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Logan Review (Major Spoilers)

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Text Comments (256)
blurglide (1 month ago)
I was the stand in for the convenience store cashier. Scary to see that little girl holding fist-knives above your face and Hugh Jackman holding her back at the last second. Also, that little girl said I was taking photos on set so I wasn't invited back.
alaster boneman (1 month ago)
Breed and control their own weapons. And much like the comics this is lossy formed from. Their really bad at it. Honestly if I have one complaint about this movie and the x23 sagra is that the evil corporations in both have never seemed to consider indoctrination.
Richard L (1 month ago)
I usually agree with your reviews, but this movie is just God awful! Two hours watching your favorite super heroes die. Talk about depressing. Who's stupid idea was this? This movie was terrible and a complete waste of two hours of my life that I will never get back!
Ryan Bailey (2 months ago)
I hated his self indulgent and grimdark this was. Totally lame and boring climax. Didn't like the girl or care about what would to happen to her. Hugh Jackman did a great job as ever but that's all I liked. Good review though.
Nick McCabe (2 months ago)
I think the ending was appropriate. Like you said, it was realistic. Life isn't fair and doesn't always have a happy ending.
Darth Bane (2 months ago)
I hated it. I will never watch it again, and I'm done with super hero movies, or marvel and dc in general.
Darth Bane (2 months ago)
Every scene was basically logan being drunk and tired. Fucking hated it.
Mububban23 (3 months ago)
"This is what it feels like" - I instantly thought that he was referring to family, and love of a child etc. But most reviewers seem to think it was about what if feels like to finally die, once and for all, with no chance of regenerating. I guess it works equally well in both interpretations. Both beautiful, and both heart breaking. What a brilliant way for Hugh Jackman to sign off on playing Wolverine.
Iafiv Iv (3 months ago)
I find it interesting that some were bothered by the grimm tone of the movie saying 'i don't want fiction to be depressing'.What that means is that those people only watch fiction to escape reality and pretend for a couple of hours that everything is fine.That is a way explains the popularity of the superhero genre the possibility of escape and pretend that 'heroes' exist something that in the West at least is much sought after following the never actually confronted trauma of 9/11.So depressing superhero movies that end on an ambiguous note with the hero dying sort of face an uphill battle.
wcw2793 (3 months ago)
I loved the film but I agreed with what you said about Xavier’s death. I also felt they could’ve used a better surprise villain than the generic evil clone as well. Honestly, I would’ve preferred Sabertooth since he represents the animal side of Logan.
PiGo (3 months ago)
Anything related to Brian Singer should be shut down
gokusondbz (3 months ago)
I would have to give the film a 10 out of 10. Very few movies ever get to me emotionally this is one of those few times that happened. The job Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart were superb. For me Logan was my number one favorite movie of last year.
L1A1Rocker (3 months ago)
What a horrible movie. It made 'Day's of Future Past' totally pointless. In the end, the mutants STILL loose. They die one by one again, but by poison instead of being hunted down by robots.
zardox78 (3 months ago)
That was the one thing that took me out of the movie when I was watching it. "Somehow we'll be safe once we cross that magical border to Canada! Because it's not like the heavily-armed and well-connected people who've chased us clear up from Mexico will follow us across _another_ border! Everybody knows you don't want to fuck with those Canadian Mounties! And, of course there will be a whole regiment of them _right_ on the other side of the border., eager to protect us." Yeah, I know it's a bunch of kids with their kid-logic. But the people chasing them seem to be operating with the same mindset. "Oh shit! We better get 'em before they get over that border! Once they cross that invisible line, out here in the middle of butt-fucking nowhere, it's all over! We sure wouldn't want to come up against any Mounties!"
Bad Mr. Frosty (3 months ago)
I bought a copy of this movie on dvd 📀 just because I have all my x-men movies on dvd.
Mark J (4 months ago)
This movie is really good, though it falls flat at the end, because they don't do a good job of getting you to care about the kids and Laura isn't in danger. The energy drink thing is nonsence though. There's an interesting deconstruction of Shane in it, which is fitting since the movie Wolverine (and Mad Max) is heavily based on the character. It's to on the nose, but hardly anyone knows the story anymore. You can tell they really struggled with the middle act but somehow almost botch the last act. The first act is brilliant though.
