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Judge flips out after getting flipped off

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Proving that 'some people have to learn the hard way,' a Miami woman learned not to flip off a judge. For more CNN videos, visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/
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Text Comments (14148)
Gavin Rainey (1 hour ago)
Trash of the world
Tom Yazel (8 hours ago)
Judge did NOT flip out...the bratty little girl does a bit but not the judge.
Tolvvy - (11 hours ago)
The US desperately needs rehabilitation
G Worsham (12 hours ago)
Dumn Florida moron
Bobby Hood (19 hours ago)
She's a dumbass intitled brat who learned what her family money means in the real world enjoy your 30days pop tart!
Mark Holcomb (1 day ago)
Adios, $10000 for that? That’s extremely stupid. Get off your high horse and judge correctly.
When the judge says adios killed me
Melanie Mendez (1 day ago)
How bow daht
Homer J Simpson (1 day ago)
And the judge shall be judged as well by the Almighty judge lest he forgets the day of judgement is coming for all!
holden (1 day ago)
bright young woman who will have a great career as a junky prostitute.
ändrew Salter (1 day ago)
Dumb cunt !!! Maybe she learnt a lesson !! Though I doubt it
La Family (1 day ago)
He keeps saying come back
Caffeine Nalt (1 day ago)
She should get killed and molested in jail.
Judge was being disrespectful too saying "bye, bye", so she was asking the same way. Anyway the video is funny.
Leon Staal (1 day ago)
She is a piece of trash
Demario Thomas (2 days ago)
She look like a drug addict
l UNBALANCED l (2 days ago)
p 3vedi (2 days ago)
Define savage.
Darko Fist (2 days ago)
I'd fuck her, she deserves it.
Ender Xanderion (2 days ago)
Wasn't she supposed to sentence to death?
Eurobeat Guy (2 days ago)
the judge in this video, Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat, died back in 2017. Rip ;(
Raymond Lu (2 days ago)
Adios Isn’t That Bad, She’s Just Immature Lol
ImNotPaulAvery69 (2 days ago)
"imagine you're a deer. You're walking along, you get Thirsty, you put spot a little brook, you put your little deer lips down to the cool clear water... BAM! A FUCKING BULLET RIPS OFF PART OF YOUR HEAD, YOUR BRAINS ARE LAYING ON THE GROUND IN LITTLE BLOODY PIECES. NOW I ASK YA, WOULD YOU GIVE A FUCK WHAT KIND OF PANTS THE SON OF A BITCH WHO SHOT YOU WAS WEARING?" - Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny
Paul Mckendrick (2 days ago)
Ni such thing as freedom of speech around judges and police apparantly
SPECIAL FORCES (3 days ago)
Blue Pig Gaming (3 days ago)
Blue Pig Gaming (3 days ago)
So saying bye in spanish is an offense in court? Thats great.
Blue Pig Gaming (3 days ago)
Omg u told a judge to f off. Awww
Blue Pig Gaming (3 days ago)
Freedom of speech
Lohan John (3 days ago)
A trash stupid cunt and a skin of the dick cucked by wife old fart. They fit so well.
Rheibet Atheleberseth (3 days ago)
What a stupid little cunt...the little bitch I mean.
lil smurf (3 days ago)
Don't make the judge angry.. Dude, It's FATAL
Silver007 (3 days ago)
Hes up his own backside!!! UK judges don't actually like that!!!?
Tyler Frederick (3 days ago)
Wow! Never flip the bird on a judge!
Satan's stepson (3 days ago)
She looks like a 2 dollar whore
Dana Montiero (3 days ago)
It’s not surprising you Lauren Forssman always tries to abuse their power when they feel like they can but she said that stuck up her middle finger either
chris walker (3 days ago)
Wow kids are so lost
samsquanch1996 (3 days ago)
I didn't know Rob Reiner was a judge.
The fuck is adios Is this a dora the explorer refference
Aaron Jaggan (4 days ago)
So she should have said goodbye instead?
SCR3WY R4881T (4 days ago)
She so dumb, she needs to grow up bro🤦🏽‍♂️🔞
Godzilla (4 days ago)
Stupid little non educated moron girl"
Hector (4 days ago)
begone T H O T
•The M3ssage Man• (4 days ago)
Say something stupid, get ready to pay the stupid consequence, unless ur a politician
Teresa Ward (4 days ago)
She is pretty but she was stupid. Poor little thing. Her hand was in the lions' mouth and she kept aggravating him.
HAZE er (4 days ago)
1:22 wAsSaP
blue hacker (5 days ago)
Tom_AC11 (5 days ago)
Dan Smokey (5 days ago)
earbud83 (5 days ago)
Shes so hot!!!
earbud83 (4 days ago)
I know👌🏻💦
Gooby (4 days ago)
You have low standards.
Blue Diamond (5 days ago)
Sentence her to 30hrs community service in my bed😭😭👅
stupid Dead (5 days ago)
This Judge should be should be judged by that girl, because shed do a better job of judging and we all know it.
