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Mexico Nogales Sonora, USA Arizona Border Crossing

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Nogales, Sonora Mexico Arizona, United States of America International Border Crossing Mexico Nogales, Sonora / USA Arizona International Border Crossing Nogales, Sonora, Mexico Information Center 1 Pesqueira Street Plaza Nogales, Son, MX Nogales, Sonora, Mexico English website www.nogalesmx.com Nogales, Sonora, Mexico Spanish website www.nogales.sonora.gob.mx/swb/ NogalesInfo@NogalesMX.com 011 52 (000) 000-0000 Nogales Santa Cruz Arizona USA County Chamber of Commerce 123 W. Kino Park Way Nogales, AZ 85621 www.thenogaleschamber.com info@thenogaleschamber.com (520) 287-3685 Video Nogales, Sonora, Mexico Nogales, Arizona USA 02-07-2010 by Ryan Janek Wolowski
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Text Comments (123)
Arti Raj (19 days ago)
Do you have a video of walking back from Mexico to USA ?
Slimeboy 97 (1 month ago)
I live in mexico
Carlos Villegas (1 month ago)
music people everywhere, they must be poor but there's life camaderity, they dont have but they don't need much, just enjoying the day.
Loddy Dotty (1 month ago)
Thank you. I enjoyed your video.
chris60810 (2 months ago)
WHAT does it look like now with trump in the house
Roger Borroel (3 months ago)
America, so far from God, so close to MEXICO!
Chayane González (4 months ago)
Puro cabron maleante se mira ahí en nogales al salir
Kahlil Sykies (4 months ago)
Is it still safe to go there? Several years back, they were advising Americans not to go there anymore, because of violence. What is it like now? Nice video by the way.
mridusmita roy (5 months ago)
It's my dream to someday visit Mexico😍😍Thanks for the amazing video
Skyerzen (1 month ago)
I highly recommend Tijuana, Ensenada if you are driving. Tijuana is a mix of big modern city and out of control urban sprawl. Ensenada is a semi touristy, fishing town with a huge number of students because of the university there. If you are flying, I HIGHLY recommend Mexico City. Lot's of museums, amazing night life, art, history, etc. If you want to visit a really cool place almost no one else visits, I recommend Guanajuato.
John John (5 months ago)
I feel like i'm getting diarrhea ..
Skyerzen (1 month ago)
you only get diarrhea in some places of Mexico city you ignorant fool. The water in Sonora is safe.
Mikaila Harmon (5 months ago)
You said Nogales wrong...
Aybek kulmatov (8 months ago)
Одним словом не неплохой существование!
Jennifer Sunshine (9 months ago)
I crossed over there in 2001 it was interesting
JP Van Derdys (10 months ago)
I went las weekend, and was great!! Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGEapzjzQgk
Angel ramirez ortega (1 year ago)
México es bonito donde te pares!
Son~Rize (1 year ago)
Ask, where the cocain at?. ooh ooh pretty young Mexican chick @2:21
raul salazar (1 year ago)
Heroica Nogales (1 year ago)
Visita http://www.heroicanogales.com y http://www.directoriodenogales.com/
pro zone (1 year ago)
funny! the conductor is supposed to be directing the band, and the band is not even looking at the conductor.
harold garcez (1 year ago)
why do you whities show this shit?
PhaseSkater (4 months ago)
harold garcez what does that even mean?
Mehemmed Elilu (1 year ago)
Fuck mexico
Hank Roedell (1 year ago)
Mehemmed. . . can't you say it nicer than that??
arturo flores (1 year ago)
Mehemmed Elilu is it because your dad is Mexican and left you behind for being ugly?
Slaves2KingsTV (1 year ago)
This jawn is dope! If you have time can you listen to my song it's called "Black America" it has a similiar feel to it. You'll rock wit it trust me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKMeY2JBnjg
John Preciado (1 year ago)
dump that fat pig of a woman .go to cancel street and get yourself a nice whore.
The way he said Nogales! So white! Haha
Hank Roedell (1 year ago)
So what is there to see here? A bunch of cheap merchants at the border?
Skyerzen (1 month ago)
yeah, nogales is nothing but a glorified truck stop. There are other better bordercross towns. But the actual cities inland, are different. Usually more modern
arturo flores (1 year ago)
I'm sorry, now I feel like an idiot!
Hank Roedell (1 year ago)
Sorry Arturo. . . mom went to heaven years ago.
arturo flores (1 year ago)
Hank Roedell now if your mom would quit working it would make it classy
Santiago Villa (1 year ago)
I say the same about the shitty South in the United States
Encantado con sus videos Turistas viajeros Nogales y Tijuana:-)
joe moreno (1 year ago)
a lot of people go there to get dental implants,the cost is less than half,you may pay more than twelve thousand in the USA,but in nogales it will cost you about six thousand dollars.
Son~Rize (1 year ago)
joe moreno cheapskate
cervantes cervantes (1 year ago)
thenKs guy--x newS#!!..
Xaviar Cordova (1 year ago)
yea if your walking there
Mike Wayne (1 year ago)
Gee I wonder why half the first shops you see are pharmacies...
