auto will fire as fast as you pull the trigger.
Toxic Hershey (4 months ago)
an ar-15 is semi auto not full auto, what he was shooting at the end to my knowledge would be a m16
TheHumanRace (4 months ago)
2:19 “ the automatic ar15?” Lol do these people know anything about guns? You mean a m4? The only people that use m4s are people in the military. Just a simple example of their propaganda.
masivatak (4 months ago)
Javiie Something (4 months ago)
Gotta get me one of these bump stocks
Erik I (4 months ago)
What on earth is a full auto AR-15?
Talking Head (4 months ago)
I disagree that 47 firearms constitutes a "massive" stockpile. I prefer a "nice collection"
wormraper (2 months ago)
here in the southwest we call that a "nice start"
Elijah Robinson (4 months ago)
One thing that really bothers me is that we kept hearing that one/many were modified, but not that they were actually used...except by the media and certain government officials. The sound of the shooter’s rounds sound much more like full auto than a bump stock..including the breaks in firing when aim was shifted. I suspect that most weapons used were fully auto, and that this shooter may not have been alone. Given how the US government has sued false flag ops in the past...let’s just say I’m skeptical as to the official report. Do bump stocks raise the rate of fire? Yes. Are they as reliable and accurate as a full auto? Nope. Can a shooter maintain a high rate and degree of accuracy for so long using a bump stock rifle? Not even close...and especially not from an elevated perch at such range. The entire official position seems more than a little suspect.
Joe Rotolo (4 months ago)
Can somebody please do an experiment to see how distance affects the sound of a weapons rate of fire? I like where the theorists are going that it sounds like a belt-fed machine gun instead of an AR but I don't think they're taking sound and distance into consideration.
brandon sylve (4 months ago)
Um those are modified cuz there is no way he pulled his finger that fast cuz ar-15 a round is discharged when u pull the trigger either his finger is really fast which is rare or he modified that weapon
Giveme TheDaily (4 months ago)
How were his groupings? Try a rubber band, works better than bump stock (so I have heard, I have not tried it ATF).
So you can pretty much do the same without a bump stock if you've got COD fingers, what's the point of banning it?
Guck Foogle (4 months ago)
And remember kids, video games cause mass shootings.
stoneyyay (4 months ago)
Heres a comparison between bump stock/slidefire that WASNT jerry-rigged to make it look more tame. Same "finely tuned upper for full auto" with a auto lower and semi with slidefire. YES full auto is faster... by about 50 rounds per minute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV2u_rdYBkE
Callum Bush (4 months ago)
There's no way that a semi automatic rifle fitted with a bump stock can fire anywhere near the rate of fire as a fully automatic rifle!
Calvin Delaronde (4 months ago)
Why didn't the news make the time count consistent? No pause with the 1st test or the 3rd test. The 2nd test was more like 3 seconds, not 4 seconds when you remove the 2 hesitations, which makes it even closer to the fully automatic weapon.
Geo T (4 months ago)
The general American obsession with guns as an ego crutch is still the main problem. These enthusiastic experts are just "feeding it rounds," so to speak. They are like robots. People need to get morals and egos that aren't attached to machines like guns, cars and motorcycles. I see gun nuttery as a symptom of general shallowness, often favored by less intelligent people who need to make noise and chaos to be a "somebody." If that offended anyone, it was meant to. P.S. That anchor looks like Dan Rather, rebooted.
Desy MC (4 months ago)
why do u need to fire like this? please explain!People from other countries think Americas are going insane.KILLING YOUR OWN KIDS COME ON WISE UP!
Doug Cruz (4 months ago)
Very well done exposes. Shows the difference between the three categories.
Arthur Smith (4 months ago)
I wasn't afraid of the gun before because it was only half as fast. Just kidding HA
absentspace (4 months ago)
Gun expert? More like donut expert.
Roman Manetta (4 months ago)
“Full auto AR15”
D T (4 months ago)
listen to the weapons experts. The weapons used in the Las Vegas shooting was NOT and AR (doesn't stand for 'assault rifle' for the uneducated) and were a larger caliber weapon that couldn't use a bump stock if you glued it on the back.
Arthur Red (4 months ago)
what m4 fires only 5rps???
Solomon Moore (4 months ago)
This is what many call "Fake News", the magazine was only 20 rounds, I counted
J D (4 months ago)
This guy had the money and a clean record. He could have legally bought belt-fed machineguns. Glad he didn't.
