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Where Can I Hide if the Global Economy COLLAPSES? Locations, Threats, Preparation!

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ap0lmc (14 hours ago)
Hunt down globalists like George Soros. Former Operators will have a lists of these traitors.
Shane Clements (1 day ago)
Why would you want to go to the Islamic republics of Scandinavia? They're on their last chance and may not pull through.
IntotheFire (1 day ago)
Any thoughts about Thailand/Vietnam????
The Money GPS (1 day ago)
Many people are going to Thailand in fact. Cheap food. Cheap everything. Relatively stable but could have some issues if the currency is destroyed.
Private One (3 days ago)
Paranoia strikes deep, Into your life it will creep, It starts when you are always afraid. Goes the song
Google Account (2 days ago)
Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth". Very great song! I have got the LP that has that song, great LP, cannot remember the name though.
Steven Heath (3 days ago)
If there's a total global economic collapse then I think all currencies would be abolished, so maybe not put so much importance on the currency of a country, it makes no difference.
Bob Loblawb (4 days ago)
I see you wanna go to upper Canada but you do not realize just what living off the grid really means when you try to go into town looking for seed to grow your small crop to fend off starvation in the first cold winter.
Bob Loblawb (4 days ago)
Assuming economic collapse is "collapse" that would mean no drilling for geothermal , and your towns stores would be vacant . harder to live that way.
The Money GPS (4 days ago)
Lots of options with geothermal. Greenhouses. Lots of smaller cities and towns up north.
Alexsandra Rokas (5 days ago)
The whole world is unsafe if you have religious idiots running it. Extract that viral disease and we’ll all live safer.
Alexsandra Rokas (5 days ago)
What about the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Yes it has very cool, short summers and the land is not that arable, but the fishing and hunting are good. Lake Superior is humongous and can provide some safe drinking water providing it is boiled. The only way the land can be arable is if the people have greenhouses and enough sunshine to grow stuff. But remember this: the UP is short on sunlight too. There are lots of mining of minerals that can be sold thus a provision of income.
shawn burnham (5 days ago)
13 +3 +7+9 = 32
By the end of the century40% of the world will live in Africa. Your analysis of Africa was pathetic
Corrupted Monk (7 days ago)
Does this character believe his own bull shit, or what? Sounds like the only place to sound edit was the bathroom? The intellectual economist must be his side gig? Although most convenient store cashiers are familiar with the money they count and where it comes from! Hint? Most gov'ts have either aligned or have given the illusion that they are in the process. all others have weapons aimed inward towards them! There are no tropical hideaways or quaint B&B's to escape to. They have all armed themselves and shot to kill besides It's also real cowardly to leave all behind while you and your boyfriend tip-top through the woods in search of "that perfect gesthauss" no one knows about! Figure out what side your on or go back to bed!
The Money GPS (7 days ago)
#1 I live in an underground bunker #2 This was recorded in the bathroom #3 I was paid by George Soros and the Illuminati to make this
Ask Eric Alexander (7 days ago)
With the level your 'IQ' is at, I'm surprised you can string together sentence.
The Money GPS (7 days ago)
Peechy Orchards (7 days ago)
No Sea level will go up 280 feet in one day. Supervolcanoes (several) will go off at same time NO ELECTRICAL POWER for 5 months and OIL will cease, no gas no diesel.
Peechy Orchards (7 days ago)
The only place you can survive is middle Oregon.
SYED ALJUNIED (8 days ago)
Forget about it .... when it happens 99% of us will be prosecuted and persecuted as illegal immigrants!
Jj Smith (8 days ago)
Wont collapse, too many losers
Queen Deborah (10 days ago)
The caveman have created the mess, and now are looking where to hide...Karma will get them wherever they are hiding...there is no hiding place...so good luck...
Scott Buckley (10 days ago)
Damn im 2 hours north of toronto and theres a shit load of non Canadians there
vato locos forever (10 days ago)
You can easily see how this type of scenario has happened in the past and how human species has migrated throughout the world from the beginning of time
Jon Smith (10 days ago)
Haha, you lost me with "Russia is Democratic." Just because you have a so called "election" doesn't mean you're a true Democratic country.
