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Gone Home Review: Stunning & Brave!

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Text Comments (205)
Alois Trancy (12 days ago)
Why did you pay for this game if you knew exactly what the story was about and stated "I don't care about sexuality" This product then is not for you. This product was never marketed for you. This product is designed for a different market. This product IS EXACTLY WHAT CAPITALISM IS!
Joshua Kifer (20 days ago)
Do The Stanley Parable
Greg Phillips (21 days ago)
Haha. Love the video!
Ryan Brennan (27 days ago)
I think I own this game on my xbox. Was it free on gold at some point? I don't see it on my list so I may have deleted it without playing it but I could've sworn I downloaded it.
Junkyard Wulf (1 month ago)
I’m gay, and I’m also on your side. I also take a lot of shit from the left because of it.
RumikoOne (1 month ago)
Holy shit
WakeUpUniverse (2 months ago)
Played this for free when it was on games with gold for xbox one. Had no idea what it was about but heard all the hype. It was creepy as shit, and then it all started, slowly. This is when i realized finding a old picture in the wall space. This is a SJW game about Lesbians. I have never returned, i have already gone home. If you like the feeling of walking in hallways for 2 hours 10/10.
WakeUpUniverse (2 months ago)
I never found that Ghost i expected....😰😤
Borislav Smilev (2 months ago)
So much anger in 2 frames :D xD
Nathan Allen Pinard (2 months ago)
I'm fine with the story. The gameplay itself was just boring.
Dennis Sims (2 months ago)
It was worth it as a free game for Xbox live.
Vercalos al'Corlin (3 months ago)
For what it's worth, I'm not a progressive. At all. But these types of games are games I enjoy in general. Dear Esther, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Gone Home, The Beginner's Guide. I don't consider Gone Home to be the best of these experiences(Dear Esther, despite how short it is, is my favorite). Frankly, I don't actually consider Gone Home a proper game. It's more like a book with a few interactive elements, and what you did here in your "playthrough" was basically equivalent to opening the book, looking at the first chapter's title, then skipping straight to the last page. Gone Home isn't stunning and brave. It might have been brave, had it been made in an era where the majority regarded homosexuality as immoral, but as it is, I just found it a mildly interesting tale and a bit of a 90s nostalgia trip as I walked through the house. The reviews praising it as the best thing since sliced bread are certainly exaggerated I admit, I was legitimately terrified at what I was going to find in the attic. The narration had lead me to believe she might have done something drastic(aside from running away). Fair warning, if you play more games like this, What Remains of Edith Finch will likely break your heart. I think it's longer than Gone Home, and I was crying for about an hour after finishing it.
Stoneysilence (4 months ago)
I only finished this game for the achievements. Other than that I hated every minute of it. Edit: I think it's less of a video game, but a visual novelette.
Ryan Peck (6 months ago)
I thought it was going to be a supernatural mystery with something bad happening to the family and you uncovered what happened to them. Not that you had a sister who ran off with her girlfriend because she was paranoid about her parents being mean to her.
richardlbowles (7 months ago)
I think Gone Home is a great game - if you want to time a soft-boiled egg!
fgdj2000 (8 months ago)
Evaluating games on the basis of cheat mode speed run play through just isn't fair. Otherwise, I agree with your assessment. Even this story could have been interesting, but is just full of klischees.
polaris911 (8 months ago)
haha you're such a douche, that was hilarious
Canaris3 (8 months ago)
Well at least its better than Depression Quest... Gone Home is like Firewatch - atmospheric and immersive walking simulator and thats it. Its not a bad game but then again its nothing to fap about like those sjw pundits did.
Shrek (11 months ago)
The only reason this game got awards and accolades was because of the lesbian story. Make this same game with a white male looking for his straight sister who ran away with a boy. It would be criticized for being cliché and short. The fact that the little sister in the story also practices satanism(pentagram under the stairs) is highly disturbing.
chaos120m (11 months ago)
i got it free
metalmugen (11 months ago)
I played it thinking it was gonna be like a subtle horror game but once i found out what was going on I was like: "That's it? It's just lesbians?" The "game" aspect is fine I guess but the story is just dumb.
