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D&B Nation (2 months ago)
Subscribe To Rodney & Alexis Channel: https://goo.gl/25tMBC Subscribe To Our Family Channel: https://goo.gl/X8TXFy LETS GET IT 50,000 LIKES & WE WILL PRANK BIANNCA & RODNEY AGAIN!!!
Ruben Violante (2 days ago)
D&B Nation
Mike ten cool guy 1 (6 days ago)
D&B Nation m
keondrae nation scot (15 days ago)
D&B Na
Lovely Merial (21 days ago)
D&B Nation 😘😍
Marcus Pivitt (22 days ago)
what 😮
Ava Rowlett (12 hours ago)
u lucky i am not beonci
The Boy (13 hours ago)
Daimen you got your ass beat
Coffee & Tea (16 hours ago)
At this point it’s just not okay. This is going to break your relationship, you guys need to stop this for a long time.
kentrell's life (21 hours ago)
Team Bianca
David Wheeler (1 day ago)
She would lose a fight with them hands
Jay Drive (1 day ago)
dang nobody team Damien not even on his own pranks but Damien a real one for being the bigger person but it's ok when Bianca does but it's all good
Godley'sTv (1 day ago)
Biannca over here on top of the bed tryna get the high ground on Alexis and dame 😂😂😂
Duckie Promotions (2 days ago)
Bianca can’t fight
Supreme Dreadhead (2 days ago)
U can’t lie u was about to cry when she hit u
cuteemoji Queen (3 days ago)
"Aaaaahhhhh my arm" 😂
Heather Bryan-Newell (3 days ago)
When a girl cries you done know you messed up
reggiona anderson (3 days ago)
The black done came out of biannca
reggiona anderson (3 days ago)
Biannca came up in there throwing hands
reggiona anderson (3 days ago)
Damien was hard
reggiona anderson (3 days ago)
😂😂😂😂she beat ass u kno this was real
Geovani Sandoval Jr (4 days ago)
Bianca can beat some ass
Rebecca maria (4 days ago)
DRAGON - BLOB (4 days ago)
YOOO biancia ran in there Flash on his ass Then she out on Her Ultra Instinct ( Dragon Ball Z Reference if u didn't know then she start throwing hands
DRAGON - BLOB (4 days ago)
Team Lex She hot af I'd smash
Xalia Washington (4 days ago)
Biannca ran in like a WWE wrestler
Serena Williams (4 days ago)
She beating the hell out a him dammmn
tiffany washington (4 days ago)
Team Damien all day bitches
Clarissa Jackson (5 days ago)
Bru I hate when they do it on somebody but then when they do it on u they get like wtf
jessica garrett (5 days ago)
Hi the prince family good video i love the video with alixxes in the bed prank on Bianca team daiemn Princejr ALL day Long love you guys so much more then every DEEPLY kindly loveing caring .LOL JESSICA GANG 😘 hallo Jessica gang Post nafrioncas is on all the time as Way's 👍 keep grinding and keep up the good work you do love the d and b Nation
Jahiem Jackson (5 days ago)
Yea university McClellan year ffhfyurf
Jason Wright Jr (6 days ago)
The funniest thing on this channel is on the your balls stink prank on D and B says “come here I wanna suck you” and d ass come running through the floor
Alexis Jordan (6 days ago)
Team biannca
Bike Life Shay (6 days ago)
Damien probably fucked Alexis before lbs
Madeline Pinto (7 days ago)
I always get mad because damen always do prank with lexis which I have a feeling that Bianca was crying cause she thinks damen likes lexi
Aj Yungeen (7 days ago)
Damn Bianca has hands ong👊👊
Tanasha Malveaux (7 days ago)
Team Damen and Lexi's
fear the wolves (7 days ago)
He be doin alot of pranks with her sister im just saying.