The Khan (5 days ago)
Personally I didn't think nowt wrong with "adios" and she was being pleasant at that time??!!??
yuval158 (5 days ago)
what is the judge's ethnicity?
Augustus Wayne (5 days ago)
I think the judge was a little bit harsh . He seems like one of those " hey look at me , I am a judge . I can do whatever I want to " motherf**kers . Just my opinion.
Dave N. (5 days ago)
Awesome judge.
Steven Jones (5 days ago)
The court systems are going to chew up and spit out millennials like Zebra brand chewing gum.
daniel finn (5 days ago)
Smart mouth little bitch.
Fernando De La Cruz (5 days ago)
She gonna cry in her cell lol...
Tamzid Shubon (5 days ago)
Thug law
ASMR Carlos (5 days ago)
Danielle bregoli wyd???
Nicole Villa (5 days ago)
Lava_Slayer77 MCPE (5 days ago)
She's actually kinda hot 😍☺️😝
José Couchet (5 days ago)
what a hero!
dahirow sheikh (6 days ago)
Crazy girl
Toasty 218 (6 days ago)
remove jeanne please
BRANDEN POPY (6 days ago)
rich and spoiled ..
Typhoid Feverr (6 days ago)
that judge should lose his job hes clearly corrupt
collwyr (6 days ago)
im curious is there an official video of the whole conversation between the two, because based off this video alone, I would say the judge is in the wrong here.. yeah the "adios" seemed a little sassy but it definitively didn't warrant this judge to be a massive cock back to her, hes meant to be the adult. so I'm curious if she was cheeky/sassy for awhile that leading up to this "adios" made the judge flip out a little. but I still have to make the point the judge forced the reaction on purpose and blame should be placed on to him as well.. you don't go actively seeking to wind up someone and then expect to be the innocent person if it bites you in the ass.
C Brown (6 days ago)
Don't you just love equality?
NapaGhost (6 days ago)
30 days is never harsh. Bitch ain't shit
XxShadowGTxX (6 days ago)
Today I learned that adios means "Shut up, Pussie" in spanish.
Lit Plumber (6 days ago)
I'm sad. She didn't piss him off enough. Should've said "give me life or I'm coming to your house and shooting my brains over you while you're having sex"
SuicidalMattress (6 days ago)
She’s hot as fuck
Wow what a savage 0-0
UnknownHero76 (6 days ago)
Judge was calm he didnt flip out
Chris Little (6 days ago)
She is kinda hot... but dumb as a box of rocks!
Samuel Jackson (6 days ago)
The justice system oppressing poor brown people. What else is new?
He deserves to have some bad shit happen to him for what he just did to that girl
They got this invisible book they want people to go by but don't want to tell them the rules and keep people in the dark while they throw people's life away as of it's a piece of tolit paper they just wiped there ass with then they go home to their big fancy home and sleep like a baby after destroying someone's life because she made a gesture he like
Cheefus Smith (6 days ago)
don't say "fuck you" in open court. is that really a rule you need explained to you? he didn't "destroy" her life - he was trying to help her.
Zed (6 days ago)
Dumb bitch
Carmen Cotto (6 days ago)
Sylvia Ross (7 days ago)
That's a kid whose mama never took a hickory switch to her bottom.
Raymond Stemmer (7 days ago)
That judge is a homosexual !
Raymond Stemmer (7 days ago)
That girl knew the judge was a bird lover ! Is it American justice or Mexican justice ? I'll bet he on the bench from illegal voting from migrants ! Sa la vie !
Cheefus Smith (6 days ago)
he's cuban, retard. he also served in our military. what have you done for your country?
Clorox Bleach (7 days ago)
2:31 wtf boi if you don’t
Paul Gomes (7 days ago)
Bummer she didn't say "Cash me ousside how bow Dat"
Blake Handel (7 days ago)
Cnn is fake news!
Cheefus Smith (6 days ago)
and this is just another example of that. highly-edited, misleading and completely ignores the fact that she said "fuck you" in open court.
Wuera Forever (7 days ago)
I wanna be a judge so I can do this to stupid people.
Donald J. Boognish (7 days ago)
sharondipity (7 days ago)
Too bad Soto’s father didn’t pull out sooner.
Trumpy Jake (7 days ago)
Cash me outside
vanilli perez (7 days ago)
Fucking girl
Just some satanist. (7 days ago)
Why does the judge look like a fucking persian cat? Also why does he have an italian accent if he is american?
Just some satanist. (6 days ago)
Cheefus Smith Does not explain why he looks like a persian cat.
Cheefus Smith (6 days ago)
He's Cuban, genius.
Trunkzz (8 days ago)
She's good looking but damn stupid ...
Arman charles (8 days ago)
hahhaha awsome gal
Elida Espinoza (8 days ago)
This girls a fucking idiot. I would've beat her ass .
GunstarGizmo (8 days ago)
This drug will be legalized in 50yrs.
Jonasklam (8 days ago)
fucking americans and their shit legal system
Cheefus Smith (6 days ago)
fucking internet experts criticizing things they don't understand.

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