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6 Funny Skin Tricks in Minecraft!

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Here is a short video on how you can manipulate your skin to trick your friends in minecraft! :D I know most of you clever people will have seen a bunch of these before but I'm hoping there is at least ONE you haven't seen before or made you laugh ^.^ SKIN LINKS: Delivery Grian: http://imgur.com/n8Ytfuk Backwards Grian: http://imgur.com/XxpaXYb Upsidedown Grian: http://imgur.com/io4Gr9M Clothed Grian: http://imgur.com/pT89pY1 Command block command: http://pastebin.com/6sPfMZg7 Thank you to: Skin maker "Majo_Ellen" Skin help "Energyxxer" Command block help "Tantibus" Actor "dtyn8" Actor "Leon24" Actor "Broettinger" Actor "Kopperston" Follow me! - Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrianMC - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrianMC - Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/Grianmc - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grianmc/
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Text Comments (4146)
Ethan Karp (16 hours ago)
3:00 I made a bunch of skins like that on the MC Skindex of Grian and multiple people from hermitcraft
Ethan Karp (16 hours ago)
Ethan Karp (16 hours ago)
Why am I commenting on a video from 2 years ago?
Cool! Soooo... Where do I get the ... Friends?
Ömür Ayaz Çivril (1 day ago)
what is the command the link is broken???
Hero Brian Steve (1 day ago)
Grian why don't you start a city
Thunder Insanimous (1 day ago)
DoOmSdAy PREPPers (1 day ago)
Strip down in front of “friends” 😳
Thirza (1 day ago)
Meanwhile, I'd like to know how to build the white petistals and the playercharacter showing up. :^)
Deku scrub (2 days ago)
I can build a block!
play cubit castle i already subscribe you to know if you already make a video for playing cubit castle you can play it on computer and android :D
shaira bersabe (3 days ago)
To make yourself upside down you need to name yourself dinnerbone or grumm
Aine Gallagher (3 days ago)
I can’t get a command block:(
so the second is what they used as the old derp man in a minecraft animation!
Banana Cake (3 days ago)
the last one was funny
Timmy Dapdap (4 days ago)
If you name yourself Dinnerbone You are upside down!
Pepp Boi (5 days ago)
We all know you had mumbo do those redstone trapdoors
Ak Hermitanio (5 days ago)
Comeon teach jumbo building lessons because he suckssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tenseley (6 days ago)
you can do number 5 in pocket edition. Just name yourself Dinnerbone or Grumm
Golden Freddy (6 days ago)
watch my first video on golden Freddy
I love your skin Grian, start tips bro love them
Mr. Boomguy (7 days ago)
0:37 - I could do some inapropiet stuff with this 😊
ConnorConnor (8 days ago)
3:20 *fifth
The Mystic Silverfish (8 days ago)
the delivery man would be my favorite if the arms didn’t move wierdly
CurveArtz (9 days ago)
4:27 oh so like Mark Zuckerburg?
ar8artemiy da player (9 days ago)
What if you name yourself Grumm or Dinnerbone while with upside-down skin
akrobeau (11 days ago)
Do you have friends or are they npcs
EndGaming 1675 (12 days ago)
How do u get custom heads I tried looking it up but it didn’t have useful ones
Sarah Powers (12 days ago)
the first one is the best
My cat is mad (13 days ago)
how does number six work
ConsoleGamesYT (13 days ago)
0:22 Sorry but your wrong, some of these skins can be made on pocket edition.
Frank Usher (13 days ago)
I am son angry and sad, God help me
Joanna Jachowicz (13 days ago)
you can do some of these on xbox, since thay are on certain skin paks
Crafter Redwolf (14 days ago)
Fill your hotbar, and use 1-9 to switch between 10 different heads...I used this to make my face a wheat farm...my friends just thought I was weird
Cat Gwinn (14 days ago)
*thrusting the air*
Funtime Mode (14 days ago)
You can have yourself dinner bone and you will be upside down
Ismat Ara (15 days ago)
mabye you can make a skin where the inside is peter parker and second layer is spider man suit
FooCakes (15 days ago)
bu did mumbo do that redstone
張高槐 (15 days ago)
Animation Alsatian (15 days ago)
"a lizard on the outside and human on the inside" me: so a furry in a fursuit?
kenny park (15 days ago)
how to get command block
BasherDude Noice! (15 days ago)
Who Ever Uses a Tablet Or Phone To Play Minecraft Hence Minecraft PE Can Get a App To Change Ur Skin! Because Well The Apps Are There!
Rory McPherson (15 days ago)
So... Your Body can be The OverLayer Then When You REMOVE It Your A Skeleton!
Oleh HL (15 days ago)
how to clone your skin?
LAZYHACKER69 (17 days ago)
If u on subtitles and hear the intro it says "hello my name is green" XD
Lil' Chaos gaming (17 days ago)
To be upside down call your name Dinnerbone or grumm.
Ethan Bates (18 days ago)
I love the holding the chest one
Lowe Cregard (18 days ago)
But how did you make the skin’s into entity’s?
