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Simcity 6 Trailer [E3] [HD]

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So könnte Simcity 6 aussehen. (Nicht Offiziell)
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Text Comments (1878)
Romain Rffd (8 days ago)
This is a video of the tramway of Nice, France
Xavier PERRAUDIN (11 days ago)
SonLin (13 days ago)
Куда я блять попал
Dovydas Levanavičius (13 days ago)
fake bc now its 2018
ramed (30 days ago)
esto fue hace mas de 5 años ya esta oque??
Alex Pandian (1 month ago)
You forgot The Hardware Specifications....
Marssonde 345 (1 month ago)
Its called Cities Skylines
Horleannys Manna (1 month ago)
o Brasil vai jogar segunda afeira
Norielle Nazareno (1 month ago)
Just filled with more microtransactions
Ta WT (1 month ago)
дебилойд, там верно написано что за проект это
*SJERSION* tm (1 month ago)
Allan Ricardo (1 month ago)
not even GTA is like that
Ken W (1 month ago)
Am I the only person feel that the music is awesome?
Gabriel Manieri (1 month ago)
No, you aren't
Best game forever
Thiago Meirelles (1 month ago)
Um milagre um sim city bom!
Novelas Play (1 month ago)
Thiago Meirelles o 4 é bom mas obiviamente isso ai não é sim city já que o jogo acabou a empresa a maxis faliu
丁厚竣 (2 months ago)
Roman Cusumano (2 months ago)
Been awaiting since 2013 lol
the EPIC gamer (2 months ago)
Welp if this game is real and if it comes out were all gonna need to bit the most memory spaced pc there is xd I bet even that can't stand these graphics
mHeLbZ _10 (2 months ago)
it could be cool when every body make a replica of the buildings, water, road and terrain in such that detail definition put it the google earth ... so we would not need to go tour in a fucking dizzy 360° picture in every corner
천상비 (2 months ago)
Simcity 6 Trailer  ?????????????????????
pedro batista (2 months ago)
exador1337 (2 months ago)
atleast you tried, but report is out anyway.
R A (2 months ago)
I hope is real hahaha
Rafael Carbajal (2 months ago)
Is this real or fake
FortyFive (2 months ago)
This is just a demo reel by Enodo from, like, 2012. However, Enodo Games, a division of the company (I think) is developing a city-building game called The Architect: Paris.
DUDUBER GAMES (2 months ago)
Cara isso aí é cities skylines 2 quem é o doido que tá achando que é sim City
Televicious Goober (3 months ago)
Listening to philip glass while I watch this muted.
DarkShadow_99 (3 months ago)
i dont know how this fake shit have a lot of like....
N3RD GAMES (3 months ago)
Its a mod!
ГЕЙМЕР TV (3 months ago)
О боже мой!!! O my good
JRPG Lover (3 months ago)
I thought it was real but I was like dang this is isane
5 year!!
Archman 155 (3 months ago)
I wish.
MR. VERY QQ INTERESTING (3 months ago)
If we go to the heaven, we can play a game like this. I believe that it's algorithm can only be created by the GOD himself.
Do Dodakowski (3 months ago)
Sadly this will be allways only a fictionalized videogame footage.
Light De (3 months ago)
Does it wanna comfort with SketchUp?
Nice video.
Minecraft N00b (3 months ago)
its cities skylines
Minecraft N00b (3 months ago)
oh i wish they could make a game like this + this is a fake trailer Wolf von Walchen
Philippe Herman (3 months ago)
Soo fake its funny 😂
Michael Sells (3 months ago)
This will never happen. EA/Redwood Studios is declining and opening the door for other software developers to come up with better simulations. Oh well. I will go where ever the fun is.
BENNY DAHEN (3 months ago)
some of these simcitys in the past are sim shitty.
Bahn impressionen (3 months ago)
Nur leider wird es nie ein Sim City 6 geben nachdem man den 5er voll vergeigt hat... In English: But it will be Never give a Sim City 6 because EA has Made Sim City 5 very bad. Sorry for my bad Englisch. I'm Not the Best in English because i am German
양고기채널 ラム (3 months ago)
배경이 맬버른이내
City Hunter (3 months ago)
We want Will Wright Back !
cliff woodbury (3 months ago)
a long time ago i suggested to someone i know that RockStar (GTA) should partner up with one of the sports franchises and in the game your team could have its nstadium on thengame, so you could go to stadium and from their play the game. would be cool to do this in this game also.
