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Phone call brings hurricane victim to tears

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CNN's Brooke Baldwin tours the ruins of Mexico Beach, Florida, where residents describe their horror at the sight of what's been lost to Hurricane Michael. #CNN #News
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Randi Lewis (16 hours ago)
How about that wall? Since ppl on here love Trump so much. Get her done!!! I'm sure a hurricane can't knock it down right??? Vote for Trump Trumpsters you gotta really love him now Mexico beach🌴
GodlyGood Creatures (4 days ago)
Florida will stay Florida will rebuild! lovePrayers&strength from Malaysia.
dee jay (7 days ago)
Jonathan Reyes (7 days ago)
0:42 - Well, the _beach_ is still there...
Holman Garcia (8 days ago)
So now you know how the people from Yemen Iraq Syria, feel when your evils politicians (ISIS in the white house)boom them and kill their families and destroy their homes. The USA is the biggest terrorist organization in the world. Its has to much bloods in its hands.
Es S (8 days ago)
Where is Fox News?
The Truth (8 days ago)
"What do you do?"... Maybe not vote Republican? That would be a great start. Trump still hasn't read the recent groundbreaking report, nor attributed this hurricane to just the beginnings of Climate Change. It's only going to get more devastating. Hope you enjoyed The Day After Tomorrow. We're gonna be living it in our lifetimes.
WHO CARES (8 days ago)
I Wanted To Live in The South Which is including Southeastern States Which is Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, And The Carolinas But Now It's Not Worth The Time, Trip And Money To Live And Settle in Those Southern States Because OF Horrible Weather Conditions
Stephen Bray (8 days ago)
Thank you CNN for your extensive coverage of this disaster.
ziad welder (9 days ago)
reporter is hot mama
gina wylie (9 days ago)
My heart goes out to everyone that was hit by Michael Heartbreaking
ziad welder (9 days ago)
hey dump,instead of spending billions on military and wars abroad why not try fixing the east coast,flint,detroit etc
ziad welder (9 days ago)
has dump even started helping out with florence damage?
Chris Gates (9 days ago)
Prayers go out to Brooke Baldwin’s face. Probably should’ve ditched the sunglasses, eh Brooke?
Newly Walkaway (9 days ago)
Disgusting. CNN playing with the emotions of unfortunate hurricane victims. Sick.
Tara Aliyeva (9 days ago)
I'm sure by next week trump will CUT all aid and diverted to his LOVELY WALL! lol
michaelthemovieman (9 days ago)
Fap fap fap fap fap.
visakhans (9 days ago)
The Democrats climate policy is now questionable
David Adams (9 days ago)
Trump is too busy with Kanye to care.
Autumn Mills (9 days ago)
At lease bush tried Trump kinda bad at these disasters
Max Maxwell (9 days ago)
They need to get Trump down there ASAP to see if anyone was lucky enough to get a free boat in the ruins of their house! Apologies if this appears 500 times in previous posts, I’m to tired to bother looking.
Mitch Roselli (9 days ago)
TRUTH. https://youtu.be/FQBgFir8Zxo
Ricky Bobby (9 days ago)
Sad, and sadly Florida will be restored to normal long before Puerto Rico is.
Roscelle Visita (9 days ago)
Hey Trump voters in Florida, where was your God emperor when you needed him?
The Saint (8 days ago)
He was at the WH sucking on West's dick, this should show these trump supporters that got hit by the hurricane that he doesn't give a fuck about them!!!!!!
AlphakappaY (9 days ago)
I have no care in the world for the so called "mexico beach" residents. They are all white trash, rednecks. HOPEFULLY daddy trump will save them. Racist pieces of crap.. the chickens will continue to come home to roost. Can you all believe this, they call themselves mexico beach??? Wow!
Raynard Jackson (9 days ago)
Millions of illegals, LGBT scum, N'egroes, Jews, Junkies, Drug addicts, weirdos and communists living in Florida. The corrupt banana narco state is rotten.
CNN loves Death , Murder, Rape Story's....Devil network with Witch Brooke & Lizzaerd Cooper.😈😈😈
Florida is a failed narco state.
