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10 Best City Building Games That Let You Simulate Real Life

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Back in 1989 the first important city building game was being released, it was named SimCity and offered the players the opportunity to continually shape and improve their towns. 27 years later we have a myriad of other games that allow us to be city managers and builders. Because we wanted to see how things evolved throughout time we made a Top 10 list of the best city construction games on the market. We included only one title per franchise, namely the one that offers the widest gameplay variety, has the best mechanics and received the best reviews from critics and players alike.
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Text Comments (532)
ABE CE (1 year ago)
This was the best Top10 video i have ever seen. - No stupid 10 minutes intro, - no loud and disturbing music, - no extreme sports moderator like shouting in the mic, - no extra 10 minutes animation for each number, - Creator of the video sounds like a symphatetic guy, not like a crazy gay kid, Thank you!
Hannah Ahmed (1 month ago)
HypeShot (1 month ago)
unicorn irl ok man up a little bit
KGB Comrade (2 months ago)
unicorn irl disgusting
Soviet UnionBall (3 months ago)
Well, he sounds like either the gameranx guy or the watchmojo guy
آدم أبش (11 months ago)
I'm stupid but, (1 day ago)
Where is the Battle realms?
Jaymee Krüger (6 days ago)
and the best in city skyline is that YOU CAN INSTALL A LOT OF FRIKING MODS :D
Tech Nerd (18 days ago)
Am I the only one who clicked here to see if city skylines was here. Better than sim city by far
L F (19 days ago)
[KGA] Anubiswaechter (26 days ago)
"Simulate Real Life"?? With these games?! Really!?
PinoyGameStore (29 days ago)
Is there a version of this with a Japanese village?
Seth Games (1 month ago)
NimbleNeh (1 month ago)
Cities Skylines doesn't deserve to be on top, it crashes most of the time, and small mods can break it, it's very bad
Maxemom 7765 (1 month ago)
I own Cities:skylines the best city building game ever
Jose Rosa Collazo (1 month ago)
U are so right, right now the best city builder is Cities Skyline. Surpassed Simcity
Hannah Ahmed (1 month ago)
Kathy C (1 month ago)
I have subscribe to your channel and i like the video,here, because you was helping me very much, I was searching for a good city simulation and here we are. Thanks a lot ♥
The Magnificent One (1 month ago)
Cities Skylines is the best City builder game ever!!!
FreedomWarrior (1 month ago)
I wonder how you presented Sim City 4 and not Sim City 3000 which is superior and imo the best SimCity ever.
DaNkniss (2 months ago)
only if simcity was fixed or even upgraded
Eetu Sunnari (2 months ago)
Man,i have cities skylines on my gaming pc.
ET Gaming (2 months ago)
I have number one!
Big Smoke (2 months ago)
The fucking city lol
Sözde Youtuber (3 months ago)
wtf whete is the cities:skylines
James (3 months ago)
What game is the footage from at 0:30 ??
Petros Katsioulis (3 months ago)
Try Factorio....
Samuel Weston (3 months ago)
I guessed cities skYlines is the number one spot
Beatrix Marco.Mateo (3 months ago)
I play Anno 2205
ZachStudios (3 months ago)
Cities skylines is the bestWith all the detailing mods nothing is impossible!
Lukasz P (3 months ago)
Zeus Master of Olympus is the best
Scientific Arnav (3 months ago)
Is there any high 1gb city building game for andriod
Dhruv Menon (4 months ago)
Cities : Skylines, the game with no soul.
Skylines squad, where ya at?
Roseirful (5 months ago)
Simcity 4 is so much better than CS as simulation... City builders players are generally much interested in city design but I am 90% a management player and SC4 engine a mega update/revolution of 2k/3k. Just read the official guide, it is amazing. It has also a so much better art (music, humor, ...). Banished is also really interesting, it is more about managing your population cycles and other cycles to reach synchronicity. I look forward Citystate
Achim Kunisch (5 months ago)
I😍 Cities skilins
David S (5 months ago)
Myra Godinez (6 months ago)
how about designer city
angeleyes4us200 (6 months ago)
All you hating on the reboot sim city ever take time to play it rather just trash all over it ! It does lives up to the Sim City aspects and just as fun.
Oscar Bushell (6 months ago)
tropico 5 was banned in thailand hahahahah, why am i not surprised
Fath Mansour (6 months ago)
I have number 9
SuperKawaiiChannel (6 months ago)
For me the best platform game (simulation) was and still is Transport Tycoon Deluxe! Tried to play sim city once but did not like it!
