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Rogue One: A Predictable Star Wars Story (Major Spoilers)

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Raiken Xion (4 days ago)
I have to disagree with you here, Rogue One was a good Starwars movie, and us hardcore fans never fell for that mediocrity we still hold Starwars to a very high standard just look at our backlash and boycott of Solo. Sorry but you get a dislike from me.
Paul Muad'dib (7 days ago)
The sad thing about this commentary *isn't* that you don't like it, it's that you don't *get* it. Star Wars was designed to be like old adventure serials that absolutely depended upon the if-it-isnt-broke-dont-fix-it convention of formula; everything is basically the same *because* it's what works *and* that audiences *want* to see that same thing over and over again. The "derivative" pejorative is a played out critique; literally *everything* is derivative.
Igor Wojtyna (27 days ago)
Yes but that Vader scene in the end
roqofort (1 month ago)
I thought Rogue 1 was great as it provided some history prior to 'A New Hope',and, if anything The Force awakens was a bit of a cliche
MHKing03 (1 month ago)
I agree with some of what you've said here (notably your assessment of the characters and PC/SocJus elements), but I do think you're holding it to an unrealistic standard and missing the point of the film. It's not meant to be some groundbreaking shift from Star Wars canon as we know it. It's basically just meant to fill in some plot holes between the prequel and original trilogies, and to give some life to the desperation of the rebellion, not to mention to be some nostalgia candy / fan service for the fans (which it certainly does bank on). The good/great things about this film is that it gives us a very rare look into the lives of the little guys on the sidelines of the epic battles at the center of the war and gets away from the Skywalker story/lineage and the trials and tribulations of the Jedi for a change. It doesn't try to break new ground or give us something compelling to think about because it doesn't have to and it doesn't have much room (in the plot) to do so anyway. It is what it is: a fan-service film for the fans and for Disney to line their pockets with. The abandoned/orphaned child who grows into a hero is a very common feature of any hero story. Consider the book The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell who does an excellent job of distilling the common themes in many heroic epics throughout history. This book served as a foundation stone for Star Wars since it heavily influenced Lucas' vision for the story. Overall, it seems like you went in with high standards and a bad mood then found enough elements you were looking for that disappointed you which cemented your opinion.
M_ Hub (1 month ago)
Birdman???? great film??? no sale
JBrandonMercer123 (1 month ago)
Finally a review that doesn't kiss this terrible movie's ass. Honestly, the biggest issue is that there was no suspense in this movie b/c you knew how it was going to end before it started. In the original film, it is stated that they got the plans to the Death Star through a tragic loss of life. So, you know when this film starts that they get the plans and everyone dies. What suspense can even be built from that?
LastStandGames (2 months ago)
you are a focking hater...my friend....thats all!
Kevinb1821 (2 months ago)
You know what movie had a great feminine hero? “A Quiet Place”. That was a fantastic movie. She was strong when she needed to be at the end but still had her feminine touch. These movies are boring because they don’t have any growth. Typical movies has the man get his ass kicked in the beginning then trains to become great then kicks ass. Sometimes in the middle the lead role will over estimate his abilities and get his ass kicked. That’s what makes a movie great. The adversity the character goes through to become great. The hard work the training to finally win at the end. The new Star Wars movies have none of that! Ray didn’t even have and guardians as a child. She didn’t have to train. She didn’t get her ass kicked. None of it. She’s just a robot in the movie. It makes for a dull ahitth movie. They talk about impossible beauty standards for women by being just a normal weight. How about impossible dumb ass ability standard of women in movies for women. Star Wars tells girls that they don’t need anyone but themselves and they are perfect from birth. Also they can choke out a 225 pound man with their foot.
Paul Thorn (2 months ago)
Ma-Rey Sue
farsensor operant (2 months ago)
It was lovely visually, the 'droid was hilarious but that's all that I enjoyed
TheDeinonychus (3 months ago)
Honestly, I could just watch the last five minutes of this movie on loop for two hours, and it would be better than the entire rest of the movie.
T Bone (3 months ago)
Only awesome because of the final Darth Vader scene. And since it's the most recent memory, we go out feelings pumped. Crafting of Disney
Keith Baker (3 months ago)
Birdman? I found that movie to be terrible..
Zinmar (3 months ago)
Am I the only one that noticed they weren't Bothans?
marlin gates (3 months ago)
I thought it was meh I didn't look forward too it that much just because I saw trailer and that I was like I didn't care that much and plot line didn't enjoy it.
Jesse Canfield (3 months ago)
Could not make myself sit through it all. It was interminable.
Magnus_Ironfist (3 months ago)
CGI Zombie Peter Cushing creeped me the fuck out.
Andrew MacInnes (4 months ago)
I remember realising how bad the issues with the first half of the film were because I was spending my time transfixed thinking god this lassie is a total shag which isn't something I ordinarily do.
Daniel Mashmann (4 months ago)
The movie isn't great, it's typical Hollywood Left wing garbage preaching the love of cultural melting pots and bashing the male white majority because of their oppressive actions several centuries ago, unable to move forward. In reality the only thing this movie has going for it, because in this day and age having good CGI doesn't really mean anything, is the fact that it offers an interesting backstory to A New Hope, the characters suck, they are typical Hollywood 2-D emotionless Robots who got their positions though abilities in bed rather than any real acting skill. Overall I will say it is the best Star Wars movie to come out in recent years though considering it's up against movies like 'The Force Awakens' and 'The LAst Jedi' and of course the up coming 'Wait! We Found Another Jedi' coming out some time in the next two years really isn't saying much. I even found the Prequels to be more entertaining then this garbage which saw how far Star Wars has lowered it's bar.
