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Trade War Is Coming! Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse 2018 Stock Market CRASH!

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A trade war today would be much more damaging for the U.S. than the trade war of the 1930s, as exports today account for a greater proportion of U.S. gross domestic product than they did on the eve of Smoot-Hawley. At the global trading level history teaches us another thing: The more countries trade with each other, the less likely they are to end up at war, economic collapse and major stock market crash . So assuming global trade war breaks out, what is the worst case scenario? FAIR USE NOTICE: This video contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law https://copyright.gov/ Music: CO.AG Music https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcavSftXHgxLBWwLDm_bNvA DEFINITION of Economic Collapse : A complete breakdown of a national, regional or territorial economy. An economic collapse is essentially a severe version of an economic depression, where an economy is in complete distress for months, years or possibly even decades. A total economic collapse is characterized by economic depression, civil unrest and highly increased poverty levels. Hyperinflation, stagflation and financial-market crashes can all be causes. Government intervention is usually necessary to bring an economy back from collapse, but can often be slow to remedy the problem. The Great Depression in the United States is a prime example of an economic collapse. The 1929 stock market crash brought on a collapse that lasted for many years and saw high levels of poverty. Well-known economist John Maynard Keynes claimed this was from the total lack of government involvement in the economy or the financial markets.
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Text Comments (154)
Dr. Paul (5 days ago)
It's all completely political. Any way Asis just ships it to Canada insteat of us. Then it's just shipped over the cash boarder and us. Check mate
Let's hope the 4-8X overpriced (small caps most overpriced with a PE greater than 100 for the Russell 2000), even bigger, fatter, uglier, stock market bubble fall to fair value for this masked economic depression. Trump sold out to the Zionists in aligning with the fed and cost many half their wealth. Going long this manipulated up, overpriced market is not investing. Those whom are investing are the rightful short sellers as they are far on the correct side of fair value. The bubble asset makers are ignorant of valuations and of the actual economic conditions and moreover hate humanity and want the economy to worsen by their actions. We do not get market crashes without markets made to be bubbles. The bubble makers are terrible people.
We'd be doing a lot better if the CEOs would cut their salaries by 99% and the rest of the wealthy unload their rental properties to bring down the cost of living. The dupes don't think things through well enough. Once they hear a talking head state a narrative, they wrap themselves around it and can't let go.
Rixter (3 months ago)
They copy everything without take copywriter permissions.... so tarifs to all that products globally! Not only between USA and China.
quancheng zhou (3 months ago)
It’s a good thing. Now we can invest gold. I don’t know what you guys worry about. So many way to make money. -from China.
Theo Schutz (3 months ago)
Total nonsense man.... Moron
The Rat king (3 months ago)
did you notice all the wall street brokers are white the scum of the earth
The Rat king (3 months ago)
Most Hated Know It All (3 months ago)
what is with this gloom and doom shit....I lived in china and I did not see one Harley Davidson in the city of Beijing, I did not see OJ in locals shopping cart, the drink of choice for the wealthy Chinese is baijiu. I did see BMW, Mercedes, and all those companies have factories in china already. the companies that went overseas and shit their goods back for cheap well they will be affected. the german steel company that threatened war if American's open up a steel mill factory would be affected. all those beloved Nazi and kkk participants look up to Germany but that is the same country denying them work in their own country. America has lost a lot already we either put our dukes up or we keep getting s@#$% on. it's now or ever.
