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Howlin' Wolf "Smokestack Lightning" Live 1964 (Reelin' In The Years Archives)

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This is the only known filmed version of "Smokestack Lightning" by Howlin' Wolf. This was shot in England during the famed American Folk Blues Festival tours and features the legendary Hubert Sumlin on guitar. In addition to other great Howlin' Wolf footage, our archive houses many iconic blues performances from Muddy Waters, Lightning Hopkins, Sonny Boy Williamson, Willie Dixon, Son House, Mississippi Fred McDowell, John Lee Hooker, Big Mama Thornton, T-Bone Walker and Buddy Guy. Reelin' In The Years Productions houses the world's largest library of music footage, containing over 20,000 hours of material covering nearly every genre from the last 60 years. We have live concerts, TV appearances, interviews, in-studio segments, b-roll and more. In addition to music we have thousands of hours of interviews with the most recognizable celebrities, comedians, politicians, athletes, artists and authors of the 20th Century. If you need footage for your film, documentary, TV show, commercial, museum exhibit or presentation, we are your one-stop shop. Visit our online database at http://www.reelinintheyears.com to explore our archive, but please email us as we are constantly adding new material to the archive. We do not supply material to fans or collectors under any circumstance, so please do not contact us if that is your intention.
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Text Comments (1341)
David W (40 minutes ago)
If you will read Sam Phillips bio you can begin to get a feeling for what a kind and sensitive man the Wolf was. Phillips felt he was the most original and unique talent ever.
Holly Gonnella (4 hours ago)
This would be 1000 times better without your logo in the middle of the screen the ENTIRE time.
Tyrese Douglas (1 day ago)
who here in 2018?
zaga ursh (1 day ago)
love this jam
Paul Summerside (2 days ago)
Think the compare would be getting his P45, if he were introducing acts in that fashion these days. Great track....
PonziZombieKiller (2 days ago)
Oh man this is bad ass !
Marshall L Smith (2 days ago)
The MC's so dumb he don't know what r & b music is. And the worst thing about it is, this is a BLUE'S song.
MAKE IT (5 days ago)
Jim Piver (5 days ago)
0:28 It's _not_ "Howling". It's "Howlin' "
lindseygreenberg (5 days ago)
skip to 1:05
zLarson (5 days ago)
No logo; https://youtu.be/9eIQIMYnPvw
Baigorria On Line (5 days ago)
Gracias por compartir semejante archivo... Un abrazo!
Kimbler Lewis (6 days ago)
Ah... wheeew..uuuuuuuu
Michael Screen (7 days ago)
It was a relief for the blues and jazz guys to play in Britain as they didn't have to ride segregated trains or book into segregated hotels. They were venerated, respected and emulated..To this day
Willie Wilson (7 days ago)
Back in the day this was the cut. And it cut real, real deep.
Marcell Jackson (7 days ago)
That's real MUSIC!!!
1Juemadre (7 days ago)
Whatever RnB is. Lol. The London album is my favorite.
Iam Theman (9 days ago)
I get the feeling these sounds just poured out of his body without him ever wondering how they got there. Like they just came out that way.
Dan Armando (10 days ago)
Ball Sac Lightening.
Anthony Similton (11 days ago)
The voice of choice.
Swanson Jazz Music (11 days ago)
What a Bad ass
A Fox (11 days ago)
Willie Dixon on bass.
Karim Idir (11 days ago)
Ces mecs là sont des légendes
betty bryant (13 days ago)
Howl Wolf
Marcelo Escobar (14 days ago)
I wonder what did howling wolf tell Hubert in second 00:33!!!!
stuff (15 days ago)
Some of the comments to this video make me loose hope in humanity :-(
Carl Smith (16 days ago)
Whatever it is.. Noob. Wolf the man
Challie Wallie (16 days ago)
Mama's ol music on Saturday nights. I grew up knowing all the blues legends in chicago at ms kitty's. Loved when they came through bc they took care of their people. Always gave back to their people no matter the situation. Muddy gave my mama 600.00 for rent n lights when she was bustin tables in the after hour houses in da hood. Much love to all of the blues legends. This music was made from the opressed by the opressed and for the opressed in those days. It was created from generations of pain n suffering because of hatred of your color of your skin. So all we could do is sing the blues because we had the blues from millions of people around the world with hate in their hearts for a color of a person who'd done nothing violent to anyone. We love you Wolf..
jeffrey mcglone (16 days ago)
Franck Yan (17 days ago)
Dudes, I like how he disrespected the Wez Paul guit box & trashed BB King with a cheap harmonica! Yes!