J Logan (4 months ago)
Look at mcu scarlette wotch. One of tge most powerful avengers but still feminine, still struggles with fear of her powers and feeling like an outcast. Shes strong when clint gives her pep talks or feels convicted like when her brothers killed. Id hobestly rather watch her than black widow jump glip kick a random goon for the 1oth time w 15 cuts.
Haebris (4 months ago)
My second favourite star wars film. The side characters needed more development.
martin scott (4 months ago)
When was the last time you went to a Star Wars movie AND EVERY MAJOR CHARCTER DIED? When was the last time you saw a Kung Fu blind monk wipe the floor with a platoon of storm troopers in a Star Wars movie? When was the last time you saw a Star Wars movie, that went out of it's way to fix a major plot hole? The ground battle was by far the best ground battle in any star wars . The point of the Felicity Jones character was that it COULD be played by a man or a woman, it didn't matter. I feel that the whole point of this film just went over this guy's head. He went into the cinema not looking for a good 90 minutes, but wanting something to rant on his little YouTube channel about. Fell sorry for this guy
RyanEX2000 (4 months ago)
The main reason Star Wars can't move forward is because they denied the original Star Wars lore of what happened after the movies, the Imperial Remnant, the Jedi Academy, the Yuzhan Vong, etc because...reasons. SO now they keep rebooting prequels trying to force new characters down our throats that old Star Wars fans loathe because they can see between the lines hoping and praying that one will click. As to why this movie is getting positive reviews? The critics will pander on about diversity and women leads and other bullshit. But actual fans will have one word..."Vader".
Taking you up on your offer to tell you why people like this movie, as someone who has been petty down on every Star Wars film after the first two. All the main good guy characters die. All of them. I find it amazing that in all your talk of, "Modern Blockbuster cinema is simply retreads and remakes" (a statement which I agree with) that you don't notice or pick up on the fact that R1 undermines that approach completely. This uses the framework of the story leading into Episode IV to tell a story where everyone dies for the most important of causes. So when you say accuse the film of not being thought provoking, I disagree. They've taken a famous line from the first Star Wars film, "A lot of good men died to bring us this information", and used that as the whole basis of the film - I wonder who those good men were and how they died? Far from being a re-tread of previous SW films (as you might expect from a prequel), it's a film about what went on behind the scenes to enable the "Everyone wins!" glory of Episode 4. So when you say it has the same outcome as all the other films, I have to disagree. When was the last time you saw a Star Wars film where all the main characters - literally everyone on the poster - dies at the end? Come to think of it, when did you last see a major Hollywood blockbuster where that happened? I think your statement that the outcome is the same is objectively false. So when you say the film isn't emotional or thought provoking - and accepting this is an entirely subjective thing for both of us - I, and lots of other people, had a different experience. A bunch of characters, many of whom are pretty unlikeable, many of whom are very selfish, many of whom have seemingly incompatible motives and desires, sacrifice themselves to try and stop a huge threat to the freedom of the galaxy. They make a bigger and arguably more heroic sacrifice than any other characters in the franchise, but none of the other characters in the franchise know who they are. They are the "good men" who died to secure the information that Luke, Lea et al go on to use to grab all the glory. This is going to sound horrible, but is it possible that you just don't care about the characters and the fact that they all die because there isn't a white man in the group? You certainly seem a little hung up on that. As if purposely casting a hispanic man in a role is political in a way that casting a white man somehow can't be? I don't know. There are other reasons people like this movie too, like the way this is the closest the films have come to re-creating the amazing novels, comics and literature that has built up over the decades. As a guy in my 30s R1 is the Star Wars movie I always wanted in that respect. But anyway.
Johny Etwer (4 months ago)
05:54 She looks terrifying in that shot. Those eyes man, scary.
The White Wolf (4 months ago)
A masterpiece compared to The Last Jedi
Ryoten27 (5 months ago)
I liked rogue one because of the battle of scariff. Other than that the film felt like a fan-fic.
Lorn Roberts (5 months ago)
The only thing I'd like to see again is the robot.
michaelsorbo (5 months ago)
This movie is boring. Yes Even the action sequences are boring. The only thing this film does is having fanservice the hallway scene, Callbacks and refrences to movies that came before. Ive seen this film 6 times now and for me the movie is just meh
Brave rabbit (5 months ago)
Seems like Dave Cullen believes that sex is a social construct and not determined by chromosomes....why am I not surprised.
jamoecw (5 months ago)
original version of the movie: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Red_Hand_Squadron http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_of_Toprawa basic run down: female leader of rebels, team mainly known for brutality, effectiveness, and rescuing slaves. held comms tower used to transmit plans to the tantive IV against overwhelming odds with no chance for escape. succeeded, but entire team was wiped out. new story: girl raised by brutal faction of rebels, known for collateral damage. didn't want anything to do with rebels, but went along to save her dad, who died. formed team to steal the plans on special fortified base planet, without a plan. snuck in and gained access to plans, before rebels 'helped' her out trapping her on the planet without any hope of escape. rebel fleet decimated, tantive IV escapes with the plans with vader on its heels. basically the female lead is more powerless, rebels more inept, empire more inept, and makes light of existing heroes and villains of episode 4. there are some continuity errors that have to be fixed with more books, but are relatively minor on the scope of things. in the end a bit of a step backwards in every respect they seemed to be trying for.
