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Tron Legacy: An Underrated Gem

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Text Comments (856)
The Dave Cullen Show (11 months ago)
I should also point out that this film benefits from what I call "The Easy Watch Factor". Basically it's not drawn out or tiring, it doesn't drag thanks to its well structured plot and consistent pacing. It flows well.
CaptainComedy (13 days ago)
Its a very good movie, cause the budget isnt crazy but its a great quality movie for 2010
Jan Kapuściński (25 days ago)
I loved that movie and I have no idea why other people dont
compmanio36 (25 days ago)
A great point. The movie is not the "best" at anything except perhaps the music. That is amazing. But it's very watchable, and looks great on a HD screen. It's pure entertainment.
Steven Baal (1 month ago)
for me, the uncanny valley-ness of Clu made sense because he was fake.
B. O.B.! (2 months ago)
thank you , ahh finally someone who likes it as well.
Robert Ortiz-Wilson (2 hours ago)
Wait? Solo was on that list? BOY WERE THEY WRONG!
FlameHeart979 (12 hours ago)
Really upset they aren't making a third film. Word on the streets is that Tron 3 was cancelled because the Tomorrowland film with George Clooney did not do well. And for good reason; that movie was a pretty big disappointment. It wasn't totally awful, but there was a ton of unrealized potential. I feel like Tron was maturing, and the third film would have been the best. Now we may never get to see that happen. It's sad.
Erik Handel (1 day ago)
I knew I wasn't crazy for loving this
Spacegoat92 (2 days ago)
Generally speaking, if a film critic doesn't like a film. There's a very high chance i will love it...
daniel white (2 days ago)
The music, dude. The music is just...damn
The movie is really underated.
DemilleJr (3 days ago)
I've often wondered if CLU's original intent was to capture Alan, since it was his pager that CLU sent the message.
Aditya Dandwate (3 days ago)
Everyone like Tron Legacy!
The Gamer And Videos (5 days ago)
The Cartoon guy, he is using looks like this man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0i4dCQWE-1E
I remember tron legacy, i saw it in theatres, and i really liked it aswell, and its definitely worth a watch.
The Gamer And Videos (5 days ago)
The Cartoon guy, he is using looks like this man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0i4dCQWE-1E
LT. Pheonix (6 days ago)
You gotta admit the whole movie looks smooth and beautiful
Steve Smith (6 days ago)
Father, Son, Holy nice ass Spirit and CLU.
darth revan (6 days ago)
Tron Legacy Was a good movie I say 8 out 10
tnc (7 days ago)
Literally never understood why this movie didn’t get more recognition 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
CIVILISED degenerate (7 days ago)
How have I not seen this video of yours! So glad others see the beauty of Tron: Legacy. As perfect as you can get imo
HJ Hooch (7 days ago)
I loved Tron Legacy. Couldn't understand why it wasn't embraced by the masses. Also loved that animated Troy series with Elijah Wood. A shame they didn't continue them both
Magicstockton (8 days ago)
Nah. Tron Legacy was excellent.
Bryce Dunlap (8 days ago)
Naw, I absolutely loved that movie
BungyStudios (8 days ago)
The new Samsung nvme SSD advertisement is the second sequel.
Hard to believe it has already been 8 years since this came out. I doubt there will ever be another movie quite like it, Disney really missed a beat not green lighting a third installment - the fan base is clearly there for it.
Jose Trevino (8 days ago)
TRON 3 NEEDS to happen.
Sannic19 Cheese (8 days ago)
Unironiclly one of my favorite movies of all time.
Peter Trieshi (8 days ago)
when i watch tron legacy i excuse the bad cg on clu's face as the fault of him being a beta human in kevin's new tron world which was made with 80's tech. even in the flashbacks it looks like a worn-out vhs tape because clu took over tron in the 80's
Plebchok (8 days ago)
Daft Punk would think you're a daft cunt. Must be weird knowing that almost every pop culture person who you respect would treat you like a human fart if they ever met you.
Barry Bend (8 days ago)
You know the original tron sequel is a videogame tron 2.0 Killer app. Also I find the fact the Grid "evolved" is kinda a bad thing as the grid was a 64 bit computer system. You even return to it in the game.