Russell williams (11 months ago)
i got it free on ps+ having not heard anything about the game. (pc gaming had skiped me buy t the time). i thought it was atmospheric and was expecting some monster to attack me as i explored the house but got none of that. i think gone home should be looked at the same way as an experimental art house film.
Lagiacrus (11 months ago)
I think thats a speedrun! ...but seriously, what dev would put an option to unlock all the doors in the house if the goal of the game is to unlock the doors to find out what happened?!
getalifewank (11 months ago)
Super Lesbian power squad for the FAIL.
LGBTQ Conservative (11 months ago)
Gone Home was one of the Free games on Xbox's "Games With Gold" I played a few minutes of the game got bored stopped playing and uninstalled it
timberwolfbrother (11 months ago)
Oh damn, I didn't get very far but I had been hoping it was going to be a slow-burn horror/mystery.
Michael Smith (11 months ago)
I downloaded this game when it was free on ps plus. When I finished the game I couldn’t believe how much praise this game got simply because it was a story about your lesbian sister’s journey. I feel like I was tricked into thinking I was going to play a spooky thriller/mystery and it was just a teenage relationship drama sim. Her being a lesbian is about as interesting as her being straight and going through the same journey. I was SO glad I didn’t pay money for this. I almost did because it was so highly rated.
Master Bait Tour (11 months ago)
look how big that house is, just more rich kids trying to control what we think.
Master Bait Tour (11 months ago)
i got this shit game free.
badgothnobiscuit (11 months ago)
This game sucked balls. I had read the good reviews and it LOOKED like one of the spooky old house type games I enjoy. So I bought it even if it was way overpriced. Holy crap, Husband and I were pissed off! This is the most boring damn thing I've ever had the misfortune to install on my computer. We kept saying "there has to be a payoff here" and there was most emphatically not.
MrShinydude (1 year ago)
I disagree with the claim that this was a game. There is no mechanic of challenge, puzzle or competition. I agree that there are redeeming features in this non-game. As an example, I liked the atmosphere of the experience. I would give this a 0/10 as a game, but only because it is not a game. As an interactive film, I would probably score it at around 4/10. It was not good, but it was not completely trash.
moe mann (1 year ago)
what a dirty trick i thought i was playing a murder mystery or ghost story like slender man the ending would have been a thousand times better if one of the girls had been in the attic swinging from the rafters and the other on the floor with foam all over the mouth of the others corpse
Waifu Croc (1 year ago)
Go buy Night in the woods. A Better interactive game than gone hell.
Foxtrop13 (1 year ago)
Dear Ester use the same type of narrative, but all voice acted, it was made in source engine and looked great, if you want to waste some hours on a walking simulator Dear Ester is much better
Brian (1 year ago)
I stopped trusting game reviews from places like IGN and the others a while back due to ratings being entirely political and sjw influenced...I now do not buy any game untill its reviewed by actual gamers.
GaelicMagyar (1 year ago)
God bless you, Dave. That smile at the end was brilliant!
Ricky Spanish (1 year ago)
I am a conservative, and an Army vet and I have no problems with this game. I got it for free, so I can't speak to the price point, but I liked the voice acting and the story.
Zolko Farkaš (1 year ago)
Funny how you seem to find some lef wing "propaganda" everywhere
Zolko Farkaš (1 year ago)
Thank you for the answer, didn´t expect that. It is kind of interesting how you judge me by my picture and not by my content. In my late 30s I am old enough to know how a gay teen might feel, (especially in then eastern block communist country) having nothing in the media to relate to. Of course that was in the late 80s and early 90s. Now it is different, thanks to projects like this one. I sincerely hope that in another 20 years nobody would trash a game like this for having a gay main character, but for what it is - a really short walking simulator. Thanks for the advice, I asked my 70 years old mom about propaganda and she confirmed what I already thought it was. Result of this kind of propaganda, if you want to call it that way, may only be less bullying and lower suicide rate. And maybe some angry people like you who think that this game is forcing them to become gay. That is fine by me. Another result is that in your country people like me are allowed to get married. Here we are only allowed to pay taxes and shut the F up. I enjoy most of your videos but more empathy and less paranoia would be nice.
