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Text Comments (9639)
D&B Nation (2 months ago)
Subscribe To Our Family Channel: https://goo.gl/X8TXFy Team Damien or Team Biannca? Lets Get 50,000 Likes & I Will Prank Him Again!
Team Bianca
kenny durham (1 day ago)
Javion Johnson (8 days ago)
D&B Nation team Bianca
Adams Carlos (8 days ago)
Team Damien
Javion Johnson (11 days ago)
D&B Nation. Team B
Team biannca
Jordan Best (2 hours ago)
Team Damien
Shaniya Bobo (2 hours ago)
team biannca all day
Majanae Dawson (2 hours ago)
Team Bianca
GregiLostmykey C (4 hours ago)
Team Damien
Nolan Hawkins (5 hours ago)
Team Damien all day everyday
Heaven Davis (13 hours ago)
Team bianca
Brees Stapleton (15 hours ago)
Otherwise known as Ecstasy
YBN Triston (15 hours ago)
Team Damien
Mariah Thomas (15 hours ago)
Damien is lucky he. Can walk on water 💦 😂
Shay Roane (15 hours ago)
Team B😎😎😂😂😂
Shay Roane (15 hours ago)
Did you get a sun tan
Tanya Endisch (16 hours ago)
Team Biannca
Ducati Baldwin (16 hours ago)
team Damian
Kayden A (18 hours ago)
Heart attack in a water bottle
Cesar Negrete (19 hours ago)
Team biannca
KK gang (19 hours ago)
You should do the prank on. Bianca
j&k empire (20 hours ago)
mind-of-ant and zimir (21 hours ago)
Team biannca
Justin Hinson (1 day ago)
Tame D&B Nashon
Regina Tuck (1 day ago)
Team biannca
Regina Tuck (1 day ago)
Regina Tuck (1 day ago)
Team Bianca
Zachary Harsh (1 day ago)
Team damien
carlen turner (1 day ago)
Kieria Smith (1 day ago)
Team Bianca 4ever and always
Alondra Perez (1 day ago)
Team Bianca team Bianca team Bianca Bianca Bianca
Jamyriya Wilson (1 day ago)
d actin like a whole man child
Riley Mettler (1 day ago)
Team Damien
Jamyriya Wilson (1 day ago)
team biannca all day ery day
Ty Clemons (2 days ago)
Team B all day everyday 😎😜😜😁
Jonovyn Jones (2 days ago)
Team damien
Zymhir Bunch (2 days ago)
Team d
Ray Brewer (2 days ago)
Really Gatorade I'm sleep
Kay May (2 days ago)
Team biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannca
Jamie Hernandez (2 days ago)
He look like a 8 year old on drugslol
Theresa Starks (2 days ago)
team b
R'Reona Cevilla (2 days ago)
DAVID_IS_BOSS-360 (2 days ago)
Team damien
DANA IsHere (2 days ago)
Team biannca
bornbuild (2 days ago)
team Biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannca! all day every day
He drunk that stuff like it's a Chung jug
Isaac Reed (3 days ago)
I love you Bianka
Kid X (3 days ago)
team damien
Yofavv.niyah 890 (3 days ago)
Team Damien Idc Idc😂🤘🏽
Zier Mosley (3 days ago)
Team Bianca
arseniocraft (3 days ago)
Team b
Trea Ausbie (4 days ago)
Team damion
Reshad Parrott-Smith (4 days ago)
Team Biancca
Bryson Byrd (4 days ago)
You look like your dieing
Celeste Blanche (4 days ago)
Team biannac
Christian Blaze (4 days ago)
Team Damian all day every day
Ken Harris (4 days ago)
Team B
Jaida Lee (4 days ago)
Goin be giving each other diabetes 😂 lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Pauline Angel (4 days ago)
team biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanca
Victoria Clement (5 days ago)
Team biannca
Victoria Clement (5 days ago)
Team Brianna
Namarjay Campbell (5 days ago)
team biannca
Geo Flow (5 days ago)
Nicholas Williams (5 days ago)
Team d
Kliye Miller (6 days ago)
Nickolis Stephens (6 days ago)
Teen Damien teen DJ and Kyrie and Bianca
Sarah Nicolas (6 days ago)
Teen Damian team Damian
GAVIN ADAMS (6 days ago)
team deman
Humbly Blessed (6 days ago)
Latoya Young (7 days ago)
xXx Gamer4Day xXx (7 days ago)
Team Damien
Trenton Harris (7 days ago)
Pamela Shaw (7 days ago)
I'm team b
Faith Patterson (7 days ago)
Team Bianca
Jaba Bower (7 days ago)
what a goood palce myh dream :(
K Davis (7 days ago)
Team Bianca
Phant0m (7 days ago)
That shit can give him a heart attack
Dilese Sutton (7 days ago)
Take uf
Marlena Banuelos (7 days ago)
Team daimion
Rosalinda Toscano (7 days ago)
The water wasn’t gone team Damien
Isaiah Henderson (8 days ago)
Hi damien
Isaiah Henderson (8 days ago)
Portia Morris (8 days ago)
that was good
Shaqwanna Cole (8 days ago)
team bianca
jlobabbi220 (8 days ago)
team Bianca
JaLeN Games (8 days ago)
He did not do not one sit up in this video lol
Paris Baynes (8 days ago)
Team D
Rasool Brown (8 days ago)
Team Damien
Keeta Boyce (8 days ago)
Team beaonekea
Keeta Boyce (8 days ago)
How he ran I was weak😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😅😅😅🤣🤣😅😀😂😁😆😊😉😉😇
Javarious Branton (8 days ago)
team B
Carlos ruiz (8 days ago)
Team Biannca
Sum up tha drama (8 days ago)
That’s 50hours
Demon King (8 days ago)
Team Damien
Yanina Jenkins (9 days ago)
Team blannca
Khi Everett (9 days ago)
Team Damian
heller heavenly (9 days ago)
Team biannca
Capri Robinson (9 days ago)
Bianca did him dirty 😍🤣😅
Dmars Vloges (9 days ago)
Team d and b awesome
Keimahn Martinez (9 days ago)
Biannca i mean
Keimahn Martinez (9 days ago)
Team BIANCA!!!!😎
Tenecia Corner (9 days ago)
Team Bianca
Amanda Shady (9 days ago)
Everybody say team Damian

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