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Eating healthy with Iggy Pop (Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown: Miami)

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Anthony Bourdain sits down for a meal in Miami, Florida, with Iggy Pop on "Parts Unknown," Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
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Text Comments (143)
Kelly Patterson (6 days ago)
And he then committed suicide. That sucks! If I'd had a sit down with the perfection that is Iggy Pop, I'd die too.
Patrick Li (1 month ago)
RIP Iggy Pop
Docteur666 (1 month ago)
Miss you, Tony
vizioneer11 (2 months ago)
Burn outs
Dwayne Trump (2 months ago)
Eat healthy and don't date scumbag cunts with no talent like asia argento
Edward Wolski (2 months ago)
Iggy is just another hipocryte.. From being a Punk to luxury loving millionaire... He is zero to me..
PinkMonkeyBird (28 days ago)
Edward Wolski and I’m sure he cares deeply what you think of him.
WD Harris (2 months ago)
Iggy survived....he figured it out......Tony didn't.....sad
curandero verde (2 months ago)
"I never thought I'd be eating healthy with Iggy Pop" ❤
Braden Purcell (2 months ago)
Anthony Bourdain was murdered.
Matvall (2 months ago)
That's not Iggy, he's wearing a shirt.
Shade On A Cool Day (2 months ago)
Full interview here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1536116629744310&id=110663845622936&_rdr
Paul Smenis (2 months ago)
The thumbnail is so ironic
FedorMachida Last (2 months ago)
Iggy Pop still alive? Daym! I thought that nigga died years ago.
The Black Lodger (2 months ago)
I never thought this video would be sad.
John Kelly (2 months ago)
Flame out?? Iggy has always been played-out!! 70 yr old man with dyed blonde hair...get real dude!!! You flamed-out!! Dig yourself!!
Evan Abbott (2 months ago)
Iggy Pop is the fucking MAN!👍
Talanda Mc Clure (2 months ago)
I Love You So Much Anthony.
rentatrip1 (2 months ago)
little tiny punk ass tid bitfag morsel of food on a gay plate is not eatingf fucking healthy ... tony bourdain is a faggot sell out punk suicide ass hole
Nautilus1972 (2 months ago)
Igg Pop outlives Bourdain.
Tick Tock Tick Tock (2 months ago)
Bourdain likes to talk about himself
Jake B (1 month ago)
Tick Tock Tick Tock lol
Tick Tock Tick Tock (1 month ago)
Jake B He works for CNN. No wonder he offed himself
Jake B (1 month ago)
Tick Tock Tick Tock so then don't watch lol. He's the host of a HIS show. Holy fat kid complex.
Judy Neville (2 months ago)
Followed by coffee and cigarettes peut-t'etre?
Erica Medrano (2 months ago)
Both wearing old man reading glasses to see the menu. Too cute.
Reverend Al (2 months ago)
Bourdain hated on vegans, and I was reading some of them comment that they were happy he killed himself.
Kveldsmat (2 months ago)
The soylent mafia? No, I haven't.
Reverend Al (2 months ago)
Have you heard about the vegan agenda? Perhaps it was the vegan agenda that caused Bourdain to kill himself!
Kveldsmat (2 months ago)
Vegans are mentally ill. It's become like a cult.
Evan Abbott (2 months ago)
C Charm (2 months ago)
bourdains dream date
Jonathan Rose (2 months ago)
Two legends just shooting the shit. Awesome.
Luois Celine (2 months ago)
So iggy, what are you having........."oh ill have some qualudes, some heroin, some coke, some hash and cough medicines and a tab of lsd.....put it in a blender with some babies blood and make me a smoothie"..........im surprised the fucker kept his shirt on in the interview, usually its the first thing to come off at the sign of a film crew, showing off his wrinkly disgusting abs
Evan Abbott (2 months ago)
Iggy is the man, and you can’t handle it.🖕
Alejandro García-Puente (2 months ago)
Wtf is this Mickey Mouse shit
π. Γ. Θ. (2 months ago)
GOLDENFLY WARRIOR (2 months ago)
YET IGGY ACTUALLY DOES CARE ABOUT ANIMALS. Living is even Miami Florida is way easy to be vegan or at least vegetarian until vegan. DAIRY is the meat industry and very unhealthy yet so is ALL factory farmed animals. Eating PIGS flesh especially domestic pigs is NEVER HEALTHY EVER. There is NOTHING "wild & crazy" about eating pig flesh yet just selfish & disgusting. PIGS that are as intelligent as DOGS yet BOURDAIN won't dare eat tasty dogs flesh.  LOVE IGGY yet shrimp is also NOT healthy and they're bottom feeders and mostly factory farmed also even if gotten in south Florida. BP OIL messed that up in the Gulf of Mexico and to this day there is STILL a problem for Shrimper in the Panhandle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfuyiRHuK9U
Patrick Guitar (2 months ago)
Super pizza skateboard wigger
JLynn Conner (2 months ago)
RIP Anthony🤤
Jeffrey Oldham (2 months ago)
Speaking of "Flaming Out"... RIP, Anthony.
