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Speaking English - Say, Tell, Hear, Listen - How to use them correctly

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http://www.engVid.com/ I hear a lot of students making mistakes with these four simple words: 'say', 'tell', 'hear', and 'listen'. In this lesson, I explain how to use them correctly.
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Amir Shiwani (3 months ago)
It's useful.
Jasbir Singh (3 months ago)
He said he is sorry. Or He said he was sorry. ??????????????????? And why? Thank You... 😊
srujan vedula (1 month ago)
Jasbir Singh "He said he was sorry" is the correct one. Because here "said" is in past tense so the helping verb must be in the same tense
Fay Hills (3 months ago)
When you said: " I never said I'm normal" do you mean like a repetition or like give me an information? I'm getting confused
Iqbal Khan (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Germanovich (1 year ago)
*thank you!!!*
Osama Khaled (1 year ago)
Alisson Eudes (1 year ago)
hello! I'm from Brazil and trying to learning English. It's normal having difficulties on the other hand I have found teachers like you to help me!!! Your tips have helped me a lot. Thank you!!
Vadim Emyurbekov (1 year ago)
Good job
Rolphy (2 years ago)
Germanovich (2 years ago)
when I listen I focus on said :-)
Sunny Dutta roy (2 years ago)
at the end dreal??? or deal??
Sunny Dutta roy (2 years ago)
I don't know how to thnk u
Johnes Ark. (2 years ago)
but what about say smth and tell smb?some people explain in this way but you explained this way. I am confused
Nathanael Souza (2 years ago)
three asses in WWW
Sabeth Drumheller (2 years ago)
Thank u James u are my favourite teacher! And u are so funny!
Iqbal Khan (1 year ago)
You're Also Looking Funny Xoxo!
bich ngoc (2 years ago)
i tell you know i can distinguish say , tell, listen, hear.the video is awsome, increable
bacha mohamed (3 years ago)
"if you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything " mark twain. Nice tips
Nguyễn Doanh Đông (3 years ago)
@James: i want to tell you that i really really like you and your videos :D thank for every things :)
I wish to have a teacher like you at school !
EMMANUEAL SHAJU (3 months ago)
Мухиддин Махмудов ya so do I
Гугл Мужик (2 years ago)
Othman Muqtaar (2 years ago)
same thoughts
i had one.
Esther Andrade (3 years ago)
Im still confused!!
Wow, what a great explanation. Now I would like to know about the differences between See and Watch. Thanks for the lesson James.
Nguyễn Doanh Đông (3 years ago)
+Ricardo Fabrizio Martínez Valencia there are very simple basic but many people didn't mind that :) I don't know would you understand my comments because i'm learning english my sefl. show me what was misstake :D Thank you :D
Ahmed Kidwany (3 years ago)
Awesome !!
Michel Puente (3 years ago)
James is excelent T!!!
flona muhammad (3 years ago)
You're professional.wooow!I was exciting when I listened to you.👍
lobna salah (4 years ago)
Sebastian Perkaus (4 years ago)
Thank you...Your lessons are very helpful
SHIMUL AHMED (4 years ago)
is it possible that ............if i wana to get ur lessons infront of me?really u r a great.
33Psi (4 years ago)
SarcastiCat (4 years ago)
what about watch and see? when do we use the former and when do we use the latter???
Ali Awladthani (4 years ago)
In this video you look like Mike Tyson.... I like the method you teach. You make learning easier than before
sanz vocab (4 years ago)
*Say* :repeat exactly what you just heard *Tell* : orders            information            instructions   
José Gabriel (5 years ago)
not is "Excuse my english" is "I'm Sorry, my English is not good!" Have a nice day!
Prince Casanova (5 years ago)
By telling us to listen we obviously focus more on what you have to say. Is it possible to sometimes Forget to listen when someone doesn't tell you to listen but is just talking to you? Excuse my english.
Duriel Silverio (5 years ago)
very good. You are a great teacher' all your lesson are very helpfull. Thank you for be a great teacher.
Joao Silva (5 years ago)
turtle neck
Great. Thank you
Vyacheslav T (5 years ago)
Жаль, что разъясняет не на российском.
kkc1918 (5 years ago)
william gonzález (5 years ago)
you're really great, i like how you explain everything i follow you and youtube and i hope you continues help us thanks a lot
Broken Sword Rus (5 years ago)
you need to listen to him more carefull
Hoang Dungz (5 years ago)
Thanks for your teaching.... I started those units for 3 months ago. Really, it has been interested in... through the lessons, I have really improving of English skills. Pls try your best help other people like me!. Again, thank lots
thanks a lot james, im an english teacher and im learning a lot about your strategy
nam phuong (5 years ago)
Great! thanks a lot. But i think he should write example in the blackboard
JACKAL01D (5 years ago)
Why all the english teachers are not as fun as him? ..
neeha glee (5 years ago)
Very well explained James. Thanks for sharing.
