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State of Decay 2: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

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State of Decay 2 (PC, Xbox One) is dropping soon, so here's everything you need to know about it before it releases. DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/gameranx Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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robert miller (2 hours ago)
Anybody wanna help me with finding tool kits idk where to find them
Ricky Arend (5 hours ago)
Bee...cause... that's a thing that happens now lol
BP4 Gaming (9 hours ago)
you cannot bounce back and forth. you choose one, and thats it, unless you want to start ALL over on another map, with same characters tho.
Leo Kong (13 hours ago)
The co-op is trash. Cant have a party if they cant do anything but just help defend your sht, take only their own loot and deposit their own loot from your home base community
Edgar Sanabria (1 day ago)
This game needs pvp
Cornonthecob (1 day ago)
the leash in co-op seems a little too much but i won't let it ruin the game for me. I guess its good for team work.
reyes robledo (1 day ago)
I love it so far I was playing dab to 1st time (because I did not know what I was doing and I was getting ahead of myself) I love how the plague hearts look and sound brilliant but in all the game is beautiful it can be a bit buggy but most games are like that
justin james (1 day ago)
I'm hooked!
Contraband Gaming (1 day ago)
Does anybody know how to assign guards at watchtowers and checkpoints?
Fábio Comelli (1 day ago)
Holy shit this game is hard! ☠
peter sloan (2 days ago)
The co-op was one of there main jobs they had to get right, they've had years and what they give us is a below average bare bones attempt. :( A shame but I'm still currently downloading this game as I type and tend to enjoy it. I just remember when playing the first one how cool it would be ta team up with friends around the world to start up and maintain a base online while defending it from zombies and pouchers and going on supply runs. we'll see how it goes......hopefully the co-ops not too limited.
Earl Cole (2 days ago)
The Co-op sucks, the nights are too long, the game pace is too fast and hectic, Juggernauts are overpowered as hell. -3 ammo per day as punishment for not being at your base because you're always too busy to clear infestations. This game gives me fatigue. Also the fact that you can preserve characters you completed the game with but can't create your own. But they give you a randomize button. I want characters I care about, like family and friends. So I can send them to their horrendous demise, just like XCOM. 5/10
Bautista Guerrero (2 days ago)
Examination comprehensive differently cvwzka gently melt port fiber annual safety emerge Canadian.
TheWildWookiee (3 days ago)
I dont like the coop as much i wish it was like a real coop sesion like in davenity orgenal sins 2 you giys can do what you want around the world together. Also i want more zombies in horde like couple houndered on pc
Jeff Turner (3 days ago)
Co-op is good but I dont want to be on a leash I hope they fix that in the future
chrisupdegraff22 (4 days ago)
Are there refresh timers on places that you have already looted?
Bunnyshooter 223 (5 days ago)
I liked SoD1 but it was super clunky. My favorite part was starting out at a campsite with tents and log cabins... and finding a squirrel .22 rifle lol good times. SoD2 looks a little better. It has a lot of pontential and even if Yndead Labs doesnt quite get it perfect, i bet SoD3 turns out better. Definitely getting SoD2 base game. Looks cool
MachoWaffleZ boi (5 days ago)
I’m playing it right now as the buddy characters and I’m in the house-base-thing. Text keeps flashing, I can’t read anything, it’s night, idk what to do. Pls help 😂
Forcemaster2000 (5 days ago)
I didn't really like the first State of Decay. Waiting for this one to go on a steam sale, then I'll probably pick it up.
Sébastien Barré (5 days ago)
Coop is super fun.. need couple of fix here and there, but overall I like it!!
TDY Entertainment (5 days ago)
Is there going to be local CoOp?
ScoopDogg1867 (5 days ago)
I remember that state of decay had a bug fix that was sold as a GOTY edition and if you didn't buy it you didn't get the bug fixes for the original game, way to do business you scammers... Stay away from a company that treats us like this, that's my two cents
Lykas (5 days ago)
I think my biggest frustration with the original was that the world didn't stop when I turned the console off. I turned it off, walked away, come back the next day (or longer) later, all of a sudden, my base was overrun during my time offline, many people are dead or dying, and all of my supplies are gone, and I've gotta start anew. Is this still a feature? Was that ever patched out? Or did I just have my game decidedly bug out or something with the save? That's probably my biggest "need to know" questions before I consider investing into the game.