DarkyDork ! (6 months ago)
Im Getting Cities Skylines Today :D
DarkyDork ! (6 months ago)
SimCity4 swears.
angurisloud (6 months ago)
Ok, but why is the cover art of the Video Gensler's rendering of the Shanghai Tower? I wanted to see a game that featured that building... I'm not seeing that...
Eyal Simhon (6 months ago)
Can you make a review of : Life is Feudal: Forest Village ? at least give us your views on it ? Thanks and continue the great appreciated work . Love on this new coming 2018.
RabShaH (6 months ago)
Great. I’m in high level in SimCity Buildit
dan pongrac (6 months ago)
cities akylines is my favourite
DiamaundioPC (7 months ago)
SimCity is better than Cities Skylines because you can F*cking upgrade your service buildings in SimCity. Unlike Cities:Skylines.
Jaymee Krüger (6 days ago)
but it gives mods in cities skylines :D
ACE F0RCE (7 months ago)
Cities skyline Yeah
Seppe De Coninck (7 months ago)
You forgot Simcity 5/2013! Lol no haha
SilasRoiy (7 months ago)
What is the game at 0:19 called??
meh meh (7 months ago)
Ea/Maxis did shitty things to Sim City there is no doubting that. However it's still vastly superior to Skylines and I feel many flocked to it to further stick it to Sim City. Also can't really recommend any of the Anno games they are so shallow and get dull real fast.
I fucking LOVE cities skylines
TherealScrable (7 months ago)
You forgot to mention how the devs of Cities XL went bankrupt and abandoning the project. Focus Interactive bought it and released a new version yearly... Not for free, which means that you have got essentially screwed over if you bought the 2008 original version. Although I'm happy to see that Sim City 4 is on the list and not the stillborn SimCity. But can not agree about Cities Skylines being better than Sim City 4, since it lacks difficulty and complexity. The only thing which might become a problem in that game is traffic, which essentially makes it just a traffic simulator, while Sim City 4 was much much more than that.
Barrett Belanger (7 months ago)
lol bit city
ХОРОШО (7 months ago)
I consider such videos useless, when they show game's intros rather than gameplay.
rodrigo (8 months ago)
i think simcity 4 is the best, but as we are in 2017 i recomend to play skylines
Dreadnought 1 (8 months ago)
bring back the multi player for city xl pppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee
Handsome Jack (8 months ago)
anno 1404 is way better than 2070
Bill The Bull Gates (8 months ago)
Bill The Bull Gates (8 months ago)
Please sucketh on mine cockles. It drippeth with mine inner juices and sweat for thy majesty and thy anal cavity and under thy lips for succulent absorbsion.
Young Buck (8 months ago)
No Farmville? Really?
unknown commentor (8 months ago)
I HATE CITIES SKYLINES! it is unplayable because it wont let you zone residential when there are too many jobs and not enough people, also, this causes buildings to abandon and in the end, you are left with ONLY abandoned buildings!
Remigiusz S. (8 months ago)
Have you heard about "Factorio"?
JonatasAdoM (8 months ago)
Caesar IV is part of of CAESAR series but wasn't it made by a different developer studio? If so I believe you should have at least gone with another game made by the impressions team.
greenday_seat 14 (8 months ago)
I just want to know. Which is the one that doesn't require internet connection?
Josh (8 months ago)
Banished is an amazing game, spent 200 hours playing vanilla, now im playing the CC mod and loving it
Pete Copter (8 months ago)
Still think simcity 4 is better then cities skyline.. this game is just frustrading with his stupid AI and missing controls over traffic, disasters and buildings
Mike Ock (8 months ago)
The simcity franchise. The king of city building games.
Christian Zhou-Zheng (8 months ago)
yay C:S! Leave a like if u love Cities: Skylines
My Tetra (8 months ago)
denzal689 (9 months ago)
Wow, Cities Skylines looks my kind of game, but my PC is shit...
denzal689 (8 months ago)
I actually got a new laptop for school since I first posted that comment. I tested my specs for this game on Game-Debate and I think I got a grey check for graphics, but otherwise, it should work on low settings at least.
j (8 months ago)
denzal689 ouch man. u could get a newer pc (or DIY) with Ryzen CPU's and gaming GPU if you need to game on a budget
denzal689 (8 months ago)
... My PC has a 2.6 GHz dual core processor (Celeron), 4 GB of RAM, 1,695 MB graphics (64 MB video RAM!) I got this in 2012, and it was $500... If only I knew more about computers back then
j (8 months ago)
denzal689 You don't need an expensive pc to play it. I am playing Cities Skylines almost daily on a 2011 Dell XPS 17 (L702X) that has an Intel i7-2630QM, 5400 RPM 500GB HDD, 8 GB 1333 MHz RAM and 3GB VRAM Nvidia GeForce GT 555M. Hardly a gaming rig by 2017 standards, but runs Cities Skylines at max settings without any problems. Cities Skylines is actually only a lot more CPU intensive once you start adding mods, which I never use.
