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Microdosing: People who take LSD with breakfast - BBC News

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Microdosing is when you take a tiny amount of psychedelic drugs - LSD or magic mushrooms usually - as part of your ordinary day. The drugs are illegal, and there is no medical evidence to say what the benefits or harms of it may be. But a small community of people in the UK are doing it anyway, and say it’s improving their lives. Some say it aids creativity and concentration and others argue it helps with their mental health problems. BBC Reporter Catrin Nye has been meeting the people that do it. Researched, Produced and Reported by: Catrin Nye Shot, Directed and Edited by: Benjamin Barfoot. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog World In Pictures https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBX37n4R0UGJN-TLiQOm7ZTP Big Hitters https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBUME-LUrFkDwFmiEc3jwMXP Just Good News https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBUsYo_P26cjihXLN-k3w246
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Hector Carranza (14 minutes ago)
Give that camera man/woman 10 raises in a row.
MrXelium (30 minutes ago)
Micro-dosing will eventually lead to regular dosing. It has to be. You will become very tolerant to micro doses to the point that it won't do anything to you anymore.
BuBBle.D (40 minutes ago)
5:04 He is so full of shit. Taking such a low dose once every two months would have no therapeutic effect. That is more in line with getting high once every two months. Also, that low dose he supposedly takes is also one huge BS. Even if he has some very good LSD, 20mcg is such a low dose that I doubt anyone would feel any effects from it.
Barry Allen (1 hour ago)
This people need help stay with weed guys
Don't do acid it destabilize u mentally
acid will kill u over time
David T (5 hours ago)
Why has my recommends filled up with LSD videos? It has been a while, maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.
RicherVapours (6 hours ago)
I'm in for trial.....it works! I can lace shoes more effectively etc etc lol,,, random example! It's a wonderdrug
Mu Nachtlicht (6 hours ago)
What's so wrong about actually being high anyway? Our view of being high is parallel to middle-ages' view on orgasm. Irrational, unjustifiable and retrograde. No to mention how unethical it is for the state to meddle with the personal freedom of enjoying ourselves, our body and mind. These belong to each of us. The government has no right there.
guest_01 (7 hours ago)
did microdosing with mushroom,s I was taking between 0.2g-0.5g every 2 days anxiety gone I became so mentally calm and chill, it was like my nervousness dropped from 100% to 20% I got tired of it because I wanted to feel normal again, feeling calm is cool, but I like experimenting my default emotions, even if they make me suffer, it's part of me but certainly, this experience teached me how to deal with situations better, and how to deal with my emotions better explore, but stay safe and logical
Daniela Elliott (10 hours ago)
I was thinking about killing myself... anyways....
Uwe Lauster (11 hours ago)
This video starts with severe missinformation 20milligramm is not a microdose first of all its measured in mikro!!! gram second of all an effective dose starts from around 70 mikrogramm hallucinations might set in between 200 and 400 mikrogramm at around 800 mikrogramm u can expect the first dissociations. micro dosing is 5 to 20 mikrogramm once every second day! and most importantly u do not do it with tickets but normally with drops as the amount of lsd on a ticket is not necessarily evenly spread. All in all i give this video a D- . Bad Job BBC
Vladimir Putin (16 hours ago)
13:55 His family said he had a bad 'trip' XD
Robby Arnold (16 hours ago)
Moderate micro dosing halucinogenics have been shown help Heroin/ opiate/meth/cocaine/ , prescription addiction as well as many depression states , any benefit that could help the addicts of hard drugs shouldve been legalized years ago , controlled and monitored , it could help thousands , even millions to slow down the death nails of addiction... the war on drugs has been a massive failure. and emergency measures need to be taken , bri..ng in these meds to help fight Drug addiction
GeminiAmbience (18 hours ago)
it's micrograms, not milligrams.
Silintra Stewart (19 hours ago)
I have noticed that for many of the users, LSD and what ever else gives you a trip, only serves as a bandage. These people cannot live in reality. They are weak. They remain broken.
Felix Felix (23 hours ago)
Please create a subtitle✔️
Paulo Chan (23 hours ago)
13:42 Annnd we got almost to the end before they start with their cancerous Social Justice bullshit. Of course, talking about micro-dosing isn't enough - these clowns have to figure out how it might oppress somebody somewhere...