Selin Naz Sur (8 days ago)
I LOVE this movie and no critic will change my mind.
Tim Osmin (9 days ago)
Favorite movie.
MR Jack (9 days ago)
I really enjoyed this movie despite the poor critic reviews. The soundtrack is beautiful and really made the movie for me. The soundtrack is one of the most memorable and something I still listen to frequently. If you’re interested in a third movie, search for Tron Destiny on YouTube. It’s a fan made trailer, but pretty decent with good music and a very interesting premise that I feel would wrap up both of the first 2 movies. I hope a third movie with that story gets made at some point, with the same actors.
Venom (9 days ago)
this movie was actually a bag of fuck shit
GoodOlMighty (9 days ago)
Don't forget that gem of a duo Daft Punk's cameo, quite awesome indeed!
CloudVII (10 days ago)
This was one of the best sequels I've ever seen.. it's such a shame it wasn't understood.
Maximus Prime (11 days ago)
Its visually stunning and the soundtrack is awesome but overall the story is weak sauce. Clu still looks terrible amidst the superior sfx on display throughout the rest of the film.
BangingMash (11 days ago)
This movie is nearly a decade old & you're comparing the CGI likeness of Jeff Bridges to movies that have come out in the past year? It was groundbreaking at the time!
vickey tanenui (12 days ago)
All my seven kids loved this movie! If i put thor and xmen or iron man movies in front of then they would always choose tron i didnt get this movie but my kids did i think disney have missed the point !!
Ashlee* Dawn (12 days ago)
Yes! Someone is finally talking about this movie!
Monko Games (12 days ago)
the music made this perfect film even better
marcus klem (12 days ago)
if Daft Punk had done the sound tracks and music for the last Jedi it would have been more bearable
Omega Frog (12 days ago)
Great character development...profound cgi...such a tremendously underrated sequel. And the soundtrack is absolutely awesome...
w26240 (12 days ago)
Its still better then any Marvel movie crap.
Alex Fosler (13 days ago)
This is my favorite movie. It's AWESOME
Gizziiusa (13 days ago)
Quorra mentioned that Castor was an ISO to Kevin. the Star in the constellation of gemini named castor is also called gem. castor is also the son of zeus i suspect that castor and gem are actually fraternal twins (gemini twins). so, Gem is secretly also an ISO with a real name Pollux.
Joseph Crittell (13 days ago)
I liked Legacy. I liked it a lot, actually. But, I wanted more. I wanted more gladiator games, more time with Jeff. It just didn't feel complete to me.
Gizziiusa (13 days ago)
i agree. i wanted at least one scene with a tank or tanks battling, and more use of the regulators.
Ice Leone (13 days ago)
Every frame of this movie is an amazing wallpaper
Lexilou Faith (14 days ago)
Thank you!!!
bremelo workshop (14 days ago)
Agreed this was a really fun film. And the best part is the sound track.
Yorgan Yog (14 days ago)
Amazing movie. Love it. And the soundtrack is amazing. I have it in my car and play it since the release of the movie.
saba agniashvili (14 days ago)
Tron legacy An underrated gem? NAAAAH I have have only seen it 8-9 times
dale bactung (14 days ago)
I loved that movie.
Stratowind (14 days ago)
Some sequels which I like are Mission impossible 6, Tron, How to train your Dragon 2, LOTR Return of the king.
Anish Poddar (14 days ago)
Um, I disagree with your assertion that Garrett Hedlund's performance was "solid". Far from being genuinely shocked at his transportation into a virtual world, he responds with mild alarm at most. He cries about five tears when he meets his father about twenty years after he lost him, rather than dissolving into a pool of tears, which most normal people would do. Moreover, his reaction to the world of the Grid is dismissive and devoid of wonder or curiosity(which Quorra seems to compensate for by being a character based entirely on childlike innocence and wonder); most people would be blown away by the discovery that the digital world is just as intricate and full of life as reality. His performance exudes an air of self-assurance that is attractive and charismatic in some scenes, but sickeningly out of place in others.
