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Alaska Road Trip: Cassiar / Stewart-Alaska Highway and Bear Glacier

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S2 Ep 75 of Carolyn's RV Life Road Trip to Alaska I finally get a black bear on camera as I leave Kitwanga and head along the Cassiar Highway and the Steward Alaska highway with a stop at Bear Glacier! **** EMAIL ME **** Comments: http://CarolynsRVLife.com/contact ***BUSINESS AND SPONSORSHIP INQUIRIES*** Business at CarolynsRVLIFE dotCOM ****JOIN PATREON FOR INSIDER ACCESS**** https://www.patreon.com/CarolynsRVLife ***A special Thank You to long-time supporters and WITT Patrons whose $50 +/month investment helps me keep making free videos for everyone!! *** *Dave C, Patricia I, James Stokes, James Wetherill, Brenda Summers, Delaney Franson, Ochi, Rosario G. Biagan, John O’Neill, Janet Marshall, Elizabeth Dodd, Valentina Mckinley, Annette Rogers, Linda Joy kurpiewski, Shirley Anderson, Barbara Chmelik, Linda Longstaff Bill G. ****SHOP TEES, HOODIES, MUGS, STICKERS AND MORE**** https://teespring.com/stores/carolyns-rv-life ***E-BOOK - YOUTUBE MARKETING GUIDE*** By Carolyn Higgins of Carolyn's RV Life - How I Got 20,000 YouTube Subscribers in 40 Days, The Complete Marketing Guide http://www.carolynsrvlife.com/20000-youtube-subscribers-40-days/ ****AMAZON STORE**** As an Amazon Affiliate, every purchase you make through the link below helps me earn commission! https://www.amazon.com/shop/carolynsrvlife ****CAMERA GEAR**** DJI OSMO Handheld Camera: https://amzn.to/2IEA8Jl GoPro Hero 5 Session: https://amzn.to/2GFr0ON GoPro Suction Mount (for dashcam): https://amzn.to/2Lj39HY Cell Phone shots: Samsung Galaxy S7 : http://amzn.to/2xG52bp Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Standard (Special Thank You to "A"): http://amzn.to/2xEUrgP Main Video Camera: Sony Handycam FDR-AX33 http://amzn.to/2xJaHzd Tripod - Albott 70": http://amzn.to/2fVawaJ Monopod: http://amzn.to/2wY5N2h Selfie stick/tripod: https://amzn.to/2IDC1WL Video Editing Software: Corel VideoStudio X10: http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-8303439-12502718 MUSIC CREDITS: New Frontiers Solitude Arctic remix PHOTOS CREDITS: All photos and videos property of Carolyn R Higgins and Carolyn's RV Life. All Rights Reserved. CarolynsRVLife.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertisingfees by advertising and linking to amazon.com
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Carolyn's RV Life (18 days ago)
Hey everyone! Just a friendly reminder of my zero-tolerance comment policy. I work hard to keep my community a safe place for everyone to share their ideas, experiences, thoughts and ideas. Therefore I do not tolerate language that is shaming, blaming, accusatory, deceitful, demeaning, defamatory, sexist, racist, homophobic or discriminatory against ethnicity, religion, nationality or status. We also do not tolerate name-calling, bullying, threats or harassment of any kind. Don't comment with the intention of making someone feel bad. Unfortunately, I've had to delete and ban a lot of users lately who did not follow these guidelines. I would prefer not to, so please, do your best to comment with respect and dignity. I appreciate your support. Carolyn
Great stuff. And do another more in depth video on the missing women. That road needs alot more attention from the world.
jhankri (16 days ago)
Carolyn's RV Life youtube can be so confusing . One of my comments to you in this conversation came up hilighted and since in the past youtube wouldnt let me delete a hilighted comment I thought this was controlled by the channel owner. I decided to try deleting it out of curiosity and this time it did. Youtube is confusing not knowing how it works. They should allow for retrieving a deleted comment. I always thought hilighting was done by the channel owner. Now I know different thanks to your explanation. Sometimes the conversations are structured in a way that they don't make sense and you dont know who is talking to who or responding to what etc. Deleting comments adds to this confusion and apparently the associated comments left behind sometimes look like nonsene. Often times I think people delete because of a mistake in meaning or a typo, but maybe there are responses already in place. Then newcomers respond to those responses not even seeing the original and it makes for more confusion. Anyway I was wish youtube had a manual so l could understand if better. Hope you had a great 4th. Cant wait to see the next leg of your journey.
