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Why I'm Deleting SkyDoesMinecraft (Midnight HST)

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I put the wrong time in the video, midnight HST. I'll be answering Questions in the comments, follow me on twitter @netnobody lets watch the end together.
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Adam (6 months ago)
thank you guys. let's grow, the archive channel we be released January 5th. Along with a new series called "Project Happiness".
MN gamer (17 days ago)
do u still ever play minecraft just in ur meantime
Connah The Enderman (27 days ago)
If you were still SkyDoesMinecraft I would still be subbed :(
aphmau fan (1 month ago)
Adam. More minecraft
lumine the warewolf (1 month ago)
Adam, Aphamu still does mincraft you are a stupid potato you know that right
Project: Earth The Game (32 minutes ago)
No it was overrun by Fortnite!
blahh29waffelz (2 hours ago)
Yeah I get it it's like tdm he used to play minecraft all the time but he got bored of it even after all the mods he got popularmmos is still going way strong with an average view of 1 mill but even he will get bored and start doing other things. I was so crazy about skydoesminecraft but I got bored of minecraft parkour maps and others so it's kinda sad
Sayo K. Karukima (4 hours ago)
Good to see your still around tho
TheDerpQueen (7 hours ago)
Doesn't feel....deleted....
Anime ISLIFE (8 hours ago)
pls do not delete it
Shae Murray (10 hours ago)
ive watched sky from when i was 5 or 7 and now im thirteen, but i get it. skydidminecraft, your fans will always, and when i mean always, i mean always love you.
Kelsy Soriano (1 day ago)
This makes me die inside a bit
Xx ODD xX (1 day ago)
Don’t delete I’m still watching your videos
Xx ODD xX (1 day ago)
Phandom Trash 011 (1 day ago)
I know it's been 6 months, but i'm legit crying right now... The nostalgia of "New World"... This makes me so depressed
Zombiebro02 (1 day ago)
Don’t do it Adam
John Henry (1 day ago)
I wacht this when it came out and all that time I've ben prosesing and thinking Wat to say and cence SmyDoseMinecrafte is gone a huge part of my childhood will be gone, I don't mined you geting rid of Sky tho, it's your choes, I will always go and wach the videos on SkyDoseMincraft evry day. Goodby SkyDoseMincraft.😧😭🙏 and I can't wait for 'Projet Happynes' it's also on my dad's birthday.
Ashton Collins (1 day ago)
i miss skydoesminecraft all the good videos all the good songs i guess there's no way to change what he is now
Alexander Song (1 day ago)
Skydoesfortnite? Please don’t though
ALPHAX PAX (1 day ago)
I feel ya
some person (1 day ago)
Sky does fortnite is next Bois
Slightest Touch (2 days ago)
I love you I watched you when I was growing we love you
Broken And Dead (2 days ago)
I only watch his older try not to laugh videos xD
Jolene Tribby (2 days ago)
Amiel Jacob135 (2 days ago)
Play pubg
Owenrocks 200 (2 days ago)
Navar Harris (2 days ago)
Adam why!!!!!
Ishan Deshpande (2 days ago)
Andre B (2 days ago)
So.... r.i.p. MineCraft Rps?
Kenji Caputolan (2 days ago)
But minecraft has a new aquatic update. the update was great. so all my dreams of being a minecraft youtuber, childhood memories and my inspiration will be erased with a click of a button?
Direkt (2 days ago)
Why I have a collection of toys and he's on first just don't please Skydoesmincraft is the best please don't I have sky toy I swear :(
Fshine Imation (3 days ago)
I would be crying if im still 7 lmao
Coreopticz (3 days ago)
Play fortnite
Coreopticz (3 days ago)
Fortnite is a thing season 5 drift is dope
Fruitty Tutti (2 days ago)
No it's not. Anything but "Dope". Fortnite in general is awful.
The Arionette (3 days ago)
Frick Ricegum
Taco Tuesday (3 days ago)
We understand your choices, Adam, a lot of other youtubers are most likely doing the same thing, as in giving up on Gmod, Minecraft, other things. It was fun while it lasted, I guess.
Aidan Allen (3 days ago)
Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.
Keyzztv (3 days ago)
Long live a legend
Musie angel (3 days ago)
everything is dying, my memories and life.
Adäm Pläyz (3 days ago)
Teodor (4 days ago)
lol the game has died like 2 years ago
Sky did Minecraft
Douglas Cook (4 days ago)
I'm sad I like mincraft you were my favorite youtuber and my first youtuber
I remember when i watched the first do not laugh with my friends.
Bearu (4 days ago)
I 🤔
Bearu (4 days ago)
I’m seeing your new videos you are not getting that much viewers now
Raven Feather (4 days ago)
Will you still hang out with Jess/Aphmau Ross, and Max? Or did I miss something. Sorry for the bother!