AquaticGoat (15 days ago)
Thank you, this is one of my favorite movies ever, it is truly a great movie!!!
Lesego M. (15 days ago)
Clive David (15 days ago)
Great film. so underrated.
Amazetbm (15 days ago)
Yeah...the original Tron really spoke to me. I ended up getting a Commodore 64 that year...and so began my career in software engineering.
Stacey Kevin Décembre (16 days ago)
Well said @Dave Cullen. Tron for me ,was the best movie of its time and also ( lack of a better phrase) “way ahead of its time”.
Christiaan Funkhouser (16 days ago)
10/10 totally agree.
Cosmic Burrito (16 days ago)
I was super adamant on getting a third movie but you brought up a great point. I don't think a third movie would've lived up to my expectations. Yes there's a small chance that it could turn out to be a showstopper but honestly, I'm content with what we have.
Lord Cognus (16 days ago)
The animated show was excellent as well... obviously not intended so much for kids as it was for their parents. It got pretty fucking heavy, a lot of times. Cartoons don't generally elicit an emotional response from me, but this one had my jaw on the floor from beginning to end. Beautiful in its own right and with top-shelf voice acting and obviously aimed at the older crowd, it sucked to see them pull the plug. I think some of the subject matter might have gotten a little too real for the top brass, especially when I'm seeing episodes about mass mind control and in-your-face torture and interrogation. Sometimes things do fall though the cracks, no matter how small those cracks are.
Wdomino (16 days ago)
Don't care how, this franchise deserves at least a sequel. I will never forgive Disney for this!
Dubacharla Gyaneshwar (17 days ago)
Tron is really great movie
Byron Ivie (17 days ago)
I love Tron legacy okay
Red Lantern's Rage (17 days ago)
Oh, Tron Uprising was also cool, good voice cast, cool visuals and the story was good eh
Red Lantern's Rage (17 days ago)
I love Tron Legacy and I liked the original too which was why I went to see Legacy in theater, cus I missed the first one lol Jeff Bridges is awesome, Bruce was cool as always and Olivia Wilde was the best, legacy was more complex than the original but not hard to follow and so a good film and I agree sound and visuals make the film.....IDK about a trilogy but I coulda seen at least 1 sequel being made and doing good...
Urban Atheist (17 days ago)
I watched this movie on 4 hits of acid
Sheen but not heard (17 days ago)
oi same
Robert Dimarco (17 days ago)
iiitts style over substance. good film, but i doubt it will age fantastically.
Akira Leelarapin (18 days ago)
I love Tron’s universe, but Tron legacy is quite lacking, at least for me. The fight scenes are mehh, the story is too simple and not much going on. But the thing I was disappointed the most is that there’s so much to explore in the Grid! Every thing in Tron: Uprising animated show is very interesting and fun! How life in the Grid works, how Tron became Rinzler and how the resistance that we caught a glimpse in the film came to be. Yet they went for the old cliché of human protagonist escaping from the place. So much potential wasted, it’s just disappointing.
kztar621 (18 days ago)
Hey, I'm willing to give a chance to anything that dates back to before the era of Mary Sues.
Johnathan Angel (18 days ago)
Ive been waiting for Tron 3
Mr. SEA (18 days ago)
Tron Legacy was fantastic. It is a shame that this movie didn't do well- and you are right...great soundtrack!
my favorite Designer, Daniel Simon contribute for amazing concepts.
Ka Moa (18 days ago)
Best movie of all time. Citizen Kane comes in second.
Sedesla Sedeslarson (18 days ago)
"Unnervingly creepy and very well developed." And weirdly attractive. Also you got a couple of small details wrong, but great video otherwise.
Gaz 20 (19 days ago)
I loved the kicking track in this film. Why did the blonde have to die though? She should've been the love interest for sure.
Ben B (19 days ago)
This movie gave me goose bumps and made me feel like i kid. Hardly anything these days can do that. For sure its one of the top movies on my list.
keith overton (19 days ago)
finnaly someone agrees with me
DKJagz (19 days ago)
I love this movie!!!
roflcopterkklol (19 days ago)
I always liked this movie and never understood why everyone hates it. Sure it wasn't the best movie ever but it was a solid movie none the less.
