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Cats Are Worthless

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This verifies what I've been saying for years.
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Yandere-Chan (9 days ago)
Yes, they fucking are, I used to love them until they destroyed me laptop charger, cats are useless
Nunya Stieger (20 days ago)
I hate hate cats. Just useless
Victoria Love (2 years ago)
Dogs can't survive in the wild, Cats can. Cats also ward off the black plague (Caused by rats), dogs don't. Basically, dogs are worthless. Not even mother nature wants them. LOL!!
Samantha _M. (5 months ago)
Victoria Love keep in mind that cats didn't ward out the plague...ticks still could get on them... And dogs actually have their benefits.They were used to hunt for food back then.They are also loyal companions and unlike cats,dogs actually get you off your lazy ass to do some exercise..what's your point?
Victoria Love Cats will kill all the wildlife. They are worthless shits. Dogs will just die and will leave nature alone. You don't make sense. Mother nature definitely prefers dogs.
Victoria Love (1 year ago)
LOL! You are really ignorant, go read a book or something.
Jhin The Virtuoso (1 year ago)
There is no proof of cats surviving in the wild either,they need someone who gives them food But why are we arguing about this?Cats are just arrogant shits,The end
Victoria Love (1 year ago)
No proof of dogs surviving in the wild, you failed. (Wolves, foxes, etc are not dogs)
evander therrien (4 years ago)
I totally agree. Cats are still cute and snuggly though.
Steely Dan (5 years ago)
Just take it outside, shoot it in the fucking head, and drop kick it into the dumpster. No more mess, no more attitude, and you can take the wasted budget that you were spending on your cat and put it towards something worthwhile. My girlfriend's cat shits all over the floor every time I vacuum. Punishment doesn't work because their brains don't respond like that. They basically think they own you and can do whatever the hell they want. They're destructive, keep me awake at night, and WORTHLESS.
I live the same way, I hate cats with a burning passion
Steely Dan doggos for life
coffeefish (5 years ago)
I have 2 cats and a dog, and I've seen it happen right in front of my face. There are many stories of cats waking up owners to warn them of fires and also intruders.
coffeefish (5 years ago)
I have a couple cats. They are good to have around the house. At night, if something is on the prowl around the house, the cats will wake up the dog and the dog starts barking. I've seen it happen.
sting62287 (7 years ago)
you go simple tell it like it is

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