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Flush Toxins From Your Body With This Homemade Colon Cleanse Juice

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Many people have chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, and other problems with the digestive system. Because the colon has the big job of getting rid of waste, it’s important to keep it running smoothly. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help ease pain that comes with toxins and digestion problems in the body. A homemade colon cleanse can help flush out some of the toxins in your body that could be adding to your pain, and can naturally soothe constipation. Just plan a day when you do not need to leave your home so that you can get used to the colon cleansing changes in your body and the cleaning of waste, as you start the detox process. INGREDIENTS: - ½ cup warm purified water - ½ tsp sea salt - ½ cup organic apple juice - 1 tsp ginger juice - 2 tbsp lemon juice DIRECTIONS: Let’s get started making this great homemade cleanse. You will need a tall glass and a spoon. To start, put 3.5 ounces of clean water in a pan. You want to warm the water, not boil it, so that you can drink the water at a safe temperature. Once it is warm, pour it into your glass. Then, add sea salt and mix it. The sea salt will help let out toxins, pushing waste through the body and boosting digestion. Now, add the apple juice, ginger juice, and fresh lemon juice, and mix it. Where do you think the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ comes from? Well, maybe it’s not just for the colon, but it did come from the idea that whole foods, such as the nutrition- rich apple, brings good health, and a healthy colon brings good health. In fact, a study shows that those who ate an apple a day had less visits to the doctor, and less prescription medications. Ginger is great because it lessens bloating while boosting the colon, keeping it free from wastes and bad toxins. And don’t forget about the amazing lemon! Lemon juice helps digestion, detoxification, and is high in vitamin C, making it a great antioxidant. Drink this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Then have this mixture again just before a light lunch, like steamed vegetables and baked salmon, and again mid- afternoon. Have 6- 8 glasses of warm water throughout the day. It may be best to slow down the amount of liquids you drink after 5 p.m. so that you don’t wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Using this type of colon cleanse should not be a problem, however, it is always good to check with your doctor before trying anything new, if you are pregnant, have a disease, have allergies, or are taking any prescription medications. Do not drink this juice if you are diabetic because of the high amount of natural sugar in apple juice. It’s best to do this for one day, or a week at most. If you like the video, give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends! If you want more recipes and tips, subscribe to the channel! Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Natural Cures channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider. Images licensed under CC: www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com www.flickr.com commons.wikipedia.org
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Text Comments (381)
Natural Cures (1 year ago)
Hello! Sorry, I missed the ingredients. Here is a detailed step-by-step: INGREDIENTS: - ½ cup warm purified water - ½ tsp sea salt - ½ cup organic apple juice - 1 tsp ginger juice - 2 tbsp lemon juice DIRECTIONS: 1) You will need a tall glass and a spoon. 2) Place 3.5 ounces of purified water in a pan. You want to warm the water, not boil it, so that you can drink it. 3) Once it is warm, pour it into a glass. Then add the sea salt and stir. 4) Add the apple juice, ginger juice and fresh lemon juice. Stir.
Evergreen Tree (1 day ago)
nazia parvez (1 month ago)
Natural Cures
Ahayah Servant (4 months ago)
How often should this be taken
Ver'Lexus Harmon (4 months ago)
Natural Cures thank you
themaster1124 (4 months ago)
Does Epsom salt and Apple cider vinegar work instead of sea salt and apple juice and or lemon juice?
209Stretch (3 days ago)
Tried this exactly as the recipe stated, didn't work at all.
209Stretch (20 days ago)
Is the ingredients list enough for one drink or for the three doses for one day? Thanks
Being Beautiful (1 month ago)
for how long we can keep this detox water?
Amelia Kendrick (1 month ago)
but grandma said eat some prunes LoL yuckie. I think I'll try this.
AH P (1 month ago)
Why not do an enema a day? It's free and easy to do.
fraziermay (2 months ago)
I drink 1 quart of warm water every morning. How much sea salt should I add to that amount of water?
fraziermay (2 months ago)
Doing the math, that would equal 4 tsps. of sea salt in 1 quart of water. It seems like too much. Is it?
Fake Raj (2 months ago)
Regular use over salt fuck the kidney and blood pressure goes high and law
Fake Raj (2 months ago)
Kidney ma chud jayegi
All toxin cleansing diets are loads of shit. There are no toxins. Your kidney gets rid of it ALL
Scarpion Girl (3 months ago)
I have high blood pressure can i leave out the salt
spacecatcosplay (3 months ago)
How long will this make me poop for?
