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How to Write an Effective Essay: The Introduction

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http://www.engvid.com Learn the method for writing the perfect essay introduction. A good introduction makes writing an essay easy and reading it fun. AND YOU'LL GET A BETTER GRADE, TOO! Afterwards, test yourself with the quiz at http://www.engvid.com/effective-essay-introduction/#quiz.
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SUCC (2 days ago)
Click bait he isn't English
googol o (3 days ago)
damn, you're actually funny! keep up the good vids
Ender Pasta (4 days ago)
I feel like my teacher would just give me a C for using a joke for my “grabber” XD Might try it tho....
Arcane Lore (5 days ago)
How can I go learning from punctuation marks to write a 1000 thousand words blog post, with paragraphs and stuff? It's for my blog portfolio project something.
Kadi H (6 days ago)
After this video still I can’t write
Jiren The Gray (8 days ago)
This niggas got a big ass gap! Fuck stay on task Patrick!
Shivangi Bharti (8 days ago)
how to write the body part??
TroubleChizzy2010 (9 days ago)
MASTERFUL Sensei (teacher) ..Bravo!! Thank you brother This is really helping me so much.. I feel 'confident' and self assured that I won't fail my Eng. exams with all of what you have blessed me, and others with the knowledge of.. I humbly thank you!! Now I have an essay to write lmao.. Yes!!
Sumera Bashir (13 days ago)
Rachita Sahni (14 days ago)
Your idea generation of essay is good for high school but for IELTS, it's not appropriate!!
Anshul Mathuria (14 days ago)
How many of you feel he can be a very good actor. And I love your session.
Ezekiel Santos (16 days ago)
wait what did u just said ezekiel ?hahah
Nitinkumar Gove (17 days ago)
Amazing tips on essay writing . Thank you for posting.
Thanks so much for this lesson
DscrappyLoco Golani (21 days ago)
Ha! You lost the bet!
Elizabeth Miller (27 days ago)
Why can't teachers at school teach us this before failing our butts after a essay we just wrote? Maybe if we were taught how to do it properly like this we wouldn't have failed lmao
Ira Yah Israel (28 days ago)
Ur a awesome teacher
Prasanga Shrestha (29 days ago)
Very nice and easy to learn the essays
LIN L (1 month ago)
I like your video very much, It's really really really helpful to my writing. Your speech is humorous and logical!
icemonkey 313 (1 month ago)
i wish i had enthusiastic teachers like u for every subject.
Magdaline Njuguna (1 month ago)
You need a well-written essay? contact me
WanaWana Uk (1 month ago)
Would this help GCSE?
Cyborg Basumatary (1 month ago)
U got me... I want read this n get it done... First choose between 1 to 9. Now add 8 Then multiply by 8 Devide by 2 At last, minus 7 from ur current number. Now write it down at a page. Then make it a plane and let it fly...
Bryton Nudzor (1 month ago)
whats your soundcloud name?
reynni jimenez (1 month ago)
hey James this was a great help your amazing but i'm still waiting for the body part and the conclusion
Leua Luamanu (1 month ago)
This is great
Charles Harper (1 month ago)
These grabbers sound more like click-bait. If you are writing an academic (esp. literary) essay, PLEASE do not use these things! Formal essay writing requires context and thesis statement. The only 'grabber' you need is the contextualisation - from GCSE/A-level right though to university. I can't speak for American colleges, I suppose. Someone might correct me here.
Yi Liang (1 month ago)
Thank you so much!! I was depressed when the teacher showed 0 interest to my essay intro
SHOMARI JOSEPH (1 month ago)
thanks man ;)
bob jeff (1 month ago)
What if your paper is overdue and you cant really grab your reader because the reader is int motivated?
Shazzyz (1 month ago)
Samantha Amaral (1 month ago)
Thx you
maitte martinez (1 month ago)
Amazing class thanks , you help me so much !!!👏👏👏👍
Pavlo Sernetskyi (1 month ago)
Thanks James you are good teacher!
mimi kat (1 month ago)
I love your lessons!
Osama Ferg Laden (1 month ago)
I wish my teacher is this guy :(
Joseph Garvey (2 months ago)
Lucas K (2 months ago)
Clickbait my nan like Ali-A and a fucking half
Christian Silva (2 months ago)
Nice lesson, awesome shirt James
Mert Yildirim UHKV (2 months ago)
You are really cool and good teacher, better than all other. I learn better from you. Thank you and i wish more educational video from you. Have nice wekkend.
Venitha Herath (2 months ago)
SeeCraft Sparklez (2 months ago)
how how!!!???
anniel lee (2 months ago)
lol he's funny and teaches well
Wonderful Unicorns (2 months ago)
Watching this a few hours before my English SBA
Mariam Lawendy (2 months ago)
Literally I learned more from you than in my English class lol. Can I just be homeschooled ?? Cus I’m not joking, MY ELA TEACHER DIDNT TEACH ME THESE AND MY ESSAYS WERE ALWAYS BAD. BUT this helped me so much legit THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Dora Martinez (2 months ago)
Thanks you so much that examples helping me a lot in my esl class.god bless you teacher.