Poopybutthole - (10 days ago)
If you don’t want to watch the video 1: New Zealand (Australia another option) 2: Switzerland 3: Scandinavia 4: Iceland 5: Canada (no populated areas) 6: Hawaii (no populated areas) 7: Costa Rica 8: Chile
The Money GPS (10 days ago)
Thank you for the summary!
Ron Almera (11 days ago)
Can’t wait to pick up the crumbs from these greedy self absorbed pigs.
Kim VanVallis (12 days ago)
It will never happen
Sam Sowards (12 days ago)
Inconsistent circling red as good and bad, confusing
The Money GPS (12 days ago)
Everything in red is bad. Everything uncircled is also bad.
HotRodRay (13 days ago)
The point is that when the collapse hits YOU will have no money to do anything or go anywhere else.
Yashwant waykole (14 days ago)
Himalaya is safest but toughest place to survive.
Ricky Bobby (16 days ago)
Fear Mongering
The Money GPS (16 days ago)
tony wu (18 days ago)
You missed New Foundland .
I live in new Zealand. It's cool. We've sorta poisoned our lakes and rivers with over farming tho. The locals (though tough people) are sorta in the mindset that we're so far away we're somewhat disconnected from the world. It's a false sense of security. We have oil, gas and lots of natural minerals but we don't let people at them because we bank on the clean green image over pulling money out of the ground. Problem is we brag about that so people know we have resources just sitting there. We have no real defenses. If shit hits the fan we'll be the first country pillaged.
R Kossover (19 days ago)
In the event of a GLOBAL COLLAPSE, New Zealand is the "shaky paradise" . Money will not stop the earth's crust from collapsing. As for Switzerland and Iceland, the big question is "will you be allowed in?" The important issue with Canada is - "how easily can you sneak in?"
tim denham (19 days ago)
this guy and channel is very suspect
tim denham (19 days ago)
agree with manuel. was thinking exactly the same thing. wgaf only means something if this vid is a post for the cabal. telling them where they sill have friends to help them escape justice.
kevin joseph (20 days ago)
His likes--NZ, Switzerland, hawaii, Iceland. some SA countries.
kevin joseph (20 days ago)
I lived on a dirt road in Hawaii--does Hawaii import food? Unrest from Hawaiians--brown skinned people. Live volcano on one Island. Rich people. Nice place now, if you are rich or own land and grow food.
David Strayer (21 days ago)
You have some interesting things to say. You should outline or categorize your criteria. Perhaps, give your categories number values then apply them to the various areas of the world. It would look and sound much more professional. You are on to something here, you just need to show how you arrive at your conclusions.
Paul Gaugan (21 days ago)
Why would anyone need to ''hide'' ...seems a bit cowardly. Oh there's a crisis in the world, let's run and hide. This is the instinct of the super rich, is it? They're all basically shit bags.
Tejano37 (22 days ago)
you could have at least changed the color between safe and unsafe places opposed to using one color for all which made no sense and hard to follow.....the collapse has not happened yet the color blue or green is still free
The Money GPS (21 days ago)
My message at the end of the video was simple. You can live anywhere but just make sure you're outside of the major cities.
Tejano37 (22 days ago)
then maybe use a circle with a small X and a circle with a check mark..something, anything..to help keep track of what you are saying....
The Money GPS (22 days ago)
I don’t have colours.
Lorie Goetz (22 days ago)
It is HOT in Chile lol
Lorie Goetz (22 days ago)
How can you say anywhere is safe next to the ocean haven't you heard of deadly hurricanes and tsunamis lol
Lorie Goetz (22 days ago)
Hawaii hahahaha volcano alley
Lorie Goetz (22 days ago)
Canada has free health care so emergency rooms are crowded and you might die before you get seen. No thanks
Lorie Goetz (22 days ago)
Iceland freezing cold brrr
Lorie Goetz (22 days ago)
Switzerland and New Zealand are cold in the winter!