ShadowZero27 (4 months ago)
Dave, why do you struggle with metaphor? Logan had to die so the girl could live, both to hide the future mutant race and to give the girl truly no home to return to. Seeing her "father" pass before her eyes after her genetic "father" kills her earthly created father then burying him brought the tightest closure purest blank slate for her. She can develop into her own person instead of being a "spitting" image of her genetic father or her creator father.
The Best Stooge (5 months ago)
I just watched this last night and I liked it but was really sad too.
Spazzboy911 (5 months ago)
you forgot a crucial aspect of what made this film. in the entire XMen franchise, the comic books, the novels, the cartoons, the movies, Charles and Eric disagree on fundamental grounds of relations between humans and mutants. can we live together? can we compromise? it's the entire franchise. this film actually makes up it's mind, a very bold move. Eric was right, the entire time, but Charles is the one to live to see it. He lives through his failure and faces it.
Mayo Rice (5 months ago)
I don't mind when fiction is campy, silly, etc. because I don't need fiction to make me feel "mature". I don't care about fiction being realistic, gritty, etc. Honestly, there's something unreal about people who want realism in their fiction.
J Logan (5 months ago)
i know i will get alot of hate for tis. But i found logan to be decent at best, boring at the worst. I get what they were trying to do but it just came off as heavy handed in some parts for my tastes. Not a bad movie, but not exactly one i plan on rewatching over and over again
Trick Jericho (6 months ago)
I personally didn't like the ending because from all the lore I know about Wolverine it doesn't make any sense. I also wasn't upset or tricked into thinking Logan is really dead. The location of where the tree trunk went through him is impossible, it would have been blocked by his ribs and he would have just bounced off the log, not have it ram through him. Also, his healing factor was so fast, even after the adamantium was laced to his bones, that there is no way heavy metal poisoning would ever build up enough in his system to ever become an issue, his body would just expel it long before it was any real threat. Two Logans fighting each other would last forever. Neither one could do enough damage to the other to kill or permanently maim each other, so the fight would only end when they both gave up out of boredom. The clone would never be better than the original so either it would be a stalemate or the clone would be flawed and Logan would win by default. In one of the comics a sentinel completely disintegrated Logan except for his bones and a few cells and he recovered. That's how strong his healing factor is. The events at the end of the Logan movie is just people thinking he is dead and burying him. Logan is not dead. In fact, it is heavily implied by that one comic that Logan is truly immortal. He can't die. He has revived from far worse. given enough time. Therefore there is no reason to think he is actually dead. EDIT: Now that I think about it, in light of these notes the whole movie makes zero sense because he would not be in bad shape at all. The very idea that he was dying from heavy metal poisoning is just pure lunacy. A contrived plot device to add drama where is shouldn't exist and completely derails the fundamental foundation that the character of Wolverine was built upon. Yes, I now know the truth, the Logan movie is an alternate universe movie, one where Wolverine is not as powerful as he is really supposed to be. A more logical and canon movie would be Logan in perfect health and shape watching everyone he knows and loves withering and dying around him. THAT SHOULD BE HIS REAL TRAGEDY. And I would postulate that THAT tragedy is far worse than what was portrayed in the movie. That's what the movie SHOULD have been about.
Brian McBride (4 months ago)
The adamant I poison is straight from the comics
Anthony Halberstadt (6 months ago)
I give Logan a solid 9 out of 10
Tine Woodbe (6 months ago)
excellent movie!
RaphielDrake (6 months ago)
When Xavier was killed I just felt pure horror. I think that is what was intended. To make the viewers see an idol they grew up watching brutally and quickly cut down before their eyes.
John Stovall (6 months ago)
way too nihilistic for me. Did not care for it at all.
Sam Judge (6 months ago)
I'm 50/50 on this film, one hand I do like the organic nature of Logan and the conncetion with Professor X and his biological daughter, at the other veiw its a bittersweet movie, thats almost ashame of having people with extraordinary abilities. I get the director wanted a gritty realisam story, I just struggle accepting it in a world full of superheros, diden't Days of Future Past diden't happend? If so, what went wrong? the film is desent on its own, just after compring the past x-men pictures (encluding deadpool) its pritty jaring to go a more real univeruse, where you know this is supposed to be set in a world of superheros.