BlueBitProductions (1 year ago)
well I mean... it IS propaganda... The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause. wether you like it or not. Judging by your profile picture you probably aren't old enough to know what propaganda is anyway, and just follow what your parents tell you to believe.Form your OWN opinions.
brutal vix (1 year ago)
I actually enjoyed this game.
Fructose Cornsyrup (1 year ago)
I think anyone who cheats needs to be dumped right away. ...I might just be a little biased, though.
Fructose Cornsyrup (1 year ago)
Also I feel like there should be a scary monster somewhere in this game.
EvilJ069 (1 year ago)
I have it, but I *didn't* pay for it lol
Mad -Pac (1 year ago)
OK, this would be at least a reasonable facsimile of a game if, as you explored the house, zombies appeared in every corridor and you had to shoot them.
Mad -Pac (1 year ago)
The thing is.. You've just been on a flight from Europe and nobody is home. You see a letter from your sister in which she gives no clue where she is. What do you do? Well, you call some friends to see if she's with them. Maybe you call the police or hospitals. Or maybe you unpack your things, get something to eat after the long flight, have a shower, change clothes, watch some TV, and go to bed, so you can deal with this with a clear head in the next morning. What you do NOT do is go through old stuff and play the detective to figure what what's going on. Or am I just thinking too much like a guy here?
Maintenance Renegade (11 months ago)
Yeah it's 1am so the melodramatic twat is either hiding somewhere in the house or she's not, and she's either ok or she's not and there's not a damned thing you can do about it or anyone you could call either. Hell in my case I'm accustomed enough to my own irl sister's tumblrina bullshit the last thing I'm likely to do anymore when she fucks off is to go looking for her.
Goosey Whispers (1 year ago)
i liked the atmosphere in the game it was kinda creepy, i thought i was going to find her sister hanged in the attic but it just turned out that she was a lesbian. and i asked myself what have i just played
TotalWarFan321 (1 year ago)
Ben 'Yahtzee' Crowshaw aptly described it as a "feminist walking-simulator".
smawzyv (1 year ago)
Ya know what game handled homosexuality well in my opinion? Undertale. Why? Because it didn't make a big deal about it. It wasn't it's main focus. It's just like, oh those characters are in love! That's it. It didn't even bring up the fact that they're the same sex.
ME 0020 (1 year ago)
i would go fucking mental that's not a game its barely a demo
Ramon S (1 year ago)
You got trolled by feminists. Must feel like what happens when you eat Mexican food, serious butt hurt.
Ramon S (1 year ago)
At least Sargon got his money back from Sunset.
Zomboy (1 year ago)
You should look up Mass Effect Andromeda and why it's so bad designed, I read they hired some unqualified people because of the diversity shit and it obviously didn't quite work out (very funny)
Cody Fritz (1 year ago)
edilcanidal (1 year ago)
Came free on ps plus. I still think I paid too much money.
Suicide Booth (11 months ago)
Liam Jaffray (1 year ago)
And I'm all for letting women have their own games as long as they let us guys know so we know to avoid it.
Liam Jaffray (1 year ago)
Dave you should change your channel names around. Make this channel Computing forever and keep it for folks who like the tech stuff and make the Dave Cullen Show about feminism etc
Sasquatch (1 year ago)
Dave.. I'm a big fan of your show but what did you expect from these types of games?
LemonZeppelin (1 year ago)
So your biggest problem is that one character is a lesbian? Just for the sake of being different? I mean, it's stupid but it's not the worst story I've read.
Reuben Kim (1 year ago)
Out of curiosity, did women generally favor this game - at least the ones who played it? The story sounds like something that women would probably find more interesting. This this game at least strike a chord with its target audience?
Reuben Kim (1 year ago)
Then again, I guess the target was femilesbians so: yeah.
JoaoG R (1 year ago)
Feminism isn't Cancer, it's AIDS
polyhistor (1 year ago)
Stunning and brave? "Oh boo hoo, I grew up in a large ass mansion and could travel the world to my liking" Gimme a break. Try to live on the street for a week. Fuckin hell...