Joe Pierre (3 months ago)
Yes you heard me right Russia and China are not the enemy Japan Mexico Canada Belgium France Germany these are my enemies know your enemy well and let's get together and Destroy them what are even Neville Chamberlain and bury our heads in the sand and ignore what's going on around us are we at now cannot use nuclear weapons we can only use bullets and bombs but all of her enemies should be destroyed we are the superior and we must show the rest of the world that has done what they could to destroy us how much might we still have Remember by only American try and buy Union made to support economic stability and the Social Security System it depends so much on Union good paying jobs and if you want Social Security one day then you must heed my warning stop buying especially Japan we would not be in this fix on all prices if we had only been better to Russia and Vladimir Putin what we've done to make him into an enemy and Russia was very stupid and Hillary Clinton's the blame for this
Joe Pierre (3 months ago)
A trade will be a great thing for the American economy as we've been abused raped and neglected by our own Industries who are being paid off by Foreign corporations look at Sony owning all of TV music movies Hollywood Studios too many factories production they own it all now it's all production please please do not buy use or do anything that comes from a country or a Zone from a foreign country other than America the only chance we have to save our way of life our Christianity and our economics is to go to economic war with everyone Canada and Japan must be the first to be destroyed but we must continue on everything foreign must be destroyed America must rule along with our partners Russia and China
yilong liu (3 months ago)
haha let the game begin. looking forward. Make america great again! hahahahahha
yilong liu (3 months ago)
lets dump the US bond.
Matt Nelson (3 months ago)
People we have lost the trade war and our security. With a $800 billion annual trade deficit, we lost. Had this been addressed 40 years ago, we would still be a strong manufacturing economy, but our leaders sold out.
alex reutov (3 months ago)
IT'S TIME FOR ...***MADE IN INDIA***...!!!888!!!
Richard Teh (3 months ago)
China must be regreting for opening up to the United snake economy they should close their door again for another 30 year living peacefully with their own market and let the United snake democrazy control themselves
dnsmithnc (4 months ago)
Oh, by the way, check out Wal-Mart and see where most of their non-food items are made. Yep, China. I was looking the other day and saw the American made Lodge Cookware Cast Iron pot being sold for $35.00. The same size China made cast iron pot was $18.00. If you are a consumer and you look, you will see that the Lodge is much better quality cast iron. I has a finer grain and is and much better finished. I wonder if the normal customer will notice or care?
dnsmithnc (4 months ago)
Whatever we need to do, we need to bring back basic heavy industry back to the U.S. This just makes sense from a security standpoint. Steel manufacturing is one of the most important. Keep in mind too, that China and other countries massively subsidize their industries until they eliminate foreign competition. Such business practices within this country would violate anti trust laws and is an indirect tariff on U.S. goods.
IVYtony smth (4 months ago)
Way to go!
H Yang (4 months ago)
"we are the stupid people" u jus called yourself stupid?
Basit Amjad (4 months ago)
I feel for american people. I wonder what they would do without chinese stuff in target.lol
Stephen Shearer (4 months ago)
funny thing most of our big companies are owned by Americans. certainly the major forest players are also USA owned
rayt (4 months ago)
what are we going to do without chinese goods that break in a week or are made with inferior materials.
Sam F (4 months ago)
Reality is the US is taking advantage of these countries because of their cheap labour and lack of employee rights. Ask Ivanka? If the USA choose this path of economic war NOW because it is no longer a competitive nation after having moved most of its major manufacturing overseas. The end result is obvious as the US only stands to lose because of the way it has chosen to do business for many decades. You have chosen profit not sustainablity for the benifit of companies and it’s shareholders and never considered the workers or the nation until Trump was told to say this by one of his many advisors. My guess would be Bannon as this was part of what he seemed to promote. I can’t believe that not all Americans have awoken to the deception of Trumpism.
Nadine C LeGrand (4 months ago)
How did the USA get to be a total sell out! We needed a boss like President Trump. We don't charge for selling. WTF..
Dale Mark (4 months ago)
All of u people have way too much to say. Sometimes it's best to put up and shut up for the greater good and let those who know what they are doing it because that's what they were hired for.
neverlostforwords (4 months ago)
Dale: Practise what you preach.
JD SHAMAN (4 months ago)
Easter on April fools day this year. The March market collapse will lead to a sharp reduction in the price of Easter eggs. Be prepared for this window of opportunity.
hbk711x (4 months ago)
Jen Goods (4 months ago)
So many companies in Australia are gone since the taffiffs began, my industry is totally gone, it’s now in China 😡😡😡😡😡
Big Foot Bill Unknown (4 months ago)
I'll be damned another Slime Limey, trying to tell the US, what we are doing is wrong with our economy. You ought to be looking in your own backyard, and do something about those Molechian's taking over your country.