Raycheetah (6 months ago)
A mutant is an organism possessing traits not found in its parents. Thus, Logan might be a mutant, but his daughter, who got those traits from him, is not. =^[.]^=
Chance Paladin (6 months ago)
I'd change two things about the movie. He wouldn't go back and hang out with that family in the middle, because he knows every family around him dies tragically out of nowhere. And secondly I'd have Famke with him at the end holding his other hand like an angel.
Williamjames Hoffer (6 months ago)
But did you also notice the SJW critique in the form of the white male US government/corporation killing/taking advantage of all the special mutants?
Mimi Sardinia (6 months ago)
Not that I want to invalidate your thoughts on the ending, but I feel Laura was not left totally without family, since she got reunited with the other children who are arguably siblings. She did lose her briefly found father, but she is heading off with the other kids. But in other things about Logan, my Mum is not a huge superhero movie fan, but she really liked Logan. I think the huge thing with Logan is the difference in tone to a normal superhero movie. This movie is basically a western with a few superhero elements - mostly the super-powers that come into play. I have high hopes for New Mutants because that seems, from the first trailer, to be doing something similar - a horror movie with super-powers in the mix. Deadpool was not quite that far - it felt like a standard superhero movie but done as a self-aware fourth-wall breaking comedy, not a comedy with superhero elements. Still, with Logan and the prospect of New Mutants (and for that matter the Legion TV show), I like the potential direction that this may mean for superhero movies.
Alexandre Martins (6 months ago)
Isn't it the other way around? He is losing his healing factor, and so is being poised by the adamantium, which should have been poisonous from the beginning or not at all. Also, Logan has always been a heavy drinker.
slmeucalesa1 (6 months ago)
Malcolm and Martin are Dead and so are their respective legacies effectively.......so to me the movie's tragic ending was apropos.....all that Charles and Xavier fought for earlier was for naught really.
André Niemand (6 months ago)
I'm sure someone already said so, but not her entire skeletal structure. Only her claws. She still had to grow as a weapon.
Spartan155 (6 months ago)
I frigging loved the ending when she pushed over the cross and made the X. It was great and a bit emotional.
Jeff Messenger (6 months ago)
It's well made. But "not melancholic?" Seriously? Butchering the innocent family in the story pushed it over a sadomasochistic edge.
Ромашка 1941 (6 months ago)
Good movie, but I will never watch it again.
Caleb Prenger (7 months ago)
I was hoping for a gay scene between wolverine and xavier . After all it is 2017
Crunk Playa69 (7 months ago)
It was a good film, but since the ending felt like such a kick to the stomach, I was generally left unsatisfied with it. Because of that, the overall feel of the movie was meh. I enjoy bad and sad endings when it's done really well but the ending of the film wasn't sad, it just felt bad.
tetsuoswrath (7 months ago)
I hated it. 0/10 for feminizing the character instead of making a new female character. It's got the same problems that the Star Wars and Trek franchises are suffering from . Feminism. They keep taking male characters that are beloved and turning them into women. And the way the little girl was able to fight the soldiers is completely unrealistic even taking into account her adamantium skeleton. And to me, everything in the film had been lifted from something before it. Nothing about it felt original. I really wish that Hollywood was able to make NEW characters that happen to be female or non-white instead of taking all the great white male roles and emasculating them. :{
Bro Man (7 months ago)
I liked it at first but then thought about the movie again and didn't like it as much due to the clone reveal of Logan and the attack on that family. I thought that whole scene to me was ridiculous. And I scratched my head wondering why they didn't have Logan go after the Transigen people who were right over there knocked out from the blast. If he'd done that, they wouldn't be chasing them to North Dakota. Logan would at least be alive.
PHOENIXGUNDAM (7 months ago)
Dave did you just compare Logan to Sanford and Son?? 😄
Ste A (7 months ago)
watched your other reviews and have to say generally agreeded,BUT not on this,it could not of been worse then its prequals,but in its own way it was, where as the prequals were so far up their fantastical ass ,this was the opposite, and very mundane , get rid of his super powers and give him a drug problem and a few similer changes and you have the same film,mundane.
magwan77 (7 months ago)
The reason we keep seeing little girls in lead roles is because we're still allowed by our feminist masters to be sympathetic toward children... for now. Feminists have utterly robbed the film industry of the damsel in distress; one of the core fantasies that men go to watch movies for in the first place. We want to see the knight rescue the princess, not the princess talk down to the knight like he's an idiot, and then kung-fu fight the dragon with her innate super skills. SJWs have destroyed movies and I hope enough Hollywood studios go broke to finally wake them up to reality. Fuck feminists, SJWs and all the beta cucks who are subservient to them.