Robert Lange (1 year ago)
True in the 90's that house would be worth 1.2 mil now if in great condition it would be worth 4.7 mil.
TheMichaelJ Show (1 year ago)
Feminism Is An Oncovirus. look it up
Joseph McCafferty (1 year ago)
The thing I find about Gone Home is that it could have just as easily have been about the girl running away with a boy the parents didn't approve of. But that's too clichéd. I wonder if Anita Sarkeesian would have found the game as touching then.
Maintenance Renegade (11 months ago)
If there were an honest sequel it would be about the dumb bitch crawling back to her family's Oregon mansion penniless a year and a half later after the relationship fell apart to live rent-free in her childhood bedroom while working part time at the local Dairy Queen.
jollyscarecrow (1 year ago)
It’s exactly why a room full of feminists will clap like seals to a feminist “comedian” when they are not saying anything funny but are just preaching the narrative. Another big indication of why it is a cult.
MineKynoMine (1 year ago)
The word you are looking for is apathy
Jaybee (1 year ago)
I like how you can speedrun the game in around 45 seconds.
Julien (1 year ago)
Could be worse. It could be about a passive aggressive black maid in a South American country racked by a revolution with no gameplay whatsoever [gag reflex]
Joe Rob (1 year ago)
Is this a reupload? I sworn you have done this before or maybe someone else???
The Thought Criminal (1 year ago)
I hope you made enough money off this video to pay for the game, Dave......you were so brave.
JayeBird (1 year ago)
I'd rather play Pong on a Black and White CRT screen! Got better things to do. Didn't you review this game several months ago? Yeah, never mind.
jakcloudhighwind (1 year ago)
wasn't' gone home had the husband being a willing cuckold for the wife when she sleeps around?
Reiter Jack (1 year ago)
Ok so I watched your video and said "that can't be all there is to this game." So I went and found an actual walk through and it's not as bad as your making it out to be. Anita knownothing said it was "brave" because by playing the game through (without ignoring everything) and listening to the story it tells the tale of a lesbian couple struggling in the 1990s and how their ultimate decision was to leave everything and everyone behind. The game is about the story as you explore you learn more about what was going on in these girl's lives before they left. It's an emotional tear jerk story. I don't think Anita is wrong to call it brave giving what the actual content of the story is i.e. a lesbian couple turning a way from family and friends to pursue their relationship. I don't it's brave as a game concept though, these types of games where you explore an environment and uncover some kind of mystery is not new. So you can't call it brave for that. I think we can call it brave for it's story content though as to my knowledge there hasn't been one that show cased this particular drama. I don't want to defend Anita shitface but I will defend the game. Is it worth 20 bucks? I have no idea I don't use steam.
John T (1 year ago)
gualliance (1 year ago)
the end face of Dave is the only thing i would pay for ! <3
Masterdoctorn7 (1 year ago)
Dave..this is a repost..You should of put in the description that this was a repost from your other channel.
raosprid (1 year ago)
"should have" or "should've"
GODsaveTHEcat (1 year ago)
The Dave Cullen Show Any comments about firing Manveer Heir from Bioware or the anti-sjw boycott of Mass Effect: Andromeda?
Alex Rud (1 year ago)
we already have a popular gay character in video games. His name is Link
Max Izrin (1 year ago)
So brave!
Dean Logan (1 year ago)
You probably should get a filter for your LED spot light on your camera.
kris guntner (1 year ago)
You knows what's funny,how many social justice "warriors"even PLAY video games? I'm betting none. So who is this game for then?
Sneaky Devil (1 year ago)
The face says happy, the eyes say dead inside.
Serahpin (1 year ago)
He _is_ a ginger.
TheLouisXXI (1 year ago)
User reviews are better since they are not paid to make the review. I did play the game and BS
Richy Rich (1 year ago)
June 7, 1995 was a Wednesday... definitely, definitely a Wednesday... definitely.
ShortbusMooner (1 year ago)
Whatta bore.. Ugh!
