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First time taking omeprazole

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Brian Patrick (26 days ago)
Put that shit away dude! try ACV or betaine hcl and L-glutamine for your gut health
Nick leaf (9 months ago)
I took omeprazol for acid reflux 40mg for 7 days. i stopped because i started to feel slight pain in my right shoulder which progressed to my left, sharp needle like pain. Then the next day i started to feel pain in my finger joints and toes. 4 days have passed and i still feel these pains. Im really worried and starting to wonder if this drug can cause permanent arthritis in just 7 days of taking them. i'd like to think that this is just joint pain that will eventually go away. Any Advice?
Philip Jade Cold (2 months ago)
Nick leaf Did it ever go away ? I just got it perscribed but I'm scared to take it I'm seeing lots of negative reviews
Bernard Popp (8 months ago)
+Nick leaf that happened to me from statin drugs! it lasted only a few days tho.
Nick leaf (8 months ago)
I still feel pain in my shoulders, fingers and toes sometimes the pain goes to the wrists and under the feet also. The pain comes and goes. One day I thought it had gone but came back the next day. Hasn't gone completely. Went to my Doctor the second time he said it's a side effect from the omeprazole and that it takes the drug 3 weeks to leave your system ( if thats actually true ). Have to still wait and see.
Woodieh (9 months ago)
what ended up happening ?
Loaded dog (1 year ago)
pretty hard to lose weight when you're living with the best cook in America lol.....seriously though mate , good luck with it. I hated my brother for the fact that he could eat a pizza and lose weight taking the empty box to the trash, me , I only have to look at the menu and the calories jump onto me . Your back will appreciate carrying a lighter load. take care mate. good luck
Rikkoshaye (1 year ago)
I like these videos because it keeps me up to date with what's going on! Here's hoping everything improves from here :D
Rikkoshaye (1 year ago)
Loaded dog Don't I wish lol
Loaded dog (1 year ago)
Rikkoshaye ......he pay up the $500 yet..lol.
TINGER (1 year ago)
Sending positive vibes your way...
zehnsechz (1 year ago)
i'll prolly get crap from ppl on this, but Zach, all of your digestive problems can be corrected through permanent radical dietary change. The information is out there.
Zach Jensen (1 year ago)
zehnsechz I tried to look it up but could not find a website? could you send a link about it? I do wanna lose weight but I could not seem to get anywhere before because every time I was hungry I got bad acid reflex. I would really like to explore new diets also.

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