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Steroids for the Brain: Are They Worth the Risk?

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One man says that Provigil, a pill created to treat narcolepsy, has given him the mental boost to get ahead in life. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/cnn Or visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/
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Text Comments (215)
C Rodriguez (26 days ago)
This shit looks like an advertisement
Boutsoderma (30 days ago)
Anecdotal evidence from this idiot that thinks he’s smarter on a narcoleptic drug. Get some fucking sleep because there are other benefits to sleep and long term abuse of this drug damages your heart and affects your mood. I tried Nuvigil for a year and had anxiety, twitchy, snapped at people, had chronic diarrhea and overall felt like I was on coke. Fucking hated the feeling of being on the edge all the time. Takes years away from your life. And it lasts all, fucking day.
noblelies (3 months ago)
Don Lemon being a typical ass as usual.
Lil Autistic (4 months ago)
lol the news achor changed his opinion after the station didn't like his answer.
David D (6 months ago)
I have norco if ur not sick stoping fucking taking the med its not fun feeling sleepy all the time and u ppl just fuck around with this med
Tys Heard (9 months ago)
I'd order this but I dont want my brain to ooze through my face and poke out of my eyebrow
Tys Heard (9 months ago)
and reflect LED lights into my eyes at christmas
Matthew Johnson (10 months ago)
Cmon its good but has sides to it aswell.!!! You can stay awake for even cpl of days with regimented constant dosing every 8hrs its cleaner than Adderral and amphetamines %100-. 1 thing is it doesn't work for everyone.
Matronista (11 months ago)
Substitute the year to 2000 and the name of the drug to OxyContin and the conversation would be exactly the same!
Drew Berning (1 year ago)
adderall is the shit, I take it every day, no complaints
Drew Berning (1 year ago)
fake news
Stalkerx13 (1 year ago)
If you have ADD/ADHD Adderall is very good. It depends on person to person how Adderall benefits you. I have been taking my ADD/ADHD meds for almost 1yr and it has been a life saver.
Oliver (1 year ago)
Props to Dave for keeping the interview neutral & being calm not allowing the host to troll him
C Whitten (1 year ago)
0:51 - "I take it because it helps me be better at all of the things that I do" It sure doesn't "help you be better" at forming a sophisticated sentence structure.
Arcadio Munoz (1 year ago)
Taking drugs to be a better father...... well done sir.
Tiffany Moch (1 year ago)
wһу you sҺoulⅾ reаԀ Ϻodɑfinil seⅼⅼer гevieѡѕ ɑnd buү ⅾiscounteɗ dгuɡs safelу :) https://plus.google.com/103367156501322380304/posts/QfL81bgbBPT/769709
Jennifer Marie (1 year ago)
I've ordered from a few of the places mentioned, all of them provide good moda at very affordable prices. Def worth checking out.
Robert Winstead (1 year ago)
Thanks, i've been wondering where I can get some from tha twon't rip me off. Can't wait to try it!
ThisIsTurok1 (1 year ago)
This 'report' gave me dizziness and hurt my head. I do not recommend CNN, try RT instead....
BaldManLogan (1 year ago)
Just stick to adderall kids
I think that he is getting paid by provigil to promote it, that doesn't means it doesn't work, but, for example, I take another pill that works like that and do a lot for me, it's wonderful, but the last thing I would do is to tell everyone else what I'm taking, I want to have an advantage over everyone else no? So when you people in comments say it's bullshit I feel glad, because that will keep you away from what is an advantage for me. So having Dave Asprey promoting the pill make no sense to me, unless off course he is getting paid by provigil.
Gus Sugas (1 year ago)
make a pill to make people believe your bullshit next
Scott Fichter (1 year ago)
It's a shame the drug does not fill in damaged eye brows.
B23rie (2 years ago)
Actors!!! Actors everywhere!!
Cucaracha Guacamole (2 years ago)
This is what they were saying about cocaine in the 1960's/1970's. Sure, no side effects, and a miracle cure, blah blah blah...
