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Learn English - 4 ways to understand what you hear

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Learn how to understand almost everything you hear right now in 4 easy steps! If you are an advanced English student, and you already know grammar and can understand what you read, but have trouble understanding when people speak in movies and in real life, watch this lesson to find out HOW to listen and UNDERSTAND! http://www.engvid.com/4-listening-comprehension-tips/
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Eder Sampaio (6 hours ago)
James, you’re the best! I can’t stop watching your videos! You’re clearly, smart and didactic! Thanks so much for sharing this! Greetings from Brazil!
Hidayatallah Allah (13 hours ago)
I LOVE your style sir
Hidayatallah Allah (14 hours ago)
Thanks sir your speech is very very nice once again thanks so much
Anees Radaei (17 hours ago)
That was awesome and you nailed it as usual .. well, I believe that I understood every word of this but my problem is when am trying to speak it is not as good as my listening skill ... so what should I do ? Oh, am from Yemen, Middle East, so u can be proud Mr. James cuz ur audience are spread almost all over the world ... I'll wait for ur kind answer .. willingly . lol.
Jonathan peña (1 day ago)
I realized there's subtitles in spanish but I don't really want to use them. Am I doing it right if even without them I can understand almost everything he said?
jassir amed (1 day ago)
For me its easy not to think when so eone is talking so it is easy for me to listen it is like a discipline for me
Srilekha Sridhar (1 day ago)
hi james ESL i like your lesson Fantastic. i feel jubilant your brief is superb and i am freezed
Jonathan SIson (2 days ago)
I agree with no subtitles because I also learned English from watching T.V. shows and movies. To be honest, the first word I learn is curse word.
Othmane Maniar (3 days ago)
men you are good.thnk you
Avan Atroshy (3 days ago)
Did he read little T in the world often ?
Kezang Thinley (3 days ago)
i is nice
Ipek Çağlar (3 days ago)
Ahaha I watch the CNN channel. Of course, i can understand only some words, that's voice of bee.Thaks, i loved you
I like it man
Sarah Wischnowski (4 days ago)
I love that guy! I'm learning English since a few weeks. Now I found your videos and finally I start to realize what I'm reading about in the smart books. xD thank you so so much!!!
Nishant singh (4 days ago)
Please, Sir make a video on EMPHATIC SENTENCE.
You are the best english teacher that I've ever seen
These aren't just only english lessons, you help me improve my social skills too lol
Imbicyl 666 (6 days ago)
mi ve this spc tooooooo!!!!
Hanani Nakanwagi (7 days ago)
Mr James thank you so much for your classes dia, bat for me, my problem is i can listen well and i understand what they are trying to tell me. Bat i can't speak English well
Facu Clavel (8 days ago)
Waiiit Are you from england? Or why you pronunced the T's?
Это гениально! Спасибо огромное
E K (8 days ago)
Rosalinda Ramos (9 days ago)
Thanks. You are an excelent, smart, creative and funny teacher.
Mr. Cube (9 days ago)
Can you do ten words you have been pronouncing wrong
Mohammed Abutarik (10 days ago)
Hello from Rio de Janeiro. You're helping a lot, thank you Sir.
Daniel Miranda (10 days ago)
Gracias !!!
Kampf Echo (10 days ago)
Stupid people disliked this video bahahah
ShitClips (10 days ago)
Man i was trying to learn English for a lot of time and actually I’m still learning, recently I found ur videos and you explain perfectly the way that we could use to became in a bilingual person, keep doing real ma g
GANGST1ER (12 days ago)
1. Слушать не думая.(В момент когда Вы думаете о чём молвят в вашей голове можно произнести два диалога и вы путаетесь в разговоре) 2. Разделять длинноватые речи на части.(Информация поделённая на части лучше воспринимается) 3. Смотреть киноленты и телесериалы без субтитров. Так же разбивать на части и проигрывать несколько предложений(не больше 5) меж 2-мя людьми опять и опять. Так же вписывать слова которые конкретно Вы слышите на весть и сопоставить позже с реальными из диалога.(Субтитры лишь отвлекают от осознания речи)
Pomme De Pommier (12 days ago)
The best
alleycat19897 (12 days ago)
I wonder what makes this guy so good? Is this a technique, experience, talent? Whatsoever, people want to know more about it. Please, tell us professor.