Chrisjjric kallusch (4 months ago)
Less a Country Produce,More it Will Be Impoverished!Global Common sence Law!Africa,India middle east must have only 1 child per family!Only more if families can Prove to gov they are rich!To Prevent Ovrr population and Billions of Starving World wide!eg;like China did 45 years Ago!Result;Cumulative parents Wealth Transferred to 1Child+Heavy Productivity+No Labour Unions+Innovative deals eg in africa:we buildt you a stadium/road/whatever!- And you give us a Mine!+Law /Order+Currupt Officials Send to Jail!=Master Plan!West +All countries Must do Same Immediately To Prevent Bancrupt Governments Worldwide!Asian Tigers Only Big winners Next 50 Years!Produce Low Cost Electrical Cars!+Solar /Wind Towers+Prepping!off grid!Start business!Love all,Hate evil!Study Holy Bible/Tor-h.Practice it!Unite usa+russia+china Now!Prevent World War!Wisdom,love,harmony -Shalom!Fight evil !Sjalom!Prey Hard for Your Country-Obama Bancrupted ot Already!Now Prey for Pres Trump to save what Can be saved!Become Humble!Shalom
Justyn Mychael (4 months ago)
When did the last one end?
Russell Coleman (4 months ago)
We have been in a trade war for 30 years and losing!!! Our elected officials took foreign cash and sold us out!! Tariffs are way overdue
ercan kilic (4 months ago)
America can`t win a trade war you are all doomed fuck the FED , dow jones and your fake rating agencies , ENOUGH IS ENOUGH .
Nate Jay (4 months ago)
Ya know I agree with Trump, let the games begin!
redfox435cat (4 months ago)
the market will correct, little of it has to do with anything you're talking about, 80% of your points were derived from unverifiable internet blogs who have no correlation to anything. The market is going to correct, that's because the Shiller PE ratio is approaching 35 when for most of history has hovered around 16-25, could go a little higher, the dot comes bust the Shiller ratio was at 43. Everything is bought up too fast and is going to correct to true value.
Jim Campbell (4 months ago)
What do we have to lose; if we don't produce anything because of the previous administrations that sold us out to foreigners, USA will die a worse death. The interest of globalism is for the interest of globalist, not America.
Jim Campbell (4 months ago)
The man narrating this video is clearly English. As if England doesn't have enough problems w globalization. They're trying to get out of the EU desperately. The so called refugees are raping their woman and children. So this idiot narrating this video can't be for globalization. Nationalism is going to be any country's hope to prevent the new world order from genociding any nation. They are using the liberal left to push their agenda.
roy miller (4 months ago)
with tariff: we can have something called " the middle class" without tariff : china and india has a "middle class" only mentally blind can't see , "the chinese middle class tourists everywhere today" and chinese military threat now, a country which was once full of poor hungry peasants. well done TRUMP... sack the entire congress
Clay Mccormick (4 months ago)
china has been in a trade war with the usa for thirty years and has been winning for thirty years and it has cost them almost nothing for thirty years and will continue to benefit them until we put our foot down.
Libertarian Renaissance (4 months ago)
Still better than globalism.
Sam C (4 months ago)
Trump is a shit business man my be rich but stupid...
Angela (4 months ago)
A certain sector is salivating to have a massive economic collapse, the next level of socio-political re-organization can then begin in earnest. Great video!
Milton Simpson (4 months ago)
I guess that tax deal plan was good that benefits the rich and corporations but the working class got crumbs.
Anand Kumar Pandit (4 months ago)
My first objective is mainly to block china, rest others doesn't matter except some un friendlly countries towards this great nation who relied early on the technological aspect and now acting threat to its own very existence.
ice9 (4 months ago)
Go TRUMP! Creating a level playing field is not a WAR!
Ginger Nutz (4 months ago)
Trump 2020.
Ginger Nutz (4 months ago)
Currency War Trade War World War......... Gerald Celente.