I did the first one before I saw this video. I changed my skin, but I like the old one because it does that and looks like a vex.
How did you get the "actors"?
Platinum (19 days ago)
If u name ur self dinner bone you'll be upsidown
PineappleEpyx (19 days ago)
I feel like the first and last ones would go well together
Bernadette Villarin (19 days ago)
How do you get your own skin?
rewekttum (20 days ago)
How did you made those npcs
GamerPro132 Raps (20 days ago)
1:37 this is how they made king Ralph skin in Kingdom unknown from samgladiator
SnekyBoi (21 days ago)
4:25 lmao mark zuccerberg
SnekyBoi (21 days ago)
3:00 i used to think it was some weird chest dude that wears diturbing outfits
Rebekka Patton (21 days ago)
That was kind of creepy
Jaunii Wolf (21 days ago)
You literally put yourself on a pedestal 😂
noob pwner (22 days ago)
Did the hunchback thing.. All my friends unfriended me cuz im a freak lol
Elijah Caffrey (22 days ago)
Clothes off
Camryn Garcia (22 days ago)
Rocco Iovene (22 days ago)
For the holding chest one. Minecraft released a beach pack with the same idea.
Buttered Penny (23 days ago)
Put the face on the right side of the head and look left to make the face look forward. Then prank your friends by slowly turning your head from the left to the front and to the right. The face will spin around like you're possessed by a demon!
Shvartsmann Yaakov (24 days ago)
Make a tutorial for them
Minty1022 (26 days ago)
Captions: hello my name is green
Alex zander (27 days ago)
Don't #### the air
Pilot-House-黒 (27 days ago)
I was makin my sis a Minecraft skin and did it backwards She then goes and plays bed wars and someone asked how she was thrusting her character forward She got a suspension for ‘hacking’ It was my fault
Jamie Morris (28 days ago)
1:36 He looks like Randall from Recess
Rqbbiit (28 days ago)
I could add underwear to my rabbit...
Rqbbiit (23 days ago)
Could anyone help/make my skin like the last skin trick? I'll email you if that's fine.
Rqbbiit (23 days ago)
The websites don't work for me :C
Gabriel bonito (29 days ago)
My Brasil
Freytes29 gaming (29 days ago)
and PE(there are apps)
Ansen Tran (30 days ago)
Your good at minecraft but you can’t say inventory
Tiny Turtle Gaming (30 days ago)
4:26 or a zuckerburg on the outside, and a lizard on the inside
moirin wex (1 month ago)
So funny
Anan Zhang (1 month ago)
Pianist And Gamer (1 month ago)
No offense im only 10, but how do you say your name? Gree-an? Gran? Grine?
I am HUFFLES!!!! (1 month ago)
If you want to be upside down just name yourself Dinnerbone
DatSnakess (1 month ago)
3:26 "it looks funky because obviously the head is the head here" ... OK?
SupremeBeast2k (1 month ago)
Another way to do the blinking one (You will most likely get banned if on servers) is to get the WURST Client, turn on SkinDerp, and Make an Overlay layer that has the eyes closed.
Manó (1 month ago)
4:26 reverse Zucc tactics
pizzasteve105 (1 month ago)
i will do the 6th one and make him naked on inside XD
Tegian Toner (1 month ago)
I am super sad my stupid dog killed one of my favorite cat and it was not even a week old it did not open its eyes either
Amanda Brewer (15 days ago)
Tegian Toner, I am so sorry for your loss 😢💔😢💔
LapisWolf329 (1 month ago)
This video helped me do the Pizza-Man one. I took the colors from the chest to make a little adorable Pizza Delivery Wolf.
you could also have a huan then a lizard underneath and call it every famous person ever
Lin Khant (1 month ago)
Flash Dash Trash (1 month ago)
"Thrusting the air"
Caoimhe Walker (1 month ago)
Just set your name to Dinnerbone
Sniper Skeleton (1 month ago)
The fourth one looks like a girl to me
Barroth342 {Evox} (1 month ago)
Combine first and last... ;)
KooperSpeederYT (1 month ago)
3:20 *Fifth.
Andrew the communist (1 month ago)
4:28, you talking about Mark Zuckerberg 😏
guest 666 (1 month ago)
The last trick means: U CAN BE MARK ZUCC
carson leach (1 month ago)
KaniTheKitty (1 month ago)
If the admins see you stripping then they might ban u lol
Amilcar Cuevas (1 month ago)
You can also manipulate your skin on pocket edition
kuljit minhas (1 month ago)
You could name yourself Dinner Bone tp Make Your Skin upside down but head moves down and legs are moving but looks slilly moving
Abel Perez (1 month ago)
there's also layers,so you can remove one layer to reveal a creepy,or evil face >:)
WolfGirlWild (1 month ago)
The last one tho... XD
ThePotatoGuard MC (1 month ago)
Grian have pink underwear...
RünerTheWolf 25 (1 month ago)
How the horse did you do this!!! I'll make this for a fake Herobrine for my map.

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