Hogheads for breakfast (18 days ago)
Pure Legend, "whatever they call the greatest R&B song." ??? Get off the bullshit, this is the foundation for so many of the greatest songs from rock, soul and blues. I feel lucky to have stumbled onto it.
Larry Rubin (18 days ago)
Who's better doing the blues than Mr. Wolf?
Acoustic Shadow (23 days ago)
And Willie Dixon, who wrote so many Blues standards, melts into the background with his double-bass.
Dionne Fisher (25 days ago)
Whatever r+b may be😂😂😂😂Greatest music for keeping your soul alive my freind 😎😎😎
Peter Connolly (26 days ago)
2.4 million views a couple of hundred are mine and there will be a couple of hundred more. this is like been able to watch Van Gogh painting a masterpiece. Human beings are great.
Mark Smith (27 days ago)
the king of smoke stack lightning. ..
Scott Mc Fadyen (27 days ago)
Wooo ooo
Marlene Schultz (1 month ago)
He is so fine my mouth waters.
Marlene Schultz (1 month ago)
Real entertainer the love for it.
BeeB HoPo (1 month ago)
Read more about "Smokestack Lightnin" Here Ouèche !
HI LO/LO (1 month ago)
The real deal........oh yeah
victortheripper (1 month ago)
Terry Turner (1 month ago)
420rude (1 month ago)
Wolf told Hubert let's show them what R&B is Fucking clueless announcer..
LHP III (1 month ago)
This song and performance is quite healing. I listen frequently. Thank you to the poster and please keep this up, till the end of time.
G.R, Dray (1 month ago)
Now this is good music.
Bronwen Horne (1 month ago)
OOO such history and rhythm and blues. what an era with its social and political stuff going on. Beautiful xxxxxxx
S Hog (1 month ago)
Cadillac records brought me here 🐺
Welsh Toro (1 month ago)
The more I watch it the more incredible it is. I really enjoy the fact that we get an alternative. It's completely weird that it's delivered to a bunch of seated English middle class white folk but bravo to them for appreciating such a unique talent.
Mr. Bluesnote (1 month ago)
Awesome 🐔💃🐔💃🐔💃🐔💃🤘😎🕵the Best ...
kenna Brown (1 month ago)
Show if I tell u southern baby
William ckemons (1 month ago)
Kila LaShay (1 month ago)
"whatever r and b is"..... shut up, listen and learn lol
Troy Troy (12 days ago)
Kila LaShay yes yes
Welsh Toro (1 month ago)
Well said Kila. Howling Wolf was one hell of a boss.
Paul Hooson (1 month ago)
What a legend!
Lori Wakefield (1 month ago)
James Bond (1 month ago)
Great to see all these fine gentleman smiling at being appreciated in 1964 when most people in their own country had no idea who they were. Their music echoes and reverberates down through time unpeeling the onion of repression that hides our real emotions for most of us. Great stuff..brilliant men Oh ..the comment at the beginning by the announcer ...it was tongue in cheek. This is the Blues ...pure ..raw ..emotional ...being voted for an r&B award is like classifying Your Cheatin Heart as a Heavy Metal song!! haha...people missed the humour of that!!
Engage TransCorp (2 months ago)
Hot Damn! Go Brotha GO!!!!
Paul Naylor (2 months ago)
WHATEVER RHYTHM &BLUES IS...!!!!...this is it sunshine...dont worry the charts will be filled with it over the next 50 years...hahahahahaha...!!!
Brian Thornbury (2 months ago)
The just as great Willie Dixon was there as well. He wrote a number of the standard Chicago blues numbers.
Noyzi Neighborz (2 months ago)
Come on ya'll... In England the Blues was the thing... RnB was looked at like we look at Pop music today. England was rock'n with Rock, Blues, and Jazz. None of that bubble gum. Dude rolled his eyes at RnB. I'm only in my 40's and I know that. Listen to groups out of england at that time. they were all blues and rock. (Modern Day bull crap perspectives dont apply to this)
Marie Barber (2 months ago)
I wish I could live in the sixties and seventies forever.✌️💕
leshawn smith (2 months ago)
Whaterver R&B is Its Rythmn & Blues Now you know Chris
Pulsonar (2 months ago)
That heavyweight voice carries centuries of human turmoil, hopes and wishes, no comparable singer since the turn of the century. I can only compare his unique stature and demeanour to my old dear departed bible bashing uncle, clean shaven, carefully managing the beads of sweat on his forehead with an impossibly pressed handkerchief. Always smartly dressed in his Sunday best, bashing the bible at every opportunity with scarred ham fisted hands that once wielded a machete in the cane fields of Jamaica and occasionally against malicious agitators. Later finding God, and bellowing 'Repent ye', even against those who dare to watch people drinking alcohol on TV. Boy, those were the days, and that was only in a district of Manchester, Northern England in the 70s!