Couch Grouches (7 months ago)
Another vital part to a strong character is weakness. That's my major problem with female protagonists, they rarely are portrayed as genuine humans. Characters regardless of gender/race/nationality/species have to be knocked down, because it makes their ascension to the top more rewarding.
Couch Grouches (7 months ago)
magwan77 I think you're conflating child characters with damsels in distress and while they're some overlap for obvious reasons, they're different literary/cinematic devices. An iconic example of a damsel in distress would be Princess Peach, a character who essentially only exists to further the protagonist's goals, this trope has been built on and inverted, but like with many other tropes, it's largely went away in cinema due to people wanting more 'useful characters'. While I agree that agendas are inserted into film I think like how some SJWs attempt to create issues out of non-issues, some mirror this and complain about any and all female or black characters in a film. The people who thought War for the Planet of the Apes was some weird allegory for black people when the movie pretty much beat you over the head with Abrahamic symbolism, for example.
magwan77 (7 months ago)
There's a lot of reasons Hollywood is tanking, but speaking for myself and huge swathes of the country, its the overwhelming liberal, SJW political flogging you get every time you go to the theatre. As for which character is the damsel in distress? The kid? A damsel in distress doesn't have to be helpless, just vulnerable. Some of the finest movies use this, such as the 5th element is a good example. As for Logan, the whole story arc is wolverine learning to care about, grow protective of and get the kid to safety in one piece. It's like a Joel and Ellie story with super powers. Despite her powers, she's still a child and evokes a primal protective instinct that isn't quite forbidden by political correctness. That same natural response men used to feel for women is considered sexist now. Is it any surprise the men of Sweden who were once Vikings don't lift a finger to help their shitty feminist female population from systematic gang rape by the hordes of 3rd world scumbags flooding into their country? Every adult female character in modern movies has to be a master at everything without even an explanation of where they got their skills, able to beat up 6 navy seals at the same time (all double her size), and no flaws are allowed. Only when they cast a child into the role that would have traditionally gone to a female "damsel in distress" character are you still allowed to perceive a character with weaknesses who is vulnerable and needs to be protected. As for tired tropes that have been done way to many times, how about bad-ass female warrior who can beat up men twice her size with ease, knows how to fix shit that her father can't figure out despite a lifetime of study, or evil white capitalist villains? Sick of those.
Couch Grouches (7 months ago)
magwan77 Yeah...can't be because of the massive amounts of sequels and reboots (though Logan and the new Planet of the Apes Trilogy are definitely great examples of those done right) or even the fact that online services allow for people to watch new movies online a few days after they hit theaters... People don't like damsel in distresses the same way people don't like prophecy tropes and useless side characters. Also, what character is a damsel in distress in Logan?
magwan77 (7 months ago)
If that were true, Hollywood studios wouldn't have started going broke once they began peddling their SJW, feminist, anti-male propaganda. Just because feminist outrage makes most directors avoid the damsel in distress for fear of being called whatever "ism" is popular at the moment doesn't mean the audience doesn't want it. Ticket sales are the final arbiter, and with the number of children being used to fill the damsel in distress void in movies and games, its pretty clear to me what's going on.
Kuldip Binning (7 months ago)
17 years in the same role HJ was a great Wolverine.
Shinobi Wolf (7 months ago)
l didn't really like this movie. Too bleak, too depressing, kinda seemed like an unnecessary movie, and it was unnecessarily boring and grim. Can't imagine why anyone would want to watch this movie unless you're desperate for more Xmen and you've already seen the previous films.
Drunken Uncle (7 months ago)
Holy shit, Dave, you talk for a living - control your saliva or at least edit it out!
Justifyed Mattitude (7 months ago)
3:15 - 3:49 Shit. You perfectly described me. Only took me 32 years. Wolverine is slow.