Matt Potter (5 months ago)
Whilst I do agree with a lot you say I have to disagree with what you say about the lead being a woman, and the casting of multi racial characters. Can I first say that I'm not a SJW and I don't think that you should not pick white Caucasian males just because of their ethnicity, but i don't have a problem with there being a black guy or two, a hispanic guy, a Chinese guy, even a Russian guy if that fits the character that has been written. You seem to have taken what everyone has been saying about Star Wars recently and just regurgitating it. I think in relation to the latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, you have a point. I found a lot of it, especially the part where Finn and Rose go to the casino world just a waste of time and trying to fit an agenda that is in the news into a movie. But it doesn't work because of bad writing not because it is wanting to be too politically correct. In Rogue One when I watched the film I never thought of the ethnicity of any of the characters, I just accepted them. Your point about the bad guys being white Caucasian isn't because they all sat around thinking about what colour the bad guy should be, but because that is who they were in the original trilogy and to change them would have felt wrong and confused audiences who know these films well. Your point about wanting the lead character Jyn Erso to be more feminine is so insulting to women it just shows what kind of a person you are. Sure you could swap in a man and it you wouldn't see any difference, but it is just the same as if you were in any job, a lawyer, a pilot, a truck driver, you could swap a man for a woman and you'd hope that they could do the job equally well. If they couldn't they shouldn't be doing the job!!! But to expect just because the lead is a woman that she should show a little more sex appeal, or a little more sassiness as you put it, not that that is even a word, is just ridiculous. There are strong women in the real world, and although this is fiction we don't have to have Felicity Jones strip down to her underwear or change into a bikini, or even become mushy and emotional when times get tough for the film to be a good film. If you want to criticise then either the role was badly written, badly directed, or badly acted. All three of these things could have been changed with the same sex and ethnicity of any of these roles and it could have been better with better people involved. I for one mostly blame the writers. I do agree however that Star Wars is less about quality story telling and more about trying to recreate the magic of the original trilogy. The problem is that in the original trilogy, maybe by luck, maybe by good casting they got Harrison Ford, an unknown actor at the time, Mark Hamill, who was similar but had a different personality, and Carrie Fisher, who was young and sassy as well as a little clueless and arrogant. The natural comedy that Harrison Ford brought to the character of Han Solo I don't think anyone else then or now could do and the interaction between the three of these main characters was perfect. It was movie magic, but it couldn't have been known how big it would become. Going back to Rogue One I think it isn't bad. Sure there are a few plot holes, but nothing I can't get my head around, the humour from the character K-2SO was perfect and he probably was the best character in the whole film, I was sad when he died, more so than when Jyn and Cassian did at the end of the film. I was a little disappointed after I saw the film for the first time and I never planned to go back and watch it again, but a friend who hadn't seen it asked me a month later and I went with him. It was a lot better. Now before anyone says anything about this I am not usually one for saying that good movies have to be seen a second time to get them, and I'm not even sure that i really disliked it after the first viewing, i just thought it was a little meh. I still have problems with it, but in plot and storytelling and not in the ethnicity or sex of the cast. If a male white guy had been the lead and done a terrible, wooden job of portraying the character I don't think you'd review it saying "it's an outrage, a black dude should have played the part instead". You'd have criticised the movie for being bad in certain ways and moved on, just as you should now. So in summary whoever the lead is, and especially when it is female, we don't need the character to act up to the stereotypes of women from the 1950s, the cast should be picked on who the best actors are when they audition for the part regardless of ethnicity, and the writing of the storyline of these films needs to improve. Sci-fi films shouldn't look to be political unless there is a political point to the story, like in say Bladerunner you are asked to question certain points about humanity. Rogue One isn't a great film, it doesn't break new ground, but then again I don't think it ever was going to since we knew the ending to it, but it does a pretty good job and there is a plot with a beginning, middle, and end, unlike the latest Star Wars disaster that is The Last Jedi.
Ron Lewenberg (5 months ago)
Star Wars A New Hope was quite derivative. Go watch Akira kurosawa's Hidden Fortress
Tim Stump7 (5 months ago)
This is the only new SW movie I enjoyed. Not saying It's good, but I enjoyed it. I didn't check my watch during my viewing. And I did for both of the others. I wasn't expecting Disney to kill everyone off at the end ( maybe I'm the only one) so I enjoyed that aspect of it.
goldenscales (5 months ago)
I could never, in any good conscience, rate this movie other than a tremendous waste of time, money and resources. Rogue One, The Force Awakens, and The Last Jedi were, sadly for everyone, a nightmare from a parallel dimension. Hollywood, Disney Films, and yes, you, George Lucas, fucked up so badly, it's still unbelievable! It's like setting off a fireworks show, but instead of fireworks, we got nuked big time.
QueenBeeNightly (5 months ago)
You're really comparing apples and oranges here with Jyn Vs Buffy. First off, Jyn grew up without much femininity in her life. She lost her mother and was raised by Saw Gerrara FFS. BUFFY was raised by a California mommy. Of course she was more feminine, she could be. lol Jyn, like so many women caught up in a galaxy under MASCULINE ultra patriarchal Empire rule, doesn't have the luxury of venusian traits during war time. DERP.
Jamie Andrews (5 months ago)
What we need is a film from the Empire point of view
gumdeo (5 months ago)
Stormtrooper documentary.
Recon.777 (5 months ago)
Agreed with all the points here. Probably the best thing about this film is that it FINALLY gave us a genuinely badass Darth Vader scene.
Patrick Todd (6 months ago)
Dude this movie was boring. The people that made this obviously weren't confident in their creation because they had to shoehorn Darth Vader into the plot somehow and it makes scenes in A New Hope make no sense at all.