NiconiceNico (6 days ago)
Does anyone know, whether the base could be lost completely? For example, when Zombies completely overrun it so that you have to relocate
Extra Medium (6 days ago)
Could you imagine!! Nemesis system in a open world Zombie game. Your characters best friend dies and becomes a zombie and recognizes you or turns on you and joins another group
aaronroach (6 days ago)
Finally an Xbox exclusive that makes ps4 players wish they had an Xbox... until The Last Of Us 2 comes out
MasterJazz09 (7 days ago)
The game is not for every one and was never made for every one its made for fans of the first and those who can appreciate survival Sims its not last of us its not days gone its not a some linear 3rd person story game like god of war its a true survival sim
Nate B (7 days ago)
I wanted gameplay options. Up or down the difficulty, turn off or on, special zombies and night/day cycles, etc. Probably wont buy two now. Enjoyed 1, but was missing this key feature.
NoseLikeIbra (7 days ago)
Bit gutted that you cant go far from one another in co op
Felipe Becker (7 days ago)
Can someone explain this digital xbox/pc thing? So you can play this simultaneously in both devices? Does that make it cross platform?
A Real Gamer (7 days ago)
yes its crossbuy and crossplay
Rusty S. (7 days ago)
a leash?? What is this 2004?
MusicIs l0v (7 days ago)
I wish horror games were made more like Resident Evil 7's cinamatics. State of decay looks so damn cartoonie...
charles rigby (7 days ago)
Riven wood (7 days ago)
Single player is the cats meow.
Internet Clown (7 days ago)
*Snaps Fingers* Aww shucks, not on PS4!😭
Various Onì (7 days ago)
Rather be able to travel alone without the Co-op tethering but, hopefully it won't be that bad. Let's enjoy the game. 👏🏽
gilly brahh (7 days ago)
7 days 2 die is better
gilly brahh (6 days ago)
I'm joking bro, it's subjective.
Pipa Cacao (6 days ago)
While they feature the same there "zombies" they are completely different games. You cant even begin to compare them. I
CursedMonkey (7 days ago)
Hi. Is there a story or campaign? If not how does the game end? Thanks.
DeanoSauruz (7 days ago)
The collectors edition is outrageous, for the pure fact it doesn’t come with a copy of the game.
TheWhiteFoxTruth (7 days ago)
Not to keen on the multiplayer setup, but it's by far not a deal breaker.
RollingxBigshot (7 days ago)
Don’t think that it’s going to be enough to put the Xbox one on top
danpackfan ps4 (7 days ago)
Can't wait!
Armchair Warrior (7 days ago)
F co-op, I play single player games forever. If i want to play with friends. I go out in real life instead!
Mighty Ryan (7 days ago)
Never played the first one but I'm hyped for this one!
milquiades diaz (7 days ago)
Pc release the 22? Yes.
Corona Toons (7 days ago)
I just needed to know the price. Thank-you for going above and beyond
Loading (7 days ago)
Are there rival communities? That needs to be a thing
klrivers7 (7 days ago)
I'm more excited for state of decay 2 than any game in a long time i was a huge fan of the first one
Luke6121 (7 days ago)
Seems like the first game with better graphics
MrCrabby43 (7 days ago)
They knew they'd be adding coop way before the first game was even made. This was all planned out roughly eight years ago
Patrick Moore (8 days ago)
if you pre ordered the Ultimate Edition you get to play it on the 18th of May! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!
Stephen Baxter (8 days ago)
man, friendly fire seems an obvious choice to ADD as it makes you make a hard decision, rather than just fire into a group of zombies your mate is fighting, you have to either be precise of go melee. For a game with roguelike permadeath, not having something like friendly fire seems like a cop out. Also the tethered co-op has dissuaded me from getting this game.