Trudy G (3 months ago)
Where do you find ginger juice or do you make your own from a raw piece of ginger?
Thubten (3 months ago)
sea salt should be dissolved completely in water before drinking? And how sea salt helps in removal of waste from colon if it is dissolved in water before taking?
Thubten (3 months ago)
I don't have Apple juice. can I skip apple juice? I can buy apple, but I don't have juicer. I have only mixer grinder.
Jeffrey Adams (4 months ago)
Lemons are green before,they turn yellow
la reina (4 months ago)
Great video. Thank you! I've learned the art of colon cleansing the HARD way. Ha! I do well with a hardy mix of Chia seed mixed w/ Green Magma powder, in almond milk, all 1st thing in the a.m. Plenty of purified water afterwards too. I do this daily. Super rough at first. (No details) But now all is well.
k f (4 months ago)
So just toss a bunch  of stuff in your glass and drink it. No measuring anything. Imagine that.
zaroon8 yt (4 months ago)
Gylex Mainam (4 months ago)
What do you suggest for diabetes patients instead apple??
amarjit moom (4 months ago)
It’s looks like a great suitable for me
samir pathak (4 months ago)
tamarind is also good
samir pathak (4 months ago)
drink pet safa ayurvedic product very effective
kdinva (5 months ago)
just mix a few drops of dish detergent in warm water.........you'll be cleaned out in 4 hours...
andyt1313 (5 months ago)
What a shame that otherwise intelligent people believe this new age pseudoscience malarkey.
Harsh Agrawal (5 months ago)
@Natural Cures Do we need to take this in morning before going for stool or after?
Joy Schultz (5 months ago)
The lemon looks like a lime, should you use a lime? Also, do you juice ginger?
Dr. Josh Axe (7 months ago)
anyone that takes this video seriously is retarded. apples "boost" the colon? that doesn't even mean anything! none of this is evidence based.
ozskipper (7 months ago)
If these people cant measure what toxins they are flushing from the body they are conmen.
Harsh Punmiya (7 months ago)
Can anyone please let me know how many times a day I should consume it?
اية اسرة (7 months ago)
and what can i do when my family prevent me from eating fresh fruits and viggies to become very ill and eventually die. who will be responsible of my death then when i had no one to turn to.??
Joshua Rastra (8 months ago)
An apple a day true....but not the apple skin....peel it
shilpi singh (8 months ago)
Hello can it be given to 3 year baby if yes then hw much Nd hw many times Nd hw long to continue please suggest
Ahmed Kamal (9 months ago)
شكرا على المعلومات المفيدة
one one (9 months ago)
Someone help me!! I can't stop shitting it's been 4 days my colon is irritated I feel weak my eyes are swollen
Christopher Harris (9 months ago)
What is a good recipe to wash THC from fat cells
Rhonda Roberts (9 months ago)
Christopher Harris Best idea is to not use weed!
nicole james (9 months ago)
My little one had severe constipation and irregular bowel movement with lots of grunting and straining. I tried different home remedies but what worked for him was a natural tea “babies’ magic tea”. Now he is happy and healthy
Sandy Z (9 months ago)
How much of each juice etc.?
E DuB (9 months ago)
Any recommendations on the ginger juice? And how much sea salt should I add per cup???
Ana Medina (9 months ago)
Does this make you to go to the bathroom frequently? And for how many days? and how many glasses x day? thanks!
Amanda Warren (9 months ago)
Nice! Thanks
Tamika Oliver (9 months ago)
I like this video, but I'd really like to see someone make this so we can follow a little better. 😊
Catherine Cobarde (9 months ago)
If i dont have apple juice. its okay i usethe apple cider vinegar?
farhana ameem (9 months ago)
Tell how much quantity
Curtistine Miller (9 months ago)
Delveata Martin (10 months ago)
great video
Yaz Z. (10 months ago)
How many times a day do you drink this??
Love Life (11 months ago)
thanks very much x
Mir Rahil (11 months ago)
If a person is high blood pressure patient?
rambo raja (11 months ago)
i am suffering from acne and indigestion, is it good for me ?
Zain Q (1 year ago)
But if the doctor is cute forget the fruit 😉
Paulette Lewis (1 year ago)
This really answered my downside, thank you! There are some interesting cut-off dates in this video however I don’t know if I see all of them middle to heart. Theres some validity but I will take maintain opinion until I look into it further. Good video , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as well.