Michael Schuenemann (2 months ago)
Eat like me and You will look like me - you will sound like me and your days are numbered !
d. walsh (2 months ago)
damn. Anthony what did you do. today we find out you ... . RIP. darkness took hold.
First Name Last Name (2 months ago)
R.I.P. Tony! Why the fuck is Iggy Pop wearing that bad Kurt Cobain wig?
2coool Foskool (2 months ago)
I can’t believe TONY killed himself,,, what an asshole! Leaves his kid alone , fucked up
OntarioStorms (2 months ago)
One day little kid, you will get a bit wiser.
shawn6669 (2 months ago)
"...if you burn out you will be in voluminous and undignified company and all your works will burn out with you." Pretty grim in current context. RIP, AB...
coreycox2345 (2 months ago)
I am not sure this applies to Anthony Bourdain, shawn6669. I still admire his spirit and work. He loved adventure and exploring different cultures. He had joy...I keep thinking of one random show he did where he went for a flying trapeze lesson in New York. Last time I saw his show, he was articulate and functional. He reminds me in some ways of my sister, who loved life, had an excellent career as an artist, was a heavy drinker and then killed herself. I wish that she had chosen something different, but respect her choice, as her life belonged to her more than anyone. Depression is an illness like any other. RIP, AB...
coreycox2345 (2 months ago)
I have thought that Iggy Pop might take excellent care of himself in spite of his image. He is still in great shape and a fantastic dancer.
tripp (2 months ago)
the difference is Bourdain got into the booze, Im pretty sure Iggy pop isn't
John Reeves (2 months ago)
Just heard news of Bourdain's passing, and this is the first video I stumbled upon... seems somehow prophetic now. RIP Anthony
Ann White (3 months ago)
Top tip for eating healthy - always remember to drink a glass of milk with your cocaine. And don't forget your red peppers for your vitamins and minerals!
Lumini Occuli Subter (24 days ago)
Ann White that's Aladdin Sane - I mean that's insane
Drew Howard (4 months ago)
Caligula Germanicus (4 months ago)
Anthony Bourdain thinks he is known.... ha ha ha
Jake B (1 month ago)
Caligula Germanicus you wouldn't be invited to the same parties as me LOL. Your username makes a lot of sense now, a burn out masquerading as someone in the know.
Caligula Germanicus (1 month ago)
Jake B if I had to go to a party with you and listen to you talk about Anthony Bourdain's elitist cooking and MMA I would most likely want to kill myself too
Jake B (1 month ago)
Caligula Germanicus he was also a content creator in the world of MMA. So you don't care about cooking, don't care about sports, I bet you're a lot of fun at parties. I love when do-nothing-bitches out themselves with their own words.
Caligula Germanicus (2 months ago)
Mr Charles no under a shingled roof. And I left the comment two months ago before this self important narcissistic NYC chef did himself in. Forgive me for not being an elderly CNN fan who was watching his show.
Precious DeVere (7 months ago)
I just love Iggy a very interesting man and great pal to David Bowie.
ben ben (7 months ago)
Iggy is one of rock n roll’s genuine rebels through and through. He didnt give a flying fuck what critics said about him. He’s never sold out. Ever.