Paulo Chan (23 hours ago)
This woman is a criminal and should be hung for her LSD crimes. She is totally evil for doing something that harms literally no body else, and is a benefit to her life. Yup, that totally makes sense.
andy bennett (23 hours ago)
Good little program, maybe some more eye zooming would have improved it even more..
xSw eD (1 day ago)
Reporting sucks when its done by a woman. This is such an interesting topic and it was incredibly boring. So many beginner mistakes in this video too. Get a man to do this next time pls. You had a great opportunity and you ruined it.
Kelvin Wu (1 day ago)
micro dosing = recreational drug use for casuals
Tambo 7 (1 day ago)
It's all gona be legal when Willy nelson is president
Reticuli (1 day ago)
Cluster headaches
Donzi (1 day ago)
Vitamins Tea and a little bit of LSD
Jesus Vargas (1 day ago)
Viva la sustancia!
Hannah Rose Price (1 day ago)
instead of microdosing to appreciate each moment more/be creative etc, why not just train yourself to appreciate the world around you more? That way, you discipline yourself to become a better person and not rely on something like LSD.
Jovan Johnson (1 day ago)
5 Best LSD takers of all time? Dylan.... DYLAN DYLAN DYLAN DYLAN.
LoveMusic36651 (1 day ago)
why is she so judgy
Nathan Wellrose H. (1 day ago)
Do the research!
Arthur A. (1 day ago)
What you're going to experience is what's known as "familiar spirits" in the Bible, they're *highly* intelligent and immensely deceptive... they'll only feed you with pleasant information and all that other B.S. as long as you believe their lies... get baptized in water in the name of the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and declare him Lord over your life, they'll be forced to show their true colors then... ravenous demon spirits (you should get prayer). Watch "The Last Reformation", they got 3 free films and tons of videos on Youtube, of people going through deliverance and the stuff that comes out of you, when you're under the power of the Holy Spirit! It's not some joke what you're getting yourself involved in,... I know because I used to do my own ayahuasca many years ago. I knew all about shrooms, LSD and getting high all the time. Just look up all the other _thousands_ of testimonies here on Youtube alone, of people who nearly lost their life or sanity because of their involvement in witchcraft, esoterics, New Age crap, BEFORE finding to Jesus or in some cases, were sought out by Jesus in their calamity... if that doesn't make you wonder, I don't know. I'd still kindly challenge you, try this if you still think demons are only a "meme"... get baptized in water, and ask Jesus into your heart and to wash you clean of all your sins. They'll fight it tooth and nail to hinder you from doing it, or they'll start announcing their presence and real intentions to you in dreams, etc. This idea that DMT opens wormholes that "DMT aliens" need to communicate with you, if they're "interdimensional" indeed, falls short of any logic... You know, where are the Serotonin elves? Where are the Adrenaline machine aliens? Where are the corn starch and gluten Ascended Masters? I wouldn't need to be a DMT "alien" to think that people who believe this nonsense are bacteria... lol (that part about being bacteria is Joe Rogan's *great and wonderful epiphany*, essentially -- not my words). When in actuality!!! -- YOU have an eternal soul that's been created in the image and likeness of God your heavenly Father who loves you with an endless love, and that's why the kingdom of Satan hates you so much, and wants to deceive you.Their sadism is fulfilled the longer they can keep you in the dark before betraying you. Sorry, mate. God bless you
General Wards (1 day ago)
I hate this stupid frequency sound in every psychedelic video. Stop that shit. Its not real.
Dave Rich (2 days ago)
the fact that we have to got to a place where we need lsd to function may be indicative of a screwed up society.
Manckie Manc (2 days ago)
What are they promoting this shit for,? Clearly the BBC is still riddled with fairly screwed up people, the big pedos are in hiding now, but the drug lovers seem to be allowed to use public funds to promote their particular intrests.
Raymond Ready (2 days ago)
D4 L0N3 (2 days ago)
Has anyone ever got extreme shakes and felt freezing even tho your warm on the come down? And a weird temple headache Or a weird scratching sensation in your nasal area in your head
Guy Piechoczek (2 days ago)
'there is no medical evidence to say what the benefits or harms of it may be' hmmmm
John Atkinson (2 days ago)
She comes off very judgy. Be a good journalist, and leave your bias at home.