YSU HITECH (1 year ago)
Excellent and informative
Girlie Hanooman (1 year ago)
You should at least have a substitute for the Apple juice for diabetics users
.... (1 year ago)
Ginger juice?? What do you mean by that
spooks77 (2 months ago)
buy some fresh ginger root, and squeeze it, either in soemthing like a garlic press, or in a blender etc, or on a peeler and collect the juice from there:)
J Hammer (1 year ago)
Who ever made this video or had anything to do with it is a reject. 3.5 ounces of water exactly. Add sea salt...
andrew guadalupe (1 year ago)
i like this video
Health Wisdom (1 year ago)
Useful info.
prabu Dejavu (1 year ago)
Daniel Argueta (1 year ago)
Hello natural cures, I'm thinking that probably you don't believe in GOD ; because if you do, you would not recomend to diabetics no to drink apple juice; GOD created nature so diabetic or not ! YOU CAN DRINK ANY KIND OF JUICE!!!!! sugar in fruits doesn't do any harm to nobody, modern doctors invented that sugar in fruits is bad for diabetics; I'm diabetic for more than 10 yrs. and I eat 4 or 6 fruits a day and juices too, my regular doctor has never told me that anything is wrong with me because of the fruit and juices; about 5 yrs. ago an honest doctor told me that fructose { fruit sugar }, is good for everybody, including : DIABETICS!!! GOD bless you
Natural Cures (1 year ago)
Hello Daniel! We just posted a video about diabetic-friendly smoothies. Some of the recipes include fruits in it! And yes, we believe in God. Thanks for watching :)
pm me for more details
Erza Fire (1 year ago)
Boi! That's a lime, not a lemon 🍋! Haha jk
Canan Aydogan (1 year ago)
I liked your info on the videos and found them really helpful -only if they are true-, where do u get ur references?
Bah Zikalala (1 year ago)
Good video. Can My boy who's 3years5 month use it.
Niyas Babuakm (1 year ago)
nice sound
The Shroud (1 year ago)
STAY AWAY from apples, it has a little bit of sugar in it and it *will* KILL you.
Shilpa Shree (1 year ago)
how many day we have to take this??
Bazunesh Uae (1 year ago)
very nice thankyou
Michael Lowry (1 year ago)
that is a lot of salt. 1/2tsp is about 2.5gm; the US RDA is 6gm/day. so to do this three times in one day would put a person over the 'limit'. for 38yrs i have not added salt to most foods (corn on the cob and watermelon the only exceptions). this recipie sounds very salty to me.
Cameron (1 year ago)
For anyone who has kidney issues, be cautious when using this approach.
helo void (1 year ago)
why not just use liver and kidney for detox or if you dont have them do the hemodialysis .
MomChee24 (1 year ago)
This might be good but there are other things that don't require as many steps/ingredients.  For breakfast, I add the juice of a small lemon to 8 oz of room temp FILTERED water, eat a small (soft) organic pear and drink filtered water til noon which is about the time this combination goes to work!  It's very simple and is what worked for me.  When you buy pears let them sit on your counter for about 3 days.  They will soften up and have lots of juice.  Pears are great for getting your bowels moving!
cosh row (7 months ago)
how many pears should you eat to be able to poop instantly ?
Jev Young (1 year ago)
where do I find the ginger juice. fresh or what?
clara night (1 year ago)
an apple a day keeps the doctor away unless it's last year's apple
spooks77 (2 months ago)
u forget the fact that all apples today, even the organic ones, are poisoned by so many things like chemicals and metals, and they do this on purpse with particularly apples, because al humans, and especially children, love apples. gd way to make us sick. everytime i eat an apple organic or not, i get constipated. This is because apple ferments inside which will bloat. Some foods ferment, which u should avoid if u do have problems with this. juice works ok for me tho, but apples, no way, peeled or not.
Velma Lopez (1 year ago)
I'm diabetic and I'm always constipated
spooks77 (2 months ago)
i have every sympton if diabetes but dont have it, and always constipated. why? because of all the toxic numbers in our food that they say is 'safe' for us and that us consumers blindly believe. sugar in all our foods also ruins our whole immune system, which lies in our intestines dont forget that, and it lowers our PH LVLS, and NOTHING works right if the PH is not around 8!!!!! Once u learn how to predict, measure(easy to do with online shipment of PH strips) and eat certain foods, and avoid certain foods, that fucks up ur PH, its easy to avoid this, i can do it if i really want, but gosh u cant eat almost anything anymore. why? because all our food is fucking conatminated, even the organic stuff!!!!!
Beny concientizando (8 months ago)
make your own 🍎 juice by blending em.