Douglas Dandridge (8 months ago)
10/10. I avoided this movie when it first came out, thinking it was going to be crap. Saw it on a flight earlier this year, and loved it. One of the best superhero movies of all time, in my opinion.
Peter Moore (9 months ago)
I thought his healing factor was wreaking because of the food that corporation was creating. He had been ingesting it for years and its meant to isolate and wipe out mutant genes. Also with Laura's adamantium skeleton......how is going to go through puberty? Is she going to stay that height and just have loads of extra skin and muscle and be a fleshy mess?
Alexandre Martins (6 months ago)
Logic has never been superhero comic forté...
ShepardRahl (9 months ago)
A very good review, but I would like to add a couple of corrections... 1. Laura only has adamantium on her claws. Not her entire skeleton. They surgically removed her claws, laced them and then reattached them. There is even a shot in the movie of her on an operating table while they are doing the operation. 2. Logan didn't actually father Laura. She is a genetic clone created from blood samples taken from Logan. Technically he is her father. He just didn't father her in the traditional sense. 3. At the end when Logan says "So this is what it feels like" I think he is talking about death. In some of the past movies he had lamented about wanting to die. It was one of the major themes in The Wolverine. I could be wrong though. That's just how I understood it.
Glen Jackson (10 months ago)
Bad white guy is named Donald, he is killed by a very racially diverse group of kids... hint hint hint xD
furno3572 (7 months ago)
Shia LaButthurt he was named that even before trump ran for office
motor4X4kombat (10 months ago)
i didn't Find this movie that great. gore and curses don't make a good movie.
tyler mckinney (10 months ago)
give logan the old yeller treatment, stop the movie after x24 dies " they lived happily ever after the end."
TheAngryGreyhawk (11 months ago)
No doubt other comics nerds have said this here, but only Laura's claws are covered with adamantium, her skeleton is still natural. It'd be amazingly stupid of the scientists that created her to cover the still growing skeleton of an eleven (or so) year old with an indestructible metal.
Jim Belton (11 months ago)
Yo, they already rebooted. That's why McAvoy is playing the professor. This movie takes place in the original timeline. First class is not a prequel, it's an alternate timeline. You said you liked Days of Future Past: the alternate timeline was made canon in that film.
Elder Millennial (10 months ago)
Jim Belton Where are the sentinels?
Spider Jeranimo (11 months ago)
Loved the movie but Transigens security bugged me, a top secret program to breed killer mutants allowed nurses to film the kids multipule times over years, surley they would have frisked staff. And when they do start thier escape, why was there no knockout gas or proper lockdown, why no micro trackers under the skin incase they ever did try to escape? Was there only one security team deployed to track down the kids, and they went after X-23 because reasons? If they were smart they would have tracked down the easier mutants after catching Caliban and THEN gone after x-23. Don't get me wrong, fucking loved the movie, i'm just nit-picking, i wanted Old Man Logan, i got 'Man, Logans Old!'
ALT KNIGHT (1 year ago)
I just watched this. Whilst it's a good movie but I can see what is going to happen. Now we are going to have a female "wolverine". I'll put any amount of money on it. They have disguised it well, but it will turn out to be a feminist series from now on.
Elder Millennial (10 months ago)
Offense is always taken Never given I would not call the character of "X-23" 'feminist' (in the postmodern sense) in the least. She is too pragmatic and rational to buy into postmodern crap.
JnoseAll (1 year ago)
I assumed he said "so this is what it feels like." Because he finally know what dying feels like.
pjamese3 (6 months ago)
Logan's "died" before in the movies (or at least suffered enough damage to think he might die: shot in the head with an adamantium bullet in X-men Origins: Wolverine and dying on the operating table in The Wolverine.) I believe "so this is what it feels like." refers to having someone who loved him and would mourn his death...and perhaps wishing he could stay in her life.
TheGreaterGood80 (1 year ago)
Meh. I stopped giving a shit about X Men a long time ago. Not interested.
Studio Gilliam (1 year ago)
Hell yeah for that Steptoe and Son reference!
TheRocketMan (1 year ago)
Strangely I felt far more heartbroken and almost teary eyed at the end with Logan's death than I did with Han Solo's death in The Force Awakens.
wingitprod (1 year ago)
If you were a father you might feel differently about this movie.