Jack (1 year ago)
Holy crap, they really weren't kidding! That is some truly piss poor game design if you can just walk to a certain place, perform an action and be done, without meeting any sort of conditions or unlocking any plot points or anything. The SJW-ness of it could be forgiven if it was a competently crafted game. In fact, they could have done something really emotionally impactful and served their purposes far better had they invested as much effort in the story as they did in ambience.
Mad World (1 year ago)
As much as I hate to say it, but there is a niche for this kind of story/game and this game was a niche filler. Thats all I see this game as.
Mad World (1 year ago)
9:40 Did the game cyber-touch you Anita? I guess it was okay since you cyber-consented.
Aku Chan (1 year ago)
So the end is just her, kinda re reading the note on the front door. Riveting brave stuff.
Shane McZane (1 year ago)
I kinda regret spending the few hours necessary to finish this game. I've yet to finish Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, and/or any Legend of Zelda game; I have however finished Gone Home. >_> Even before I was "red-pilled" I was just kinda meh over the whole experience. People like Totalbiscuit and other game reviewers I respected at the time were vastly overreaching in their praise of the game, and I got suckered in by what they'd said. (Also, I saw that this family had MILK in the fridge. MILK. What a bunch of racists.)
English Heart (1 year ago)
Well, that's one to avoid then.
I wonder what your reaction would be if you played this game before the whole intersectional feminism thing exploded. But another question would be if this game would ever exist without the whole intersectional feminism thing.
Darren Gator (1 year ago)
Dave the best part about the play through is when you said "I paid money for this!"
DirtDog (1 year ago)
Gone Home, a game for carpet lickers
EvilJ069 (1 year ago)
Hey, I'm a straight white male, and I LOVE licking carpet... lol
The Batman (1 year ago)
Gone home, a game for the dead.
DirtDog (1 year ago)
Daniel Halley tomAto tomato lol
JayeBird (1 year ago)
Dirtdog J Carpet Munchers!
Jesser1975 (1 year ago)
KEK! They saw you coming when they sold that game to you!
Great review. I'll be skipping past this with the same quickness. did the sister kill the mom and dad what the fuck is going on...
Kenny Powers (1 year ago)
Lesbian Porn is the best porn.
SuaveITGuy (1 year ago)
"I PAID MONEY FOR THIS!" Hahahahah brilliant!
Sexy SuperVillan (1 year ago)
Life is Strange is even worse.
Ali Boukria (21 days ago)
I'd say it's pretty liberal but it still has some interesting game mechanics and an ok story it has fun events such as a certain person traveling through space time and breaking it with stupid actions.
「Bootymancer」 (1 year ago)
Alec Santos I actually like Life is Strange for the most part, call me crazy
joshuadeleeuw14 (1 year ago)
nah life is strange had a story
FindLiberty (1 year ago)
Review better than the game its self. Epic.
Zundfolge (1 year ago)
Is this a repost?
TC BRAGA (1 year ago)
polygon is such cancer
vertitis (1 year ago)
Didn't you review this game already? I see they are removing negative reviews about the game on Steam. I have the game but I got it from one of those humble bundle thingies.. Haven't even bothered installing it..
Obscure Media (1 year ago)
It really is the lesbian storyline that have the game it's good reviews. The thing that gets me most is its length. I love short games- Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania etc but nowadays gamers HATE short length, absolutely despise it. But a $20 games that's like half an hour long? Nobody complained? Red flags right there. Even for $10 or $15 you can get Shovel Knight, which had a lot more effort put into it's production and has way more replay value; and I'm not even a Shovel Knight fan lol
Obscure Media (1 year ago)
Lewis Conroy True- Goldeneye and other Bond games did it superbly btw. It's just that a 6hour game will be slammed for being too short but Gone Home reviews don't even mention it's length, and it has zero replay value outside of the "open every door" mode
Lewis Conroy (1 year ago)
I like short games, It's just that they need replay value if I'm going to pay for them
El Chefe (1 year ago)
This game is the lesser version of a walking simulation, a walker simulation.
Frocobo (1 year ago)

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