Mo1 (1 year ago)
Cucaracha Guacamole cannot compare the two fairly in any regard. (Apple's vs a bus)
J Jonker (2 years ago)
Americans and their drugs... it's bizarre to me. (And I'm Dutch)
J Jonker (1 year ago)
Yea that's probably it
thegolden294 (1 year ago)
im not american but why bash them for taking drugs the better their lives? i mean fuck cocaine, heroin, etc....but if there's a drug to help you be more productive and sharp in college or work, why not??? you are just being ignorant. Maybe thats why economy in europe is declining, maybe u guys.need to smart up a little even if its with the use of "smart drugs"......
J Jonker (2 years ago)
Yea and we have far less drug related problems than most stricks anti-(soft)drug countries ;) And fyi less Dutch people are regular marihuana smokers than Americans. (even relatively)
you guys got weed thou
Mark Chen (2 years ago)
I only wanna know which pill is most powerful for brain!
Nate TheGreat (2 years ago)
fallout 3 confirmed
Mayur Raiturkar (2 years ago)
This guy looks more like a marketer of provigil. He could have used the term modafinil instead
so provigil is modafinil?
Carlos Villaseñor (2 years ago)
Time to buy some👍🏽
F.J. E. (2 years ago)
... so what happens when I stop it - does the world come crashing down ?
exterminador1904 (2 years ago)
How do i get this perscribed
zosophoto1 (2 years ago)
I have to comment on this. It is real. It works wonderfully. I try one Nuvigil and my world lit up to the point I wanted to come out of retirement and ask for my old job back. It's not a scary drug. It really open closed doors in my Brain I thought was closed forever.
I agree but there is no point promoting it, it won't be an advantage anymore if everybody is taking it.
generic mexican (1 year ago)
it's the caffeine
this is like diet drugs, if you take it just train it. i mean it is recomended for students, profesionals, and not for lazy people with no job.. people who uses his brain to work. i have Tyroids and im dont cocentrate to much any more, im 30 years old im working in entreteinment business, im going to take this to be more concentrated and do my life normal. Have more energy and concentration...
SteroidTronics (1 year ago)
María Teresa Duarte Anaya ur a smart person. :)
Felix Trujillo, Jr. (2 years ago)
have you noticed a difference?
FAMILYAndGloryManU (2 years ago)
The predecessor is adrafinil not armodafinil 6:40. Guess modafinil doesn't make you smarter.
Max (2 years ago)
This whole argument that smart drugs are a form of cheating is absurd and holding back society. Let's say someone takes a smart drug and uses their enhanced focus to discover a cure for cancer. Or write a beautiful song that touches millions, or figure out how we can have a manned mission to Mars. Is petty jealousy going to hold us back from reaching the peaks of our potential?
Shane Kahlor (2 years ago)
Hey I just read your comment felt I can help you out in your questions lookup these two gentlemen Dr. Sebi has cure for HIV/AIDS n Cancer & there is also William Mount or Mont, he has a video where he explains his studying of the cure for cancer.... I hope you've heard of Martin Shkreli... The drug tycoon that raised the price of a drug used I the treatment of Cancer n Aids from $13.50 a pill to $750 a pill.... We live in a country where they don't care about you or me.... they make a shyt ton of money from the sales of pharmaceuticals... But seriously bro why is Magic Johnson still alive n gaining weight ???... They have a cure for everything man made... none of this was placed here by or creator.....
Professional lying cnn, but they do it like gentlemen
Ethereality (2 years ago)
don lemon is a tardburger!
bixxybear (2 years ago)
This guest here is lying out of his teeth, he probably has some special interest with the product. A straight lie is when he said Modafinil is not a stimulant, ofcourse its a stimulant, its a reuptake inhibitor which means more neurotransmitter activity. Modafinil is very similar to Ritalin, which adversely affects the brain and heart with longer term use. When prozac came out in the 1980's there were doctors that were paid to say it was a wonderdrug and as toxic as salt. We all know now that was bullshit.
bixxybear (2 years ago)
Robert, wrong again. How many of you guys will post without not knowing what you are talking about. The molecular structures of Modafinil and Methylphenidate are almost the same. The mechanism of action is almost the same. Modafinil being milder, and yes they are both powerful stimulants via the reuptake inhibition pathway.
