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TOMATOHEAD VS THANOS! THE *TRUE* STORY! Ep.5 (Short Fortnite BR Movie) - Fortnite: Battle Royale

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Tomatohead vs Thanos! Who will win? Fortnite Infinity War Part 2 The True Story! A Fortnite Battle Royale short movie! Episode 1! The Tomatohead: https://bit.ly/2rsaPOW Episode 2! OMEGA: https://youtu.be/APN9QeG3_ac TRAILER for Episode 3: https://bit.ly/2jA9wtW Episode 3! THANOS: https://youtu.be/DEqlgmfepQk Episode 4 Part 1! Wick vs Thanos: https://youtu.be/28rDw9d2Qtg Episode 5 Part 2! Tomatohead vs Thanos Episode 6 Part 3! COMING SOON! Please enjoy! Music ► Evan King: https://www.youtube.com/user/EvanKingAudio Click Here To Subscribe! ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWyA... Want to donate? : https://bit.ly/2rAu3oS ➜Join my Discord ► https://discord.gg/kings ➜ Epic Games: YTKingS Hope you enjoy! ➜Click Here To Subscribe! http://bit.ly/youtubeKingS __________________________________________________ ➜My setup: KIT ► https://kit.com/KingSgaming/stream-setup ➜Social Media Links!: ➜ Instagram: http://instagram.com/kingschannel/ ➜ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Stiano88 ➜ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kingsyoutube ➜ Snapchat: stiano88 ➜ PC Games: https://www.g2a.com/r/kingsyoutube
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Text Comments (1097)
KingSgaming (18 hours ago)
A bit late but here is the final episode! Please enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMRumPQ_tig
pro dabbers 2005 (8 hours ago)
Whay wander wamen had to die she didnt had a lot of screen time
Cosmog GD (18 hours ago)
What's Next? Defualt Skin VS Thanos As A Bonus Episode XD (it's a good idea)
Tactical Assault Rifle (22 hours ago)
Im hyped
Jay Soriano (1 day ago)
this is like marvel
Marla King (1 day ago)
That's not Wonder Woman idiot
thesingingcinccino (1 day ago)
They really like dancing XD
Flash_2000 RB (2 days ago)
Pls do a rust lord vid
margarita alvarez (2 days ago)
Make more
I was eating popcorn through this
Neville (2 days ago)
Battlehawk said what Peter said lol
Ryan Casillan (2 days ago)
"Hi,"Wander Wamen!"
TheOnceLer Plays (2 days ago)
Wander women failed the landing so bad
I love your videos there Are the Best videos in the fucking world
isaac g (3 days ago)
if only the snap emote came out before so thanos can snap instead of doing the groove jam 😂
ManiaMadness (3 days ago)
"Carbide, I don't feel so good."
iamtau rasia (3 days ago)
U should edit tomato thanks head to a tomato
iamtau rasia (3 days ago)
iamtau rasia (3 days ago)
He aim out of his cheek so pro
iamtau rasia (3 days ago)
5:18 top ten snipers
Like A Boss (4 days ago)
isnt ded John Wick the raven though?
MaoSoldat Bride (4 days ago)
10:53 music?
Fortnitly Gamer (4 days ago)
Mr carbide i dont feel do good
Dominick Bigornia (4 days ago)
This reminds me how did the avengers died
Gpsingh Grewal (4 days ago)
11:19 when you watch your squad mate die just so you can take the loot
funkytown243 5 (4 days ago)
funkytown243 5 (4 days ago)
Love it when they in control center and dance lol
Frankie Marquardt (5 days ago)
8:04 Top 10 Anime Betrayals
Hussein Ali (5 days ago)
No tomatothanos
:3 3: (5 days ago)
"After tomatothanos (lol) snapped his *FIGERS* almost everyone on fortnite island died" XD
:3 3: (5 days ago)
:3 3: (5 days ago)
XXEthan ReubenXX (6 days ago)
King has to get a mil subs now he is so good i luv his vids he is so awesome subscribe now or if u dont youll be MINEE Read More
THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! I'm getting goosebumbs
MasterLi (6 days ago)
Dat intro do
Angela Wortham (6 days ago)
Miles Mutant (6 days ago)
Thanos is super cool
Noob999 #superbad (7 days ago)
I love these vids
aaealvarez1004 (7 days ago)
In the avengers movie Thanos has to snap his fingers so half the world people die
A Hassett (7 days ago)
Better than the movie!XD
McWox (7 days ago)
9:30 Groove Jam xD
Jose Heredia (7 days ago)
NICE kings studeos
John T. Ralston Jr. (7 days ago)
Love the intro
HMC GAMER (8 days ago)
That was sad
HUMANCANDY YT (8 days ago)
Im just waiting for ARK music ;) 000000000 U FORGOT!