FUN FACT (9 days ago)
Meanwhile Trump and Kanye are ranting about how much they love themselves in the Oval Office. Trump don't care about Floridians yet they will vote for Republicans whom do Trump's bidding. FL was the floodgate to Trump victory in the 2016 presidential election. Because of their votes we have to suffer with them. I don't give a shit about these Floridians.. let these bitches suffer and hope in the future they will stop voting against their interest. I doubt it though.
The Saint (8 days ago)
Well said there, Trump should be in the Florida panhandle right now helping these people instead of sucking West's dick at the WH, this should clearly show those trump supporters especially the ones that got hit by Hurricane Michael that he doesn't gives a fuck about them but they're to fucking STUPID to see it!!!
😂😂😂Devil Fake News !! Crisis bad actors
Highplains Drifter (9 days ago)
I laugh at everyone of you fools everytime I see total destruction like this. A very simple change in the design of homes from square to round would change everything but you people are still stuck on stupid and I believe it it not change anytime soon.
Randy Bell (9 days ago)
People, News agency’s like CNN are the enemy of Democrats and Republicans. Carefully pay close attention to what they tell you and show you.
Randy Bell (9 days ago)
Trump will win Florida again because they love him.
The Saint (8 days ago)
Sad but true, instead of sucking West's dick at the WH, he should be in the Florida panhandle right now helping these people especially his base the got hit by the hurricane, this should clearly show to his base that he doesn't give a fuck about them!!!
jaime delgado (9 days ago)
keep telling yourselves climate change ia a hoax. the forrest fires will also get worse
Acatl Xipatli (9 days ago)
God is punishing the narco banana republic of Florida
Airik Luna (9 days ago)
Maybe next time lie and say it's a zombie apocalypse then these people will run to safety.
Liesbeth De Vries (9 days ago)
I'm so sorry for the people. What devastation 😢
Jobri (9 days ago)
Don't mean to sound heartless, but it's not brave to "stay and rebuild" in areas that get fucked every couple years.
trugb24 (9 days ago)
She said fire alarms that maybe came too late. Fire alarms have hurricane detection also? lol
Mr Shurman (9 days ago)
And where was president bone spur oh yeah that's right he was doing a rally in Ohio
Barb Ebersole (9 days ago)
Fake news! Fake reporters! Fake storm!
Ramon J Lechuga (9 days ago)
CNN= fake news
Cheryle Johnson (9 days ago)
Rebuild , this time building for where you live at reinforce your building procedures, water and wind ! One of the finest areas to be in the United States, there is a cost , we have the technology to counter act this , we be very expensive to do , wow such a great area terrible , calculate and build above the calculations.
Deja Vu (9 days ago)
I hope she remembers that cnn is not fake news!!! Fox would care less about her reaching her family.
Keith Peters (9 days ago)
Isn't it nice to know that TRUMP was entertaining an IDIOT while this was going on.
crispix120 (9 days ago)
Mother Nature can be cruel. We even have tornados and hurricanes in Europe, because of climate change. Although they are not so common here as in America.
J B (9 days ago)
Empathy for the loss, however, you live on the beach. Did you have a plan to exit and take the important things with you? Did you not watch the news? You had days to prep for an exit. Hey living on the beach is sweet, but you know that comes with a risk.
John O (9 days ago)
Trump had a rally during the hurricane. VOTE for real leadership!!
Chris Ashcroft (9 days ago)
For all those thinking you are saving money by not dealing with global warming...get out your calculators. Remember, this is just 1 storm.
Scottie Ross (9 days ago)
Looks like a A bomb went off.
Real American (9 days ago)
That is a great thing that Brooke Baldwin and CNN did to that lady who was scared. SHe gave her a phone so she can call her child knowing they are okay. That put tears to my eyes. God bless them all.
"Oh look, hes crying..lets shove the camera further into his face...."
Purr Cat (9 days ago)
Problem with the call is that CNN is fake news so you never know if something is staged by CNN fake news.
Purr Cat (5 days ago)
And then he Explained it all away. 👼😸
nascar427 (9 days ago)
Yes, like sitting on your knees to make the water look higher
RuDu SheWhe (9 days ago)
Cho양키없는조국 (9 days ago)
The gift given to trump from the paris climate change convention.