Warren Marris (6 months ago)
@The Dave Cullen Show Full Disclosure, I am a RABID STAR WARS Fan, At least movie wise... I know many will bitch at me but I never had much interest in the EU - Mainly as when I first saw Star Wars - A New Hope, I WAS 5 YEARS OLD!!! ALL I CARED ABOUT WERE SPACE BATTLES, TOYS AND COMICS... (So yeah - Suck it all you asswipes who say you are NOT a true fan unless you read and play everything - THAT'S CRAP! And I can actually PROVE YOU ALL WRONG AS NONE OF YOU CAN EVER POINT TO A MAJOR ERROR IN THE VISUAL DICTIONARIES!!! A FACT CONFORMED BY GEORGE LUCAS BACK IN 1982!!) Sooooooooooooooooooooo... You were expecting it... Let me get out out of the way - I DID enjoy this film, It was good... BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT... You are 100% RIGHT! This film is nothing more than a cash cow trying to fill a plot hoe that was NEVER A F**KING PLOT HOLE IN THE FIRST PLACE! Exhaust ports BLOW NOT SUCK! So how does a Photon Torpedo get SUCKED into a Small hole??? (Fuck it - Dorkly... MAGIC SPACE WIZARDS, THATS HOW!) Since the internet exploded, the Star Wars HATERS have constantly point to this as a plot hole so now we get this film, a film that HAS NO REASON TO EXIST - Because its existence is based on A LIE!!! 'The Empire are stupid cos they left that exhaust port open... Meh!' - NO! It was a SMALL EXHAUST PORT protected by over 100,000 LASER BATTERIES, A million TIE Fighters, and would have to be hit in a Trench Run while being fired upon by YET MORE TURBO LASERS... Hop in teh back of a pick up truck doing 30kph, being driven in a straight line to a basketball court 10 miles away while being shot at by 100,000 people with Paint ball guns... Your aim is to score a Basket while NOT allowing teh car to EVER be hit by a single paint ball... And NEVER SLOWING DOWN!!! The Empire were not dumb as the chances of success were actually IMPOSSIBLE!!! So they mad this film to answer back to dumb asses who cannot do math and to make more money out of Star Wars. Despite teh fact that this film has NO REASON to exist at all - I did like it... But I have to 100% suport you that it is Derivative!
Warren Marris (6 months ago)
Did find one area I disagreed, Buffy as a Female Lead... Yeah, I am also a massive Buffy fan - Bloody love the show, and yeah she is a great Female Role Model, but for many and especially Hollywood - Too REAL! Her real world struggles don't work well for movies...So I feel this was a bad choice of comaprrison... You could have said RIPLEY, From Alien to Aliens - She shows Heroism in the face of overwhelming odds, but is also SCARED TO DEATH, The films are never afraid to show her fear and her overcoming the odds... Or even Sarah Conner from Terminator and T2: Judgement Day... These both exemplify the point you were trying to make far better than Buffy as they prove that IT CAN BE DONE IN A MOVIE... Of course it can be done in a TV series for as long as teh networks are happy, you have shows broadcasting week after week... You don't get that with films! And, Yeah - You mentioned Rey and Mary Sue's... Though you were actually critical of the excuses people have for her being a Mary Sue, and maybe have a better perspective... And I saw our video Title for TFA 'Feminist Propaganda' - Again Dave, Got to disagree here... I do feel you are sort of right as Hollywood is trying in vain to be 'Appropriate' - But like all Suits, They miss teh entire POINT! But I can 100% COUNTER ANY NOTION of Rey being a Mary Sue... Because if Rey is a Mary Sue... What the F**K does that make Luke Skywalker? And NO the fact he is teh Son of Darth Vader IS NOT A VALID EXCUSE FOR HIS AMAZING POWERS! WE ALL F**KING MOANED ABOUT THE PHANTOM MENACE WHEN ANNAKIN COULD FLY A STAR FIGHTER WITH NO TRAINING BUT IT TOTALLY FINE FOR LUKE BECAUSE - HE IS VADERS SON!!! Yeah, Sorry so called 'True Star Wars Fans' but being a fan is not about IGNORING GLARING ERRORS AND CALLING PEOPLE EVERY NAME UNDER THE SUN WHEN THEY SPOT THEM!!! SAD FACT - STAR WARS HAS ALWAYS HAD A MARY SUE... ITS PART OF THE STORY SO STOP TRYING TO CLAIM FEMINIST AGENDA BECAUSE ITS ALWAYS BEEN THERE - JUST BEFORE IT WAS A F**KING FELLA! Sorry to Shout Dave, But I ADORE the Franchise, but the New Age of Social Media has sent the fan community SO TOXIC that you have to call them out and shove it in their faces when they are being total and utter assholes... As Fans, We have always IGNORED Luke being a Gray Sue because MOVIE... It has always been there - We never cared, it was about being entertained!!! But now fans are trying to turn a Wonderful Franchise into a Massive constant Political Agenda... and to me that hurts!! It hurts something I love... I hate forums that discuss Star Wars now - I hate the community as you are expected to LIVE AND BREATHE STAR WARS, YOU MUST HATE ANYTHING NEW, YOU MUST READ AND PLAY ALL LEGENDS, YOU MUST KNOW EVERY WORD EVER UTTERED BY LUCAS... Even though most fans do not actually know half what George Lucas has ever said because they prefer to ignore interviews from the 1980's as then it screws up what they see as Star Wars Reality... But other than that they choose to ignore - YOU MUST KNOW THE LUCAS!!! Example - EU Material states that Han, Luke and Leia are HUMAN... Fair enough... But in 1982 promoting The Empire Strikes Back, George Lucas confirmed that they are on fact ALIENS... They are Human in appearance yes but their Physiology is not like ours, 'That's why none of my characters have an age, it helps teh flow as the movies can be filmed a few years apart but in the universe be decades between' - From Look-In Kids TV Magazine some time back in 1982... And yeah - CHECK IT YOURSELVES IF YOU ARE A TRUE FAN! NO CHARACTER IN THE OT IS EVER GIVEN AN AGE!!! So no matter what years went by in Real Time between A New Hope and Empire, it coudl be more like 30 years IN UINVERSE!!! What does this matter? PLENTY - It explains how Luke, because if you do NOT view the movies like this then he still IS A GARY SUE, is able to use FORCE PULL in the Wampa Cave... Haters will always say HOW DID HE LEARN THAT? WHEN DID HE LEARN THAT? Well, if you pay attention and are a TRUE fan you