Thought that was his girl lmao at first
XPREFLEX ROBLOX (8 days ago)
Bianca knows self defense lol 😝
Harmoni Wrìght (8 days ago)
Relationship Goals
Trateesha Hewitt (8 days ago)
XXwhipking 21 (9 days ago)
If I was Rodney I would beat the hell outta Damien
Lanainha Campbell (9 days ago)
Damien not to be mad do you like alxes like Bianca said
Tazsha Smith (9 days ago)
You no you love her
ETHON WILLO (9 days ago)
She’s throwing sandals shake my head
ETHON WILLO (9 days ago)
The came in the room like John ceana
ETHON WILLO (9 days ago)
I skip 10 seconds and shit got real I never want to see that shit again my eyes hurt I am always using the key for us to use this so yeah fuck me in the ass naked cowboy is it ram ram’s
ETHON WILLO (9 days ago)
She type chop
teresa geer (9 days ago)
Time Damien every day
PLUG IT (9 days ago)
Steven Mercado (10 days ago)
"And you was like oough f**k" bianca is so funny🤣😂
Anthony Jimenez (10 days ago)
Whos watching this again just to hear Damien scream😂
J`anne Murrray (10 days ago)
Cortez Hunter (10 days ago)
Alexis is my cousin!!!!!!
Aaron Dixon (11 days ago)
WWE of pranking
William Mcmillan (11 days ago)
team damien
Caleb Hare (11 days ago)
Team Damien Biggs lexx
Luna Gomez (11 days ago)
B is crazyyyyyyyyyy fr calm down you abusive to you husband and sister.
Denise Carter (11 days ago)
This One Ain't Family Friendly 😂 They Cursing Up At Storm In This Video! Bad Prank Damien...In The Bed With The Sis In Law Is Over The Line
Cortez Hunter (11 days ago)
I love Alexis so much😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Cortez Hunter (10 days ago)
I love Bianca
Danger Caines (11 days ago)
team damian
Zach Gray (11 days ago)
Y’all two together
Elizabeth Lent (11 days ago)
Biannca a fighter! wouldnt want a mess with her
Elizabeth Lent (11 days ago)
the way she hits Damion is amazing!!!
Mayia Thorne (11 days ago)
She slapped the shit outta you Damein
Marceline Muka (12 days ago)
team damien pranks are the best
ToXic Gaming (12 days ago)
dis nigga a bitch he overreact tf is a “MA ARRMMMM” like nigga what?
Arthur Mackey (12 days ago)
She slap the hell out of him
latoya Harrison (12 days ago)
team Damianand Bianca
latoya Harrison (12 days ago)
Nini Morgan (12 days ago)
Kayla Hemingway (12 days ago)
Go head
Nashyah Jackson (13 days ago)
Biannca slap the shit out of u
Michael Henry (13 days ago)
Paul Joseph (13 days ago)
I'm so happy I tuned in there channel
Harry Varry (14 days ago)
It's so phony
Juan Ayala (14 days ago)
You are crazy
Jada Poleate (14 days ago)
Wait if Alexis is your sister in law and Biannca is her sister aren’t you Biannca brother Damien?????
Destin Boy (14 days ago)
Biancca had 50y dash on this BITCH
Stephanie Grant (14 days ago)
I hate Damian
dude that's here (15 days ago)
"Give me the fucking covers!!!"
keondrae nation scot (15 days ago)
Team biannca Avery day all day
Ali Freeman (15 days ago)
I'm weak
ballout squad (15 days ago)
Why she crying when she prank him first
Osmin Gomez (15 days ago)
Team Damien team lexis
Khylee Jade. grullon (15 days ago)
Tamika Riley (15 days ago)
Stop doing pranks in her because you probably like her sister
Salicia Rose (15 days ago)
“y’all just gone let her hurt me”😂😂
Damani Alford (15 days ago)
I don't like b
Jah Jah (16 days ago)
Team Biannca all day everyday
Cynthia Houston (16 days ago)
Damien should be with biacAe sister
FutureCable (16 days ago)
Biannca mean asf 😧
Denisha Cintron (16 days ago)
Team Bianka
Meme Boo (16 days ago)
Lmao Bianca didn’t even look she just ran and beat her
I wanna fuck your beautiful wife bro
Dude can i have some of Bianca's sweet pink stinky butthole???
AwesomeOne HD (15 days ago)
Jeremiah king raw (16 days ago)
Do the you got killed prank
captin two punch (16 days ago)
tram Damian and team Lexus
JADA DAVIS (16 days ago)
Why Bianca had to push through the door like that 😂
Mooseguy MNM (16 days ago)
Why his forehead so big tho
Jasmine Bailey (16 days ago)
Team lex and team Damian
Saraiyah Smith (16 days ago)
Relationship goals 💯💯❤️❤️ team Damien and team Lex
Villainous Villain (16 days ago)
jas spetrini (17 days ago)
can you like stop doing the same prank😂

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