Bestmiles Juan (5 years ago)
Muchas Gracias, thank a lot =)
RONNIE CHALJUB (6 years ago)
Majed Alkhaldi (6 years ago)
thanks a lot for this lecture
ничего не сообразил...
wrait9 (6 years ago)
Thanks very much James, very good teacher.
Hilman Amirudin (6 years ago)
thank you mr. james. i really loved english, so i trying to search a videos hows to get an english well. finally i found ur videos. i was helped me, and i'll watsch urs videos for good conversation in english,, (sorry my english not good)
GoalKeeperDanny (6 years ago)
6:21 he just farted
Rafael English (6 years ago)
thanks, it's very good , I'm brazilian and I'm learning english,and I need to watch your videos,so help me!
wagner primo (6 years ago)
i want this turtle neck
Javi Vlogs (6 years ago)
I'm glad with you, greetings from Mexico.
Truong TheQuyen (6 years ago)
thank you very much!
María Angelíca (6 years ago)
Thx Excellent!! Greetings from Venezuela
idreis dahir (6 years ago)
realy good tech
Qeeya Aulia (6 years ago)
bunch of thanks for this usefull video :D i'm indonesian, and i like your video much!
Chand Basha (6 years ago)
excellent teacher..
englishanna (6 years ago)
Thank you you're great. I am an English teacher via Skype and I often refer my students to your videos - well done!
cinthya sanchez (6 years ago)
such a good teacher!
غامد الازد (7 years ago)
very good your brother from saudi arabia
Raju Mama (7 years ago)
thank you very much!! it is very useful
dcortes92 (7 years ago)
9:14 he dropped his board eraser :P
sarz4ever (7 years ago)
i have never had this much fun in an english lesson !! You are Amazing <3
tình lê (7 years ago)
Mộc Tv (7 years ago)
^_^ thank you so much
Sadegh Safari (7 years ago)
if anyone wanna have practice with me plz add me in your 'oovoo'..'''sadeghsafari'''.thanks
Mr. Yohey (7 years ago)
I liked him. He is very attractive, isn't he?
sajjad khan (7 years ago)
if any body practice in each section alote in english add me in my skype id sajjadhellokhankhan
LeTHaLGRiM (7 years ago)
sorry, but how the hell could anyone that was born speaking english ever get these mixed up -__ - i 've never heard an american say "say me what you did yesterday :D" haha umm no :/ ? I didn't learn how to speak english as properly as other's but i know all these things and so should every american.
Blackthorne369 (7 years ago)
A succinct and clear lesson. Wonderfully done. Thanks!
Orthagoni (7 years ago)
sagen, erzählen I'ts almost the same with these german verbs hören, zuhören
sajjad khan (7 years ago)
if anyone practice in english language with me add me in my skype id sajjadhellokhankhan
Hoang Tran (7 years ago)
Good explanation and an interestng teacher !
Hoang Tran (7 years ago)
Good explanation
santino Hernandez (7 years ago)
i cant understand this idioma jajajajajajaja but i´m really trying to learn!!!!!! it´s so important for me!!!!!! jajajajaja i think i need preactice more for improve my skiils!!!!!
winpupu win (7 years ago)
good teacher and he is left-handed is better cuz we can see better the board when he is writing
Kevin Yang (7 years ago)
5:11 to 5:15 is funny
Kevin Yang (7 years ago)
5:11 is funny
Cora Ines (7 years ago)
thank you ! God bless..
MrSmileyHasABigDong (7 years ago)
epic newspaper
rhav22 (7 years ago)
you are an amazing teacher!!!! thanks for the vid
TERREV 66 (8 years ago)
Extra Bit Games (8 years ago)
hey guys... in what country you all are born? :) I born in Lithuania...
Saravanan Sivaji (8 years ago)
I really like the teaching. Good and Useful video. Thank you James.
fefer spek (8 years ago)
thank you sir
Guido Moietta (8 years ago)
You are great as a teacher!! Thank you
Kimo (8 years ago)
you are best teacher in the world man good luck to your work ^^
Inesita B Baquero O (8 years ago)
Yes, very good teacher!.
Robert Ramsey (8 years ago)
Thumbs up for a ballin' turtle neck.
martinkenadams (8 years ago)
@sharinaz17 clearly you NEED lessons
JAZZSTARish (8 years ago)
One thing is to know English and the other is to know the pedagogy...some topics arrouse confusion..
li tran (8 years ago)
perfect and funny teacher ever !!!
jose sinisterra (8 years ago)
very good teacher congrat
carl926v (8 years ago)
Hey Man! ..you are a relly good teacher....tanks..I will visit your webpage for sure..
Mai Quoc Trung (8 years ago)
very good
Waji Khan (8 years ago)
James my brain cells are overflowing :-)!!

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