would know... There are actually possibly DECADES between films and Luke up to that point has been learning BASIC POWERS! BOOM! HATERS BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER BY ACTUALLY BEING A TRUE FAN... (Same is true of The force Awakens, Cinema Sins and others have suggested 'How did teh first order get so strong in only 30 years... It been 30 Years since ROTJ was released, but in Universe that could be WAY LONGER!!! Its a FUCKING FANTASY MOVIE FRANCHISE... IT DOES NOT HAVE TO OBEY REAL WORLD LOGIC!!!) Yeah - Anyway - Rant over... But I hope you can now see how you are helping perpetuate and feed a Toxic Fanbase by pushing an unreality... By all means bemoan Hollywood for getting Female Leads WRONG, because they are and they have handled Rey among others TERRIBLY - But stop with teh Mary Sue stuff as in all honestly - The Fans are WRONG! The Critics are WRONG! This has ALWAYS BEEN THERE - In fact, I can give DOZENS OF REASONS why Rey is actually much more likely to be able to do half the things she does than Luke ever was.. Proving that Luke is the Original Mary Sue after his Father (Oh God we should ERASE THE PREQUELS FROM EXISTENCE!
Daniel Lehane. (6 months ago)
I have watched 8 or so of your videos now in a row. Concise, yet in depth and very personal while objective reviews. Impressive! Commentaries on the state of Hollywood and the eye rolling SJW anti-male campaign that currently rages in modern Western society. (And for the record I would consider myself a feminist in the strictest sense, eg. equal rights for both sexes under the law) In every single video you have brought up ALL of the points I have raised in conversation myself about the state of movie making nowadays. The laziness of writing... The lack of a singular, inspired, artistic vision of a director in modern mainstream cinema. Gone are the days of a blockbuster film with a strong narrative, solid dialogue, compelling character arcs.... The accepted norm has now become corporate, executive driven, marketing fueled shit piles of films that are shallow, hollow and engineered to hit as many target demographics as possible... I am drunk and ranting.... My apologies... But as a fellow Irishman who lives in Vancouver (North Hollywood...) and who works in the visual Effects Industry, I am very pleased to have stumbled upon your channel to which I subscribed and I wish you every success!! Go raibh maith agat!
Hans Zarkov (6 months ago)
the cgi peter cushing was revolting and the cig leia horrifying
jayakrishnan r (6 months ago)
It has issues, but I liked it far more than The force awakens. The real protagonist of the film is the rebellion.
Giovanny (6 months ago)
This review was marvelous. Good job!
Connor W. (6 months ago)
@Thedavecullenshow I really enjoyed the movie, and believe it is well-crafted to some degree, but is compromised by poor character design(and plot holes). Forrest Whittaker' s character is really poor in my opinion. Jyn Erso, Krennic, and Kassian need minor redesigns to be more interesting and moving. They come across as simplistic. Kassian and Jyn need personality and depth, and Krennic shouldn't come across as a cartoon villian. K2-SO, the pilot, and the two guys(I forget their names, the force-sensitive and his mercenary friend) I really believe added to the movie. All four character deaths affected me in a way movies seldom do. On a final note, I disagree with you on Cassian quite a bit. I haven't seen a morally grey aide of the rebellion since I played "The Force Unleashed". As stated before, I believe he adds tangibly to the film, but was poorly executed. For me, the film serves to further explain and add context to the death star plans, which, to me, came across as little more than a McGuffin.
HAHA CUTTY (6 months ago)
disagree this is probably one of the better movies after the originals., I liked it better than force awakens and definitely better than ep I and II. III was probably the best then this then force awakens.
R K (6 months ago)
Sci Fi and Super Hero movies are the 2010' spaghetti westerns.
I Spaz Samuel (6 months ago)
I don't like the movie, its ending isn't even a seamless transition into IV. A New Hope's dialogue, right at its start mismatches Rogue One's plot and script. I like watching my favourite character cutting down Rebels at the end, which is why I watch this movie. I can't disagree with your review, even though I am a huge Star Wars fan. I enjoy the brutal honesty in your review content sir.
robcastsflare (7 months ago)
I really liked it the first time i watched it. Then later watched it again. I must have been fucking high. It's boring, the characters suck and the PC crap is turned up to 11.
rollotwomassey (7 months ago)
First off, Buffy was terrible and we can thank that show for unleashing Joss Whedon upon the world. Second, it's a little unfair to compare those characterizations. R1 had 2 hours; Buffy had 5+ years in a much longer format. But I think you're missing the boat- you said the film was competently-made and looked great...unfortunately, this is the first time you can say that about a SW movie since ROTJ. The bar has been lowered and fans have taken notice.
christosvoskresye (7 months ago)
I get where you're coming from, and I think your point applies here, but I have to object strongly to the central importance you give to "originality". If a piece of art is really, truly original, that probably means it has flaws so deep that no one was ever fool enough to do that before. In fact, most great stories are familiar stories being retold. The audience already knew the story of the Iliad; they were not in suspense as to who would live and who would die. The plays of Shakespeare are mostly his versions of stories that had been told for centuries -- or his take on historical events that were still rather recent and with which his audience was completely familiar. Apollo 13 was a great movie, but we knew how it would end. Originality for the sake of originality is a foolish pursuit. Artists should pursue quality. If they tell their stories well, they will look back and see that they had to put in a number of subtle original touches.