Crazy Larry (2 days ago)
just took half a hit. My medication (paxil) doesn't work that well. Acid literally helps me so much more. Sometimes I feel twice as bad, after I take my anti depressants, that the pharmaceutical companies sell me.
Stinger Bee (2 days ago)
Someone who isn't me was cured of PTSD with LSD. At least that's his story.
Pradhee Sandeepana (2 days ago)
If the drugs were available like food we would never overdose and die 🙂
francis lea (2 days ago)
BBC - Don't expand your mind you won't be able to brainwash you any more !
sogone away (2 days ago)
where is tha CID in Los Angeles?!
Stu Pidasso (2 days ago)
The best part of waking up is Vitamins, tea, and LSD in your cup
Dinky-Di (3 days ago)
MDMA is better.
Estabania Carmona (3 days ago)
I took Lsd before and I saw a pink elephant and sirens chasing me when nothing was there
Lojzík Primesů (2 days ago)
I took alcohol and my family died and respawned.
Michael Waters (3 days ago)
yer aye and I bet we nearly all are awake to what’s going on and how it’s gonna go down .........
1 (3 days ago)
*_1 dose please._*
Dougie Quick (3 days ago)
So what if you wanted to microdose and had a super 10x hit of blotter....you cut it into tiny pieces to microdose before heading to work....only thing is unbeknownst to you most of the 1000mu is separated onto the one tiny piece of blotter you chose ....oops?
DFM DFM (3 days ago)
Maybe micro-dosing can help prevent/treat the obesity epidemic sweeping the plague.
Steve Smith (3 days ago)
Instant chemical wisdom does exist but it lasts for a few hours, thats why psychedelics are banned in most countries. You have to be very gullible or moronic enough to believe that they ever gave a fuck about your health or well being. The greatest psychonaut of us all, said it loud and clear, "psychedelics dont work on stupid people". The psychedelics can expand your consciousness but in order for them to do that, first you must have a consciousness and not just be alive. These substances are for the shamans, they are for the people who wonder WHY they exist, not for the people who are just happy to exist. Do a favor to yourself and eat shrooms before you die, even just once. I will never forget my experience, a world unfolded before my eyes and gave me the greatest realization of them all, the realization that the only thing I know, is that I know nothing. I was sitting legs crossed like Buddha and I was loving EVERYTHING as I was seeing myself in everything. At some point I had no body, I was the sea and the sand, the sun and the sky, the birds, the fish and the people walking by, and then I started laughing and couldn't stop, as i realized that it is just "me" and there is no "other". Everything on the world is just different expressions of my eternal self, and while I was having this thought, Jesus walks into my mind and says "Love your neighbor as you love thyself. Do you understand now that all I ever asked you was to love yourself?". Boom... mind blown!!!! Such ideas might come to you if you use psychedelics and as you can understand, such ideas are a threat to those who want to make you a soldier and throw away your life in their cause. Psychedelics can remove the fear of death from the people, if death doesnt scare people then violence cant control them and all the systems that rely on submission and authorities will fall down like a house of cards because the people would become fearless and would prefer to fight and die than to live a degenerate excuse of life in servitude of their masters. There is no death, you dont die when you remove your clothes, you dont die when you remove your body, you are not your clothes or your body. Want proof? Eat shrooms or shut up, I prefer the white noise over the sound of stupidity.
Andy (3 days ago)
Vitamins, Tea and a bit of LSD - shall be the title of my next minimal track :D
Will Brown (3 days ago)
"it wasn't a very dramatic thing" director: right lets throw the focus everywhere on some closeups and make some spazzy high pitch noises in the background
efcDust (3 days ago)
I don't think that getting creative through drugs is your own work at the end. Being creative means to search for yourself and especially for your feelings and to sharpen your skills in the kind of art you want to express yourself through. Taking drugs to get there is more of a cheap trick.
David Gardiner (3 days ago)
breakfast lst
BigE_Z (3 days ago)
Just think how the world would be if Richard Nixon didn't start the war on drugs.