Al Gore Bot (9 days ago)
“Sources Close to CNN, tell CNN, Kanye escaped from the Democrat plantation and must be captured or destroyed.”
TheDesert IsPatient (9 days ago)
Ya know in Indonesia they have 2000 dead and over 5000 missing from the tsunami and earthquake last week; guess that’s not news-worthy in American.
J Lind (9 days ago)
Seven days, five are over now. Sure, 10, 38; Sure 2,23-24. So read. Alpha and Omega coming. TRUE SURE 3,47: Allah said, " Ba'al, how can I conceive a child, if no human ever touched me?" Ba'al said, " It will happen, when you really want to, it will happen, when you come in terms with yourself, in balance. Your conscious and the unconscious thrive for balance, learn to achieve it. God creates whatever THEY want to. To achieve anything you could have ever dreamed of, or imagined, to let reality change at will; THEY face their own selfs, counsel together, and think and feel it through together, and only then THEY say, "BE", and it, " IS"! TRUE SURE 3,48: You can't seal what is not in balance, Muhammad was in balance, Jesus was in balance, Moshe was in balance; in balance with Allah, in balance with their feelings, their love, their goddess. Their power. Nothing is ever truely gone. How long do you just want to believe that? Life is hell on earth, through such thinking. You must awake. Wake up. Your ancestors are not really dead, nothing is. But there is true suffering awaiting as long as you don't understand, and just believe, and thus be egocentrical. This destroys the balance, this destroys you. You destroy yourself. Listen and open your heart. Now. Or don't and suffer for real. J.
isaac651 (9 days ago)
Sending a dollar goes a lot further to help out then "thoughts and prayers"
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ (9 days ago)
damn someone played sim city and had enough of that city poor souls
Trump is talking to Kanye instead of talking to the homeless. It's a sad state in this country.
SuperUbermensch (9 days ago)
Trump's too busy collecting campaign contributions while he sucks his own dick at one campaign rally after another to be bothered with storm victims, priorities you know..Kanye comes first.
Scott Dupont (9 days ago)
Now that most circus shows have stopped due to animal cruelty laws, I simply watch CNN for freak show entertainment. Regardless of what time you tune in, you see multiple clowns spewing Americans with lies and fantasies. Watching this network is like the torture of watching a circus performance go awfully wrong. At least the clowns on CNN make me laugh. Then I simply changed and come back to reality.
Tessmage Tessera (9 days ago)
Brooke Baldwin is quite possibly the hottest looking newscaster that I have ever seen.
Archie Bunker (9 days ago)
President Trump will be there to help everyone
The Saint (8 days ago)
Wrong bitch, your wanna be dictator is at the WH sucking a West's dick!!!
Jacob Schneider (9 days ago)
don't worry, it'll be Trump's fault cause of that horseshit global warming farce... maybe Duh duh duh Russians did it, derrrrr...
HIdalgo yakerson (9 days ago)
They should really start banning wooden houses that cant withstand cat 5 winds along the US coastline. i know they look good. but this cheap method baffles me as to why its still being used. you can decorate with wood on the exterior but thats it. but just like guys, wood companies will lobby against such a Logical solution to total devastation.
Shan Hussain (9 days ago)
Whose boat is that?
Albert Schmalbert (9 days ago)
Is that reporter just really tall or is everyone in that town really short? She towered over everyone.
vk vk (9 days ago)
If you building homes whit bricks and concrete this will not happen
Cambo Rambo (9 days ago)
Cambo Rambo (9 days ago)
Q ANON 🇺🇸👍
Cambo Rambo (9 days ago)
What does this have to do with Trump? Isn't this the anti-Trump 24/7 channel? This looks suspiciously like news 🤔
LEGACY PROJECT (9 days ago)
Whole areas of Florida gone. Trump has tea with Kanye. What a sham pres
Paul Kudla (9 days ago)
I would imagine that the feeling one would have as a powerful hurricane barrels down upon your life is “helpless “. If described synonymously? I would say. Kinda like being 9 and thrown into a cage separated from my parents. A completely helpless feeling. Yo se’. Yo se’
Kevin Bowers (9 days ago)
Who is just female reporter with the fake tan and the orange hair... Looks like she's following someone's trend
JamieLan2011 (9 days ago)
So sad seeing the devastation. I only experienced an earthquake twice in my life. And I was fortunate that both times, neither myself or the people I cared about were hurt. The damage to our property were also relatively light so we were able to easily pick ourselves back up from the incident. I can only imagine what these people are going through. The only thing I can do is send donations.