R!OT UND3RG0DS (16 days ago)
Carolyn's RV Life I have an idea for you. So I have seen that you have gotten stuck in the sand before but almost in mud. Maybe next time you travel you should try to get stuck in the mud (mildly) just enough so you think you have to call for help but, don’t do that try it on your own! It’s a hard terrain to get through but you got it I believe in you! Let’s see what you got! Love - A new Subscriber
Ex Plorr (16 days ago)
Carolyn's RV Life awesome
Ex Plorr (16 days ago)
Carolyn's RV Life
Gerbear Jones (9 days ago)
Hi Carolyn Hi Capone! Waves excitedly and blows kisses. I have been away on holidays for 10 days without internet and I really really missed your vids! Hahahaha ... does that sound weird? I’ve been to bear glacier and it is stunning! Be safe and have fun
Lucille Lawwill (12 days ago)
Carolyn when we went to Anchorage we got on the Alcan highway at Dawson Creek. That was mile marker #1. We were surprised when we saw a sign at Dawson creek that said Anchorage 2800 hundred miles. Stay safe and I will be following you every mile. You are right about the camping, I don’t think we paid to park until we got to Tok I will be anxious to see if you get on the Alcan at white bourse.
Lisa Allison (12 days ago)
Margret Rose (13 days ago)
Ive been to Alaska East Coast ive never seen the western side thanks!
shayes323 (13 days ago)
Carolyn since this area is so beary how do you assess for bears before you get out of your rig, like 1st thing in the morning?
shayes323 (13 days ago)
Uggg the buggssss 🐛🐜Love the mnts!
John Kennedyk (14 days ago)
Look at the bugs. Lol
HEBER BELLES (15 days ago)
Hey Carolyn , could you please share the GPS locations so other campers can enjoy. Thanks
ela s (15 days ago)
Dorian Christe (15 days ago)
Carolyn! Every direction you turn your camera is breathtakingly beautiful! OMG! If the view of these videoed mountains can bring tears to my eyes (tears of amazement & wonder), how much more intense it must be for you to be standing there, taking all that in. Thank you for all your time and effort in sharing. Please don't let any negative comments from the few stray viewers take even a moment of your enjoyment of this journey. We seem to be in times now where speaking out against someone doing something creative / positive is accepted as commonplace. Bullying commentary has become the norm. It's a shame these souls can't find something positive for their passion. I imagine a world with less hate, and more love. Thank you for bringing us beautiful and wonderous moments of your journey. Stay free & happy & kind.
izzy6319 (15 days ago)
Well I guess I will be banned for asking a simple question? What makes your channel any better than some one who works for a living and takes a few months of to share adventures, you want to be paid. There are a lot of folks who work camp and make movies. Please get a job, set an example for the young folks and stop begging.
Carolyn's RV Life (15 days ago)
Izzy, thank you for your concern for...?? hmm. not sure who or what you're concerned about actually? What makes my channel better?? Well, 71.000 subscribers and over 12 million video views in a year and half for starters. There is a market that is willing to pay for my content.. therefor MAKING VIDEOS IS A JOB. May I gently recommend going to your local community college and taking a basic macro economics course? it might help you understand capitalism and the free market economy a bit better. Hugs, C
izzy6319 (15 days ago)
Why in Gods name should folks pay you to travel. May god your not doing any thing that people have done before. STOP BEGGING
izzy6319 (13 days ago)
Dumb Carolyn, the worst comparison I have ever heard. The barista took the job knowing what it takes if she makes a 1000 a day so what, she does not get paid to free lance. But gets paid to do a job My point is if your on your travels if you have major problems and need help and you have intent to pay back what you borrowed then there is no problem. You on the other hand you just cruse around with a camera take pictures and expect to get paid for doing what you want. Stop EBEGGING, looks like you had a nice career, so why are you begging. You and folks like Eric and mike think this is cool; and all the people that follow you are unable to do this them selves, so you exploit them. You have money, STOP BEGGING
Carolyn's RV Life (15 days ago)
Izzy, also your complaint is that I'm not doing anything that hasn't been done before - neither is the Barista at Starbucks, yet she still gets paid to make you coffee!! hugs
Carolyn's RV Life (15 days ago)
Izzy, I understand that it may look like people pay me to travel, but that's not how we see it. I would be traveling no matter what. I had a job that paid for my travels. What I get paid for is making videos. I don't have to spend 50+ hours a week making videos so that others can be entertained by my travels, but I do. And they appreciate the time and effort I put into it and so a few joined Patreon to invest in my channel. This became a job when people offered to pay me to keep making videos. Isn't that what a free market economy is all about? It's economics 101, basic supply and demand. If people weren't willing to pay me for my videos, I wouldn't make videos. Period. This is what our country is about: free enterprise capitalism at work for the little person; the creator, the adventurer, the entrepreneur who dares to do something different. All the best, Carolyn
Hucfinn 16195 (16 days ago)
Hey darling he's your dog, who knows him better than you do !!! We sure sure don't !