EyeGamer Kid (8 days ago)
Can black night stop tomatothanos next one plzzz
George Issa (8 days ago)
The final episode nowww pleasee
Bryan Bendy (8 days ago)
I want tat intro for my chanel
Joshua Gross (8 days ago)
This is my favorite Fortnite series so far.
Joshua Gross (8 days ago)
This is my favorite Fortnite series so far.
TomatoHead noooooo why! And pls make i full movie
emeraldwolf1 YT (8 days ago)
For the finale can you bring back everyone who died and bringin some new agents pls bring in battle hawk John wick. Raven. Leviathan. And wander wamen and finally bring in a good tomato head and you can bring in other skins as well
Ethan Hall (8 days ago)
:) Anyone else love these episodes?!
Ethan Hall (8 days ago)
Who is now tomatothanos
Ethan Hall (8 days ago)
Super hyped for last episode!!! Can’t wait to see who fight tomato head
Charlie Rittenberg (8 days ago)
This editing is ridicaualy good
Koen (8 days ago)
Love the intro
Madison C (8 days ago)
Lmao, at 3:46, "CRAP! I missed" That made me laugh lol XD
diego trevino (8 days ago)
Pretty awesome vids man it's pretty amazing what your doing Keep it up... Love this
LIL GOAT (9 days ago)
Sub to me get a sub back
Last Six (9 days ago)
This is better than most things I’ve watched. Very, very suspenseful.
Melissa Daley (9 days ago)
Cool video
Itz Callum (9 days ago)
10:42 is the tac shotgun in top left but really cool vid
Spyder Z Productions (9 days ago)
Forgot valor Edit : put that before I watched the whole video
TrueGamer Trey (9 days ago)
*gets hit by a meteor infinity punch* “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?”
The SharpShooter YT (9 days ago)
11:05 hit me wit dat meme referance
ThadMen PH (9 days ago)
Crap I miss😂
DXBGamerZ YTZ (9 days ago)
Another one pls
Hmm (9 days ago)
Use the battle hound in the next one pls
Jake Anto (9 days ago)
Videos rock
nimisha verma (9 days ago)
Absolutely great video. Combining one of the hottest movies this year with one of the hottest games. Keep up the good work
PandaKoiDog Elsword (9 days ago)
Dam this is good. IM HYPED You had to dab in these though....
Baby Crab (9 days ago)
Jordan Sulkowski (9 days ago)
I subbed liked and turned on notifications keep up the good work bro i'm loving the content!!!
Vincent Ryan (9 days ago)
Your video are so cooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!
brolo dude (9 days ago)
Karine Lubois (9 days ago)
Pls continue
Karine Lubois (9 days ago)
it's the best Fortnite series on YouTube!!!!!!!!!
RandomThings (10 days ago)
Love the way you did the marvel intro but in fortnite that must have taken a lot of time you earned a sub 👍
RandomThings (10 days ago)
0:21 “Mr.Stark. I don’t feel so good
Cristian 124 (10 days ago)
Yo these are so good you should make more
Areannah Lara (10 days ago)
What the heck tomato head was my favorite
NinjaiceGt (10 days ago)
Is battkehawk spider man
Zach Hur (10 days ago)
Why BattleHawk
Isaac Cruz (10 days ago)
Cole Matecki (10 days ago)
love the sieries
Sunoco Cup Series (10 days ago)
I really hope raven will be in the final episode
Jumper Ninja (10 days ago)
You Should create the past before this all happend
chey moore (10 days ago)
crap I missed
Marcus Myers (10 days ago)
Tracer My boy (10 days ago)
wander wamen XD
The Killer66 (10 days ago)
It’s so good
The Killer66 (10 days ago)
The fucking intro man
Kdkddm Jejdjdjd (10 days ago)
Where is omega
Tom Reep (10 days ago)
Coal_the_BOSS Boom (10 days ago)
MasterSword (10 days ago)
Not true u just trying to get wiews
Hacker Man (10 days ago)
When is part 3 coming?
Ben's world (10 days ago)
THAT WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!
IgnoringThread978 (10 days ago)
seri khadizah (10 days ago)
when d u create another one love ur vids

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