Pam Martin (4 days ago)
I would love to try this, Wish I knew where to get LSD
Lojzík Primesů (2 days ago)
well, you can buy 1P-LSD which is prodrug of LSD
Elliot Wilson (4 days ago)
Yea yea yea... yall have all the excuses in the world to make it okay in ur head to be a drug addict, at the end of the day everyones got stress
SpaceCat (4 days ago)
yeah microdosing is very good to improve life
JohnTheBaptist87 (4 days ago)
Fuck lsd worst drug ever
Jackalack313 M (4 days ago)
JohnTheBaptist87 Actually it's one of the most innocent ones but ok.
ano nymous (4 days ago)
Sidenote to what this psychiatrist is saying: sure, by performing a blinded placebo controlled randomized trial you are using a scientific method. But this falls into pieces once you realize the mental issues of the individuals in these groups can not be "measured". Thus the whole trial is meaningless and can be abused to show any - now still illegal drug - has no real benefits - which there are effectively doing.
ajsd sad (4 days ago)
Microdosing is just a word for addicts to justify being high every day. If you feel the need to take LSD regularly you have a problem LSD doesn't help.
MrGoat (2 days ago)
You literally have no idea how LSD works. This coming from a former heroin addict who knows and admits all of the pitfalls of drug dependence and addiction. No one gets "high" from microdosing. They take it *because* it helps them.
ajsd sad (2 days ago)
Did I hit a soft spot loser? I hope you take too many tabs and end up even more stupid then you are now.
Lojzík Primesů (2 days ago)
kill yourself pls
Jesse gonzalez (4 days ago)
Hah gaaaaaaaaay go big or go home buddy
M. Roest (4 days ago)
Lol at the framing of 13:52. Sure it is dangerous, but I recently heard an acquaintance of an acquaintance of mine died because of being too drunk, falling in a canal and because of the drunkenness not being able to swim. It shocked me on how dangerous alcohol could be. Always take drugs as safely as possible, including alcohol. Also, microdosing is not the same as taking a full dose of LSD. One wine glass is fine as well.
Adina M (4 days ago)
“Nothing works but lsd” ... first thing that came to my mind was placebo effect
DMT (4 days ago)
About time someone enlightened the world about the amazing benefits of micro dosing! How about sharing also some truths about DMT, next? :D
Karen Chaves (5 days ago)
Bah bored as shit. Ahora todo lo quieren definir
Barne Bock (5 days ago)
Dr. Albert Hofmann, the Guy who developed LSD took it day by day by day by day for decades. He died in the age of 102 !!!!!! with a better working brain then 90% of all people. THATS your longterm "problems".
Dirty Duck (5 days ago)
You can tell their camera man was straight out of uni lol textbook modern filming techniques. Absolute garbage
samra gafic (5 days ago)
Should be given to tommy robinson suporters to make them love not hate, lol.....
Chuck Touchton (5 days ago)
Drugs...different keys for different locks...some locks only take a quarter turn to unlock something magical! Thanks, Albert Hoffman!
Refried Beans (5 days ago)
VIE TA MINS... Not viit a mins😌
Tangerine Dreamer (5 days ago)
I've been micro dosing for about 4 years now and it's the best thing I've down medically to help cluster headaches
Darth Hader (5 days ago)
L has no “ground”, like natural psychedelics. Which makes it especially dangerous. It’s a pure psychedelic and you’re completely on your own without any “spirit” guides like we feel with plants. It’s easy to think you are controlling “reality”. Which is why we have so many perma-spun lost hippies out there. But it does have its place. I just think it’s tragic how people consider it to be basically harmless. It’s one of the most dangerous drugs ever made. And now with our brains under attack by 200,000+ chemicals causing an epidemic of mental illness, L IS EVEN MORE DANGEROUS THAN EVER BEFORE. some can handle it just fine, others can’t. We should all be very protective of our loved ones and keep a close eye on those that can’t. And tell them not to follow the party, and not because they aren’t cool, but because their brain is different.
Gene E. Miller III (5 days ago)
i have had shrooms in high dose and low micro dose and all i can say is they are highly beneficial, in many ways. this makes me really want to try lsd, in low micro dose first then a higher dose a few days later.
Gene E. Miller III (5 days ago)
Dog Green Sector 72 follow psillygirls on Instagram, message them. They will help.
Dog Green Sector 72 (5 days ago)
Gene E. Miller III where can u get shrooms?