Hucfinn 16195 (16 days ago)
WOW !!! That was a big bear !!! Were just " Scooby snacks " !!!
Ex Plorr (16 days ago)
There are 666 comments oooohhhhhhhh. I was going to ask about the music? It sounds very eerie. Where the glacier is, is it cold? The mountains are beautiful. If you have 0 internet connection are you using an old fashioned paper map ? That is a very very long way for no gas.
Sharon Nightingale (16 days ago)
Thank you for sharing your travels with us, and the beautiful places that you drive through and stay at! Great video!
Trucking Divas Rock (16 days ago)
So beautiful❤️❤️ I found out last month that bears will dart across the highway. I was somewhere in Oregon on a two lane back highway....scared me to death when the bear ran across. He was pretty fast too😂😂👍
Norma Bonilla (16 days ago)
Great job love it norma
S Carn (16 days ago)
I’m a fellow Canadian .. I live in Alberta ... I am embarrassed for this fellow Canadian making negative comments about you .. I was a victim of a stalker .. years ago .. I had to move ... I was scared shitless .. women travelling alone have every right to be cautious ... you are not in the wrong Carolyn .. it pisses me off that this man can make claims against you .. we are living in crazy times and we should always keep our guard up ... I love your channel and you are an awesome fur baby mom ... people are such keyboard commandos .. I’d like to see if he would say this to your face ....all the crap he spewed .... probAbly not ... god bless you ... even though we don’t have the same political views .. I still respect your opinion .. that’s how we grow as human beings xx
Desert Foxx (16 days ago)
Carolyn, Are you going to the North pole or what? Lol! Just wondering how far north you plan to explore? 😁
Michèle Paradis (16 days ago)
Kenneth Knutsen (16 days ago)
Hello from upstate New York. Thanks for the nice video. Really enjoy watching Capone’s and your adventures ! Thanks !
Lola Saxby (16 days ago)
Another beautifully mastered video Carolyn! Thank you for sharing your journey. I loved the PSA too - made me laugh. I don’t think I could stand all the negative comments so I know that when I get to do what you’re doing, I’ll not be making videos. You are one hell of a strong woman! Proud of you ❤️
thinkin outloud (17 days ago)
Sorry to say Carolyn but somehow you have attracted a number of nit picky temperamental types so anything you do or say is going to get them to scrutinize. They may be causing you some stress. Capone is a natural scout that's what makes him happy so yeah you don't need to leash him unless he's in a high traffic area, human or otherwise
Traveling Theresa (17 days ago)
Lakes, and glaciers, and bears! Oh my!
Irene Humphries (17 days ago)
I subscribe to you Carolyn so the latest video from Linescrew came up in my feed. Please ignore him Carolyn. I don’t usually watch his videos. Don’t want his videos coming up in my feed. Probably because he uses your handle in the title.
Versatile Greyhounds (17 days ago)
Please accept my apologies for laughing, heartily, when you swallowed a bug. Hopefully we will be doing a similar trip someday soon.
Carolyn's RV Life (16 days ago)
Versatile, that's why I left it in .. it was funny! :-0
Dirk ten Haaf (17 days ago)
. . .. .HELLO from Michigan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We welcome you to South-West Michigan !!!!!! ANYTIME ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KT Smith (17 days ago)
It’s amazing how some people seem to think they know more about what they think you should do with your dog than you do. I’m sooo sorry for all the negative comments some have said about your political views. I am truly enjoying your trip to Alaska. Travel on, Girl!