Rock Shoulder (1 year ago)
Mexican dreamer children having to flee America for Canada
johnnyboy2537 (10 months ago)
Mexican dreamers flee America while a man a named Donald chases them to Canada with a small military.
Serenade314 (1 year ago)
Le RoyalOmnivore (1 year ago)
logan reminds me of myself and im only 23
Le RoyalOmnivore (1 year ago)
eh its not so bad once you get used to it lol
Hl A (1 year ago)
Damn, tough break man. I hope things pick up.
Le RoyalOmnivore (1 year ago)
broken defeated man whos best days are behind him, sickly out of breath and fatigued yet still strong using drinking as a coping mechanism to deal with a dwindeling power or in my case 6th sense or fluidity with music, degeneration and the loss of everyone around him
Hl A (1 year ago)
What, excessive rage problem. haha
ruuman (1 year ago)
i thought it was to bloody long, but ok
Diamondinmyeye (1 year ago)
I found the movie very emotionally compelling, but exceedingly stupid logically. Was the girl injected with the metal the same way he was? If so, she'll be crushed by it around her skeleton. Why didn't the kids all just fight the bad guys? They ran away and lost any group advantage? I get that Logan wanted to die originally, but I bet he could have accepted heavy metal poisoning drugs from the doctor.
Diamondinmyeye (1 year ago)
Okay, I kinda thought that was the scenario they went with. Still lots of dumb choices made in there though.
Christopher Wells (1 year ago)
Diamondinmyeye nah. Her claws were removed, then coated and put back
Dayonetheone (1 year ago)
That's why I love Stephen King so much.
1906aldo (1 year ago)
Good review. I've just discovered this channel even though I've been following you on Computing Forever for quite some time now. May I suggest reviewing "Look Who's Back" by David Wnendt. It's very interesting satire with many interesting intentional and unintentional correlations with current situation in Europe and globally. You're probably the best guy to review it.
Nathan Morrell (1 year ago)
At least he lived hundreds of years.
Ludwig Schwarzwälder (1 year ago)
Charles Xavier as no hair !
daddy black (1 year ago)
great review!!
vitamindubya (1 year ago)
I like even the unpopular ones lol
Poetic Abomination (1 year ago)
I also thought Xavier's death was a nightmare at first. It really looked like that's the angle they were going for, so I was surprised that it wasn't. I really enjoyed this movie, though. A good story, a lot of really good scenes, great acting.
JakeTheFakeReal (1 year ago)
Ross Gowland (1 year ago)
Nice one! You should do more film reviews.
GrimFate (1 year ago)
I'd give it an 8. Great story and the R-rated elements were a big plus for me. Not every comic book movie needs to be a dark, R-rated film, but characters like Wolverine definitely benefit from it. Logan, Laura and Xavier were also amazing. Ending wasn't as quite as effective as I'd have liked, but definitely glad they didn't go with the annoying cliche of "Oh no! The hero is dead! JUST KIDDING!" or a sappy, "everything is alright now" happy ending. My only real issue is that the villains weren't particularly interesting. Wolverine's clone was pretty kick-ass, but the other 2 main baddies weren't strong characters. Of course, the movie was about Logan and Xavier, and Logan and Laura, so the baddies weren't exactly the focus of the film.
Steve Rogers (1 year ago)
I hated how X-24 died, Logan should've drowned him in a river while X-24 continues to stab him. Then Logan gives that famous ending speech
Kaefer1973 (1 year ago)
I agree, though I don't mind the villain part in the slightest, since I never bought into the villain cult and always though Roger Ebert's quote "Each film is only as good as its villain" to be the stupidest bullshit he ever uttered (even before "Video games can never be art"). While I don't mind the weak villains even a tiny little bit I will agree that they are in fact weak villain characters. Though in case of the doctor that's only fitting since he reflects a certain type of western villain (corrupt politician or business man hiring the bad guys but not being much of a character or threat on his own).
gatoneko (1 year ago)
I was enjoying the film, up until the "Death by a freaking Tree Stump." Could there have been any other less heroic ways to die then by a tree?