Drew Nava (4 months ago)
Assumtion is FUBAR this information resemblance to Rothschild's plans from WW1 . The Banksters agenda is on going and gross . The global concern should be to fix fukishami radiation will destroy everything
The Misfit (4 months ago)
Fuck them all to death
Pepper Jay (4 months ago)
Ok...so after listening to this podcast what should the US do? A trade war is inevitable if the US wants to get on an equal playing field; however, this podcast makes it appear that this is a bad thing.
KQX571 (4 months ago)
Good, the world needs the US, we don't need them.
Grgori Peck (4 months ago)
To all you people who believe in just what they see.... There s more in the World than trading and money.
KQX571 (4 months ago)
redfox435cat Judging from your post, I forgot more than you'll ever know.
redfox435cat (4 months ago)
you obviously have no clue about anything.
KQX571 (4 months ago)
John Cullen And you sound gay, and I'm not interested. Try a liberal channel, that's where most of you all hang out.
KQX571 (4 months ago)
ercan kilic No it isn't, and I am not your daddy, although it could be almost anyone, you obviously think your daddy is black. Try one of the tricks outside lining up to see your mama.
dlucas90 (4 months ago)
America can take care of its own if the rest of the world just wants to ripp us off
neverlostforwords (4 months ago)
Hi dlucas, I believe this is part of America's defence plan as well as Australia's with related costs shared. See: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-01-24/us-military-aircraft-marines-darwin-stars-and-stripes-australia/8206768
dlucas90 (4 months ago)
G’day mate. I don’t have a problem with you Aussies but I don’t see how Americans paying to protect your country is doing Americans a favor. Can’t you pay for your own bases in your own country ?
neverlostforwords (4 months ago)
America has bases in my country (Australia) for a good reason. America does need other countries to look after its own people (and not just Australia).
dro sky (4 months ago)
I remember when Mr. Garrison was playing trump , slogan were going to fuck everyone
LadyDanielle Zana (4 months ago)
War is pointless , stupid and tiring be trade or actual war... In the end people suffer on both sides. I do not see it as winning, but a step closer to the worst of the worse.
Daniel Pete (4 months ago)
Trump just hitting the Deep State in their pockets. Drain the swamp , it is happening as we speak.
Xiao Liu (3 months ago)
Daniel Pete He just gave deep state and his donation friends much tax cut
John doe (4 months ago)
Glad to get this voice back! Been awhile haha
armnd ccbs (4 months ago)
TRUMP 2020
This report *IS PURE DEMON👺'c🐀RATic BULL SH💩T!* Trump knows what he is doing and this Soy Boy Blote has it all Wrong! Sources: The leading Economists ; Peter Schiff, Harry Dent, Gerald Celente.
Raul Orozco (4 months ago)
Trump educated at Jesuit-Fordham n works for Billionaires, n Trillionaires-Banking-Nobility. America is replaced by China backed by banks...
John van ruth (4 months ago)
Popularism the new word to describe anyone who is not a communist
Jim Eckland (4 months ago)
Rebates of Value Added Taxes!! How many people know about this??
Chuck Whitson (4 months ago)
if you ain't got Jesus look into that, only hope you got
Chuck Whitson (4 months ago)
at least he's trying, prob too little too late, we going to need alot of metal for the war that is starting any minute
cupslinga (4 months ago)
😆, unless you harbour significant U.S military installations https://thewest.com.au/politics/world-politics/australian-steel-gets-us-tariff-exemption-ng-b88770548z
David Smith (4 months ago)
We are trade raped... I watched our jobs disappear as imports increased from childhood on .... A trade war may be hard at first but would be good in the long term.... unless the globalist run FED does whatever it can to destroy what Trump is trying to do...
al roberts (4 months ago)
I would love to see a punch of Jews infront of my door asking me for food when times gets really gets bad.
al roberts (4 months ago)
I have plenty of provisions left over from y2k. This will kill me first then Nibiru.
Dan Miller (4 months ago)
I doubt there will be a trade war. Trump is a knee jerk kinda guy, but I think he is smarter than people think. Time will tell.