Lawrn West (17 days ago)
AS always excellent video and wonderful commentary, thanks for bringing us along with you !!! ALSO way over 12 MILLION VIEWS in less than 2 years CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The numbers tell the story and that is fabulous !!!!!! Thank you for keeping it REAL and keeping it KIND - ALWAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Challenge.. one winter in Yukon wilderness...can you do it????proud of you!!!May I please inquire if you ever fish?ty
Carolyn's RV Life dont try it!hey,come down to the gulf this year.santa rosa beach fla...great community and perfect camping.come on!
Carolyn's RV Life (17 days ago)
Blue, probably not. I'd die. lol I'd love to try, but I'd need a lot of training - and even then, not sure I could.. C
Libby O (17 days ago)
Beautiful scenery - very desolate though. Safe travels Carolyn!
Della B (17 days ago)
You stoped at the service station I had to hitch hick to coming from Alaska because I ran out of gas about 60 miles before the station. Pulling a trailer I really lost my mpg and didn’t gauge correctly. 1st time in my life I’ve ever hitch hocked. Family picked me up to the station but a single guy picked me up at the station to take me back. Spiked me a little but I kept my cool and all turned out good. That is a great Street hope I. The road.
Minnesota Bryan (17 days ago)
Always enjoy your positive and productive content, I've asked YT to review and potentially delete the haters, Hugs to Capone.
Steve C (17 days ago)
That was a huge black bear!
Donna Dory (17 days ago)
Carolyn 💕 Thank you for sharing. Safe Travels to you and yours wonderful Fur buddy, Capone 🌟 Very, very beautiful.👍 Donna, in Northern, Nevada. ✓🤗Reno/Sparks Area.💐 🍃🇺🇸🕊️🌎🕊️🍃
aikanae1 (17 days ago)
MOOSE! I want to see moose. They are so cool.
Kodey WhiteWolf (18 days ago)
So beautiful up there. Live bears. Woo Woo !!! Enjoying following on your trip. Keep on trucking. Keep enjoying Thanks for taking us along
In regard to Mike Mead's question of me Carolyn D Hogarth: What right do I have to articulate support for Carolyn's RV? I have every right to follow Carolyn and speak my support for her. What???? What kind of a question is this? You see I believe in treating Carolyn with respect, value, and support because I believe she has a right to her viewpoint, her perception, her experience. I support that. I communicate that. I celebrate her videos and her honesty. I value her as a human. I do not criticize Carolyn. What I am saying to you Mike Mead is: if you do not have supportive words for someone, move along and go on a channel that is more along your line of thinking. If you do not have the same viewpoint as Carolyn, then by all means move along. You have no right to say that her perception is wrong. However, you do have the right to have a different perception. You either support or get off here. I would never go on your channel and argue with you. So if you are going to argue about this issue, then go on someone's else's channel that you have something in common. Are you trying to argue? Are you trying to hurt people? Are you trying to control? Are you trying to be arrogant? Are you trying to show your ignorance? Are you being supportive???????You will get flack on here if you do not support Carolyn. This is her sight. What I do not have the right to do is criticize, or attack Carolyn on her sight. I am not attacking Carolyn. I am attacking you. That is my experience. I do have the right to support Carolyn, on Carolyn's sight. Do you Sir have a problem with this. Carolyn and I have something in common, because we are women, and we are speaking about the same thing about the HWY of tears. I don't have the right to argue with her. I do have the right to articulate things I believe she is experiencing with support. I do not have the right to articulate to Carolyn that she is wrong for her own perception of life. FACT! That seems to be your right?????What?????? The difference between you and I Mike Mead is that I am supporting Carolyn. That is not what you are doing. You are not supporting Carolyn. Furthermore, you have now included me in your ignorance. I don't know you. I don't follow you. I am not on your sight. I do not care about your sight. I am on Carolyn's sight. I am a woman that is following another woman on youtube. Do I make myself clear sir. It is my hope that you have the capability of understanding this tweet. Furthermore, when you are speaking or writing to a female of any age, please do so with respect. I find your arrogance most disturbing. Carolyn D Hogarth
Nicole Carroll (18 days ago)
Really enjoying your videos . We drove up the Stuart Cassiar highway last year and back through the Alaska highway on the way home. (Vancouver Island ). Until they fix the Alaska highway we are not going through that way again. I did enjoy seeing the animals , buffalo, mountain goats, sheep and wolverine though. Probly up that way again late summer . One thing I would like to go to is Dawson days. You might want to check it out. I hear its a lot of fun . https://dawsoncity.ca/event/discovery-days-festival/
David Irthum (18 days ago)
What an awesome view and the green areas and the white cap mountains so very beautiful.
crystal rivera (18 days ago)
Wow that was a big bear. Was capone impressed? Beautiful video.
