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Meet the real-life Three Billboards mother - BBC News

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Marianne Asher-Chapman is the real life version of Frances McDormand’s character in the Oscar-nominated film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Her daughter Angela, also the name of the daughter in the film, was killed in 2003 by her husband but her body has never been found. The Morgan County Sheriff's department did not respond to the BBC's request for information about this case. Video produced by Patrick Clahane Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog
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April Dannette Gosa (1 day ago)
Kathy Page's murder is the inspiration for that movie her Father put up billboards her husband has never even been charged
Noble King (3 days ago)
Three Billboards true story inspiration was on "Cold Justice," An adulteress wife strangled by her husband and the father put up the Billboards, because the husband was never charged, even after Cold Justice aired the episode, they still refuse to bring the case to trial, so corruption there as the Billboards the father put up always claimed. This poor mother.
Vegan Vocalist (7 days ago)
Whooaah what an amazing strong spirit this woman has . lost for words
matt smith (22 days ago)
white trash in the fullest
Ken Brownfield (1 month ago)
Very Sad. The girls killer served 4 years in jail for murder??? What a travesty of justice.
enthuvade (1 month ago)
Can't they use a narco analysis test?
D Molina (1 month ago)
4 years for man slaughter? A joke and shameful to Missouri
Rijal Rusliadi (1 month ago)
Three billboards outside ebbing, missouri??
RaymondHng (1 month ago)
While traveling through the Southern United States in around 1998, Martin McDonagh came across a couple of accusatory billboards about an unsolved crime, which he described as "raging and painful and tragic" alleging the murder of a woman in Vidor, Texas. The billboards highlighted the incompetence of police work and deeply affected McDonagh; he said that the image "stayed in my mind [...] kept gnawing at me" and presumed that they were put up by the victim's mother. This incident, combined with his desire to create strong female characters, inspired him to write the story for _Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri_ .
Two Grumpy Reviewers (1 month ago)
The filmmaker said he got the story from the Billboards in Vidor, Texas not some in Missouri. https://www.beaumontenterprise.com/news/article/Vidor-billboards-inspire-Oscar-nominated-film-12487386.php
yarrariver09 (1 month ago)
What kind of thing does it make people clicking “unlike” on this clip?
Alexander Cummins (1 month ago)
The Husband wont give up the body because if it is examined it'll probably have multiple stab wounds. He'll serve alot more than 4 years.
Luizfigobr (1 month ago)
Sad part is thousants of parents around the world are going thru that right now.
Smoochy Pooh (1 month ago)
No justice. No closure. Just so sad.
ANNA MAE Devlin (2 months ago)
Just saw this movie, & my HEAT BLEEDS!
T Kookz (2 months ago)
The only reason why the missing people are usually still missing and not found are because cops are the one on a search and they actually don’t investigate and you wait for no reason
heldin sein (2 months ago)
Maybe this man doesnt tell, where the remains are, cause he is afraid, that there could be evidence found, which are not proof his side of the story. (*no englisch native)
Al do (2 months ago)
4 years for manslaughter... inept police force... husband beating wife till she dies... this county is really fucked up
Melissa Thomas (2 months ago)
I can’t even imagine this pain. I’m just so so sorry for her loss and for Angie losing her life 💔
Wa Farms (2 months ago)
I would of already tortured the truth of that SOB if it was my daughter
lena menia (2 months ago)
I would check near any water spots since he said island or maybe a st called island anything with the name island or think really hard maybe they had a special place they would go to and swim or something
David Vasquez (2 months ago)
I really hope she does.
Cajun Plaisance (2 months ago)
I pray she finds Angie before her time. I can't believe he only got four years. No Justice in this life anymore. He could at least tell her where her daughter be is. What a prick, I really hope karma gets him where he suffers worse than anyone has ever.
Maddy Smith (2 months ago)
Such a sweet woman. I can tell she’s very tired and just wants some peace. I hope her luck changes
gavin neason (2 months ago)
She’s probably dead
MrBiggie7979 (2 months ago)
Nothing else to lose at this point but to take $$$ and have someone interview the husband. 15 mins and a bucket of water, he'll admit to wearing woman's panties. Get your answer and then take care of the rest. Worst case, maybe a person will get only 4 yrs for him!! 4 yrs will out weigh what I would have to look for my daughter. If the law and all the ppl that dropped the ball here, I would have no worries. Ppl might care more if it was their daughter. What a shame - I'm disgusted. I wish this mom all the best to remain so strong. Karma will come to the husband if it didn't already.
Denise Renee Snipes (2 months ago)
This is such a sad story. The movie was great, though.
Denise Renee Snipes (2 months ago)
BTW, that husband that killed her is going to get his Karma!!!
Sherwood (2 months ago)
Armchair sleuth here not wanting to offend with my amateur opinions but from all of the similar situations of spousal abuse they never take the body very far away from home base. They’ve probably gone over every inch of his property but if he had any frequent quiet fishing spots or any known secluded stretches of road around their home it could be a start- those types of murderers are dim and impulsive cowards who usually don’t cover their tracks. They also risk being pulled over traveling for any length of time with a body.
