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15 STRATEGY Games Like Age Of Empires

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Enjoy strategy games? You'll love these games like age of the empires, trust me these are some of the best RTS games around. Get all your games up to 70% Off using this guide: https://gift.101nootropics.com/cheap-game-guide/ My Gaming Blog: https://gamesalike.com/ Facebook: https://goo.gl/aLZ7rn My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oli_clarkee/?hl=en Age of Empires is a classic game that we all know and love. Infused with fantasy, RPG, base building, strategy, battle and more. It's a game like no other and finding games that are similar has been a difficult task. All of the strategy games mentioned were top picks from gamers around the world. Articles You Need To Check Out: The Best Open World Games: https://gamesalike.com/best-open-world-games/ If you have any games that you feel are worthy enough to be mentioned on a strategy list like this one, let me know in the comments below. Check These Awesome Videos Out: Top 16 Strategy Games You Need To Play: https://youtu.be/rdQxwEkok7I I hope you liked the video and that it helped you out if you are looking for something to fill the age of empires void. Have a great day, Oli.
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Text Comments (88)
Amal Kalutotage (6 days ago)
where is the Grand Ages: Rome?
Amal Kalutotage (6 days ago)
You are welcome :D
GamesAlike (6 days ago)
Thanks for the suggestion! :)
Rodrigo Arce (9 days ago)
hola estoy buscando un juego AYUDAAAAA de estrategia sera de 10 años atras o mas similar a age of empires hasta la portada se parece pero solo se podia usar a egipcios romanos y chinos hasta el nombre es similar solo tiene 3 civilizaciones jugables las unidades son simpaticas las torres amplian el campo de vision y terririo si pierdes una torre pierdes territorio y pierdes vision del campo.... ALGUIEN ME AYUDA PORFAVOR
I need help finding a strategy game. It's old (from the 2000s) and it's only about modern combat. The main feature that I liked about that game was that as your units killed more enemies they'd become more powerful. I remember one of the sides you could choose from was the US but that's it. Any help would be more than welcome.
Demoman (1 month ago)
Trust me ,Age of Mythology is better than Fortnite.
Demoman (1 month ago)
Aw thx.
No Public Name (2 months ago)
This is a list of RTS and half RTS. But a lot of this games are not like age of emipre. For example I have played a lot of Age of Empires 2 in my life. And of this games I totally dislike Shogun 2. It is nothing like Age of Empires. I like Rome (not Rome 2). But more as a turn based strategy game, then for doing RTS battles with someone else. Had played Spellforge 2 for a while. Just a mediocre game. Starcraft 2 is a great RTS. But is not like Age of Empires. A great RTS is Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance. Much better then Supreme Commander 2. And much better then most RTS. Also Sins of a solar empire is a good RTS.
Amir Aziz (2 months ago)
I have played most of them.
Fable Eleccsion (2 months ago)
what is that command and conquer footage from?
Gref ranger (3 months ago)
3:35 what C&C game is that?!
theCgirl 23 (3 months ago)
well stronghold HD and banished looks great too....but i play spell force
theCgirl 23 (3 months ago)
I only like spell force...
Brookhaven Alt (4 months ago)
0 A.D
sheiruto (4 months ago)
When we will age of empires 4 comeout
puteraslayer (5 months ago)
For me Supreme Commander, Forge Alliance, C&C General, Age Of Empire 1/2/3 and Homeworld 2 is and awesome game. And not a lot of Company make it anymore.
番茄视频 (5 months ago)
its is gameplay?
FidoFerrari (6 months ago)
Hey! What music did You use from Supreme Commander onwards?
Kobus du Toit (6 months ago)
Cool vid but only 13 on this list unless I missed something... Never found another RTS like C&C unfortunately... Think Tiberium Sun... Still looking... :-)
GamesAlike (6 months ago)
I know, it was just an editing mistake. Thanks for the comment! :)
Pralhad Raorane (6 months ago)
I love Warcraft 3 and c&c red alert 3 where you have to build base base,train army and destroy everything who stands in your way!! Nowadays like these are hard to get !!