Darksydesamy (9 days ago)
Once again CNN exploited victims for views. No surprise here.
ana R (10 days ago)
This made cry its one of the worst hurricane and the president is having that foolish meeting
Simon Dover (10 days ago)
Difficult to feel sorry. They build with softwood, plywood and plasterboard. Breezblock foundations. Then tell the rest of the world our concerns on climate change are stupid. Business leaders go on TV bragging about buying up properties in the keys. No concerns. No injuries let alone deaths and they cry over inanimate objects, like this is an unforseen tragedy that has victimised them. Go to Asia and learn from the people there how to grow up.
r dh (10 days ago)
I can't imagine losing your home and everything you have worked for. Hope they get help from somewhere 😔😔😔
bob builder (10 days ago)
something about not building on flood plains
nascar427 (9 days ago)
yes, and build with reinforced poured concrete. Not build with sticks
Unapologetically Me (10 days ago)
My poor babies, my heart goes out to all of you. I know how you all feel. Words can't Express the hurt and pain you all are going through. Trust me you all will survive this, you are all resilient, and you will come back strong. 13 years later I am doing fine, things are replaceable, you will get through this, and you all will come back bigger and better. My heart goes out to all of the survivors. Know that we are praying for you, and we will help you all get through this. Katrina survivor, lost everything, but I am still here, and you guys will make it through this. Love you all.
lisa avalos (10 days ago)
Why couldn't Kanye and Trump have their lunch there if CNN got there I'm pretty sure Air Force One could've have got them there . They could have done so much and help so many people instead of being comfortable and disrespecting the Oval Office my heart goes out to everybody that's then affected bye the hurricane if I had the kind of money those two have I would do so much but all I have to offer is a prayer I'm so sorry my prayers are with you
Viktor Rr (10 days ago)
That's just a beginning Gods revenge is at hand for orthodox world split caused by US with the help of nazi Ukraine Bloody Sunday is coming
Neil gomillion (10 days ago)
I assure you if this was Martha’s Vineyard destroyed Trump would have been there in a flash. It’s sooo sad how people lost everything.😢
Erik Laken (10 days ago)
How do's iT feel to have a president is WHO do's not believe in Climate Change?
Mike Andrews (10 days ago)
CNN going to Florida to jam microphones in people's face to get that sweet grief and tears on camera.
JJ L (10 days ago)
Build with concrete!
JJ L (10 days ago)
No lumber houses in China, all are either concrete or brick and mortar .
alex seioo (10 days ago)
What do you expect? Light wooden structures on the shore. And most of them are probably insured and will be rebuild with the same material again. 18th century technology. Federal government encourages this idiotic behavior (for example through NFIP).
Thomas Smith (10 days ago)
Hey...we could have another war in the Middle East and spend all the government's money over there, OR we could invest it here back home...hmm...tough call...What should we do?
Barack nObama (10 days ago)
And let's chant #MAGA because it makes you feel like superman - Idiots
RedZeshinX (10 days ago)
Those poor people... I hope they'll be alright.
fk you tubers (10 days ago)
But wait let's talk about the major issue at hand what happened to Kanye's Instagram😒gtfoh☻
harikili (10 days ago)
Yahya Towaqeen (10 days ago)
You have to live in an atmosphere of destruction in the Middle East ... You are the cause of the destruction of Our countries.
Susan Immac (10 days ago)
miuller07 IMN (10 days ago)
Trump does not want to help because he thinks Mexico beach is in Mexico
Charlotte Kerr (10 days ago)
I live here in America but was born in Scotland ...don’t understand why you don’t make houses our of brick not wood ...

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