Gta 500 (17 days ago)
Dan Miller well you where wrong
David Turner (4 months ago)
Doesn't make any difference about the tariff increase, there is going to be a huge stock market crash and perhaps a collapse if the dollar after that.
Delon Thomas (4 months ago)
The world is scary $$
john folger (4 months ago)
china is already useing trade against us ,we should fight back.this video must of been made by the clintons
Gta 500 (17 days ago)
john folger we'll get ready to pay more for stuff in the future
Funny how foreign nations blame Trump. A vast amount of Americans are ready for this. I wish he'd bring back our troops secure all borders and let the rest of the world solve their own issues. We are a self sustainable nation. It's time we acted like it.
Adedoyin Emmanuel (4 months ago)
A self sustainable nation can not lose in a trade war.
John Hardin (4 months ago)
Trade war my ass. They have been making war on us for decades. Nations are built of blood and iron. Bismarck. AND VICE VERSA. When the USA began, the British dumped their products on our market at less than the cost of production to keep us from getting on our feet. I don't suppose our subverted public school system lets that get out. Today the approach is more veiled but the effect is the same. It is against our law to trade with slave states. Our free people cannot compete with an economy built on slavery. We are trying to make a decent living here.
Bob The Plumber (4 months ago)
Why buy Chinese made underwear that barley last a month, in some cases one week. When you can buy made in the USA BIGGIES underwear that are made to last for years. I'm wearing a pair of original BIGGIES underwear prototypes right now that are 5 years old, no holes, no rips, no tears. Yes BIGGIES cost more than Chinese made underwear. But you save more in the long run and you support your own and help create jobs for U.S. citizens! BIGGIES Underwear Made In The USA => https://www.amazon.com/Clothing-Shoes-Jewelry-Biggies-Boxers-underwear/s?ie=UTF8&field-brandtextbin=Biggies%20Boxers%20underwear&page=1&rh=n%3A7141123011
Wharf Rat (4 months ago)
Yes people get a thrill out of spending money. It's like a fix and a distraction. Will it change? Yes. When society collapses it will.
neverlostforwords (4 months ago)
People would rather buy five new shirts than have one shirt that lasts for five years. That's a problem. People get a rush out of buying. People are not allowed to brag about quality any more as it's not politically correct to claim that one product is better quality than another. When I used to visit the US regularly around ten years ago, people were bragging about how cheap a product was, not about how good a quallty it was. Anyone who tried criticising a Chinese product's poor quality was laughed at and told that they could buy another one if it broke. Will that attitude change?
Casper (4 months ago)
That's right No one Wins but everyone loses during a trade war. As it is Foreign Companies continue to excel while American Companies continue to decline. The foreign job resource's continue to excel while America's continues to decline. It is that even with American Companies providing price competitive products they are still knocked out of the markets because of the foreign tariffs thus strengthening Foreign Corporates, their people and Governments and America's declines. The reason this idea is advertised so negative is because profits of America's Big Corporations that sell foreign products will decline. Company products that depend on foreign production to produce their claimed made in the USA products will decline. To the Corporate World, Big Investors and Wall Street its all about the Money. To the American People its about Jobs and its a long time coming. The longer it is put off the worse its going to effect the American People. American People need to Produce American, Buy American to support American's.
mistersync100 (4 months ago)
i love it too survive and thrive
Patriotic Insurgent (4 months ago)
God has told me to leave the U.S. by June 2018. Here is the spoken word God has given me to share: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sIUdDkYaug
Beau Carpenter (4 months ago)
Let the games begin.
Jackie Blue (4 months ago)
F dRump. He is the dumbest traitor Putin loving POS to ever live in the White House. His wife might be dumber putting up with his lies.I can’t wait til he leaves one way or another. If you disagree with this, than you are either a white supremicist, rich or dumber than sh.....t.
David Velevski (4 months ago)
Jackie M ye I don't like him fully. I support some of his actions but not all. But the whole "traitor, Russian " thing is bs.