Mike Taylor (6 months ago)
What about civ V that game is good.
GamesAlike (6 months ago)
Great suggestion man :)
Kuoen Choo (6 months ago)
total war !!!
Kuoen Choo (6 months ago)
Shogun yayaya total war !!!
moh batata (6 months ago)
hi you you are wrong starcraft 2 is the best
akibara rei (6 months ago)
starcraft is the best
Malvictis (6 months ago)
If Banished is on this list, then Life is Feudal: Forest Village needs to be mentioned, too. The world is harsher and the city building has much more depth. The only thing it lacks is a need for all the amazing fortifications you can build. It's a little buggy, but brilliant. Also, They Are Billions is another one that forces you to create a colony and survive in an incredibly harsh environment. You gain not one inch of ground that you don't have to fight for. One mistake is punished severely; sometimes catastrophically. It definitely deserves a mention. I've spent well over 200 hours in it and keep going back for more punishment.
GamesAlike (6 months ago)
wow thanks for mentioning, sounds like a great game :)
Sono Kris (7 months ago)
I need a remaster of CONFLICT ZONEE!!! T.T
Sono Kris (7 months ago)
(or something very similar)
AR CRAFT (7 months ago)
so good, but you guys should try mobile strategy game AR CRAFT too. that's real good . please enjoy it.
kevings1 (7 months ago)
we need a remaster of Dune 2™
I looking for game that i had played in 2008 and i forgot the name its RTS ...
Lorand (8 months ago)
I'm so glad you included Stronghold and Cossacks, they're my childhood games.
松元アイラ (7 months ago)
Age of Empires 2 was my childhood.
GamesAlike (8 months ago)
Ah, such good games!
Darknes Devil (9 months ago)
Thanks for the recommendation, you won a subscriber.
Sandeep Nath (8 months ago)
GamesAlike what is the music played at the background during rise of nation trailer
GamesAlike (8 months ago)
Thank you for subscribing :')
Mustafa Söyler (9 months ago)
Rise of nations is best one in all
Wiktor madsen (9 months ago)
most games you mention here i have played or am playing like crazy
SERVIS TV (9 months ago)
I love games about strategy! I myself play and tell
Mohni Dhillon (9 months ago)
Fan of stronghold 2 and total war series :)
Ckryse S (9 months ago)
If i talk about the strictest and hardest strategy game, that will be homeworld:deserts of kharak... man in that game, you wont get time or a breath to think about next move.. game is relentless in continuity, you have to monitor atleast 5 things altogether otherwise your entire fleet will be lost... well that game is must play game, it sharpened my strategy stuff in mind..
Jon Llakaj (9 months ago)
can someone help me :( I'm looking for a real-time strategy game that spans all history looks like AOE but with modern times just like rise of nations and no it's not empire earth... I can't remember the name it was my fav game when i was a child :( i remember that it had bunkers where u could put pyros or soldiers and samurais who had some special movement which killed the enemy in 1 hit....... :(((((( please someone help if he/she knows the name!!!
Jon Llakaj (9 months ago)
NVM I FOUND IT!!!!!!! IT IS EMPIRES : DAWN OF THE MODERN WORLD! Dudeee u gotta put that on your list like come on :(
Saurabh A. Srivastava (10 months ago)
I can say good list this is!
Sjekje1 (10 months ago)
I think you would Love Knights and Merchants sad to see it's not on the list. Maybe to old for you i guesse. otherwise goodlist though
The Chameleon (10 months ago)
Wasn't looking at the screen when "Cossack" was being talked about and I could have sworn the dude said "Curry Sack" Hahaha cracked me up.
Ray Lucyan (10 months ago)
you got a like for the bye , its hilarious
GamesAlike (10 months ago)
lol thanks ;)
Mattias Wiklund (10 months ago)
Supreme commander has a successor called FAF - Forged alliance forever, its basicly the same game but they update the game regularly and have ranked matches, alot of mods etc.