Lorie Goetz (22 days ago)
Ecuador Vilcabamba or Cuenca I recommend
chris532008 (22 days ago)
For the most part. White is right
David Fant (22 days ago)
The US will be destroyed are you kidding me! The Us will be the epicenter of the whole collapse.
The Money GPS (22 days ago)
Bryant C (22 days ago)
Just remember to shoot first ask questions later
Susie Q (24 days ago)
The Money GPS (24 days ago)
JuicyVeganDwarf (25 days ago)
lol didn’t even mention Scotland. One of the safest places in Europe. Lots of land, resources, fresh water, ability to produce own energy, produce food etc.. also far enough North from rest of mainland UK and Europe to avoid most SHTF. Also I’m not sure why you kept speaking about places with strong economies. That would be irrelevant in a financial or social meltdown. I agree with Iceland and NZ deffo a hot spot for rich making it their backup plan. NZ is mainly due to being located in the Southern Hemisphere though which reduces risk after a nuclear event as highest levels of radiation will accumulate in the Northern hemisphere thus will be more dangerous and uninhabitable for longer. Maybe should have focused more on these facts to make the video useful. Also could have not repeated so much and maybe spoke a little quicker. Other than that it was ok 👍🏻
MrFourkinghell (25 days ago)
Well, if you have nice tits, you can hide at my place.
Yashua Messiah (26 days ago)
Be best places to stay safe is places where its hard to live like mounts and deep wooded areas as to the opposite unsafe city and towns the only way to stay alive in any type of world wide disaster it learn to hunt fish and grow your own food and live with out electricity or find a generator that runs on its own power and not gas
gold star (27 days ago)
Saral Thakur (28 days ago)
Lol India is pretty safe and defeated Pakistan everytime. .onky threat would be china. On top of that it's a democratic nation with a strong army. You will be safe. In Pakistan you will be killed for ridiculing Allah and I'm China you can't make memes but in India you can do both
Tooth fairy (28 days ago)
if you're not afraid to WORK, head to Greenland & the very northern islands of North America Child is also a great place, stay in the mountains, avoid the coast . Don't forget Iceland has several volcanos.
Why Are We Still Here? (1 month ago)
New Caledonia next to New Zealand, sparsely populated, abundant resources and fresh water, fertile soils anything will grow, good weather, vast landscapes, etc...
Grant Jarvis (1 month ago)
New Zealand is quite a distant. The trouble will be if governments go to war after collapse. Easiest way build your economy by stealing another country's resources and wealth
The Money GPS (1 month ago)
Look at what happened with Iraq. The US citizens never got a drop of the oil. Just big business.
MrMahuike (1 month ago)
White people ARE NOT WELCOME...HAWAII IS EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE, AS IS FOOD< GAS and everything else, and HUGE DRUG PROBLEMS. Hawaii means military, means CIA, means HEROIN, METH...i lived there 15 yrs, owned a store in Lahaina, across from Banyan tree...TROPICAL ARTWARE, 3rd floor, BIG CHAIR, top of stairs on way to toilet?...but...ended up in PHilippines, as i got ill, and it was EXPENSIVE,...got all my money to meds...went poor, NOW...HAPPY AS A CLAM, WELL, not happy, BUT CONTENT. PHILIPPINES, can not own land if not local, but, i leased a LOT for 50 years, built a home, ( $40,000)...no rent to pay, just utilities ( $80 pays all, including netflix, cable, electric, internet etc), food is cheap, find most of it, i am 70, but if younger, go to the ocean...LOTS OF FREE FOOD SWIMS BY, very friendly in rural, BIG CITY HAS BIG PROBLEMS
MrMahuike (1 month ago)
when i look at the end result of the map...all red...which is which? can i send you a black or green pen? i think you missed the little islands, tropical, poor, which means they dont use money, fruit falls into the public streets, i live on it, i live in a TINY VILLAGE in PHILIPPINES..6x6 blocks ....no one cares about us, the government does not care...even in military dictatorship, they wont come down here...they DONT CARE...NOT GUAM, but those nearby Islands that allow Americans to come and go, populations of 6,000 people...Philippines RURAL is great as it speaks ENGLISH...dinner comes from a walk in the forest, and fun..people are friendly. 7000 islands!! no one lives on most, others just a few...they dont use money, cant make money, but YOU CAN, as you have a computer....i play the stock market here, if you make $5 in a day...GREAT!! and the sea, plenty of food their (fish, crabs) just by wading, plus, ya never know what washes up on the tide?