Brian Heath (4 months ago)
But he probably knew that this is one of the ways Donald Trump is going to get paid for the things he owns in America he's going to be able to Jack his prices up 15% and still look like he is saving 10% for the American public when in fact he's just galjin to get richer
John Hardin (4 months ago)
His fortune has reduced since he got into politics. He spent $50 million on his campaign out of pocket so he did not have to grovel for vested interests. He can't take it with him. He is buying a country for his kids and yours too. Thank God for Trump. How about your congressman. Is he richer or poorer? Can he explain how he got it?
Brian Heath (4 months ago)
I wish the Tariff would not have been but 15% because now American businesses are going to go up on their price by 15% so they can still say you are saving 10% by buying American
havikshorst120 (4 months ago)
Everybody loses in a trade WAR , bye bye Dow Jones , your going DOW n
Epic Economist (4 months ago)
Thank you for your comment!
simon ata (4 months ago)
E very day Americans can afford the tax increase.
locked and loaded (4 months ago)
simon ata wrong
MattDollars (4 months ago)
Not bad
ricky hawkins (4 months ago)
im a realist and i cal trump like i see him and yes I voted for him. Im the first to call him out on any bullshit. I agree with him. We are getting ripped off
neverlostforwords (4 months ago)
US made goods will still cost far more than Chinese goods despite the tariffs. Will Americans buy expensive products like they did in the old days? Perhaps they will still buy products made in China as they will still be cheaper.
Ted BURKE (4 months ago)
Shut up dumbass, necessary to get the other countries to remove their tariffs
Texan 214 (4 months ago)
Good, bout damn time things got shaken up. Fuck globalism.
Kindle Fire (4 months ago)
Trade war🔫🚱🔥🔥🔥🔥🚒
Billy Jackson (4 months ago)
If you can not find something MADE IN USA!?..Buy it USED..that old USA made stuff will still outlast this new china junk!. and less stuff in landfills..
Ace1000ks1975 (3 months ago)
The Dell servers we use in the company I work for are all made in China. They are still holding up pretty well. They cost as must as $5000 to $15,000 a piece. A trade war will suck, the price of computer equipment could skyrocket.
Billy Jackson (3 months ago)
Yes, we will.
yilong liu (3 months ago)
lol we ll see
Billy Jackson (3 months ago)
Keep trying but the USA does not have DEBT 360% of our GDP!. so who do you think will collapse first from this central bank DEBT SCAM?....can not wait for the real WAR!...end COMMUNISM FOR GOOD!. once we deal with your dog N Korea.
yilong liu (3 months ago)
hahahahaha stop snoring american white pig, the americans are famous for eating pig food. half of ur food? hahahahaha at least we know how to cook. werid ass pigs who drink milks of other animals which is supposed to feed the babies. is that why u smells like those animals as well?
Billy Jackson (4 months ago)
It's about god damned time. We have been in a trade war for decades, and we have been losing.
Gta 500 (17 days ago)
you are going to lose even more these trade Wars are going to completely destroy our economy
dragondescendant1 (4 months ago)
Billy Jackson you are losing not all Americans are losing, Wall Street is winning, stock market is winning American workers who have 401k retirement accounts are winning US consumers are winning for low cost products. Only uneducated red necks voted for trump are the losers.
TisiphonesShadow (4 months ago)
Trinkets.... like iPhones, computers, TVs..... yep, trinkets.
Louie Kidd (4 months ago)
I thought the US government had shut down all production and manufacturing in the US. Do we still export something? If we do export, I'm sure the US govt will shut it down.
commonconservative (4 months ago)
we can give it a try and maybe if china balks we can start small shops and build their trinkets ourselves
HQCOMMS65 (4 months ago)
left wing fear mongering and negative propaganda ,stop whingeing and start wining !!
Gta 500 (17 days ago)
it's not outside the realm of possibility it could happen
C Gaines (4 months ago)
HQCOMMS65 bro you should’ve checked your work before you sent it out my g.
Cryptroneum J (4 months ago)
Lots of assumptions here!
Kindle Fire (4 months ago)
Bitcoin will crash
Mark Howard (4 months ago)

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