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Return public execution to U.S.

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When people are sentenced to death they should not sit on death row for years. They should be executed timely and make it public.
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Cyousif912 (3 years ago)
Probably the smartest videos I have ever seen everyone wonders why crime is so high in America cause no one is scared of jail warm cloth,bed,food. Look at other countries the second u r proven guilty u r killed in public to set an example that is why countries like Saudi Arabia have such a low crime rate cause when proven guilty u r tooken on the street and killed in front of everyone.. I strongly agree with u in this video
akichita49 (6 years ago)
Thanks for bein a friend of my youtube.
User100606 (6 years ago)
Beautifully put together. Thank you sir, for taking the time to make this video and post it on youtube. We need to get serious, after the shooting in Colorado, and many other serial killings across America, we need to get serious by starting a massive petition drive to reinstate public executions, as was the law of the land, when our great constitution was written by our countries founding fathers. In their great wisdom they made the immediate public hanging of a convicted murderers the standard
akichita49 (6 years ago)
So are you saying if your son or someone in your family commited a crime needing the death penalty. Then your all for your family being put up for show to everyone. And if u do then much props. To you sir for sticking to your idea.
njstevescout28 (6 years ago)
Well sir I am an advocate for an eye for an eye and all but to be honest with you public execution is not the way to enforce the law. Do you really want children to see that?? Because of you look at most crimes committed today they are by teenagers.. that's an awful lot of dead kids just to uphold man made laws.
jxsilicon9 (7 years ago)
@Clausfarre Is that a sentence for each person you kill?Or can you just go on killing sprees and only get 12-16 years?
jxsilicon9 (7 years ago)
There are public executions in shithole countries. Doesn't help anything. So US should go even farther backward with draconian public executions. Maybe bring back chopping off heads and tar and feathering.

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