OP Malfit (1 year ago)
Logan was already dying... and then he took the full dose of medicine (previously told not to use it all at once) and then he got shreds that wouldn't heal... the tree stump was nothing but the final nail to the coffin IMO
blackmanwithcomputer (1 year ago)
gatoneko That was the point.
Filip Micevski (1 year ago)
I loved how this movie wasnt a bullshit marvel "all main heroes survive so they can have 6 more movies about them" and actually had impact with the deaths
Alexandre Martins (6 months ago)
But now, we'll have girl wolverine and pandering to the feminists and other SJW crews...
Filip Micevski (1 year ago)
The "so this is how it feels like" could also be about death.
Victor Von Doom Jr. (1 year ago)
Cinematography great. Soundtrack great. Acting great. Timeline - completely fucked up. Story/Plot completely nonsensical. My biggest issue: making X-23 a 10 year old girl having already adamantium cladded bones. SHE IS STILL GROWING AND THEREFOR HER WHOLE LIFE WILL BE CONSTANT PAIN!!!!! Realistic my ass.
Elder Millennial (10 months ago)
StarWarsomania This is just six years after "Future Past". 🤔 There was a recent comic arc about 95% of mutants suddenly losing their powers, and I think they were aiming for the aftermath of a slightly more realistic version of that scenario.
Elder Millennial (10 months ago)
Victor Von Doom Jr. They do maintain that the original alloy formula is a fantastic secret, with unique properties, maybe like the nearly mythical theory of trans-Uranic alloy which some Sci-Fi minded engineers sometimes dream about. The toxicity is also an accumulative effect, taking 50 years to overwhelm his system. An interesting example of a metal that has a very slow but accumulative toxicity in real life is Gallium. Basically harmless, unless consumed in large, regular amounts, at which point it would eventually cause severe anemia, as it can poison bone marrow production. But that would take ages in a human, and has never happened. All that can only be deduced from lab mice studies, and it takes far less to poison them.
Elder Millennial (10 months ago)
Victor Von Doom Jr. The novel that details MOST of the Weapon X project leading to them plating his bones describes an important detail regarding his bone marrow: pores. A specialist was brought in to find a way to keep the pores that release new corpuscles open even as the bone around them turned to metal. As for the Adamantium being literally "indestructible", the subtext of this film as well as recent comics seemed to suggest that it was only theoretically indestructible, but in long term practice, entropy finally makes a minuscule effect, minuscule, that is, in a strictly structural sense; used in a building, adamantium girders could keep it standing for thousands of years, but chemically speaking, it has proven less reliable as a medical device then originally thought. It has been revealed that Logan has a kind of telomere reseting mechanism that could potentially keep him physically in his 20's forever, but only if he could lead a generally luxurious existence, or at least relied more on various other defenses most of the time. The mechanism is relatively slow and is secondary to the main healing/adaptive abilities of his cells. If those are constantly stressed past a certain threshold day in and day out, the telomere reset mechanism can't keep up, and at least some aging occurs. Even before the adamantium, he injured (and intoxicated, with smoking and booze) himself frequently enough that his general appearance seemed to be 40-45 instead of a potentially eternal 20. As the Adamantium's toxicity grew, his system gets overwhelmed much more, and he ages much further as his tortured cells get no rest whatsoever. One big mistake: mutants have been functionally extinct for 4 years at this point, not "25" which would contradict all the other movies except prequel 1&3. I am annoyed that they did not include Essex at all as had originally been planned. He does not HAVE to be his usual over the top version of himself, they could have played him subtly here for at least a cameo in preparation for an X-Men sequel, which will almost certainly be based on "The New Mutants" to some extant. Too soon for a reboot.
Michael Harris (1 year ago)
yes, because X-Men style mutants are soooo realistic.
Christopher Wells (1 year ago)
Victor Von Doom Jr. It's just her claws coated in Adamantium
Boozey Heals (1 year ago)
if you haven't seen it there is another movie that Patrick Stewart had to plays a person suffering with Alzheimer, showtimes Safehouse, Patrick Stewart Really gets in to his roles
I've seen that one. Good movie.
nathan noffs (1 year ago)
If something is intravenous it means through an IV, not in food. Otherwise great review
ThisIsNotPictureTube (1 year ago)
I thought it was disappointing. So many stupid decisions made with the guy tracking them, the serum would have lasted longer, etc
william torres jr. (1 year ago)
V.W. Singer (1 year ago)
Totally no interest in watching it. Life is depressing enough not to wallow in fictional tragedy for entertainment. I find all this emotional manipulation boring, not moving.