Hide in poverty............
explorerturk (1 month ago)
Bla bla bla
The Money GPS (1 month ago)
Steve Berg (1 month ago)
Nowhere because the nukes will follow...
Jessica Lindia 01 (1 month ago)
Switzerland is going to be a Muslim country
THE Q (1 month ago)
Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Shelter in place & make the best of it.
sagzt30 (1 month ago)
No place is safe,1,3/4 of the world is goin to disappear witch one is you dont just know it jet.,till it cames.
Kathy Yazici (1 month ago)
Most humans, in general, prefer warm places to live, which is why the most northern regions are sparcely populated. Something to think about if you desire safety. Waring over resources is the biggest enemy to a peaceful existance. Personally, Finland has been creeping about my mind's eye lately.......if I were single, I would buy quality gear (a good winter jacket/pants, clothes and maybe some basic survival gear) and squat somewhere in that region if it were possible.
Mina Bw (1 month ago)
Lol Hawaii is on fire due to volcano ...... very unsafe
micheal49 (1 month ago)
For a good time: Iceland. Call Iceland BR549
Brandi Smith (1 month ago)
Slow talking...painful.
Ryan Johnson (1 month ago)
So, worldwide change happens and you expect current conditions to remain intact? If you're this damn dumb I'm sure as hell not listening to you about finances.
Ryan Johnson (1 month ago)
There's going to be nowhere anyone can hide if things reach such a point. Join the club, we're already dead.
Ryan Johnson (1 month ago)
Hey billionaires, enjoy NZ when it's underwater thanks to that global warming you've been denying.
Cayrick Pan (1 month ago)
In Paraguay you can order any body organ and it will be delivered in 24 hrs. Uruguay is the place you want to be.
oneKhalil Miah (1 month ago)
Bhutan is the safest in the world.
BOBBY LEE (1 month ago)
The Money GPS (1 month ago)
I am a girl...
Alan J ball (1 month ago)
Way too bad a production from the standpoint of script...you cannot make it up on the fly ,unless you are exceptionally talented. You are not,very few are.
Richard Langellotti (1 month ago)
The problem with buying land in Hawaii is it might turn into lava pretty soon. Then again, when it's all over, the Hawaiian islands might have a lot more land area.
Mi Ra (1 month ago)
How come you can't say JEWS????
Norman Agbas (1 month ago)
Talking is to slow. So so boring.
The Money GPS (1 month ago)
No way.
Anthony Cloud (1 month ago)
Purely subjective, and not very well done, at that. What is the objective of moving? You're assumptions are based on thumbnail ideas of generalized news drawn from MSM. An economic collapse will change the face of EVERY place you "recommend." Hopefully, no one will be stupid enough to take this as credible.
Max Wild (1 month ago)
Australia and New Zealand could be the safe zones if they rely on each other.