Emily Jaje (2 months ago)
0:37 😭😭
Sofia XO (2 months ago)
It's so bizarre a woman keeping a shovel on her trunk so She can go to random places and dig The ground as an habit so She Can find a dead body .....
Karan Purja (2 months ago)
only 4 years wtf man
jump oricakle (3 months ago)
this is not the murder that inspired the movie. that murder took place in 1990 not 2003. BBC is only saying the stories are similar.
Angie Fernandez (3 months ago)
His name is Michael Yarnell. Now if there’s a Dexter out there, you would do a lot of people good, if you go get him.
Taylor Rush (3 months ago)
He deserves many many years. Remember that woman that Kim Kardashian was representing? She got a life sentence for a first time drug charge and she didn’t kill or hurt anyone. This man killed someone and caused this woman a pain that nobody could imagine unless you’re in that situation.
ein riskanter profilname (3 months ago)
He ate it that's why.
Raymundo Espedido (3 months ago)
i watched the movie based off from this. hope she finds her daughter's. remains
Thaddeus Supreme (3 months ago)
So sad
Kiwi Brit (3 months ago)
4 years is an insult, he should have been imprisoned indefinitely with no chance of release unless he was prepared to reveal the location of the body. No remorse at all if he can't do that!
RaymondHng (1 month ago)
Michael pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, and released in July 2013
Rara Cat (3 months ago)
He confessed He only served 4 years. How is that FAIR?????? ~Rox
Rara Cat (1 month ago)
RaymondHng Yep ~Rox
RaymondHng (1 month ago)
And did you read my concluding statement?
Rara Cat (1 month ago)
RaymondHng I know. I was reiterating ~Rox
RaymondHng (1 month ago)
Did I say it was fair? All I said was that the husband plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter, not first degree (premeditated) murder. The sentence for involuntary manslaughter is seven years. Two politicians in my city were shot and killed in 1978 by one assailant. He was tried for first-degree murder with special circumstance, a crime which potentially carried the death penalty in my state. The defense team claimed that he was depressed at the time of the shootings, evidenced by many changes in his behavior, including changes in his diet. The defense argued that his depression led to a state of mental diminished capacity, leaving him unable to have formed the premeditation necessary to commit first-degree murder. The jury accepted these arguments, and he was convicted of the lesser crime of voluntary manslaughter. That's voluntary, not involuntary. So for the death of two city government officials, the assailant received a seven-year sentence which he served only five years. An attorney summed up our country's judicial system very succinctly: "It's not who is right. It's who puts on the best show."
Rara Cat (1 month ago)
RaymondHng How is it fair? ~Rox
Rara Cat (3 months ago)
I feel so badly for her. Hope both her and her daughter find peace ~Rox
GoldenTV3 (3 months ago)
Oh there is people who can make him tell her where her remains are. And they can do things.
Zolo Lozo (4 months ago)
Whyyyyyy do these things happen to good people? It's just really really unfair..
Hannah Denae (4 months ago)
This isn't the story the movie is based on. It's based off of 3 billboards in Vidor Tx
B Bender (4 months ago)
No help from the police?????? WTF Where is the Goddam FBI??? Poor woman suffering so much not knowing
Clairringer Berringer (4 months ago)
I hope she finds her remains.
Shimmy Stylinson (4 months ago)
Is this Angie from Morgan (Adams)?
Dora Demir (4 months ago)
Yarnell or laurel?
Azizjan Ayupov (4 months ago)
Had he really done it???
alex payawal (4 months ago)
I feel so bad for all the pain and suffering she has been put in too
11 Stace 11 (4 months ago)
What an amazing lady, I hope one day you find closure and some kind of peace, bless your heart
Katherine S (4 months ago)
Bless her
ms riiko (4 months ago)
When she said that her daughters husband called saying that Angie had ran away I knew it I just knew he had killed her. No signs of being devastated or sad like he wasnt even looking for her. It doesnt Make sense that he was released without confessing the whereabouts of Angie's remains.
Kevin (4 months ago)
So BBC just found a woman with a similar story and used her for the a news story. Wow, talk about using journalism to get views.
Sonny Asif (4 months ago)
Go the dark web and Oder a red room on your husband. See how he likes it
A b ë ê R عبير (4 months ago)
Someone please help this mother to find her child and put her at rest she broke my heart.
OldPlaces (4 months ago)
I liked her immediately when I saw her bumper sticker.
Hi It's Me (4 months ago)
4 YEARS?!! FOR MURDER??? Who tf was the judge?
RaymondHng (1 month ago)
Michael pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, and released in July 2013
Hossy Mcclusker (4 months ago)
Please god someday her body is found
Cindy Do (4 months ago)
The more I hear of these stories, the more I'm convinced justice is an illusion and US' justice system is a joke. 4 years?!!?!!