Juan Hernandez (20 days ago)
Both Tron and Tron Legacy are disney movies and start off with the disney logo/castle. This should automatically tell you that this film is targeted to tweens and teens primarily. Too many people went into this movie thinking they were going to get "The Matrix" and/or "Inception" mind bending plot line and for that reason both Tron and Tron Legacy flopped at the box office. With that said however, these films are a technological achievement and as a movie for tweens it is fucking fantastic. I love them both, and I'm 38 years old. I hate that disney is re-booting it.
Spartacus (20 days ago)
0:55 Dent of Thieves = Heat remake.
Joseph Leichtnam (20 days ago)
I will disagree with one thing... The rogue one CGI characters are HORRENDOUS to me. Far worse than the clue CGI in this movie. For me at least
Samridh Kharbat (20 days ago)
thanks u so fucking much for making this video...we want a sequel to this movie...and bring daft punk back
Davien Clefton (20 days ago)
The moment Shit-ney made [or, helped in making] the M-C-U was the moment that TRON died. Bastards....
rafael jordan (20 days ago)
great video. tron legacy is one of my favorite movies. the visuals and soundtrack are mind blowing. i even made over my whole apartment into The Grid haha
cometastral (20 days ago)
Nah, the movie wasn't that creative at all. Clue going bad wasn't a terrible idea, but the whole religous play with the "Isos" was an absolute joke. On top of that, the movie was mostly filler of stuff no one wanted to see. The Tron sequel everyone wanted was a suspenseful storyline where every second was adrenaline, sci-fi tron elements, and a story that had more meaning. The first 30 minutes sorta delivered that. The rest of it was a waste. Definitely a 5/10 movie at best.
identity Europa (21 days ago)
I thought it was great really underrated yes. Few people seem to realise that there is Greek Theatre in it and its very metaphysical and the occult. But most people are useless retards so go figure.
BernieT 12 (21 days ago)
Great film
HiiighAsAKite (21 days ago)
clu looks like alec ryder
carmineglitch (21 days ago)
Its great, but the pacing is so damn slow
ADAM YOUNG (21 days ago)
As a fan of the original, I had high hopes for Legacy. Unfortunately the story is almost a rehash of the original with a few small differences and while the quality of the FX were top shelf, i didn't care for the fact it seemed like the original computer world powered by superior video cards. the reason the original works well in this regard is it did capture the games of that generation while this new version seem to just be copying it rather than evolving it and reflecting the current game palette. they did have 30 years to work on this concept. yeah wasn't what i was hoping for.
RCRhino (21 days ago)
Ha. I did a movie review of tron as well.
AWARHERO (22 days ago)
Tron Legacy IS a fantastic movie!
100% agree. In fact, many studios today could stand to look at what makes the movie great. The story is cohesive, and the characters are fantastic. I would especially like to point out the character of Quorra, a great example of a female character done right. She is equally a badass and a flawed character. She is naïve, but she can fight well. She is socially awkward, but is willing to sacrifice herself to save her friends. Even though her character is a program, she feels more human than more recent characters. *cough* Rey *cough*
Francisco Fuenzalida (22 days ago)
It's deeply influence by Ghost in the Shell (1995)
Kyle Shoulders (22 days ago)
Easily Daft Punk's best music movie only 2nd to Interstella 5555
Deadly Mesh Designer (22 days ago)
My good friend you are not in the Minority Tron: Legacy was a better sequel than Blade Runner 2049.....It's because this world is becoming a more creepy place by the day..
Blake Remy (22 days ago)
Tron Legacy was a Masterpiece! and the original not so much...
Isabela Hart (22 days ago)
I’ve always loved this film, the soundtrack was just so entertaining too.
Skywaymorrison (22 days ago)
And to think, people criticized this movie for being too much a carbon copy of the original. Hey, J.J. Abrams, where have we heard that recently? Personally, I also think this movie is a top shelf gem for all the reasons you mention here, it's just too bad that it didn't resonate with the audience in general. The biggest complaint I heard about it was that it was a copy of the original and I think that that's what blinded people to the more subtle elements of the movie that made it so good.

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