Chad Romano (8 days ago)
I'm happy you can't go off by yourself like that compared to wildlands because it's a co-op game and it's more fun to stick together. On that same note i hope its a decent size radius because if the host gets trapped in a horde and you gotta split but can't leave then this is really going to suck.
DEAD 2RITES (8 days ago)
Love zombie games, not a fan of permadeath. Glad to see all the new features and maps etc.
Drugs are bad, mkay (8 days ago)
Yo the girl in the thumbnail is wack. She has a 50 cal on her back and decides to use a kitchen knife
Mr Blue Sky (8 days ago)
Does this have crossplay online co-op? As in, if I buy the digital version on Xbox One and my friend in a different location buys it on Windows 10, can we play co-op online together?
Charlie (8 days ago)
Perma-death. Fuck that. That's why I didn't like the first game.
Manuel Avalos Jr (8 days ago)
I don't think I'll ever get tired of zombie games just tired of being let down but zombie survival games lol BUT I really loved the first one I remember feeling like someone punched me in the gut when I witnessed one of my favourite companions die 💀
henry c (8 days ago)
Can’t believe they cancelled Lucifer 🙏
Gabriel Boudreau (8 days ago)
Copy shipped today an I got to say its one of the best zombie game I've played!
BAExclusive (8 days ago)
OH Dying light how I want another game like that
Luc Grand (8 days ago)
Gotta say I'm not excited for this game for the same reason I stopped playing Metal Gear Solid 5. I hate having to worry about my base if I'm not around.
Debora A (8 days ago)
I love zombie games. Trouble is there almost aren't any that are good. The only memorable one i've ever played was dead state
Emil TheSkåning (8 days ago)
That Coop limitation is kind of a bummer. Why include Coop if you're not going to do it properly... The main thing that makes this game special is that it only costs $30.
Hunter Phifer (8 days ago)
In Co op does your friend use your characters or there own, so if they die in your world do it hurt you or them
Matt Reed (8 days ago)
It's going to suck.
Diego Belaunde (8 days ago)
Anyone know why this game is gonna be selling for so cheap? Like I’m surprised it’s not priced at $60 for the regular edition
chrisberg2 (8 days ago)
I don't think I will ever be tired of zombie games, but zombie movies get worse and worse. Been a long time since I have seen a decent zombie movie. Dawn of the dead, 28 days later and The 2 first Resident evil movies (before they went the action way) are among my favorites, but most zombie films are low budget with poor effects and graffics which is a big minus in my book. Looking forward to playing SoD2 and Days gone.
Jim Byrd (8 days ago)
No end game? What???
ImTylerDurden99 (8 days ago)
So in one part of the video there appeared to be significant texture pop-in, and my reaction was oh great another buggy state of decay game. That is until I realized I’m an idiot and it was a time lapse of them building their base! Fail...
Jack Saripo (8 days ago)
You don’t need a. Breakdown dlc because the game is so long it already is breakdown
Jack Saripo (8 days ago)
You all realise it will take like 2 days to download to the Xbox one console
A Real Gamer (8 days ago)
if you have dial up sure
Microtail3s (8 days ago)
What if i got the phyical copy of the game could it still work on pc because you can play it on windows 10?
A Real Gamer (8 days ago)
no only digital is both pc and xbox
Vicerex (8 days ago)
I don't understand the whole "sick of zombie games" you guys keep pushing. Personally it's my favorite style of game and I can't get enough. I'm still waiting for a legitimate zombie style MMORPG. Yes the survival open world aspect has been played a bunch but there's so much more you can do with a zombie genre. I'd like a game with quests, to go save someone, or go scavenge for a certain amount of food, etc. State of Decay 2 is maybe the closest I've seen to my dream scenario, it's still not quite what I've been waiting for but I'm definitely giving it a go.
MADE IN RIGA (8 days ago)
Love zombie games
chris sun (8 days ago)
I actually don't mind micro transactions. I think the only people who hate on micro transactions are broke gamer's that didn't pay attention in school and work the crappiest jobs.