GIR 93 (2 months ago)
Play dem blues!!! Thanks, for posting :-)
Boise Blues Society (2 months ago)
the classic by the man himself!!
Antwon Parker (2 months ago)
Music that all people can enjoy. No hate just the love of the music. 👦🏿🧒🧕🏻👳🏻‍♂️
Kevin BLADADA (2 months ago)
R n b ...rythm n blues....
Jared D (2 months ago)
Good music is timeless. 👍
Commissaire Llob (2 months ago)
Shitty introducer !
AH Z (2 months ago)
Ah oh, smokestack lightnin' Shinin', just like gold Why don't ya hear me cryin'? Whoo hoo Whoo hoo Whoo Whoa oh, tell me, baby What's the, matter with you? Why don't ya hear me cryin'? Whoo hoo Whoo hoo Whoo Whoa oh, tell me, baby Where did ya, stay last night? A-why don't ya hear me cryin'? Whoo hoo Whoo hoo Whoo Whoa-oh, stop your train Let her, go for a ride Why don't ya hear me cryin'? Whoo hoo Whoo hoo Whoo Whoa-oh, fare ya well Never see, a you no more A-why don't ya hear me cryin'? Whoo hoo Whoo hoo Whoo Whoa-oh, who been here baby since, I-I been gone, a little, bitty boy Girl, be on Whoo hoo Whoo hoo Whoo
Pamela La Roda (2 months ago)
I bet he was the 💣💥in the sack 😁
United Plankton (2 months ago)
this makes me proud to be American
Bob Mac (2 months ago)
Velvet Balls (2 months ago)
the "MC" was kind of a dick.lol.
Pamela La Roda (2 months ago)
Velvet Balls...yes he was
mardonna5187 (2 months ago)
That howl he has... I wish i could have seen him live in his younger days.
robofatcat (2 months ago)
I don't understand was he trying to dis R&B records?
supermabel1 (10 days ago)
He wasn't. Read numerous comments elsewhere in this thread.
Jim stevens (2 months ago)
Anyone else wanna smack the fuck out the announcer?
Wyoming Oregon (2 months ago)
Sang Wolf!
Edward Jeansonne (2 months ago)
What a great, great performer.
Mark Warner (2 months ago)
Mamma said mother Big mama Mama Thornton
Mysticswalk (2 months ago)
I am blessed to have his autograph on an album! I felt like the luckiest person ever to get him to do it for me. This was back in the seventies.
Club Chill (2 months ago)
This is why rock is dead in 2000+, no more blues influence.
Jaime eclair (2 months ago)
"...whatever R&B is?" That MC is an idiot. You may not like that kind of music, but at least show some respect for the man's work.
supermabel1 (10 days ago)
No idiot - google Chris Barber. He was responsible for bringing numerous US blues stars to the UK and he respected and earned the respect of them all. Read elsewhere in this long thread why he made the joke about "R&B whatever that is" - I've explained it too many times.
Johna Reece (2 months ago)
Wolf Allright
Paul Snider (2 months ago)
Howlin Wolf should be on fucking Mt. Rushmore.
Gordon Jackson (2 months ago)
Saw this guy at Salford University in the UK in 1969. Pure magic.
BAR 20 BBQ (2 months ago)
Bad to the Bone.
David Boson (2 months ago)
white people cant clap to this man's rythm
Casey Wilson (2 months ago)
Is that Dixon on stand up bass???
Victor_and_Shprot (2 months ago)
Stranger from 2018, here I am :)
wor kcwg (2 months ago)
yeahhhhhhh 03/05/2018 from shit France!
tom thumb (2 months ago)
what a disrespectful intro
JoJo Mama (2 months ago)
That was him playing bass...
JoJo Mama (2 months ago)
Yep,WillieDixon!he was THE MAN!!!
Gett Dumagat (2 months ago)
Fux the drummer doing
david james (2 months ago)
utterly unique
Dice Mofo (2 months ago)
firs time hearing that. BAD AZ MOFO!!
xusemoi (2 months ago)
I want the names of those who disliked this...
randy beard (3 months ago)
Blues-The Real Soul Music.....
Michael Volgare (3 months ago)
How da fuck you got 482 not likes????
Lawana Tabron (3 months ago)

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