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Silicon Valley is all about high-tech gizmos and futuristic gadgets, so it makes sense that the show enters into the world of VR. A new experience called Inside the Hacker Hostel lets users interact with their favorite Silicon Valley characters while chilling inside Erlich’s incubator. • https://www.twitch.tv/merptv • You want to support my channel, go and checkout my patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/merptv • Check out my chair that you can get really cheap! https://www.gearbest.com/office-standing-desk/pp_665591.html?lkid=13268733 Use the coupon code: MERPTVCHAIR To get a discount! Come join my discord channel: https://discord.gg/tJg6TAb Facebook page: www.facebook.com/merptvmate Twitter: www.twitter.com/merptv MERPS REVIEW SCORE: • GAMEPLAY 6/10 • GRAPHICS 6/10 • AUDIO 7/10 • IMMERSIVENESS 6/10 • LENGTH 5/10 OVERALL: This is just an HBO campaign that they released for the people in the US. I think its fun to be in the hacker hostel for like an hour. But after that the interests were completely gone. So for a short break of real life this could be something for you. Would I buy this game again if I lost my steam account? Its free, so why not! MY VR SYSTEM: • I7 2700K 4.6GHZ overclock watercooled • ASUS MAXIMUS IV EXTREME-Z • 12GB RAM • GTX1080 MSI SEAHAWK WATERCOOLED & OVERCLOCKED. • 256 SSD + 1TB HDD. Developer or any questions? • merptvofficial@gmail.com THANKS FOR WATCHING AND CATCH YOU IN THE NEXT VIDEO! MUCH LOVE, MERPTV
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Text Comments (55)
Levi Laufey (9 days ago)
love it❤❤❤👍👍👍👍
Brynjar Mandelid (12 days ago)
More off that same thing
XEDOX GAMING (13 days ago)
James Stampeade (13 days ago)
Did anyone realize it was the Silicon Valley house? Probably not...stupid.
JZelusGames YT (14 days ago)
Road to 100k C'mon let's go
Ryan Vittner (15 days ago)
Now I want a Vive just so I can fuck around in the world of Silicon Valley
GAMER KİNG (18 days ago)
Man I liked that video!!! I LOVE YOU MERP!!!😀😀😀H-HAHHAHA!!!!!&$*$;$
Olivia Gray (18 days ago)
Came across a video of yours on fb & almost died from laughter. Glad I finally joined the party!💜
Jonathan Crane (18 days ago)
That part when u were like “a ghost!? LET ME OUT!!!” Had me rolling laughing hahahaha keep it up buddy!!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Hiro manny man (20 days ago)
What i learned today: It's Ok to be a little gay!
Zombient (21 days ago)
Is it not on oculus :(
Tripple X Kingz (21 days ago)
Exactly what i do when i vist my buddys place an he's not there *Eat all his foods*
knight Of night (21 days ago)
Wow, another nice wierd game 😋
thegamer thegaimer (21 days ago)
dO more!!! Love the vid merp,subscribed and liked and hit that bell. Do more of that GAME!!
Savage Kingz (22 days ago)
Sara Att (22 days ago)
cuz i smoke weed eveyday
Mazen Mahmoud (22 days ago)
I Was Wondering if you could type the name of the VRGames u play Under the Videos
Radioactive_Pandaa (22 days ago)
Love your vids Merp! always so funny :P
Jesse (22 days ago)
250th like! That was Hilarious! What an interesting looking game! Great Video Merp!
Amv4Fun Anime World (23 days ago)
That is real acting
panda savage (23 days ago)
Thx fav gamer😃😄☺😀😂
Bob Mylo (23 days ago)
I waiting you play PUBG in VR men!
Accordinq (23 days ago)
lmaooo. Freaking hilarious keep at it ;)
emmanuel garcia (23 days ago)
D Raines (23 days ago)
Silicon Valley! Awesome :D
mary massacre (23 days ago)
Nice editing! 🤩 Also that fish sandwich looked fucking disgusting. 🤮
SweViver (23 days ago)
Haha awesome!!! 😀
The Sideshow (23 days ago)
Fuck8n hilarious. I can't believe you could actually take hits from a bong. Must've been some dank shit to floor you like that.
Lorna Marks (23 days ago)
A little gay is ok
Scare Fire 200 (23 days ago)
wats the musc at the very beginning ?
luis barrezueta (23 days ago)
Are you a ghost? hahaha good vid bro 👍
2:20 oh wow... that’s kinda cool... 3:33 FLMAO Hilarious video. Keep up the good work :)
Jezus Christ (23 days ago)
Song name right here https://youtu.be/ZVQc0JMo54w I know all..
The Raging Gamer (23 days ago)
great vid merp <3
Magic Toast (23 days ago)
I always wondered what merp does in his free time
TheMilkman1794 (23 days ago)
Merp.... What was in that weed??? lmao great video mate!!
spoollka (23 days ago)
Ty for VR games review matt! Youre totally not a pshit :)
Justin Dyer (23 days ago)
Nice vid, mate. Noticed that they're getting shorter, probably cuz you gotta work hard to edit and upload them. But anyway, funny video!
Justin Dyer (23 days ago)
MERPTV, I never click away on your videos cuz they're so good! I'd even support you on patreon (if you have that) and sponsor your channel if I had the money, but since I'm 13 and don't have a job I can't.
MERPTV (23 days ago)
There is no VR content and this game is shit. Haha but still trying to make it look fun for your entertainment.. If I would do a full gameplay video out of this. You would click away after 2 minutes.. much love mate!
kolapop75 (23 days ago)
you are awesome mate
Jack Gaming (23 days ago)
nooooioo,only 4 min vid 😭 how could this happen to meh....i made my homework, and this is what happends 😂,SING WHIT ME!!!....
Lina ♡ (23 days ago)
Haha, that VR headset just sitting on the coffee table... you can play VR in a VR game: inception.. !
ElectricJolt (23 days ago)
This game is so basic but it looks so cool!
Eric Murphy (23 days ago)
Hello mate it's been a while iv been on holiday 😁 good to be back watching your videos 😂
savage youtuber (23 days ago)
I love your vids there great
TroubledGamer66-Roblox (23 days ago)
"Let's Have Some Fun" *Beats Meat"😂😂
TroubledGamer66-Roblox (23 days ago)
"Hello!" "Hi!" "AAH"
محمد الدخيل (23 days ago)
I'm Here to Say (4 days ago)
Aloha snackbar!!
اممم ولا شي
محمد الدخيل (23 days ago)
سعودي رهيب - Saudy Rheeb طيب وش حارق دمكم ياحلويين 😂😂
ارحمنا يا العمريكي ههههههههههههههه يتكلم عنجليزي
محمد الدخيل (23 days ago)
HJE-N يب 😊

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