DeNamETae (10 months ago)
Mate, you played Command and Conquer Generals 2 clips for RA3 xD
GamesAlike (10 months ago)
haha I know! I didn't mean to it was just an error when editing the video 😅
Alex Wanatowicz (10 months ago)
I personally love Rome total war I've got over 125 hours on it
GamesAlike (10 months ago)
omg that's crazy! :D
siva roswald (10 months ago)
lol . clash of clans is father of all strategy games. it's no 1 strategy game in the world . not age of empires
Zoltán Gelencsér (11 months ago)
@GamesAlike Ty for bringing up some of my childhood memory :)
GamesAlike (11 months ago)
I'm glad that happened, it's a nice feeling :')
MinecraftGamerer Miner (11 months ago)
Hey GamesAlike What Command And Conquer Series Was That? Or It's Just Called Command And Conquer? I Want To Play That Game Just Dont Say It's Tiberium Wars
Adam Noble (10 months ago)
Cant seem to see the replies to this, but it looked like the early release footage for Generals 2. I might be wrong.
gilneral (10 months ago)
That footage was from Command and Conquer Generals 2. Unfortunately, it was canceled.
Jarno Dijkstra (10 months ago)
He says the title of that game in the video you just have to listen closely. He says Command & Conquer, Red Alert 3 to be more precise. So it must be Red Alert 3 :)
j marine (11 months ago)
interesting list but I would recommend you switch total war Rome with total war Warhammer. Rome was a bug festival while Warhammer add a new flavor to the series.
GamesAlike (11 months ago)
Thanks for pointing that out :)
Dazzle Cat (11 months ago)
the best strategy for me is out of this list and its : Command & conquer 4 - Tiberian Twelight
Khanh Nguyễn (11 months ago)
man you forget world in conflict, it is also a bad ass strategy game as well
Cédric Yvon (1 year ago)
Total annihilation is still one of my favorite
Cave-man (1 year ago)
age of empires 4 is announced thank god waited for this like my entire life
GamesAlike (1 year ago)
haha you're not alone!! :D
DatGoodBoye (1 year ago)
Yep good youtuber he put supreme commander and banished
Sangsball (1 year ago)
what game should i play because i wanna play Cossacks 3 but CoH is cheaper but CoH can't play multiplayer
J Rumer. (11 months ago)
There is a multiplayer for CoH if you buy the game on Steam
A. Soldier (11 months ago)
SangtankerVN Wut, CoH has more players than Dawn of War 3 lmao.
Rok Kocar (1 year ago)
Tropico, Anno and Settlers could be surely added to this list, no matter game style is a bit different. I'm a huge fan of AOE and surely those 3 would be my favorite picks.
GamesAlike (1 year ago)
Good suggestions, thanks! :)
So Sharp (1 year ago)
i used to like battle for middle earth games like C&C but with trolls and orcs :D
Shredisodes (1 year ago)
crazy some of the games look almost identical to aoe. would be good to discover more games like aoe on consoles
Damokles (1 year ago)
I think COH and Total War games are far different from AOE's classic approach,i mean those series have more depth in terms of battles and real time tactics and don't focus so much on the economy at real-time surface.Not to mention that Total War games are partially RTS not entirely.
Moazzam Shahzad (1 year ago)
Is age of empires a pc game? Can't it be played on android? Thank you.
Samuel J. Rivard (1 year ago)
there is also 0 A.D. which is free... its in devlopement but its very good too!
GamesAlike (1 year ago)
Thanks for mentioning it! :D
yassine werda (1 year ago)
u got potential mate
Ajinkya Talekar (1 year ago)
nice vid mate! tip: make the intro shorter n I played banished and it's awesome!! thx
GamesAlike (1 year ago)
Glad you liked Banished! 😬
Sarvesh Mehta (1 year ago)
Nice work bro.... carry on
GamesAlike (1 year ago)
Thank you!!

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