FREE 3021 (9 months ago)
Praise paradox fuck EA aka Electronic assholes
Dɑdo119 (9 months ago)
Simcity and Cities and skylines are best city building games
Camil Serapian (9 months ago)
Do you like your mind now ? haha and fuck .
kingAPPLES the great (9 months ago)
5:00 bottom left, the fucking city
Matthew Panggabean (9 months ago)
Where simcity buildit
Lights8779 Traffic (10 months ago)
You forgot kingdoms and castles
David Smojver (10 months ago)
ANNO 2070 is not working even in 2017. I have bought the game, submitted countless tickets. However, ANNO series are great games. However, they totally fucked up the stability of the game and not to mention that even with original game, one cannot log in and sign into the game at all. I wasted over 50 Euros on the game just to be unable to play it at all. Periodically I try, but no Joy. Cities Skylines is amazing. But you need to have very strong PC to be able to load many assets and new buildings and MODs. I have 20GB Ram and I have I7 processor with over 4900 assets and mods. I recommend Cities Skylines over any other city building game.
Peppermint Butlerr (10 months ago)
WOOOHOOO go cities skyline yeah
Sushichan TV (10 months ago)
What about SimCity 5?
helloed294 (10 months ago)
Sim City 4 is the ultimate. Nearly 15 years on and it's still the best city simulator I've ever played.
Eetu Sunnari (2 months ago)
+dying man you are right
It's up to personal preference, but the fact that the SC4 modding community is still hugely active speaks volumes. As someone who has played both extensively, they are just too different to say which is better, but nothing can replace SC4. It doesn't look like anything on the horizon will either.
Dying Man (6 months ago)
It’s nothing compared to cities skylines.
MoJo Team i already say you That Please add List on This game First Second Don't Make Video of Low-End Games Old Game Today are Modern Games We Love Today Games not Old Boy. Third pLease Do it yeah and Please Do in Good Format of List Thanks...
Jahan Dina (11 months ago)
But where can I find these game😕
Shawn Martin (11 months ago)
You should have included more recent games and others like Civilization VI
Christos Goulios (11 months ago)
Life is fudal:forest vilage is better then banishd.
Whoo Kares (11 months ago)
Lucca Altendeitering (11 months ago)
Great list, but in my opinion, settler 6 is the better settler 7 and anno 1404 was the best anno I have ever played. I am happy Sim City 4 is in that list Great top tier list 👍
Eli Ri (11 months ago)
Sad that I cannot play Cities: skylines because my computer sucks. :(
Eduardo Siqueira (11 months ago)
El presidente❤
Peaceanquiet (11 months ago)
Sim City 4 - "Fire breaks out in the fucking city?" No need for the language!!!
RR (11 months ago)
isnt cities xl and cities skyline under the same umbrella?
Fatih Çalışkan (1 year ago)
T Mochalski (1 year ago)
transport fever should be on the list, i rate 10/10
Hu Jiaming (1 year ago)
How dare you did not mention ANNO 2205 and put it on top of this list!!!
RVGENomini (11 months ago)
The game is aids.
saba cxikvadze Tv (1 year ago)
1 simcity 5 or 6
Dee (1 year ago)
I Wouldnt Mind Trying The Anno Games Shame They Made By Ubisoft As I Wont Buy Any Game That Requires UPlay ....
manhattanskylinesnow (1 year ago)
Should have mentioned that SimCity 4 also has a very large online B.A.T. community making custom content to add into the game (realistic textures, mods, buildings , skyscrapers, vehicles and so forth). The communities make some of the best plug ins that keep the game alive and always fresh, even after so many years later. Still my tops favorite to this day because I always have new content and can even make my own with the B.A.T. tool.
epicwarding (1 year ago)
so glad to see caesar 4 in here, shame anno 1404 wasnt on it
Win Studios (1 year ago)
Anno 2205
Dwarf Fortress should be on this list, easy
LikerOfThings (1 year ago)
You picked a lot of the worst episodes in a series.
Mr.KP (1 year ago)
Where is the sim city

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