Moozle Yak (8 months ago)
I feel like this video could've been longer? Normally I wouldn't make a big deal out of it, but it's _actually_ CNN publishing this video. Get it together, dingus. Find a better editor that can at least capture Tony's reaction to Iggy. Why? *W* *H* *Y*
Shade On A Cool Day (2 months ago)
Full video here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1536116629744310&id=110663845622936&_rdr Lol This is from a show CNN was promoting. I assume the reason they cut it short is to lure people into watching the show.
Jenni Anchors (9 months ago)
bourdain will do anything for validation, but he doesn't even know pork isn't macrobiotic
Jake B (1 month ago)
Rick Ton you have an anime pic bro, you're either fat or pale and skinny. Shhhhhh
Rick Ton (1 month ago)
Jake B obvious newfag is obvious
Jake B (1 month ago)
Jenni Anchors worry about that manly neck of yours.
Vintage Mixer (1 year ago)
Thats what you call healthy. Give me a break.
Jake B (1 month ago)
Rick Ton does simply stating strawman actually work with the losers you hangout with? Your lack of rebuttal, and low energy ad-hom show me the quality of your friends and family.
Rick Ton (1 month ago)
Jake B Mfw you still follow flawed nutrition science and assume you know anything. I love how you don't even know what a strawman fallacy is. Obvious newfag is obvious.
Jake B (1 month ago)
Jeff James Spinach contains more iron than meat! ... When compared with red meat, it contains almost the same amount: 100g of spinachcontains 2.7 mg of iron versus 2.6 mg found in 100g of meat. But the difference is that iron from animal foods is has a higher absorption in the body than the iron from plant/vegetables sources." That's actual science. Notice how your lack of intelligence allowed you to read and Cling to information without finishing? THE HUMAN BODY CAN ABSORB NUTRIENTS FROM ANIMALS MORE EFFICIENTLY THAN FROM PLANTS. Stop spreading misinformation fucking toddler.
Jake B (1 month ago)
truth is indestructible Nice strawman, a steak cooked at medium rare retains many of it's vitamins. Are you guys actually this fucking stupid? Fail troll, or you have a shitty body and attempt to feel better by spouting off soy boy talking points lmfao
Jake B (1 month ago)
Jeff James I didn't even see the post about Americans diet and dying until now. Most of the diseases you listed can be attributed to corn syrup. Quick lesson for your uneducated self, corn is subsidized by USGov thus making it cheap, which is why you find it in everything here. The problem with corn syrup, and sugar as whole, is it is a damaging drug, thanks for allowing your unread bias the opportunity to rear it's ugly face! I suggest reading more into nutrition, and spend less of your soy powered energy on meat.
Raymonde Sherman (1 year ago)
I love Jim!
Beth Dupont (1 year ago)
There's more to life than just eating! Yearhh..look at Iggy: you call him ugly, old.....etc.....he just lived life: sex, plenty of drugs and darn damn good rock.....I've always thought this guy had this x-factor..he's a 100% male! Today he's 70 years old....and Bourdain is just a stupid, ignorant, fat selvLoving prick!
Ishbu101 (1 year ago)
Shrimp is not healthy lol. They're bottom feeders
truth is indestructible (2 months ago)
and probably fed shit literally too
GOLDENFLY WARRIOR (2 months ago)
MOST Shrimp are also factory farmed and come from Asia.
Rachel S. (1 year ago)
You guys are so rude. Come on, Iggy looks great.
Aleksandar Milovanovic (2 months ago)
Maria Hewitt guy is 70 years old, he cant look like he is in 20's forever. He looks great for his yeears
Maria Hewitt (2 months ago)
Rachel S. Are you wearing your glasses?
TruthFoot (3 years ago)
*BOURDAIN GETS IT OH SO WRONG WHEN HE CALLS IGGY THE GODFATHER OF PUNK* At 0:13, stupidly, Bourdain says, _"Barbecue shrimp for the godfather of punk."_ Godfather of punk? That is laughable. *IGGY POP NEVER WAS THE GODFATHER OF PUNK. THAT IS YET ANOTHER BAD MYTH.* http://bizarrotheater.blogspot.com/2015/05/iggy-pop-never-was-godfather-of-punk.html #iggypop   #punkrock   #thestooges   #anthonybourdain
TruthFoot (2 years ago)
Catholicism? What are you, a whacked out druggie, +Hinge Head? No one is talking religion here. Your expressed stupidity is far from analogy. Jim Morrison was into nihilism and drug taking before James Osterberg. James idolized Morrison. By your idiocy, Morrison should be the godfather.  Good luck dummy!