Joaquin Morro (7 months ago)
The last minute and a half of the film were great, some of the best Star Wars I’ve ever seen. The rest of the film? Meh.
Dudeface (7 months ago)
In the '90s I read a ton of the Star Wars expanded universe novels. (Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy is HIGHLY recommended, btw.) Some of the books are goofy. Short stories about denizens of the Mos Eisley cantina, or the bounty hunters Darth Vader gathered to hunt down the Millennium Falcon. That is the kind of movie Rogue One is. We do already know what happens. A gutsy band of rebels steals the plans for the Empire's Death Star. Do you wanna SEE that? Hell yeah I do. It is not a staggeringly bold sci-fi cinematic experience. But it shines a light on a detail in the Star Wars universe, and fleshes out the people who made the later story, the story I grew up with and know by heart, possible. I agree with Dave Cullen (as I usually do) the casting is ridiculously PC, and the story feels almost like a caricature of Star Wars, down to the selfless sacrifice at the end. But since I was a kid, I always wondered who stole the Death Star plans. I imagined it, wondered about it. This is that story. As one of the "side story" movies, it was a perfect choice. (Edited to remove strike out text)
hammerfilmbuff (7 months ago)
OK, so we have 3 SWs films by JJ Abrams and the message is the same. Kill off the prior white cast, 100 pound untrained women can stomp 250 pound trained soldiers, cast what few new whites you have in to villian roles and make sure that strong women leads act like the toxic masulinity that men are now chastized. FA, R1 and LJ are all radical left propaganda that frankly is an insult to the SWs franchise. Hell, even a lib like Mark Hamil is not a fan and they had to tone down him before his interviews. Now if you just want high FX quality, mindless CGI, then this is your baby!
trha2222 (7 months ago)
I hated Rogue One. It bored me.
Anton Czerwinske (7 months ago)
Do you know whats awsome? Star Wars the Clone Wars, the animation might not be up to date but the stories are great or rather say refreshing, they try something new,it's even suprisingly brutal. Besides good story it has everything which makes star wars great, great space battles, the best lightsaberfights I've ever seen and most importantly great planets and civilization you get a really good and deep look at the people of star wars, not just the hereos. I think the new star wars movies miss that, they gone even so far to shoot in real world locations (the islands with luke), i think thats boring, because star wars is still fantasy with sci-fi and i hate it when you have versitile and strange ships in an uncreative inverment. sorry for bad english, star wars the clone wars is back on netflix so watch it please
Gd Supreme (7 months ago)
100% agree
Carol Ann (7 months ago)
I enjoyed the movie, but I went into it with zero expectations. I wasn't even sure I wanted to watch it. I will never like any SW movie outside of the original trilogy and if people weren't such whores it would have ended with the original trilogy. Now Disney will just beat it into dust like a dead horse. PS. I am a girl and I grew up playing GI Joe and He-Man, so I wouldn't say that girls do not aspire to be the hero. That being said I also liked Jem, She-Ra, Rainbow Brite and SSC too. I was a bit of a Tom boy, but also liked to be a girly girl at times ;)
typeviic1 (7 months ago)
Excellent!! My favorite of all the Star Wars movies.
patrick Katalenas (7 months ago)
it couldve been amazing if it didnt have pc bullshit in it and some better writing.
Philosophic Rift (7 months ago)
"Save the rebellion, save the dream." That quote was beautiful in context between trilogies. I'm not naive when it comes to SJW and feminist nonsense in The Force Awakens and especially The Last Jedi yet Rogue One in many ways rose above political correctness. In context the film was much more grounded than Anakin's virgin birth or Luke being the most powerful Jedi or Mary Sue Rey. I enjoyed the film because it respected people's differences. Not just a "polished" film but more about life and culture in the shadow of living under the Sith and the wake of the Jedi. I'd be excited to see a film where the last of the Jedi are running from Vader and then forced to have to survive the onslaught of Order 66. The tragedy of episodes 7 and 8 is the careless disregard of dramaticism in favor of jokes that don't land. Rey is as unoriginal as it gets as far as storytelling goes. I'd much rather see this copycat trilogy nonsense stop and see the creative talents of writers unleashed to provide new and original aspects of Star Wars. Disney treats the film as though there is a moral imperative to accept identity politics propaganda as legitimate charater traits yet in reality it is nothing more than lack of creative talent and a cheap marketing gimmick. I think Disney rose above it's pandering to politics in this film; the flaws we come across appear as character flaws and exaggerations more than not. Not all women are strong. Not all men are strong. Some people die in vain. The strong protect the weak because the strong can fight. Good people don't always fight but bad people use violence to coerce those that cannot defend themselves. Men and women can show heroism in a film without lessening the act of valor of the other. Rogue One was a game changer that never sunk in with Disney and was perhaps ahead of it's time as far as Disney is concerned at this point in time.
potstab (7 months ago)
A mediocre movie make more money then a great film. Great films apparently only appeal to a smaller segment of the potential audience. I like the marvel films..... but they are all the same movie, I guess the comedy pulls them through.