Madison Parker (4 days ago)
That poor dog XD
Aperture (4 days ago)
Follow your dreams adam Thanks for being a part of my childhood
Kalani Harbin (4 days ago)
I unsubed
Patornz Gaming (4 days ago)
Ever since Microsoft bought mojang things goes down very fast
Semen demon (4 days ago)
fukin nerd give back SDM
ali Al sahhaf (4 days ago)
Popularmmos still plays Minecraft
Unicornsprinklez LA (5 days ago)
this made me cry for 2-3days :(
Veronica Escobedo (5 days ago)
Do want you want you made me laugh like loved your parkour maps you remind me like my grandpa he made me laugh but good things must come to a end my grandpa died so do wute you won't
Andrew Vazquez (5 days ago)
You were my childhood 😢😢😢😢
And (5 days ago)
sadness i liked buttter ;-;
Nicholas Tally (5 days ago)
I went back to the very bottom of the videos
Mia Lozano (5 days ago)
I remember waking up going to skydoesminecraft and watching try not to laugh and i would laugh so hardd 😂💀
Amy Bath (5 days ago)
Cri do not laugh was the best will we ever see midnight 4
But it ain't do
king pie (5 days ago)
we will miss you <3
Jedi Samus (5 days ago)
iPhone X (5 days ago)
Minecraft ps4 : nah PS4 : 👍
The DerpyTurtle87 (5 days ago)
Bro you were my hero back in the day, everyday I remember coming home from school not doing my homework just to binge watch all of your mod reviews, and survival games. You were the reason I changed my Minecraft name to Skythekid87 but now it’s different. We all have good memories But I will never forget you my guy you were my hero and you will still be I’ll miss Minecraft and I’ll miss you My god bless you and I hope you have a great day my guy. Pce 😁😁😁
Sir stroodle (5 days ago)
im watching in 2018 and he lied
bullu gummy (6 days ago)
welp now I have no quality content! OH GOD I MISS THE SCREAMING BLOCKS
Jack Simpson (6 days ago)
Butter :(
Noah DaBest (6 days ago)
project happiness more like project lose all your subs by doing youtube suicide
Jeffrey Oaks (6 days ago)
You should do skydoesroblox now because Minecraft is dead and all the cool kids are doing it
Zo lo (6 days ago)
Nooooooo why plz don’t I still enjoy ur mine craft videos cuz i watch them everyday😭😭
Syd_:p Me (6 days ago)
Wow love the deleted part xD
Tonya Tidwell (6 days ago)
Bro you are a amazing dude. I’m commenting very late but Minecraft is still popular and I’m not sure about vine. But anyway your cool and I support you.
NateyCakers[YT] (6 days ago)
Audrey_ Rose (6 days ago)
YouTubers = YouTubers Viners = Viners (they dead) THEY DON’T MATCH THEY NEED TO LEAVE GO (exception Liza)
Chloe P (6 days ago)
It’s not gone for me...
Yay Aye Pay Moneys (6 days ago)
I used to watch you :(
BlackRose2 _ (6 days ago)
This is really sad. I've been watching sky since I was probably 10 years old. I do agree that minecraft got really boring and i don't blame him for that. My point is that it's sad to watch one of your favourite youtubers slowly quit , again , I don't blame him for that(we all know that he's been through alot) . I will still be here to support him.
TMMP (7 days ago)
Whelp this is a nice New year's eve special
Jaime Tamez (7 days ago)
Be like aphmau she does different stuff than minecraft
DA_LADS (7 days ago)
Let’s have some fun in minecraft Ohwoahohoh Come on let’s go Let’s have some fun in minecraft....
Marygail Mueller (7 days ago)
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i commented on this in 2016 :c im cryng
SmOKe Gaming (7 days ago)
Play PorKnight
Geometry Dash Utopia (7 days ago)
:( i remember the budder minecraft parkour map that was my favorite. rip :'(
Maxsing28 (7 days ago)
Play Fortnite
Chanda Lawrence (7 days ago)
My Childhood revolved around you and you got me into youtube I cryed when i heard Im still very sad
Chanda Lawrence (7 days ago)
and i was 6,8 when i still watched you i found out yesterday when i thoght I'll watch skydoesminecraft then ....... i saw this ):
Chanda Lawrence (7 days ago)
(yerly) childhood Im 10 now
Finale (7 days ago)
1:23 😂😂
Kayla The Kind (7 days ago)
You were my childhood 😢😢
BombLighter (7 days ago)
I feel like I'm watching an artifact
michael rahn (7 days ago)
all the memories why i was not sad all got :(
SmolYooMin aLilFly (7 days ago)
ME: × DIESSSS× ily x3 "but something changed." FUCKING FORTNITE IMA COME TO YOUR DOOR AAAAHH D':
지원추 (7 days ago)
im laughing my ass off at "watch it burn"
지원추 (7 days ago)
adam, choking back tears: new year new me
DIEorSK87273 (8 days ago)
I literally made a skydoesminecraft story book in 4th grade
Lollipopgaming (8 days ago)
You were one of the first YouTubers I watched 😔it’s a shame I loved you and when you changed to rap I stoped watching you 😫😫😫😫 why?!?!! Good bye sky and not hello Adam I miss everyone with the group and Ross and Barnie and the other one and you I forgot the one who left befor you name but still I LOVED YOU you broke my heart
__PURGER __ (8 days ago)
grimfyre 345 (8 days ago)
😭😭😭I remember the butter mod after school
Scarlet Wolf (8 days ago)
I miss the videos you did with Deadlox and I'll miss the Minecraft videos you do but, I will support you on whatever you do, as will everyone else.. I hope.
GACHA YOSHI (8 days ago)
I only came for the dog 😂
They switch to play roblox Minecraft have less player because of roblox
Rip sky ???-2018

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