MixedBeans (8 days ago)
Tethering is stupid
Cursed Castaldo (8 days ago)
Just about the "leash", it is important to know that the developers want you and friends etc. to stay together, that is part of the survival. Also, keep in mind, 3 other people will be in a hosts world/game with their missions and story. Meaning you as a guest in this server do not have your own missions, you have the hosts. The leash will allow not only for you to have each others back, but will prevent from missions being done without you and your permission. And if this was not added, they would have to re-do how co-op works. :)
young ceo (8 days ago)
Is it on ps4
A Real Gamer (8 days ago)
Benjamin Rumely (8 days ago)
So hype
Lunar Vania (8 days ago)
Oh Andrew why is youre voice always so pouty and whinny......sorry for the negativity just ALWAYS notice it.
Isaiah Notris (9 days ago)
Smother co-op is needed here
Air Espenilla (9 days ago)
This looks amazing but I really hope it doesnt end up being another Sea of Thieves. Where its super fun the first couple weeks but boring after that. Either way im buying it cuz i have friends that i can play with. Heres hoping to hope.
Bryan Brown (9 days ago)
Do I need to play the first one to understand the story?
AZR900 (9 days ago)
I really wish they would either get rid of or give the player the ability to turn off the whole, "Every 24 IRL hours significantly drains your resources," feature. That is, by far, the main reason I don't play State of Decay 1 anymore. I like the actual game, but I can't play it every day and be ready 24/7 IRL.
lodevie (9 days ago)
I will have to say, I followed State of Decay 1 development from a LONG time before it was released. If I remember correctly at very very first, state of decay 1 was supposed to be an mmo, but early on they detected that they couldn't do that, so they pushed that for the "second version" of the game before deciding to just go with a second version with co op, which is easier to produce. So in this game it wasn't that they "listen" to you guys, rather than it was always in mind in the first place but just didn't had enough fund and time to do it for state of decay 1.
Delta 7 (9 days ago)
Im really disappointed in no friendly fire and especially in the “leash” for moving around the map and whatnot
Sparty™ (9 days ago)
You forgot to mention its not on Steam. Well there goes almost their potential PC sales
TheGebs24 (9 days ago)
I’m new to the franchise so I’m super pumped
Wisco Mitch (9 days ago)
I’m excited for this game mainly for the co-op. I have to say I’m disappointed in hearing that we will be “on a leash” where did you guys hear that from? How would this work? Not being able to attack an object from multiple sides or slip up really degrades the whole co-op function for this game.
Deacon Maidwell (9 days ago)
I wish It was on PlayStation 4.
Klaytonias S (9 days ago)
If they want us to work together and survive in the game let us roam in co-op but to where we don’t have to be near our team mate like you said in the video it kinda ruins the whole concept tbh
Luke Hebert (9 days ago)
Can you travel between maps in the same game?
Chubz Lich (9 days ago)
wackydude101 (9 days ago)
when not having micro transactions is considered a selling point....
robdavisGG (9 days ago)
sadly i own a ps4, i really want to play this game
THE CRAZY GUY (9 days ago)
I'm looking forward too this ,I enjoyed the first one so any improvement is a plus
HercULAS (9 days ago)
I heard items don't respawn. So from what I understand, there's going to be no reason to go back to locations you have already looted?
HercULAS (9 days ago)
Le pepperoni no idea, didn't play the first
Le pepperoni (9 days ago)
wasnt it the same in the first game?
jerryl10000 (9 days ago)
one thing i know for sure that its gonna be shit.
Kexlar (9 days ago)
I think the way they done the co-op is just fine, why when playing co-op would you want to NOT play together and be close to each other, that's the whole point of being co-op, being close and not 2 players on one side of the map and 2 on the other, that makes no sense. And from what I have read, its not as close as some have made it out to be, it says around 400 mtrs ( in game ) is the distance before you get a warning and teleported back to the host player. That distance in game is fine, at least you can search a house each, or defend your base from each side. I am looking forward to it, this Friday for the Ultimate Edition, got the day off so that's where I will be.

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