Isaias Jimenez (13 days ago)
I love ur pronunciation.... Tks
yudi pradnyana (13 days ago)
hello sir, I can get the word you said , but why I didnt got anyword in tv show, in a movie or cnn etc? although the same accent, american accent,
Beqa manjgaladze (15 days ago)
I watched the effortless engllish video and the teacher said that if we wach English tv shows or movies it is wasting time if we don't understand, so the teacher advised us to watch only first seen and try to understand and then rewind it again and watch it again with subtitles and compare what they said also write down the words what we don't know. and is it good way to improve listening skills. you said that we don't need the subtitles. and which is correct i don't know, I am confused. please answer
Abdiaziz Said (15 days ago)
Really, you are a great teacher, I like your way of teaching us the language, it is interesting with jokes. One of the problems having foreign English learners is lack of good teacher. Since 1995 I have been studying English in somehow ( Primary school, High school even the first degree of my university) but still I am struggling with it. Dear teacher James, what is wrong with me? . Thanks Abdiaziz Somalia
lujain sqh (18 days ago)
Best teacher i have seen ever! Thank you
taheera siddiqui (18 days ago)
I have no problem in listening English. Because i learnt it from movies.
Moxira Raxmatova (19 days ago)
This is the first time that I am watching yr videos really awesome and understandable.
Ishtiaq Ahmad (20 days ago)
The way you teach is the best teaching in the world 🗺 OMG I love you
Pedro Medeiros (20 days ago)
My English teacher used to say that you mustn’t translate the words. You have to think in English.
DANII MOLINA (21 days ago)
I love it because I understand every word, I am very happy about your ways for learn English
kashmiri mirza (21 days ago)
i have a question am too much weak in english writting and as well as speaking please tell me how to retain and how to practices that things i mean if i am going to do conversation with some one else then i need some one who is daily doing conversation with me on a daily basis and if i don't hae some one else then what to do ???
Ulises López (22 days ago)
Tuve que usar subtítulos para entender 😞
Viktor Wisdom (22 days ago)
sometiems you swallow some letters in the words and it's difficult to understand what you are talking about!
Bruna Campos Paula (23 days ago)
You are so funny hahaha
Keshu Parmar (24 days ago)
Hello bro this video is most important for me because I understand very well. english is not my mother tongue but I want to learn English so I always doing hard practice learning English I hope I will speak fulancy English as soon as possible. I appreciate you because your teaching method is very amazing. God bless you God always give you more happy in your life. From Keshu Parmar.
Andrey Malyshenkov (25 days ago)
"Action movies are made for stupid people" Perfect! =))))))))
dy na (25 days ago)
hahah you're the best ! i was laughing my ass off watching this :D
Zuera _Total (27 days ago)
Some Brazilian 2018?
محمد محمد (27 days ago)
Thank you very much, your teaching way is the best way I've ever seen I can understand 80% of what are you saying , but the word (Instant) ,what does it mean
alaa ramadan (27 days ago)
What about news reports? Is any sense to listening to them?
Jose Art (28 days ago)
You're the best
Jose Art (28 days ago)
Fatih Tenikeci (28 days ago)
I have a one quastions. I understand writes, and hear ussualy words. But I dont built sentence. its very big problem.
Owais Mughal (28 days ago)
I love ur videos it helps me learn
Mehran ZO (28 days ago)
خیلی باحالید و ویدئوهاتون مفیده و خیلی شمارو دوست داریم
Baz Bazov (1 month ago)
Very good
Itachi Uchiha (1 month ago)
Friends stupid comedy??????