Dack Ralter (7 months ago)
Read all of the SW universe novel/literature before the Yuzem Vong series era, so, being a typical young male and obsessed with A-Wings, X-Wings, B-Wings and the Rogue Squadron, Dark Empire, and Force power analysis, not to mention being basically raised watching Ep. 4, 5, 6 over and over, learning life-lessons from them in place of a Church or Bible... well... Let's just say Rogue One was exciting as an idea... I still haven't seen it. And given what I have heard, I don't know when I will. ***Actually... I haven't seen any of the post Clone Wars movies- none of the tv series, and none of the literature. I'm really kind of starting to hate George in fact, ever since Phantom Menace and it's disgusting re-use of the first 3 movies plus blatant merchandise promotion built in to the movie with it's childishness, goofy jokes and stupidly nerfed themes (relative to the original trilogy there is far less actual death, violence or realism displayed- just some robots died, oh darn? Then suddenly Vader kills some kids ? What about all the other Jedi he hunted down in service of the Emperor? Why did they not just kidnap and brainwash those kids into being little dark side minions? I can see not doing that with the adults but, c'mon. Just a blatant plot device that seemed very out of place/OTT [over the top]. And don't get me started on Boba Fett. -_-
Captain Rednek (7 months ago)
This film was awesome because vagina.
Purdune Tae (8 months ago)
You claim you don't like this film because it's cookie cutter film of the other Star Wars films. I don't see it. The reason I liked this film is because it was so different. Sure there was the orphan thing with an evil father. Other than that there was so much different. For starters pretty much ALL the hero's die. The main two charecter's don't fall in love. Give each other a bro hug. There are plenty of revelutionaries that were female. Especially in the Southern Hemisphere. I'm in general with you on too much feminism BS. I don't really see it here. Most of the time she says she wants to get away and hide. She finally wants to be in the rebellion and convinces others to join. She asks them for help because she can't do it alone. No good white guys? Err, how about her father? Also Diego may be from Mexico but I'd bet a paycheck he has more Spanish blood than Indian blood. Oh yeah I know there will be snow flakes that will go off on me with that one. The droid is also played by a white guy. Yeah ok he's a droid but he comes off more like mayonnaise Sheldon Cooper with his lines than any other group. BTW, I dislike the new line of Star Wars film. Have no desire to see the second coming out now. Watched the second set of movies when they hit TV. So I'm not a rabid SW fan. Tis why I can say with objectivity, you just hate SW. This was a good film AND it broke a lot of the mold from the other 7 SW films.
gebirgsjager1367 (8 months ago)
I liked this film. I loved seeing REAL Stormtroopers again,not those dumb looking First Order wanna-bes. I liked how the toned down the CGI and built actual ships and sets,unlike most of the prequels,and I really liked the blind monk. The rest of the cast sucked except for the droid
Anewlevel (8 months ago)
Nailed it. R1 was a sad, missed opportunity.
96fps_from_mars (8 months ago)
Derivative works can be good, if they build on the genre or subvert expectations.
Matthew Sharpe (8 months ago)
Serenity a good sci-fi film? Hahahahahaha! That film was a stinking turd.
GoddessOfWhim2003 (8 months ago)
my problem with Rogue One is that I knew all the character were gonna die before the film started. i'd never heard of these characters before or since so this was a waste of time. I did love K2SO, Alan Tudyk was fantastic
eric vulgate (8 months ago)
feminism is the enemy of the feminine
eric vulgate (8 months ago)
i've never been afraid to dislike garbage.
The Fanch (8 months ago)
Beuargh One. A Star Wash Story. The screenplay is so... incoherent. Everything is so serious and violent though cheesy and stupid. Just like Rey in The Force Awakens, Jen (Jyn? Jane?) Erso is a shitty character designed to be converted into toys which will stay on the shelves forever because nobody is willing to buy them (for real). Why? Because nobody likes them! CG Leia is awful, btw. Next: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Aargh. Save your money, don't give it to Disney.
MachineMan1992 (8 months ago)
I've started to hate the thing I used to love. Is this what divorce feels like?
Al G (8 months ago)
TFA was TRASH, bad writing, horrible acting and TERRIBLE casting. Rogue One is 100X better.
Trick Jericho (8 months ago)
I agree with most of what was said in this video but I take exception to the comment about Cassian Andor being a weak character. Cassian was a flawed relatable person. He had a growing relationship with Jyn that didn't go all out, which was awesome in that they didn't kiss before being killed. And when Jyn tried to make him feel bad for the things he did he put her in her place and didn't apologize. He basically told her that he did what he had to do for the cause and he felt no shame in that. He wasn't a co-towed male lead that the female lead walks all over like so many male characters are now a days. For those reasons I believe Cassian was a well made character. Plus Diego is an awesome actor. LOL
Gary Willig (9 months ago)
Disagree that it's a rehashed Star Wars film. It's a 'gritty' war and heist movie, something no other Star Wars movie has been to date, and ditches the adventurous tone of the rest of the movie franchise. It's derivative of other movies, particularly war movies and heist movies, but not really of Star Wars. Force Awakens was basically A New Hope all over again, but Rogue One was a different type of movie, and actually took some risks, like killing off the whole cast at the end. It has its fair share of problems, but being too much like past Star Wars movies is not one of them, and I actually find it to be the third best movie in the franchise behind A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. I feel that saying that Rogue one is derivative of other Star Wars movies is like saying the Dark Knight is derivative of Batman Forever because both feature Batman and Two Face and introduce a sonar suit while ignoring the fact that the movies are practically different genres.