Aksana LUKASHENKA (5 days ago)
If I lived in the country I would microdose too....😂
Dog Green Sector 72 (5 days ago)
Dirty serb
그냥그래 (5 days ago)
0:46 I see Rodrick behind him lol
Liam Beauchamp (5 days ago)
I’ve been on 10+ different antidepressants and currently on a combination of cymbalta, bupropian and 5HTP and have not been doing well at all and getting considerably worse. I’ve been on the waitlist for rTMS treatment for 8 months now (they similar, to the man in this study, accept patients who conventional forms have not worked for). This is something I find super fascinating and would love to be able to try
Liam Beauchamp (5 days ago)
Dog Green Sector 72 medium-severe major depression with various forms of anxiety, mostly just social anxiety disorder now though. Why?
Dog Green Sector 72 (5 days ago)
What's your diagnosis?
Ben Curzon (5 days ago)
Shame they can’t see the 70,s and see that actually these drugs did well for people. People were alive and living the moment with the biggest smiles all around. They say there concerned about long term affects but what about alcohol or tobacco??? What’s worse then death????
lil OG handsome thug (5 days ago)
BBC talkin shit
Matias Gutierrez (5 days ago)
Like they say in Mexico a little poison won't kill u just fuck u up lets get blasted
GB93M (5 days ago)
Simpa looks like he’s been around for 28 decades not years
GB93M (5 days ago)
I bet she’ll look like a magic mushroom 20 years
Vince (5 days ago)
"A little bit of LSD, yeah!" dude looks like he's mixing more than just a little bit of lsd in his morning tea... Crack is one hell of a drug!
dovahkiin (5 days ago)
M I C R O G R A M S for the love of god please don’t have milligram dosage of lsd
enter.the.void.II (5 days ago)
Why is her voice so shaky? She sounds like she's about to start panicking. And scripted interviews are annoying and lack immersion
Sonya Sabo (6 days ago)
If you can't enjoy your life without some sort of drugs (alcohol, drugs and etc) - you have a big problem. I'm not saying now about people with mental or physical problems... Well, they already have a problem :/
Lojzík Primesů (2 days ago)
LSD microdosing is probably as harmful as coffee.
Akakakak semale (6 days ago)
These days people dont know what depression is, they feel little down and then goes to doctors for pills. Eh.
Tiggo Bitties (6 days ago)
I know for a fact if I do mushrooms or lsd ever again, it would bring out schizophrenia in me
IceFIsh (6 days ago)
If you can have an acceptable level of alcohol in your system and be legally allowed to drive why not other drugs.
King Fisher Maan (6 days ago)
As a teenager i used to take LSD a couple of times a year and it worked for me it opened up my mind and made me a better person. Unfortunately not everyone can handle or deal with trips. I for one think LSD does more for you mentaly than any prescription drug could do. If i could micro dose or knew a way of getting LSD safely i would do it at a drop of a hat hands down. PEACE
Frank _ (6 days ago)
11:38 Cat
HOSWELL444 (3 days ago)
Frank _ that cat has seen some shit
Anthony Hernandez (6 days ago)
Pharmaceutical medications are drugs. Therefore drugs can be medicine. How hard is that to understand? We need research, not this OMG DRUGS!? DRUGS ARE BAD!!! attitude. Some are, some aren't, some are at one dose but harmless at another, or in one circumstance but not another, etc. etc. Shit, even methamphetamine has legitimate medicinal utility in some cases. But like I'm saying, there's a difference between smoking 50 mg of it for fun (which will wreck you) and taking 2 or 3 5 mg pills of it a day to counteract a severe case of ADHD (which will help you.)
tqaproduction (6 days ago)
So... the hidden dude must be a tattoo artist.
Pink Plant (6 days ago)
The music is awkward and weird and... get someone who knows what they're doing.
MORSMORDRE (6 days ago)
Saw myself in Sempa. I've never tried magic mushrooms or LSD but I do smoke cannabis and I find the same benefits. I don't understand the laws around these substances either. It makes absolutely no sense.
yogpodfan420 (6 days ago)
make LSD legal and stronger
Jody LeCompte (6 days ago)
If memory serves, before it was determined higher doses would cause psychoactive effects, LSD was used to treat mental illness. Namely schitzophrenia. Its possible that I'm getting it confused with mdma and too lazy to google, but pretty sure it was LSD
Dan Anthony (6 days ago)
There a really good reason why lsd isn't legal.
Dan Anthony (6 days ago)
Most full blown drug addicts start out what they would consider micro dosing. What happened when you can't get it anymore .

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