Geline Avenir (3 years ago)
Another drug...pretty scary.
tegulife (3 years ago)
This black is being a douche
Karl Hardy (3 years ago)
"Steroids for the brain"?! That doesn't sound appealing at all. Have seen the long term results of people who consistently took steroids...I'm straight.
tegulife (3 years ago)
Do you eat meat? Or are you a vegan?
lukasz k (3 years ago)
host is a cunt lol
perezcarlos559 (3 years ago)
I don't consider it a drug. It's a supplement
u235u235u235 (3 years ago)
people usually don't take Tylenol everyday like people on Modafinil.
Charlie Graham (3 years ago)
Barack Obama Using Modafinil Tucked away under a list of medications in the report on President Obama’s recent physical exam is this intriguing notation: “Jet lag/time zone management, direct physician prescribed program, occasional medication use.” Sleep doctors we consulted say one possibility is Provigil, a stimulant that is regularly prescribed to help people fend off excessive sleepiness. Read More > – Barbara Kantrowitz, The Daily Beast #barackobama   #provigil  Provigil is much better than noopept, it's also much cleaner than adderall amazing drug, that is helpful and not addictive https://www.modafizone.com/celebrities-entrepreneurs-use-modafinil/
Brian Ian (3 years ago)
Tried it and now ...I'm a believer!
Justin Gillett (3 years ago)
anyone else think that host was being a dick?
u235u235u235 (3 years ago)
+Justin Gillett he is a dick, not being.
Hana (3 years ago)
No I fact He was cool
QuantumState (3 years ago)
sooo all that shit about bulletproof coffee is a lie?
ChocolatePoop1301 (2 years ago)
+QuantumState Nope. BPC is epic.
lorenzo501 (3 years ago)
is this so called provigil better than noopept or alpha brain??
Dave F (3 years ago)
Oh and btw don't care about your ignorant knowledge of gaba....
Dave F (3 years ago)
Y'all are retarded I have extensive experience with both. U know what v advocate amphetamines the less ppl that know about this secret the better
tegulife (3 years ago)
+DontYaTalkSIlly modafinil affects every other receptor except gaba. Gaba relaxes you and modafinil does the exact opposite.
lorenzo501 (3 years ago)
Lol i've taken magic mushrooms before and it did change my perspective on life but it would most definitely not help me with my work life aside from creativity (programming + mushrooms = big no no). I'm also wondering if AbsorbYourHealth is a good retailer to buy Choline Bitartrate and Pramiracetam from (a stronger variant than Aniracetam), to add to my daily nootropics stack.
lorenzo501 (3 years ago)
uhmm right..
origindirewolf (3 years ago)
adderall is, for all intents and purposes, time release speed. Don't even claim that shit's not bad for you.
origindirewolf (3 years ago)
+billyjack70 Lol it's all good mistakes happen I take no offense
billyjack70 (3 years ago)
+origindirewolf Wow... I am tired. On your post I swore I read "modafinil" instead of "adderall". You are 100% correct- my bad. 
origindirewolf (3 years ago)
+billyjack70 Are you kidding me? A quick google search would tell you that adderall is amphetamine and dextroamphetamine
billyjack70 (3 years ago)
It isn't an amphetamine; completely different mechanism than speed/cocaine/adderall.... quit spewing ignorance. 
Brad (3 years ago)
I take armodafinil for an actual medical problem and it helps my brain.
Floyd Burkett (10 months ago)
Brad me too
Josephina Tennyson (3 years ago)
ZUCK (3 years ago)
Wow. Typical mainstream media working hard to persuade everyone to continue living as slaves and  to not push the envelope. Nothing new here people. Carry on with your research elsewhere. 
zeOne (1 year ago)
Or... they are taking the safe approach so they don't get their network fucked with a gazillion suits
Rin J (4 years ago)
Oookay, saying he wouldn't be successful without it is bullshit - in my opinion. He relies on it, in some ways you could call it a psychological addiction, and if it works for him, that is fine. His choice. From my experience, I haven't had any serious issues with it but I have felt certain things that have made me uncomfortable. Modafinil is indeed different from Adderall or Ritalin; it's a prescription for narcolepsy and not ADHD. I don't believe there are no downsides; there are always downsides. I say it could be helpful to keep one focused but I don't think one should rely on it for one's life.
origindirewolf (3 years ago)
You should use the term "psychological dependence", rather than "addiction". Addiction would be characterized by withdrawal. I'm sure if this guy stopped taking the stuff, he would probably have a hard time as it is, but let's just say hypothetically that he no longer has the need to do all of the tiring stuff he claims to do, he would probably get used to it pretty quickly.
