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A little soundboard & Ilona Tepes being Nasty with $200 rewards

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1-313-279-0459 -$200 Rewards If you are going to listen to my Video's please hit the like button As I do to support Everyone's Channel Thanks !
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Text Comments (23)
vboch1 (3 months ago)
Francine this is brilliant. Love your vids!
vboch1 thank you very much 🤗
DavyBoy007 (3 months ago)
You did a nice job demonstrating how useless and stupid the scammers are.
ScamJam (4 months ago)
You have a button panel too! AWESOME! I use mine for the bot calls. Bot vs Bot, lol!
ScamJam (4 months ago)
That's a GREAT idea! I've got one. Oh the possibilities!
I want a voice changer I think I will download one
Ismail Ali (4 months ago)
How about living in Alcatraz. Invitation to scammer.
Ismail Ali that's a great idea ,keep watching you just might see it lol
DeRockMedia (4 months ago)
your voice Francine almost sounds like Louise Belcher from Bobs Burgers...youd make a great animated character
DeRock Scambait Vidz I subscribed to your channel from the real me, ... Jessica A. not putting my last name but you will see I just subscribed you know who I am now 😊 Nikki is the only other one that knows the real me
DeRockMedia (4 months ago)
you have a youthful energy about ya Francine, you will be 20s to me
DeRock Scambait Vidz no you don't sound like Kermit .
DeRock Scambait Vidz thank you 😊 your very kind . I will have to look her up again and listen to her work. But 20s I wish 😫I look it , I'm told but I just turned 50.
DeRockMedia (4 months ago)
Francine VS Scammers im not making fun of it or anything...hell i think i have the worst voice (ppl used to say i sound like kermit... Not a good character to get compared to lol)
DeRockMedia (4 months ago)
7:40 she sounds so annoyed she turned into a robot
Little Peace (4 months ago)
😂 Busted! Yes, I've been smooching with everybody, Francine. 😚 (23:26) 👏😂👏 The last call --->🏆 Francine, I never thought addresses could be so much trouble (or fun!) until I watched scambaitng. How about you? 😄
Little Peace so you liked that little smooching , huh ? Lol 😝 oh I love scam baiting.
The Goathouse (4 months ago)
Are you using firertc? When I use it with soundboards they can't hear it.
Ismail Ali (4 months ago)
This is the way to deal with it lol. 100 % right way.
The Goathouse (4 months ago)
Francine VS Scammers ok cool
Yeah I am , I stick my mic in my ear speaker so they can hear as well because it come through your speaker not mic

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