Anju Pandey (3 months ago)
Fack chal
Ismael Souza (4 months ago)
Foda pra caralho
A Muffler (4 months ago)
omg what's the music
MrMoneyPlayz (4 months ago)
Izaac_Hyper G4M3 (4 months ago)
petepete ch (4 months ago)
I think this is look like The sims 5 not Simcity 6
TheTriplc (4 months ago)
Don’t you dare trash this 🙏🏻
Angry birds Swag Plush (4 months ago)
Fake 😠😡
may wellyansyah (4 months ago)
this is real or clickbait or parody or waht?
me me (4 months ago)
this is not simcity 6 probably a new city skylines????
William Enderle (4 months ago)
How much
Night Wolf (4 months ago)
Ray Jenkins (4 months ago)
I heard there not making any more SimCity’s there just making city skylines
Ray Jenkins (4 months ago)
Gamer Feal (4 months ago)
Чо пацаны сим сити 6!!!! (Дождались бл@ть
Настя шоу (4 months ago)
Ещё даже Есин дремлют не выпустили
darwin saya (4 months ago)
Fake simcity
MrMaxbout (4 months ago)
City of Nice, in France. It's theyr tram project
Ordu Fatsa 52 (4 months ago)
Burasi ORDU 52
MuhJuuuwb (5 months ago)
Saw video and thought 'rip city skylines'. Scrolls down to comments, wait a minute......
Berdo (5 months ago)
This is Enodo DemoReel 2012 https://youtu.be/EySdWbR4qcg
Paul_ Gaming (5 months ago)
Cities skylines mit Grafikmods
GoGo PowerRangers (5 months ago)
i wonder what kind of computer can handle this game xD
Danya Play (5 months ago)
the graphics are just awful (back in 2011)....in the beginning all very nice and then things got really bad, well, it is clear that the trailer is fan-made and there are clippings from different games
pradeep1993able (5 months ago)
what music is this
Guillaume A (5 months ago)
calencor (5 months ago)
this look like a pitch for a civic project then stolen by the OP hahaha
권건우 (5 months ago)
this is cities
DovaCube (5 months ago)
Faaaake Traiiilllerrr
VALCIDES SANTOS (5 months ago)
BlueDream (6 months ago)
I guess that even Nasa's computers won't be able to play this 😂😂 LMAO , be a bit realistic
Firefighter HD (6 months ago)
Whats name is the Song ?!
M4T DETONA (6 months ago)
https://youtu.be/_cQwzeWlGIA bug dinheiro infinito
Patryk 17052002 (6 months ago)
Nice Prank
Craig rock n roll (6 months ago)
They need make this game
Aviación General (6 months ago)
What song is?
Olly H. (6 months ago)
Cities skylines 1.1,lol
Dupla Gameplay (7 months ago)
Veruslux (7 months ago)
SimCity, has long ago lost to, Cities skylines! EA has already taken care of that! SimCity is dead, long live Cities Skylines
joris chapus (7 months ago)
Ptdrr c'est la Ville de Nice et le tram T2 de Nice également x)
Rayden König (7 months ago)
AlexX .m. (7 months ago)
JAJAJAJ es 2017
ShawnFlynn (7 months ago)
well maybe 5 pentabyte required to play this game........
Fhah 344 (8 months ago)
this need intel core i13 - 268GB ram - 2tb hard drive and 4k 12gb graphic card this means that the pc will cost 100,000$
Eduardo Baluyot III (8 months ago)
Who gonna be comments have fake news?
kuyanndrew plays (8 months ago)
i like there build but is not fake!
em beta (8 months ago)
Vi esse trailer em 2013 já estamos em 2017^.^
RezzTV (8 months ago)
It’s sad that this (French Transit Simulator) is better than simcity
Halboy -Play (8 months ago)
It s Fantastic I wait this game I Russian Im old 9 =) =0 =9 =3 =/ =I =( =^ =6
jjray (8 months ago)
Cities: Skylines 2?
MuslimPCTuts (8 months ago)
We should all start a kickstarter to get a SimCity 6!
Arslan Dib (8 months ago)
SinNombrePAPU (8 months ago)
Friz-Low (8 months ago)
C'est en Français. It's in French language

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