Matt Jarvie (4 years ago)
If this doesn't prove Dave Asprey is a charlatan, nothing will.  This is nothing more than a sales pitch for Provigil.  If a person is adhering to a healthy lifestyle and eating the right foods, no pharmaceutical drug should ever be necessary for anything!  On one hand Asprey offers some good information, but on the other hand he totally discredits himself with garbage like this. Also, notice Asprey's eyebrows.  Either he got a little overzealous with the razor, or he suffers from a classic symptom of thyroid dysfunction.  Maybe it's the result of all those drugs. I don't consider a person to be truly healthy if they're putting any artificial chemical into their body to supposedly be at their optimal. It's nothing short of an oxymoron. The guy in this video is just a moron.  And a disingenuous, dangerous fraud.  This is some koolaid you're not going to want to swallow.
origindirewolf (3 years ago)
First of all, I'm SURE you take TONS of "artificial chemicals" into your body unless you're a raw vegan. Second off, drugs in this class promote changes in brain wave state that get you to the same place as a strong meditation would, alpha and theta brain wave states. The likely mechanism of action is one activated through meditation and sleep. Just because it's not the particular method your body uses to get there, doesn't say anything about the health risks. Some artificial substances actually work better for the intended purpose than the ones the body has developed, our biology is far from perfect and there are going to be faults and problems with it no matter what your opinion is. "no pharmaceutical drug should ever be necessary for anything!" You do realize that pharmaceuticals have saved billions of lives? Just because it's not the particular compound your body happened to develop for the purpose, completely by chance, doesn't mean it shouldn't be used.
infiniteozzyfan (3 years ago)
That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Are you making the claim that if someone is living a healthy lifestyle they will never need drugs for anything? You're objectively wrong. 
Carlos DaThug (4 years ago)
I woulnt say that it makes you "smarter", it just gives you a natural but strong alertness. colors may b a little more vibrant. just note that the 1/2 life Is 12 hours. so u wont b having much sleep but you wont feel grogy when it wears out.
Brad (3 years ago)
12 ~ 15 hrs I take it for a real medical problem, so I have to take it at 8 am at the latest because I won't get sleep if I take it after 9 am. Like during new years I'll take it at 11 am to stay awake until 1 am.
sketchwish (4 years ago)
wow, this is really bad (morally) - especially if kids are watching it
Nautilus Nexus (4 years ago)
Jeff Sparks (4 years ago)
At the age of 22 I suffered from a stroke while taking Adderall. DON'T you tell me that it's not bad for you. I could not walk and I lost most of my memory.
Hana (3 years ago)
What is your problem people He says he doesn't recommend it He takes Provigile , not the adv....
Brad (3 years ago)
+Jeff Sparks adderall is an amphetamine, modafinil and armodafinil are in their own chemical category. They're not stimulants per se, they're more like having an IV of pure glucose slowly drip into your blood stream for 12 to 15 hours.
Billybear185 (4 years ago)
+Dragos Panaitescu Adderall is an amphetamine, ofcourse it can lead to problems in the brain, maybe even stroke. 
Dragos Z (4 years ago)
Are you sure you don't have some sort of congenital brain issues? I strongly doubt Adderall can do such thing to you
ram mario (4 years ago)
meditation and yoga can give u these affects to but it is long term
Michael Richardson (4 years ago)
No No they can't have you actually compared meditation for long term cognitive enhancement, to cognitive enhancement on Provigil? let me guess no your just someone that found that benefits to mediation useful but not the end all be all for cognitive enhancement. What do you think would happen if you did both? hmmm maybe thats something that you should try one time in your life...
Sebastian Stepien (4 years ago)
someone sayed like to dont expect from that pill nothing like from limitless pill , ermm  and like nobody knows really side efects so you dont really know how they works a mean they no always the same or you never the same , you can realised easly you gettin better every day , more clever , more powerfull , and limitless pill its just like that , if you stopid thats no gonna make you clever but if you clever that will boost your IQ with number high up .