Raseda Begum (1 month ago)
Plz you speak slowly
Roma Voytyuk (1 month ago)
Thanks James. You are the best. People, who would like to chat in English? telegram @romich1988
أنس الباز (1 month ago)
Bheem Agnihotri (1 month ago)
I was ravenous for English courses to take up IELTS exams saw a plethora of channels but none were better than James.. Thank you
Mariam Gamal (1 month ago)
You'll make my world much easier and I think I'm gonna love the English language more and more as long as I watch your videos 👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you so much
hyu jui (1 month ago)
Add me to practice english 00212656506425
Leman Sixaliyeva (1 month ago)
But ther is the problem English and. American English not same . I am whatcing in American TV show I can understand everything ok not everything 70% but when I am whatcing the English TV shows and movies I can't understand or 40 %I can understand. 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿
Gelenbagen (1 month ago)
"бля бля бля бля бля бля бля" сука бля
lita slon (1 month ago)
Спасибо огромное
You should make a video with your real speed for advance students... I can follow you at double speed with no problem, and it is a bit tiring to hear you always talking about how fast do you speak, talking so slow... XD
Miscellaneous Stuff (1 month ago)
Thank you. You are good teacher. I didn't learn English which is my second language. I have been just watching movies since infancy and I always could understand spoken words, but myself, I began speaking at 12 when I was making videos for my channel on YouTube. I have an accent, but it is not terrible. I think it is solution for parents who want to teach their children languages, they just have to start as early as possible
Genc Beka (1 month ago)
Your are the best teacher. Go ahead and teach us. Thanks a lot for your tips.
Robby al-aziz (1 month ago)
I always forget vocab
omg, thank you, James! I constantly made some mistakes but after your video, I've started to listen to English speech in right way
Margo Brik (1 month ago)
Oh God. You’re off-putting, love your lessons so much!
Evgeniy Golyaka (1 month ago)
бля бля бля бля ахахха;) А видео естественно хорошее
Sagdana Edigeeva (1 month ago)
Turned off the subtitles in(?)the half of this video 😂
Thank you for your help
Nevets: zeldd (1 month ago)
It's very interesting, im french, i know a little bit english and the 3rd step should helps me alot! I understood everything you said, i just didn't understand what do u want to mean by engage to be engaged
여자예쁜 (1 month ago)
When he says "don't think", I immediately turn off the subtitles even though it's an English subtitles.
FJ Workshop (1 month ago)
Abay Akmurzaev (1 month ago)
LAML TV (1 month ago)
I already at the first time started to watching the movie without subtitles. ;)
mrtiaog (1 month ago)
шоколадка дело гласит!
Prahlad samra (1 month ago)
Gemmes You are a very good teacher but pl speak little louder so that everyone can listen.
Nico Ben (1 month ago)
He is so right. I do that for about a few years now. It helped me a lot :)
Kind Girl (1 month ago)
This reminds me that when I was in Sesame Street cram school.It's so funny !
Henry Nguyen (1 month ago)
I got space here 😁😁
Sonia Mayrink (1 month ago)
Excellent lesson. Thank you very much.
Franek Mazowiecki (1 month ago)
I stop thinking and I understand.
Mayra Muniz (1 month ago)
I love the way you explain, thank you from México
Sir Dominus Lamont (1 month ago)
never, alway, must, should, most and best. all words used for click bait. im usually weary of people who use these words too because they over exaggerate. exaggeration is great for stories, but as a constant personality quirk in an individual it can be taxing to be around.
Gonca Nur Yorgun (1 month ago)
I wish that I could have a English teacher like you :) I'm having fun while listening your videos.
xenn (1 month ago)
When you was talking about the absence of subtitles, i was reading it :D
Simone Dias (1 month ago)
My baby sooo handsome love you
Simone Dias (1 month ago)
You are awersome .kisses frontal Brazil.
João Mello (1 month ago)
learn with you is easy!
Rathish Rts (1 month ago)
james you are superb..
Loud God (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot,James I'm not native speaker,but I understand and learn all with you:) I really like your videos.See you:)

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