THE MOVEMENT (1 month ago)
no where to run no where to hide scared buy a dog you hundred year old MFs gonna die of fright don't know where you from but i live in war zone all my life BX NY meet me when the collapse collapses and we see what theae cowards really about till then eat a dick
Robert Hayes (1 month ago)
RED ALERT RED ALERT Science will not save us from Science. We need to save ourselves from GLOBAL WARMING. If the U.N. had a plan it would start something like this. 1. The world’s total population would have to accept to not bring children into this world for the next 20 years. ( there are plenty of children that need love and a home ) 2. People that would likre to end their lives should be legally and socially accepted.( euthanasia) (a persons dignified right)😀 3. All wars must stop today. ( people get to go home to live in there own places ) 4. The automobile industry must stop producing Fossil Fuel Powered social vehicles ending 2017. ( people get to still have a job in the motor industry building alternative vehicles ) 5. All countries that can ,will need to produce their own products (reducing ocean travel fuel burn)( sustain a work force) 6. All global business will need to move investment to full blown Renewable energy supply. ( they and their investors still make money ) 7. All countries will need to grow billions of tons of Indian Hemp. The hemp will provide for a huge carbon store by making everything you can from it. Replacing all petrochemical products. (diversity will create contentment and PEACE and UNDERSTANDING. ) 8. Socially all drug addicts will be supplied with there drug of choice at a place of convenience. At a cost that will cover the cost. ( social rest,the end of the black market and the decline in overall drug use and deaths.) 9. The amounts of Fossil Fuels (burnt) in the countries that will still need them will be calculated so as to keep the atmosphere stable as the gasses are reduced. ( the second and third world people will still have their first world comforts and thus we all become one world people accepting all cultures.) Sounds great hey. 10. Understanding that there is a lot more to UNDERSTAND and DO to save LIFE. The Scientific COMMUNITY have a colossal job in helping to do this. We need all of us to DO this, ALL OF US. And the list goes on. (Patience and faith in one another) Imagine the UN achieving that, when they can’t even stop the ethnic cleansing that happens daily.
Clovir MG (1 month ago)
Aha. You missed the best place. No. I'm NOT going to tell you :-)
Archduke (1 month ago)
Scandinavia won't be safe. Lol
Sérgio Moraes (1 month ago)
U r so wrong man...
Eric M (1 month ago)
I bought land deep in the forest of northern Ontario in Canada. Don't worry guys, I'll come out and repopulate earth when you're gone.
The Money GPS (1 month ago)
Gina Hewitt (1 month ago)
Pray for a guide. You can run but u can not hide. The word say " they ran into their cave and the cave didn't save them."
SHARKY (1 month ago)
Three pretty safe and moderately rich nations are Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina. The financial crisis in 2008 did not hit them at all. Those guys there have been through far worse times like the Yugoslav wars. You bet they're as safe as possible.
god jr. (1 month ago)
a racist demon speaks, ,, of where we should hide from what he intend to do to the world
Happy Haze (1 month ago)
I would like to market this video as a cure for insomnia. Do I need to go through the FDA and will I need to pay royalties to this dude?
The Money GPS (1 month ago)
Timberhawk (1 month ago)
Now that Smaug is gone, it's time to hole up in Erebor.
JC Smith (1 month ago)
What about illegal immigrants in sweden?
Killah Priest (1 month ago)
rising sea levels would make new zealand a nope country
Beatrice Bravo (1 month ago)
I think you should have a list instead of me going forward to find the answers
M.A (1 month ago)
Africa will be the continent. Natural resources and friendly humble people. The potential is crazy and the whole world population could easily live there. Future is Africa be real.
arun nirmal (1 month ago)
i would go to suriname
Dimas Dzaky Erlandy (1 month ago)
Your voice is so soothing its like an asmr already
Lindsley Daibert (2 months ago)
Not a single word about Brazil, the biggest country and with more mineral resources and water in the region. And don't have vulcanism neither earthquakes also.
The Money GPS (2 months ago)
Not safe enough. Lot of upheaval. Particularly evident after the Olympics and World Cup.
ARAO - Chaos lord (2 months ago)
Here is an advice don't even think to come to Malaysia...just please don't...the economy is dying silently and slowly and a lot of things bad happen lately.....plus I am trying my best to get out of here.
Belinda Whetzel (2 months ago)
You only need to call on Jesus Christ to be safe and saved. Jesus is your savior put your trust in him. Peace to all.

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