Edie Johnson (18 days ago)
Beautiful camp by the lake! I've longed to go to Alaska for 40 years. I've simply got to make it happen! Thank you Carolyn for showing us all the great scenery. You're the best!
Very beautiful lakeside veiw..love it...
Joan V. Bruce (18 days ago)
That bear was looking at you for lunch!!!!
OzarksLady46 (18 days ago)
Have you heard the joke about how fast do you have to be to outrun a bear? Grizzly bears can reportedly reach up to 35 miles an hour. Usain Bolt, at top speed, reaches just over 27 miles per hour. You have an aging non-bear savy dog that can our run you.
Tinlizzy (18 days ago)
🤗🐶💗glad u are being safe. I don't think anyone means to reprimand you, all just want you and sweet Capone safe. But, I also know u have had trouble with negative & judgemental people. Hang in there Carolyn! More lovers here than haters! Don't worry, be happy!🎵🎶🎤 Safe travels and God bless!
Lynda Phillips (18 days ago)
Love this video. Ignore the negative people. It’s a beautiful thing you are doing. Not sure if we will ever get to Alaska, but BC is a definite place I want to revisit. Thanks for the videos.
Kitchguy (18 days ago)
That Glacier and lake are beautiful.
Paul Gladstone (18 days ago)
get a jar of hydrochloric acid and throw it at somthing to protect your self
Paul Gladstone (18 days ago)
Capone needs bear mace and a lesh. It's the woods.. crazy bats in RV'S are driving all over the place. Please do the right thing and get a gun for Capone to wear it could save his life dogs have rights to pal
AnƙḣẲtμɱ (18 days ago)
You go girl :).
brad pope (18 days ago)
Love how capone rides shot gun with his feet on the dash lol
Arisana Tolomei (18 days ago)
I'm loving following your road trip to Alaska. Strange how all the drama is flying around in the reply section. Some people turn off the comments section of their videos to avoid the harassment. I think a lot of people have gotten a little too "familiar" and comfortable with saying whatever they please. I see you setting appropriate boundaries. But ... some people don't get it. Big props to you Carolyn! Not sure I could handle it.
Kimberly K (18 days ago)
Hi Carolyn. Yes you pronounced Kitwanga correctly! Hyder Alaska is so cool.....enjoy your drive!!
Kimberly K (18 days ago)
Carolyn's RV Life I live so close to Alaska but haven't been there yet. My parents went 3 times years ago because they loved it so much! I have to go there too very soon! Have fun and I look forward to the videos!!
Carolyn's RV Life (18 days ago)
hey, I got one right!! LOL Thanks Kimberly! LOVED Hyder. Making that video now.. oh just wait. it was so freaking awesome!
Michelle Meigs (18 days ago)
I just love the way CAPONE rests his sweet little face on the dash. 💖 P.S. I support you and believe you did the right thing (creepy guy).
Debi Argust (18 days ago)
Oooooh! Love your tattoos! Love your videos so much!
Marilyn McLeod (18 days ago)
Love the music you are playing as the video opens.... and as you travel down the road! Very neat and fits what you are doing and where you are going. Haven't watched for awhile but will come back and watch the Alaska journey!
LetGo AndLive (18 days ago)
I bet is was still getting cold at night up there! Thanks for another great video and for all you do for our community..
Janice Peck (18 days ago)
Hi and thanks for a exciting video with the bear. Plus ah glad you aren't walking game trails. The Glacier is shrinking and mountains look so much like the Tetons. Black, but just huge- er! Massive! From a ships deck Iv viewed Alaska mountains. Slowly cruised a glacier that made the mountains looks not as massive. Just got to be on land to experience. Safe journey and adventure will occur LOOK WHERE YOU ARE! I get tickled when your eyes and expression when seeing the bear. The thrill I will not never forget of my first sighting in the wild.Nor cruising looking at VERY BIG FISH,CALLED A WALE. Plus, experiencing how massive ,mighty the waves of such ocean waters. on a ship and tour boat. Tour boat ride at times like a roller coaster. And Salmon oh dear I love to watch videos of them swimming up stream to spawn. As a food I prefer COD! lol
Lizzly Adams (18 days ago)
The Highway of Tears is a Canadian tragedy. Can we say that if that tragedy has caused anyone to think twice and act as a more caring and kind human, no matter what their perspective, and so that it never happens again, then we are all trying for a world where there is no Highway of Tears anymore anywhere? If Carolyn calling attention to the real dangers and fears that women face when traveling alone adds one more voice and insight into the lives-lived-experience, and it makes us talk about it and recognize it - isn't that something good? Understanding each other builds a better world. Always.