Skyerzen (1 month ago)
There's a Michoacana right in front too...
bitterboi31 (1 year ago)
It is where all the old-white men buy their Viagra.
Nogalitos TV (1 year ago)
bcuz droug addicts from arizona come for sheaper prices
Larry Trimble (2 years ago)
titoes5 (2 years ago)
Abril Barraza (2 years ago)
el senor k esta enfrente de la farmacia de sueter gris de cuadros es mi tio fernando... !!!
Ene Macias (1 year ago)
Abril Barraza Hola California tambn soy
+Abril Barraza que tal esta bonito California
Abril Barraza (2 years ago)
me crie en nogales pero vivo en California
+Abril Barraza ytu eres de sonora
Abril Barraza (2 years ago)
naah yo estoy en san diego hombree!!!
el profugo de Tijuana (2 years ago)
realy great video thanks for sharing.Tijuana looks more active then nogales
A N (2 years ago)
I cried when I went here because it really freaked me out for some reason.
Skyerzen (1 month ago)
Nogales freaked you out? what a wimp...
abysswalker (2 years ago)
Horrible, I live in Nogales.
abysswalker (2 years ago)
+Mihály Rusz Nunca me ha pasado nada, pero tampoco diria que es un lugar seguro.
abysswalker (2 years ago)
Nogales, Mexico.
Nick Vargas (2 years ago)
Pinche jodido!!
Kai (3 years ago)
Fuck you white
Mike Wayne (1 year ago)
Come mierda mayate.
Alicia DeHouston (3 years ago)
Nunca he cruzado Nogales para ir a Sonora, pero creo que ya casi
MUTHAPHUKAAH09 (3 years ago)
holy shit its my grandma
Robo (2 years ago)
+MUTHAPHUKAAH09 no it isnt.
Zaire valencia (3 years ago)
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ernesto lopez (3 years ago)
los q estan parados
ernesto lopez (3 years ago)
esos guelles que asiendo
drugstoremua (3 years ago)
My grandma and her sister are in this video💕
nokygomy (2 years ago)
+Cristina Chavez JAJAJAJAJAJA
DarkMaster YT (3 years ago)
i cross the line every day to assist the school since 5 years old now i am 12 and keep doing the same thing.
xXsnowconeXx (3 years ago)
Aaaaahhhhhh I see my name
validquestions (3 years ago)
Thomas Kipley DuGan (4 years ago)
Hello. want to see; read about Nogales, Mexico? Learn first hand about the people; the so-called vampires, ladies of the night, life itself. Read my book -just out. Go to facebook type Through The Eyes  An Adventure in Nogales  click on the "Through the Eyes: An Adventure in Nogales" by Thomas Kipley DuGan -book video trailer 1:26 time. The book is available in hard back, though it will be available in March of 2014 in trade paper back for those that can afford a less price. Thanx for going to facebook  -and remember, wherever you go; there you are.
Nogalitos TV (1 year ago)
dude i bet you missed some.things in your book you need almost 20 years of living to know wtf is going on here
PizzaPocketNint (4 years ago)
@Urkraine2011 Look at the date of the actual video. That's why. It's not always summer in Mexico, thanks for being so stereotypical
Aminals (4 years ago)
That was also around the time of the mega freeze in early February of that year!
J Gregory Richardson (4 years ago)
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Faustino Antonio (4 years ago)
Que triste
Diana Bernal (4 years ago)
thanks 4 the video!! =)
flueshdok 98 (2 months ago)
Diana Bernal hablas español mi amiga
Suryaa Ragamm (4 years ago)
Fucked up!!
Skyerzen (1 month ago)
what is? your face? then you are right...
aperson22 (4 years ago)
how sad about 8 years ago nogales mexico had a lot of tourists but now the stupid cartels ruined it... :\
jason davila (4 years ago)
yeah all those 22 million tourist mexico gets a year sure seem depressed down in mexico along with all the spring breakers haha come on man are you serious? i could not think of a more depressing country than the u.s i would know i was born there then i moved to mexico and the difference is freedom and a truly beautiful country just because there is crime to the north does not mean all of mexico is like that mexico and depressing does not belong in the same sentence.
Skyerzen (1 month ago)
PhaseSkater if that's the only fucking example you have for what "freedom" is, then you don't have a fucking clue what freedom truly means...
PhaseSkater (4 months ago)
jason davila there’s barely any freedom In Mexico. Heck uber is illegal in half of he places because they want taxis to remain in control.
Arun Augustine (4 years ago)
The reason why Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Mexico have the same name is that they used to be the same town. The Gadsden Purchase redrew the borders of Arizona and Mexico, splitting the town into two.
mralanv (4 years ago)
mexico is a depressing country. I feel sorry for the people who have to live in that shithole
Skyerzen (1 month ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You are one ignorant idiot...
Alejandro Fernandez (4 years ago)
Los paisas ofreciendo taxi jajaj
Aki Mero (4 years ago)
Que Nacos somos en México jajajaja....
F Ballesteros (4 years ago)
Which port of entry, Mariposa or Grand Ave?