No Akomplice (4 months ago)
Not an Automatic AR15. That's an M16.
Robert Meyers (4 months ago)
The expert in this demo was dogging it when he shot the semi-auto. His time using the semi was longer than most people could have done it. Jerry Miculek can shoot a semi almost as fast as a bump stock. It's the person not the tool. The speed a semi shoots is only determined by the shooter and the mechanics of the firearm. All a bump stock does is make a firearm shoot as fast as the mechanics of firearm.
Darryl Dickens (4 months ago)
OK so even without the bump stocks who's out running 30 rds in 4 sec @ 7.5 rds a sec
Gary Steinbeck (5 months ago)
Teydom Bomb (5 months ago)
Props to the news anchor for not calling an AR-15 an "assault rifle", and using the correct term for the rifles shown. Also props for him identifying the accuracy differences.
MunaBaby21 Hoorah (5 months ago)
😂😂😂He said 15 rounds per second😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chevy sucks (5 months ago)
Dude was sand bagging the dump stock but I get why he did
Selfdefender (5 months ago)
All the gun controllers achieve is stimulating more and more ways of bypassing their stupid laws and making such ways easier for any mentally ill bastards!
Git R Done Deer (5 months ago)
Massive stock of 43 weapons over 20 years that's nothing
filoIII (5 months ago)
If you believe the official story regarding the LV shooting, I have some oceanfront property due south of LV I'll sell ya.
Benji The Lego Man (5 months ago)
1:39-2:01 is actual shooting
594bolt (5 months ago)
I want a full-auto Daisy Red Ryder.
Kevin Angles (5 months ago)
Full Automatic weapons should be legal.
BAC (5 months ago)
What about the the “Full Auto Semi Automatic” mode? (CNN)
rennaissancebiker (5 months ago)
that comment from that news caster is just stupid. full auto is easy to see when you see the weapon.
Mitchell Rist (5 months ago)
Is this a news report that is actually honest?
Matthew k (5 months ago)
You know you can bump fire with out a stock
daryl Daza (5 months ago)
Did he just say ar15 is auto
Ron Fili (5 months ago)
If you’re in law enforcement, and you don’t know the diff between full auto or semi rifle..... just quit and go home! 😐
MIKE MIKE (5 months ago)
Someone can BUMPFIRE with just a finger... no need for a bumpstock...
Steven Miller (5 months ago)
Automatic AR-15 or an M16 ?
Jg3000 (5 months ago)
It sounded like full auto to me.
William Mitchell (5 months ago)
Good job on being unbiased. Rare with media today.
P Pipe (5 months ago)
This is a toy. I don't any serious gunny would engage in combat with this device installed. It is a liability.
M GE (5 months ago)
I see the concern there. However, the firing rate of Rifle A, B, and C does not have real impact when you are shooting unarmed helpless people. Dig up the 150 million unarmed dead people killed by their gov't in the last 100 years and ask them. The auto feature was removed from the A2 in my time replaced with the 3 round burst so Marines would not waste rounds in the field shooting at nothin. Well aimed rounds and level head was always the best method taught so it doesn't matter when you got sittin unarmed ducks just jumpin around and looking at you. The answer is lock up the schools when it starts, arm willing trained teachers, and introduce armed roving guard teams with rifles.
JIMJAMSC (5 months ago)
When the untrained shooter and his bump stock starts spraying in your direction take cover. When he is done catch him during his slow reload or when his weapon malfunctions. Accuracy + strategy over fast and inaccurate any day. Chump stocks.
JDS12451 (5 months ago)
Get rid of alll guns and problem solved
Rhonda Perry (5 months ago)
There has got to be a better way to protect our school kids than current practices. I have no idea even where to start, with one definite exception, that is to have competent, law officers, who without hesitation for their own safety, enter a situation like this last Florida school shooting. Hiding yourself while gunfire can be heard, knowing full well innocent lives are in danger, not to mention young school kids is just so wrong I really can't come up with the words. This so called Law Officer needs to be immediately fired, pension gone, and in some way be held responsible for these 17 lives lost. How can he look in the mirror. He has no right to hold the position he has and by God, take the badge away. I don't know how we can stop all this violence we have in our schools but damn, we need to do something NOW. Where do we start?