Carolyn's RV Life (18 days ago)
Lizzly, that's how I see it! thank you. Carolyn
Dino Hicks (18 days ago)
I believe I saw that bear licking his jaws, looking over a possible menu of human or dog! PHEW! Smart to keep everything inside and rolling through like nothing new! LOL, enjoyed the scenery, safe travels!
Carolyn's RV Life (18 days ago)
Dino,, I know, I saw that too.. as she stared me down. LOL Was an awesome moment! C
Peter Langford (18 days ago)
Pat Cavanaugh (18 days ago)
Maybe BACA should take a ride to the area where so many young girls have disappeared. They are a motorcycle team, not a gang, and their letters stand for Bikers Against Child Abuse. I hope they find a way to help the cause of disappearing children including teens and also women, who are also vulnerable. There are also young boys who have been kidnapped and held hostage and abused, as well as murdered. We need lots of people to get involved and to spread the word. Many sexually abused children have siblings and they don't want to tell because they don't want to make waves when the abuser is a family member. They feel they have no right to cast a cloud over the head of a loved one, for their own sake. It's called self sacrifice. They usually just withdraw into silence or run away to avoid the situation. They need to speak out before it becomes a worse dilemma, but there is not enough concern being shown by those who suspect but are afraid to speak out. Babies are beaten to death by their mother's boyfriend, or little girls molested by them when the drug-addicted boyfriend is left to baby sit while the mother goes to work to put food on the table and pay the rent. Or, at best, the child or children are neglected by the so-called "baby sitter" who is partially brain dead from the crack cocaine and other drugs they keep using. Hasn't anyone noticed? Nobody wants to get involved. What a shame.
Peter Langford (18 days ago)
Glad to see you smile 😊
Carolyn's RV Life (18 days ago)
Peter, thanks. I smile as much as possible! :-)
Eileen Murphy (18 days ago)
You better worry more about having an encounter with Bigfoot out in those forests than bears! Watch for rocks and logs being thrown into your camp.
earthbybike (18 days ago)
Love your hair pulled back in the braid - it was really cute!
Sally Savage (18 days ago)
A week wasted in Seattle? (my town) What didn't you like about it? Just curious. The politics are right up my alley - I'm a proud Seattleite where we stand politically :) What a beautiful spot you found to camp!
Carolyn's RV Life (18 days ago)
Sally - NO. that is not what I meant at all. I loved Seattle! I meant that I'd intended to head for the border the day after capone's vet appt, but I lollygagged.. I was enjoying the area so much that instead of a day, I stayed almost a week.. which just gave me 3 weeks to get through Canada instead of four. I honestly didn't think I'd really need that much time, but then I also fell in love with Canada and kept finding amazing spots to camp at and stay! Seattle is my kind of city.. my people. :-) xx C
James Bonner (18 days ago)
In 2010 I traveled 37 and loved the beautiful drive.
Richard McKenney (18 days ago)
Our dog is off leash most of the time unless we asses the situation. We all know our own dogs behavior, And we all do what is best for the pooch and the enviorment we are in. We love watching Capone explore off lead it is exactly like our dog. If the enviorment allows it let them have some freedom. Enjoy Alaska!!! Next ear is our adventure there and we can’t wait.
susieturk1 (18 days ago)
How in the world have you made it this far in life without all your armchair quarterbacks😝. Seriously keep up the beautiful work. You rock!!
Lori Adams (18 days ago)
susieturk1 lol, right? There’s a video idea, Carolyn! How did you and Capone even function without people on social media telling you what you should or need to be doing!!??!!
Carolyn's RV Life (18 days ago)
Susie, i ask myself that every day! Lucky I guess. LOL thank you for your sense of humor! C
Em And the Gang (18 days ago)
Lovely drive and great camping spot, Carolyn! I'm trying to get caught up on videos. It looks like Capone and you are having a great time. I guess I need to go back and check out the last couple to feel more up to date!
K lee (18 days ago)
I used to care what my hair looked like, now I don't care I just wash and go, I love it!