PEPE PIPI (4 years ago)
fuck mejicanos ...gringos...niggerrrs and last chinese
PEPE PIPI (4 years ago)
mejicanos son mucho culeros
mrvikings1 (5 years ago)
Hey Ryan did you need your passport walking into Mexico? Im sure they asked coming back into the states. Thanks
roger brambila (5 years ago)
Hey you stupid fuck, I'm a nogales firefighter, you should come talk with us before you post your stupid ass shit. I would love to meet your racist ass in person.
Skyerzen (1 month ago)
a quien le hablas wey?
lolito petit (5 years ago)
stupid american stupp! FYB!!
32MrDV (5 years ago)
Andy be smarter about what you say. I'm sure you wouldn't talk like that in front of a Mexican crowd.
32MrDV (5 years ago)
Andy looks like you really hate Mexicans. Sounds like you were raped by a bunch of Mexicans. Is that what happened to you? Oh and go back to school before you express your fucked up spelling, lol.
32MrDV (5 years ago)
Mexico is beautiful.
Luciana Rodriguez (5 years ago)
ugg so ugly !
Josheyyy Espinozaa (2 months ago)
Luciana Rodriguez cállate pinche mamalona
Roger Borroel (3 months ago)
Yeah, and YOU are gonna pay for it! HA! HA! trump suckered you AGAIN!
Nuclear Waste (8 months ago)
Luciana Rodriguez not as ugly as you!
Nestor Daniel vaquera (1 year ago)
Luciana Rodriguez fucking bitch
ivan torres (5 years ago)
peligroso para el que anda en pendejadas vivi una decada en nogales y nunca tuve ningun accidente ...
Anton Seidler (5 years ago)
how safe is it to cross the border and make party in mexico, and can I cross the border with a rental car ?
Skyerzen (1 month ago)
Definitely don't go to Nogales to party. It is literary a truck stop. You can try Tijuana instead. Relatively safe. There are a LOT of Americans there on the weekends partying on calle revolucion. Rental places would like you to NOT drive their cars there, but you can. I recommend instead to grab a cab. And have GPS on while there so you can see if he's taking you the long way.
HUMBERTO MERCADO (5 years ago)
esta parte de nogales es muy peligrosa, pues no sabes de quien cuidarte si de los delincuentes comunes y corrientes, o de los delincuentes con uniforme, osea la policia, este ambiente familiar que se ve aqui, no es el de todos los dias, la venta de drogas y la trata de mujeres estan a la orden del dia. y la policia es parte de ello.
Martinx290 (2 months ago)
HUMBERTO MERCADO peligroso si andas de mafioso es de las fronteras mas seguras que hay
kenny the wolf (5 years ago)
The US is the biggest criminal country killin inocent people in iraq and other places ..
joemael eddy (5 years ago)
nogales sonora mi tierra bonita.
Fernando Rodriguez (4 months ago)
joemael e
anuangelseyes (6 years ago)
You see all those pharmacias...its whatever you want if you have the money for it-oxycontin,opana,valium,xanax,soma..whatever..so buy a few of your favorites and keep walking and turn right..thats where the strip club is..and its ALOT better than any one in the U.S...trust me..then after you've blown a load of cum and feel dizzy from all the pills-then go up further to the Frey De Marco and get the best mexican food you ever ate in your life.get a room.crash out&repeat next day..ahh Nogales!
Str8out (6 years ago)
Probably not a very good idea to video record like that Ryan. Don't you know how dangerous it is just crossing that line to the south? That precise strip of land along the border is like no man's land, so to speak.Gotta be a bit more cautious. Good vid though.
Skyerzen (1 month ago)
What are you talking about cheese stick? Nogales is chill as fuck. It's just a glorified truck stop.
UniversalOwl (6 years ago)
been there done that. lol
chacho mange (6 years ago)
I use to be walking wasted with all my friends crossing back, oh those were some amazing times!
Aminals (6 years ago)
how much in $US does it cost ya?
knicklas48 (6 years ago)
Was there just this week. The fence is significantly higher now.
jazmin marrero (6 years ago)
Gotta love Nogales Sonora !
Adrian (6 years ago)
i live in nogales az :D i always go to mexico to get a haircut
jaja me dan risa los gringos que se creen los muy muy solo por vivir en un pais de primer mundo, pero puedo asegurar a que si vivieran en uno de tercer mundo, no dirian ni la mitad de las pendejadas que dicen cuando se burlan de los mexicanos o de los paises pobres. Pero claro como viven en el "paraiso" se creen los amos del mundo
@Tryintocatchmeridin well, Mexico is third world country, what can you expect?
40garygp (6 years ago)
Mexico is whirling cesspool of crime, corruption, murder, drugs and third world people who suck the america taxpayer's teat dry.
Skyerzen (1 month ago)
said the one ignorant fool who doesn't know jack shit about anything. Go back to the hole whence you crawl out from.
Xo (6 years ago)
it looks nice
greeterman74 (7 years ago)
Stay out of Nogales.It's dangerous.Police are corrupt.
Skyerzen (1 month ago)
Nogales dangerous? WTF? the only thing dangerous in Nogales are the tacos... you can't have just one...
82911 (7 years ago)
Thank you for share.........

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