Glendy Thornton (5 months ago)
ReDSoloCup Gaming (5 months ago)
" Finally the automatic ( AR-15 ) ... " Is the news that retarded? .... and AR-15 can't BE FULLY AUTO
James Denike (5 months ago)
We want to make these bump stocks illegal but is that not counter productive? It makes the weapon less accurate. Everyone seen on paper (non moving target) on how well it was consistent. I lean toward more conservative. However I believe we need a tighter system and I believe people should pass training and a mental health check before obtaining weapons. I’m also the same person that believes full auto should be legal also. I’m also pro police and I’m not into conspiracy theories. After all these years though, the Las Vegas shooting had a lot going on that made no since. This guy was not alone and he was not the only one shooting. The pictures, the story and the law enforcement timeline did not add up. For one thing why did he need all those guns? All he needed was a semi auto Ar15 or AR10 to do even more damage and be more accurate to bring more death. Why was he wearing gloves? Why was he shot at a odd angle? NONE of it makes any since.
simonsteamyhead (5 months ago)
Gotta love Americans killing each other.
feralbear3615 (5 months ago)
gun nuts are so funny! Guns are the only thing they care in this world, how sad.
54321Truth (5 months ago)
Paddock died the next day at noon, according to official autopsy. People in the USA are cowards and the Jew Mass Media lies 100%.
HELLFIREMAGE (5 months ago)
uh uh but um someone told me banning bump stocks was just um stupid cause you can buy um lots of uh um weapons with firing rates higher than the recorded fire rate of that um last vegas massasscre but um your camera is pointed on someone that says um too much maybe yuou should um nab your own professional :^)
Paulie Walnuts (5 months ago)
He was always gunna do it no matter the fire rate
William Price (5 months ago)
Now President Trump is falling in line with these one world government fascists and banning what ANY criminal can print on their 3D printer at home! It doesn’t increase rate of Fire in any appreciable way and actually DEGRADES the accuracy!! It’s a SHAM! ! A RUSE!! Las Vegas was a Government inside job! The criminal FBI is obscuring the facts for that Democrat Commie that killed those people! The entire FBI leadership were DEMS!! President Trump, you had better realize that you cannot take the side of these Commies against our Second Amendment Rights! Criminals DONT RESPECT LAWS AMD REGULATIONS AMD CERTAINLY NOT, EXECUTIVE ORDERS!! You are doing NOTHING to prevent the next massacre! The next mass murderer already has his weapons! Executive Order, Armed Guards into our schools NOW!!
Rob Laydawood (5 months ago)
Media has their own agenda and they're straight clowns!
TheMustangStampede (5 months ago)
So was the sear pin modified? Sounds like he thinks paddock modified his gun to full auto or got his hands on some full auto sear pins
TheMustangStampede (5 months ago)
It does not increase the firing rate!!!! It increases the speed of which the trigger is pulled for each bullet to be fired.
Jimmy A (5 months ago)
Notice how he says, "Finally, the automatic AR-15? That means it was already a fully auto military grade weapon. No bump stock on it.
Jimmy A (5 months ago)
This guy is an "expert" and he still had a lapse in rate of fire with a bump. There is no way a guy [Paddock] with no weapon experience would be able to sustain that rate of fire. I don't believe he was the shooter for 1 second.
J Graves (5 months ago)
3D printer? ......
Brian T Parent (5 months ago)
That doesn't mean that The Sandy Hook School Shooting wasn't a hoax.
RyanMiller3039 (6 months ago)
Give an inch, they take a mile.
Cory C (5 months ago)
Give them an inch, you make them a ruler. ;-)
legal canada (6 months ago)
you can easily bumpfire without a bump stock... what are they going to do next? mandate a 3 second delay between trigger pulls or something?
nicolas7183 (6 months ago)
Wow the news are actually saying it might have been a fully automatic rifle. They are probably going to get fired for telling the truth
Chance Carney (7 months ago)
the shooter used a belt fed machine gun. it sounds just like one
Resplendence (7 months ago)
Like some commenter said, the problem is crazy people. That and, enough anger can make someone shoot someone, even a normal person can reach those levels of anger. They should not give guns to people who are easily angered, though I don't know how effective a test would be...
Kevin House (8 months ago)
First he said 12 guns had devices but then they said later that only 1 was modified. Fake news.
Dennis Wildman (8 months ago)
Vegas was belt fed
E. P (8 months ago)
What would banning bump stocks do?

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