RaymondHng (1 month ago)
Michael pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, and released in July 2013
Jim Mone (4 months ago)
He only served 4 years, because he made it sound like he didn't intentionally kill her when she fell off the deck and hit her head. He doesn't want the body found, because than they will see that he brutally killed her in another way and would probably get life in prison. How sad that he lets this poor mother suffer like this while he goes about his life without a care in the world.
mxrisha k (4 months ago)
such a strong woman...can't believe he only got 4 years
Scottish Weirdo (4 months ago)
I feel sorry for her mother she looks like such a pretty woman
Nature Mum (4 months ago)
Why would you only get 4 years for murder??
JaysBs (4 months ago)
Someone should find out who the guy is and get some big guys and go fuck him up.
Samantha (4 months ago)
How are bobby shmurda and Tay K getting life in prison and someone gets away with 4 years for murder 🤨
kimberly miller (4 months ago)
I lost my wedding ring months ago..i started to go a little insane trying to find it. Psychics,metal detectors, looking at video footage etc. But...my story doesn't even compare to this mothers story..she carries a shovel in her trunk just in case she needs to dig. i'm so sorry... :(
matt (4 months ago)
how heartbreaking
kimsmells1 (4 months ago)
Hopefully there will be some vigilante justice.
Mariesha Murphy (4 months ago)
4 years for murder is a crime.
Destiny Pugh (4 months ago)
That man is sick. He already served his time and has been released. Whats the point of keeping it a secret now? Give this mother some peace after everything she has been through. Let her give Angie a proper funeral. What does he have to lose?
Littlesnackcakez RPM (4 months ago)
Why does it say she is the real life one when the others say it was another lady ? https://youtu.be/HWTzAITuZko
vertigopull (4 months ago)
Of course the killer husband wouldn't tell where he had disposed of Angie's body because if it were to be recovered it would probably provide forensic evidence that it wasn't a manslaughter but a premeditated homicide! Just cannot fathom why would any court of law sentence the self-admitted killer, who's refusing to locate the body of his victim, to such a laughably short jail sentence!
Jordy Williams (4 months ago)
This is so depressing
Basically (5 months ago)
I was born 21 days after she went missing
youngangelito22 (5 months ago)
She pays me I'll give a recon Marine visit n watch how fast he will talk. Fuck the law if they only gave him 4 years
Nomi Treasure (5 months ago)
This is so heartbreaking🙏🏾.
lollipop princess (5 months ago)
God this hurts my heart. I cannot imagine the pain she is going through because of that evil selfish man. God please give this woman peace.
J Còe (5 months ago)
Poor Angie :( why are people so cruel
The Idiosyncratic Mess ' (5 months ago)
I don’t think he killed her. If he’s that insistent on not disclosing her location there probably isn’t one because he sold her to a human trafficking ring. God please watch over that poor girl.
sappy sam (5 months ago)
For 15 years she has searched for Angie, for 15 years she has gotten up and went to look for her daughters body.
Claexine Palayad (5 months ago)
God bless I hope u find angie!
xtnabcn (5 months ago)
When a woman disappears, it's usually the case that the husband killed her. But the police are too indifferent to look for her.
AlphaMunky (5 months ago)
Poor mother, I don’t wish this fate upon any parent
Black Kitti (5 months ago)
I feel for the mother, that's just so upsetting to not know where your daughter is.
Emilie Haley (5 months ago)
Malayalees Tube (5 months ago)
who came after watching three billboard
Matt GSM (5 months ago)
Why would people dislike a video like this?
Elizabeth White (5 months ago)
Praying she finds Angie
Toyal C (5 months ago)
4 years wtf ??? After you served should just tell her where she at you cant be served again. Leaving the poor women in pain
J Dawg (5 months ago)
God bless this woman. Such pain that nobody should have to go through
Flickerboy RBX (5 months ago)
She never gives up And she has a lot of hope I hope you find her
Jaequalyn (5 months ago)
mad.x.kät 21 (5 months ago)
Wait did she say he served four years for murder? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU AMERICA?
Megan Garr (5 months ago)
youboring (5 months ago)
The rule should be they serve time until they find the body
Abbey Wade (5 months ago)
Wtf this whole video sounds fucked up
Speriodically Stupid (5 months ago)
I would torture the info out of him if that was my daughter
SAMMIsLIFE (5 months ago)
This is so sad,u can tell how much she loves her daughter..and the fact that the dude only got 4years is ridiculous,FOUR YEARS for MURDER! Come on..smh,i hope this lady finds her daughters remains 😔.
Holly Fogarty (5 months ago)
I hope that one day he gives up where she’s buried and gives her peace of mind
Sketchy Ginger (5 months ago)
I dont believe he killed her. call me whatever but my insta feeling is he sold her for something. Four years is nothing, some inside job means he had connections, who let a lack of evidence be let go. no law enforcement will say, oh its cool, you confessed but wont lead us to her body.
Katia Tannus (5 months ago)
I hope she finds her daughter someday. To all you mothers that are going through the same thing as she is don't worry you will get justice someday

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