JnoseAll (1 year ago)
V.W. Singer it's not so much as depressing but real.
Jack Fronz (1 year ago)
OP Malfit Well it is in the right parts, Logan balanced it's serious scenes and light-hearted scenes well in my opinion, one of the great things about the movie.
OP Malfit (1 year ago)
it's not as depressing as it seems
Jack Fronz (1 year ago)
You heartless bastard.
Midwest Mage (1 year ago)
I really like this story but I take it as a stand alone in the Marvel universe. I don't want anyone to try and build a franchise off of it.
Alexandre Martins (6 months ago)
Yes, hopefully not...
BaneofGods (1 year ago)
Sounds (and after looking up more information) look slike a good movie, but I'm not a fan of tragedies so I'll probably skip it.
Filip Micevski (1 year ago)
Mate, the action and the blood is soooo good. The deaths didnt make me sad because thats just the kind of person i am. But this movie is worth to watch. Proffesor X killed his acting as a nut job.
Henry Ashman (1 year ago)
Gonna be honest, I thought the "this" in the "this is what it feels like" line to be the feeling of dying. Logan was a pretty much immortal, centuries old character, so I took it to be that he'd wondered how dying felt, having outlived everyone he'd ever cared about and was near suicidal by the end.
Elder Millennial (10 months ago)
Henry Ashman James "Logan" Howlit, 1825-2029. Epitaph: "A Family Man". (Sooner or later, she will give him the burial he deserves; it's not like his bones are going to be eaten).
JnoseAll (1 year ago)
Henry Ashman I thought the exact same thing. That he said it because he was dying. But who knows, they both make good sense.
the whole movie they kept playing with the idea of him having a family. When they were with the black family, Charles told Logan "this is what life is like, people love each other. Take a moment, and feel it."
Nathan Baker (1 year ago)
beautiful mate. I say I'm a tuff guy but I did cry in front of my friends when we watched it. I think it will be a movie we will show our kids just like our dads showed us John waine. oh though there was a lot of swering XD
Anne Fagit (1 year ago)
6:51 fap fap?
karbunkle (1 year ago)
I haven't seen anyone mention this yet; on top of everything else, one of the major themes is Logan struggling with everything he's done in the past and fighting against that. The illustrate this in the best possible way by having him literally fight a younger version of himself. That's why he tells the girl to not be the weapon they made her to be.
adam webb (1 year ago)
I have yet to see it. I am not surprised by Logan's death, though. The way Jackman was portraying him in the trailers as haggard and worn out. So, I guess Logan made it to about 140 or so? That's not too bad! I wonder how long he might have lived if he never received the adamantium?Great review!
Calake (1 year ago)
I've never understood the point of a review with spoilers. If I've already watched the film I don't need a review.
Alexandre Martins (6 months ago)
It's because this review is too plotheavy. A good review should comment on issues on the movie, it's deeper/hidden meanings, and so forth. A review is just a way of looking at a movie/book/whatever from another point of view than our own. You've formed your own ideas about the movie, but if it's a good movie, other people will have formed other ideas that will in turn influence our own view of said movie. That enriches one's experience from having watched the movie. And the true professional review should go indepth into technical aspects that move beyond personal tastes and opinions and objectively define the movie as good or bad from a technical standpoint.
Inquisitor M (1 year ago)
I actually thought the way they handled Xavier's death scene was perfect. The confusion and distraction, as well as the lack of breathing room, made it far more profound for me. The pacing was perfect and set up the latter part of the film.
mumhustler (1 year ago)
LOL Logan = Joel fm TLOU Also, commentary on NWO Globalism
Red3rdRock (1 year ago)
Love your Movie reviews.
Harbinger50 (1 year ago)
Fair review, great movie. I would have liked one more "in his prime" wolvie film taking place before this now that they seem to have lifted the ban on the R-rated films for him. And it could have been the Deadpool teamup we all want to see. Ah well. Wish in one hand, shit in the other, right?
apburner1 (1 year ago)
Life is a bitch, then you die.

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