Marica Passley (2 months ago)
Manish Gusain (2 months ago)
great video:,, a thank you: from india
Yolocred Elite1337 (2 months ago)
The first grabber is not the best one, rather it should be a last resort.
Shamika agim (2 months ago)
Are you Nigerian Mr.James?
kalpit katpara (2 months ago)
You are simply amazing! No one can teach like you do, I believe.
im raju (3 months ago)
its really great things i love this
dfw_diosa (3 months ago)
Wish u were my teacher for all my subjects 😣😭
i write 4 HIM (3 months ago)
musically India (3 months ago)
Hi. We
mikeysrose (3 months ago)
I'm a college writing professor, and as soon as I started watching this I decided that I want to know this guy. And then he made a Star Trek reference, and I wanted to marry him a little.
JOHN BOY (3 months ago)
Thank you so much! You made this topic understandable and fun!
Mikail Imthiyaz (3 months ago)
James,not all teachers are assholes,'cause not many are,and some teachers are actually good and NOT crappy.
walther zegarra (3 months ago)
Thank you so much!!!
Alan Varghese (3 months ago)
your video helped alot
Keren Cano (3 months ago)
This is so helpful
Mert Yildirim UHKV (3 months ago)
You are awesome DuDe.
Kido Simon (3 months ago)
Thank you so i kone how pass my eka
hope live (3 months ago)
Thank you so much i understand it
Élisabeth Patenaude (3 months ago)
Why is it that we don't have the follow up? "How to Write an Effective Essay: The Body"? Your 'How to write an effective essay" has a bad sound recording and you go too fast on the body. PLZZZZZZZ
Mary Cockroft (3 months ago)
Game Field (3 months ago)
You are so inspirational and so helpful thank you so much for making this video.
hilina kassa (3 months ago)
why do people say intro is hard when you can use :main idea topic sentes and lead.
Samar Simsima (3 months ago)
Hello Ms James: I don't know if you gonna see my comment or not, but I really need a help for a good thesis statement even for an intro if you want, but before the dead line of my chores. pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz
Joongman Moon (3 months ago)
not a good ending
tristan Jackson (3 months ago)
Thanks hope I pass my English l staar test
Tiffney Langston (3 months ago)
Meng Joon Koh (3 months ago)
If he is my teacher, I will always be ready to be taught.
Ehsanullah Ehsas (3 months ago)
what a amazing man and explanation . I love this kind of English.
WHAP Entertainment (3 months ago)
Everyone if you have an essay due and you don't wanna do it (and you know you don't want any essay), hit up Killer Papers. I found them on Instagram, @killerpapers. If you click the link in their bio, it sells one page for 25$ each. They have a whole team, so they can write about literally anything. And the best part is, they're plagiarism free! I swear I'm not their agent.
EFC 209 (3 months ago)
Seal? He even has the Batman shirt on.
Sadaf Afshaar (3 months ago)
You are an amazing teacher!
Rajan Jose (3 months ago)
lt is very useful
Amber Danks (4 months ago)
dude, you are awesome! This little video has changed my essay life forever!!
allan penn (4 months ago)
Churchill was the PM of Great Britain: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
D. Jermaine Bowe (4 months ago)
This is so amazing. Great video. Educational in a very conversational and practical way. Thanks James
loubna zai (4 months ago)
Thanks , your videos are great this really do help me before exam
Gaurdian Enthos (4 months ago)
Very well said 👍
Tabassum Khatib (4 months ago)
He reminds me of the rock
FPVGTP (4 months ago)
just if my english teacher was this guy
miichellesin (4 months ago)
I feel like this better for a speech than an academic essay
Gokhan J. Yenigun (4 months ago)
Grabber...you are writing an essay, you do not need to grab. Just keep your intro clear and brief!
Miki Vega Mck (4 months ago)
This is like the time 3 actors. In different times, talked to me on facebook. They got my attention, we had a topic and i asked them reasons for me to believe them... in the end, they were all fake idiots. Is this Stupid? yes. but it reminded me of it. Btw you are cute.
Kevin Patel (4 months ago)
Can we add a question in the ielts essay introduction? Help me out guys, I have got the exam in a week.
cameron lawatch (4 months ago)
thank you so much this helped me so much on my essay on apple.inc
Deeksha Mulay (4 months ago)
This video is also like an essay which has grabbers
iiTrippy V2 (4 months ago)
Fsa Today.......... Yay.
Nicolas Ferrari (4 months ago)
I hope I pass the ela fsa
wendplays b (4 months ago)
Bald headed looking head a but thanks, I really need this to pass the FSA.
[R4]PLUTUS (4 months ago)
My teacher would be jealous
imad IOX (4 months ago)
wal 7amed
CALEB CHRISTENSEN (4 months ago)
thank you so much my dude
Larissa (4 months ago)
great, thank you!
Mashah Whitecloud (4 months ago)
English,we do not even speak English,our language is corrupt,our language is all the combination of languages,proper English is like thou thee and they 😊
Carolina Walter (4 months ago)
Oh! you-are-good!

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