K lee (18 days ago)
Paul Gladstone I do
Paul Gladstone (18 days ago)
K lee please take care of your self
K lee (18 days ago)
Carolyn's RV Life Yes it is very liberating, and I'll be following that route for the rest of my life, I'm going to Maine in a couple of weeks can't wait.
Carolyn's RV Life (18 days ago)
K- It's liberating, isn't it? I spent too many years worrying about my darn hair. lol
jhankri (18 days ago)
On a lighter note, that was some great footage. Just beautiful. I miss wandering and videos like this take me to places I can't go or return to at this point in my life. One day l'll be on the road again. Been through Canada but never Alaska so watching your trip is a treat. Give Capone a pat for me. Safe and free travels.
Wes Allen (18 days ago)
Sarita G (19 days ago)
😍 the sites!
Alan Peterson (19 days ago)
Is this a recently recorded video of snow on the mountains... or do the mountains look like this year-round in BC and Alaska ?
Valerie Holmes (19 days ago)
Be Happy, Be Free, and Be Kind people. If you don't believe what Carolyn says, if you get incensed over whether or not she wears a seat belt, whether or not she has Capone on a lead, whether or not she picks up dog poo, carries bear spray, eats vegan, hates the President, or 101 other things, then Be Happy, Be Free, Be Kind And Be Somewhere Else. Leave the rest of us to share Carolyn's wonderful travels in peace. Thank You.
Paul Gladstone (18 days ago)
Valerie Holmes you know what? none of this even matters.
Betty Smith (18 days ago)
So well said, Valerie. Thank you for typing that. Exactly how I feel too. For heaven's sake...geez...!
Shirley Anderson (18 days ago)
Ditto Valerie. Thats what I'm thinking.
Hi Carolyn, I have never driven the Cassiar - it looks lovely! Lynne in Yukon
Hardeep Parhar (19 days ago)
You might be in National parks area no cell service in that.
Fancie Nancie Free (19 days ago)
Carolyn, I know you are already in Alaska, which is good, but please do not stop or stay anywhere that does not have internet or cell phone service. Unsavory people know where these places are and could take advantage. Please only stop in spots that have a connection in case of emergency, especially on your return trip to the states through Canada.
R McNasty (19 days ago)
That BEAR stuck his tung out, & licked his lips. What was he thinking ?? Your looking good today. I love how Capone looks out the window. Great views. BUGS BUGS BUGS and it gets worse the further north u go. Your RV Seems to get poor gas mileage, Pick up a spray can of, Mass Air Flow Sensor ,cleaner. Replace Air Filter & clean sensor. ( see you tube videos on doing this. Also a Cabin Air Flow Filter under dash. Check tire pressure often. That bumpy road can break loose a LP Gas line. Use a LP Gas detector. Add 1/2 bottle Windex to Washer fluid. CLEAN rubber wipers & Windshield with a paper towel with rubbing alcohol. From time to time. Inside also. Drive Safe. Lov Rick
Shelley Nunn (19 days ago)
I have seen some of the negative posts toward you here and elsewhere. Its awful. Always remember you know the truth and thats what really counts not what anyone else thinks of you. Miserable beings like other miserable beings then happy. Wish i could give you a big hug. Been loving the beautiful videos
John Hutchins (19 days ago)
Oh Carolyn! Over the past year you have challenged my thinking. The post with the missing women really hit me. I used to think, “Well, out of sight, out of mind “ and how wrong I have been.That is the worst thinks I could have done. I realize now that we need to keep these women in the front of our minds at all times. It’s is unthinkable what could have happened to these women and we should never give up hope or stop looking for them. This is the 3rd time you have gotten me to rethink my ideas over the past year that I have been following you. I think my ideas have changed for the better because of you. Thanks.
Pam Willems (19 days ago)
Loved seeing the Bear, Looks Beautiful there.
shawn carter (19 days ago)
If you are ever in north east Texas I will buy you dinner. I enjoy watching your channel.
HandCrafter Maggie (19 days ago)
The scenery is so beautiful! I hope I can get my place sold this year so I can go traveling! I so want to explore all these places you have traveled and shared with us! Safe Travels! Hugs to Capone, I hope my fur babies will meet him, maybe at an RTR or other gathering.
Felicia Cherry (19 days ago)
beautiful scenery.
Karamia (19 days ago)
Thanks for another great video! I really enjoy watching your journey! Be safe and enjoy.