Hinge Head (2 years ago)
+truthfoot Um - that argument doesn't even make sense. Catholicism was going down way before anyone alive today was born - it doesn't stop them from being godparents - just to drag the analogy along a gravel road a bit more.
TruthFoot (2 years ago)
_"...you can't hallucinate a belief."_ ~ +pdg887 Oh, that is right because beliefs do not happen in the mind, right? Beliefs are concrete things like bricks and timber made from matter, right?  Facts remain. Iggy Pop was not the godfather of punk. Iggy Pop started as Iggy Stooge and sang in a bad, tenth rate psychedelic rock band. Long after punk rockers started, James Osterberg tried to revitalize his career as under the new name, Iggy Pop. Better luck next time!
pdg887 (2 years ago)
+TruthFoot you can't hallucinate a belief. Let's go down the list: name-calling, bold, all caps, denying the legitimacy of any opposing viewpoints...I think we have a garden variety internet troll on our hands. Make sure to check your sister's basement for mold.
TruthFoot (2 years ago)
_"...while you seem to believe that Bourdain made it up out of nowhere. "_ +pdg887 Idiotically, you hallucinated that belief. Who are you? Are you Bourdain's mommy?
Dean Martin (3 years ago)
why bother eating healthy...look at him...he looks like road kill....he looks awful...far older then his age...so at this point...may as well eat poorly...cause u look like death
Rick Ton (1 month ago)
Jake B Stick to drugs cause you obviously don't know shit about digestion and nutrition.
Jake B (1 month ago)
Dean Martin someone doesn't know what kicking heroine looks like. Judging by your tone, and constipated look, you don't get much attention from the opposite sex.
GOLDENFLY WARRIOR (2 months ago)
Iggy may LOOK old due to way too much FLORIDA SUN yet he eats healthy and he works out too. He's also a runner like Mick Jagger.  Mick looks old too yet they can STILL make circles around todays over-weight generation of kids and adults.
Eric S (2 months ago)
Dean Martin well he is over 70
Dean Martin dean martin sucks
Astral Frost (3 years ago)
Well said!
Jonathan Belaspekta (3 years ago)
I love Iggy Pop, awesome.
H Q (2 months ago)
(((Bourdain))) was a serial child molester who raped children in accordance with (((Talmudic doctrine))). Somebody tell Iggy.
GOLDENFLY WARRIOR (2 months ago)
Iggy just got and still gets too much sun so have damaged skin. Yet for 70 he's pretty healthy.   Iggy is a on a vegan macrobiotic diet yet he also does care about animals too.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfuyiRHuK9U
OasisofSpirit (3 years ago)
Eating PORK??? Everyone KNOWS pork is ONE of the most UNHEALTHY meats you can eat!!!! REGARDLESS!!!
Rick Ton (1 month ago)
Kveldsmat obvious newfag is obvious
GOLDENFLY WARRIOR (2 months ago)
Eating Domestic Pigs is in FACT unhealthy. Animal fat is NOT healthy and yet it's NOT humans health that is the REAL issue yet the treatment of animals in factory farms and the objectification that makes CARNIST become flesh addicts and the mass slaughter of PIGS and other sentient animals. Colon Cancer is on the rise and the FRENCH have way too many sauces that are extremely unhealthy. YOU are no nutritionist for sure. Duck is VERY GREASIE!! Ate duck once as a kid and never again. Went vegetarian at age 10 and vegan not 16 years. Slaughtered animals body parts are way over rated and it's ALL the other veggies that really make the for taste. Eggs are NOT healthy! Dairy is also NOT healthy.
Daniel Almeida (1 year ago)
this is so stupid. People in France on average consume about 30 kilograms of pig meat alone per year. The rate is much higher in Southwestern France, which also has the highest life expectancy in the whole country apart from Ile de France. The Southwest diet is very meat and duck based. And being that France has one of the highest life expectancies in the world, we should take what you say with a grain of salt. Obviously processed pork isn't good like bacon, if you consume a lot. But pork isn't bad for you.
the chinese do not agree
chiki briki (2 years ago)
+OasisofSpirit Only animals don't know about delicacies

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