Paul Kane (9 months ago)
I know I'm about a year displaced from the original post, but what happened with Rogue One was a dynamic which had folks compare it more to it's immediate predecessors, rather than view it within the framework you applied (that is, comparing it other sci-fi films as a genre, specifically to those more widely hailed as "great"). Most folks became bored with saying, "It's a great movie because it was better than Force Awakens (which was really just an ersatz reboot of the entire franchise, except with Disney's fingerprints all over it), and it was MUCH better than the three prequels which hindsight shows were atrocious." After five to eight such conversations, most were just shortening the whole thing to, "It's a great movie." I liked it because it had Donnie Yen (who I respect as an actor from his other work). I was sad to see him die in the film. One thing that greatly bothered me was a line from Star Wars (the original, which I generally refuse to call "A New Hope"), in which Bothans are mentioned as making tremendous sacrifices. Who were the Bothans in Rogue One, and how were they involved? I don't think that word is ever uttered in Rogue One. Anyway. Star Wars is stand-alone money-making machine (aside from the Marvel stuff and The Fast and Furious boy-racer stuff), and given the recent spate of bombs, it's not going anywhere any time soon.
John Allosso (8 months ago)
Paul Kane Bothans were NEVER mentioned in the original Star Wars. That was in Return of the Jedi. Hence why they’re not mentioned in this movie.
Edward Catiller (9 months ago)
WTF cannot you understand!
whiteandnerdytuba (9 months ago)
Better than 7. Not a high bar
Brendan Coulter (9 months ago)
Rouge 1 is mediocre at best. Even ignoring hoe derivitive it is. It is just dull, slow, and failes to give the audience a reason to get invested.
Dellacondan (9 months ago)
Fuck star wars being original. Its just another bullshit space opera
Dellacondan (9 months ago)
Totally not a star wars fan, but, i liked this one.
Raycheetah (9 months ago)
Haven't even seen this one, yet. No rush. By the way, anyone think we're EVER gonna see another "cisgender" male main protagonist in Star Wars? Not even asking about a white one, just, a straight guy whose heroic journey is the core of the story arc? ='[.]'=
Marc Cox (9 months ago)
A nice display of gravity with a microphone...exit towards sunset with poignant music
pjamese3 (9 months ago)
So a film about character growth, sacrifice, loss and hope isn't any good just because it's set in an existing universe? Yes, we know (roughly) how the movie has to end. I see it as the equivalent as a historical drama like in a WWI movie based in fact. I agree that Jin is overpowered and Mary Sue-ish (as was Rey). However, Rogue One is well-enough made (and Jin doesn't take so much of the spotlight) that I'll let that slide. Also, as far as her taking out Storm Troopers with her ASP, if Ewoks can take out Storm Troopers, then I won't begrudge a woman being able to take them out (even though their armor should at least protect them from impacts.) That's the thing that's most regularly bugged me about Star Wars. Storm Trooper armor is portrayed as useless. It doesn't protect them from impacts (even a freakin' stick.) It doesn't deflect even SOME blaster bolts. In all deference to Obi Wan's lyin' ass, it doesn't have built-in targeting systems that makes them deadly accurate shots. All we've seen the armor capable of doing is allow them to stand in open space. I'll buy badass Donnie Yen taking out Storm Troopers with a bo staff, but I can't buy a normal young woman taking them out with what's basically an ASP. Nor can I believe Ewoks having ANY effect on them. I remember when my unit was first issued ballistic plate armor, us bored soldiers spent a little time with armor and helmets and baseball bats doing "scientific" testing. Hell, a motorcycle helmet can save your brain from getting cracked if you have an accident. Storm Trooper armor should be AT LEAST that good. But overall, do you think maybe it's just YOU who are jaded and tired of the films being put out?
Captain Brambles (9 months ago)
I didn't mind it but it was another Star Wars movie with another Death Star.
75STARFISH (9 months ago)
This film is awesome for all the reasons that you think it's rubbish
Chance Paladin (9 months ago)
I'm sorry but when you say Serenity was a good movie... you lose a lot of credibility. Talk about garbage sci-fi franchises that get rammed down our throats for 200 pls... Are we allowed to say the Riddicks were good, then?
the mick minas show (9 months ago)
I have been very vocal on Star wars under Disney initially I was excited they bought lucasfilm. But it's been very frustrating to see it stuck in the same place . When I see people getting excited cause they saw a similar milkshake from a new hope. I think this industry. Is fkd and you pretty much nailed it
Trevak D'hal (9 months ago)
I thought that one guy was white? I didn't really notice or look for it to be honest and they didn't really feel beat over the head with it like VII.
Stalewind Farto1078 (9 months ago)
I do agree with you that the robot was the best character. The fem fatale girl was flat, not like our beloved Buffy (really loved the dialogue in that show).
Stalewind Farto1078 (9 months ago)
I would argue a meaningful message. One of sacrifice. I went into this movie prepared to hate it. Burn me 4 times, I should not let you do it 5, but I'm a Star Wars fool. This movie had a known plot, given its' derivative nature. It promoted a resonate message of giving your own life to a greater good. We might not have the shining city on the hill we dream of, but the rebellion was trying to win it. They gave their lives for that, and it was powerful. My two cents, Signed , still subscribed
Michael Smith (9 months ago)
I don’t think I saw a single female or non-white Imperial in the entire film. That’s all you need to know.
Dickhead7410 (9 months ago)
At least it was better than TFA
Wittmann73 (9 months ago)
Rogue One was better than Episode 7. But most films are.
lenard smith (9 months ago)
There's been 8 star wars movies so far 4 of them have been about blowing up the death star a new hope return of the Jedi the force awakens and rogue one please come up with a different plot
Northern Iggy (9 months ago)
It's Disney now... this is what you get.
Spitfire Mark1A (9 months ago)
STAR WARS was such a beautiful film in 77. No film bar Empire could ever compete. Saw Rogue One twice. Once on my own. Not impressed. Second time with my son and his friend. Fell asleep. So the Dear Star weakness was so small that it took several attempts to hit, and then only by somebody that was adept with the force. Not a good film.

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