It seems a shame that some people are not getting on with their own perception instead of correcting others. I see Carolyn as having the right to her own perception, her own feelings, her own story. I wonder if someone does not like how her story should they be watching a different channel. Where you there? And if you were, why were you trying to scare a female I would ask? I do not believe that what Carolyn wrote was fraudulent, but how she really felt. She was open, honest, and very upfront. You know what I wonder....."Why would you even bother trying to correct, control, or watch her video, as it seems to really, really bother you. Maybe you need to push on, and go on forward into your own existence, and quit trying to correct what she is saying, doing, or being. That is up to Carolyn not you. The "I" in you is causing a problem. We are all supportive. Maybe you need to check what you are saying and doing. Something is wrong here in the Danny Taylor statement who seems to be looking for attention? Is something wrong Danny Taylor? I want to say to Carolyn: My husband and I love your videos, your honesty, your viewpoint and we in particular know how difficult female life is these days. So thank you for your sharing. We appreciate you. We love your videos and we wish you the best for today. CDH &CDH
Mike Mead (18 days ago)
Carolyn & Colin Hogarth, welllllll.......isn’t what you are saying also an attempt to change others’ actions and words, but from the other point of view? Why is yours more right?
Elaine Broskie (19 days ago)
Beautiful film about a beautiful area. As for the comment above, it makes no sense. The trolls are creepy stalking and predatory. Keep up your amazing work.
Pat Cavanaugh (19 days ago)
I wonder why there aren't more RVers there..it is just so beautiful and majestic. Lucky you.
Pat Cavanaugh (19 days ago)
Carolyn, what happened with the leak in your RV? Did you get it sorted out and was there any black mold?
Pat Cavanaugh (19 days ago)
I have heard from a video about bears, that if you wave your arms above your head and yell loudly, a bear will back away and stop following you. I have no idea if that is true, but it was stated that bears will chase you if you don't look them in the eye and challenge them with your body language and loudness. They can run very, very fast, so trying to outrun them won't work, but if you show them you aren't afraid, they will choose the easy way out. I hope it's true, for the sake of all who love the great outdoors. My theory is that bears are like dogs...if they sense that you love them, they won't feel threatened and also won't want to hurt you. Touchy subject...
Rodeo Frog (19 days ago)
Hey Carolyn... Stopping in to just say hello. My name is Brian and I am a Canadian 9th generation. My family moved here from the United States during the 1776 Revolution as United Empire Loyalist family. just a short intro to you from me. I picked up your Video's on Friday June 29 2018. I have watched a few of your vids over the weekend from your boarder crossing into Canada until you made it safe and sound into Alaska and I can honestly say you are a hoot. I luv your spirit of adventure your simplicity and desire to share everything with us out here in cyber space. I am proud that you handled the situation with the Creep the way you did. Have you considered adding camera's to the outside of your camper above your doors? Also good for you to bring up the subject on the Highway of Tears. Our Canadian Indigenous community have been trying to bring attention to that situation for years to no avail. Bless you for that public service message. It was needed and will always be needed. Anyway I wish you a super safe adventure and do be safe. Oh by the way carry that Bear spray at a very convenient location on a belt or shoulder strap. Bears do move very quickly and can get you unexpectedly so be safe with Mother Nature because no one can fool Mother Nature and her friends.. I did that trip back in 1977 on my thumb with a back pack, only I took the other Highway up from Fort St. John to Whitehorse and was picked up by a great young American fellow who was on his way to Hope to go Gold panning.. Now I am almost at retirement age I was considering doing it again only in a motor home this time.. So thanks for the inspiration to get back out there and on the road again.. Big Hugs and always follow your instincts.....
Lori Adams (19 days ago)
The scenery around that lake is just breathtaking!! Cute shorts you are wearing too! They are what I prefer, because I am too old for those short shorts (not the right body type anymore!) Glad Capone is getting to enjoy some new places to explore too. He is such a good dog💕💕. Stay safe, and thank you for taking us along to Alaska. ❤️❤️
Janet Green (19 days ago)
Totally a beautiful country! I love all your videos and so educational. I never worry about Capone because, you're a good mother I have two little guys too. We know what to do and what not to do you have great insight. See you down the road.
Raven (19 days ago)
yes couch potatos stop suggesting you’ re ideas on the dog , you aint there , you know nothing about the situation .. stop looking for things to whine about
Raven (19 days ago)
that linedick is so jealous of your channel ... awesome videos you are making ...

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