Lapula Pino (1 year ago)
This formula may be good gor some, but for sure, gives more problem for others, considering that salt is harmful yo the kidney. For all you know, ypu will not be able to walk straight up and you'll be going to you doctor soon
spooks77 (2 months ago)
lol its half teaspoon of salt, not a gallon, relax man
Barbara Stapleton (1 year ago)
Thank you, it is so refreshing to hear a real human voice. I never subscribed to robots. You made my day
marvie marquez (1 year ago)
I'm sufferings two weeks constipation I used to eat and take those mentioned above I was thinking Coz I took hot water is it coz weather is now summer maybe I got those I ate fruits and vegg only
Mike S (1 year ago)
does it have to be purified water can it be distilled ?
Fischer Bacher (1 year ago)
Hey, you talk too much in these videos. Get to the point!
VegasWorldRaven Cx (1 year ago)
Lol I could totally watch this if it didn't have horrible pictures 😷
Elizabeth Afriyie (1 year ago)
thus perfect
Chris Jennings (1 year ago)
A pint of Guinness is the best colon cleaner on the market.
@Peace (1 year ago)
Can we use halite Salt instead of rock salt?
Lucy mullins (1 year ago)
amount of each ingredient???
Health For All (1 year ago)
If you have digestive issues I have a video where I describe how I regained my health naturally. My story.
jason minix (1 year ago)
i tried this and shit for 3 days straight.
Adam Smith (15 days ago)
Sushi Marin (1 month ago)
jason minix, i trust this drink because of your comment!!
tawanna hunter (3 months ago)
My son did the sea salt flush 💩for a few days and it did what it was suppose to,but he got dizzy the next day and almost collapsed,geesh I don't know how the hell I held him up and put him in the bed by myself,ummm never dufugg again 🤭🤧🤢 If he need a flush again,he'll consider other means.Thank God he is coming along fine and laughing again 😍 He said I'm done with flushing for a good while. My asshole can't take anymore of this crap.No pun intended Even farting hurts, this is retarded
Delisile Mzimela (4 months ago)
jason minix did it work?
Mecca Juarez (5 months ago)
jason minix lmfao!!!!!!
gay me (1 year ago)
Happy yes
Aniket Kamble (1 year ago)
can u help me to change my skin tone??ppzzz
ali yhai (1 year ago)
thank u „, ☺☺☺☺
Karan Singh (1 year ago)
can somebody tell this in hindi
spooks77 (2 months ago)
google translate the description..
Morgan Danielle (1 year ago)
are you all aware that you have a kidney which gets rid of toxins for you for free
Melly Gaia (2 months ago)
Morgan Danielle The colon is the #1 eliminative organ in our bodies. All dis-ease stem from the bowel. Kidneys are over worked because our weak and damaged colons. Best to clean the colon and help the body detoxify unless you are eating a 100% mucusless raw food diet.
backlash to ignorance (1 year ago)
this gonna sound gross but i know this guy who has diverticulitis , He has oral sex with many women many are form different parts of the world. His intestine actual localized the infection and they had to cut part of his intestines. Yeast bacteria form many women is not good for the gut...FYI You may or may not look like him...looks like he was gonna have triplets but you may have no fat gut and still have to much worms and yeast in your gut like him from oral sex
Akeem Aman (1 year ago)
394 people dont care about their swollen colons :p
Jimmy Ponciano (1 year ago)
Thank you
Bo Rerun (1 year ago)
where do I get ginger juice at ?
alberto RODRIGUEZ (1 year ago)
doctors only care about your money not your health
1DOLLAR 1 PEPSI (21 days ago)
Lol stfu are u a doctor? No
World Traveller 8791 (3 months ago)
What disease would those be? Do you work in the medical field, or are you one of there test dummies? In America there seems to be a new disease everyday, and not alot of cures for them. The only thing that can be done is to "take medicine" for them, which is hard on the organs in the body. When taken for long periods of time can cause other health problems that lead to more "life saving" medicine. Greedy doctors and pharmacuetical companies.
Fin Macknight (5 months ago)
Yeah compared to all those lovely kind homeopathy guys who get payed thousands for advice like drink apple juice if ur constipated
BrainStem Recruiter (5 months ago)
Mark Moreiras See the documentary What the Health and you'll understand. The medical field as a whole doesn't give two shits about anyone's health.
Caston Adams (6 months ago)
what a horrendously stupid thing to say
Sanogo Abdoulaye (1 year ago)
trè bien

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