MrWeareone777 (2 years ago)
I agree. I feel that it definitely gives you a confidence boost as well. Keeps you sharp and very alert. The only side effects you would get depends on how much you take. 200mg gave me chest pain on top of what i had already in my system from the previous day(200mg). Now i take 100mg per day and im flying.
Sebastian Stepien (3 years ago)
Hi , All fine thanks , im still using and things just getting better .
Hana (3 years ago)
Let me know how you doing, I really like your comments Hope you doing grate !:)
Sebastian Stepien (4 years ago)
im using myself , let me stopped drinkin alcohol at all and let me stopped drinking about 4-5 triple cafes with lots sugar , gives me that ability for stopped doin using this things , changin your grumpy mood for smily face as smily so you get sore chicks from smiling ;-)  brain-smile-energy   3 main things apart of all benefits . givin you ability for make your ideas in the head come realistic . i love this product .
Hana (3 years ago)
Wow ... Thank you for a good info Seriously - thank you !
jason618 (4 years ago)
I have used it and will use in again, it takes a long time for it to arrive from India to my home. If you do decide to take it, don't take the whole pill, take 1/4 first then up the dosage. As soon as you feel past the brighter feeling it gives you and you start to feel just a little off. stop at that amount you used. Stick with it for a week, then up the amount to see if you can take more. for me it makes me feel overly focused and I tend to not respond to people as quickly because of the intense focus. I use it to get through finals then I stop after I get A after A after A.. lol  Dont OVER DOSE IT, OR YOU WILL NOT SLEEP!
jason618 (3 years ago)
+MrWeareone777 it just gives me insomnia sometimes and I havent used it in a long time. now I use alpha brain still some insomnia but not as much.
MrWeareone777 (3 years ago)
Hello Jason. Do you still use modafinil now? If so how do you feel and what side effects are you experiencing (If any). Ive been taking it for 1 month now at 100mg per day. Has been very beneficial. 
jason618 (4 years ago)
whatever you try spelling the names of medical pills.
Michael Richardson (4 years ago)
+jason618 It seems you lost your brain in the process lol
jason618 (4 years ago)
it goes my three different names(forgive my spelling) modifinil modafonil provigil.
Code _V_83 (4 years ago)
Adderall is bad for you....and when you crash from it...,.you CRASH.....
LOUISVILLEgoCARDS (4 years ago)
If he got into, and got an MBA from Wharton, how does he have a problem with focus?
Daniel Silva (4 years ago)
he has said that he took provigil during his MBA at wharton, he was working a full time job at the time and found himself under a lot of stress
Mike The Gamer (4 years ago)
@Cem Savaş Aydin  You have to take choline as well otherwise you  burn through the fuel your brain uses and will need to refuel from sleep.  Taking this and not taking choline is like driving a car with a huge hole in the gas tank.
Chris Sands (4 years ago)
True also try and get plenty of healthy fats in your diet and B vitamins. It works 10 times better. (grassfed butter,avocado,fish, grass fed milk to name a few  are all good sources of fats
lcozzarelli (4 years ago)
This is irresponsible journalism, CNN.  These drugs are meant for narcoleptics and people with sleep disorders to function normally, not for uber-high-achiever douchebags who feel that a full night's sleep is an inconvenience.  As an M.D., I am outraged that CNN is interviewing a man who encourages drug-seeking patients to lie about their symptoms to try to get an Rx written.  Shame on you, CNN.
Kindapple (2 years ago)
+signal44 Hi I'm so curious could you tell me how it went? did you experience any side effect or anything noticeable negativity?
Mike The Gamer (4 years ago)
+signal44 don't forget you need to take other things like choline to keep your brain from running out of fuel.
signal44 (4 years ago)
+Mike The Gamer THANKS. Consider it done , I already got the script in hand and it is at the pharmacy getting filled , a little bit pricey BUT , if I take into account all the times I had to drive 20 miles back to my house because I forgot my wallet , or all those times I missed deadlines because I couldn't concentrate on even simple things or the hundreds of times I cut a part just a little too small because I just couldn't remember what I had measure 30 seconds ago , so if i have ANY improvement then this will be all worth it for me , so 30 pills cost about $400.00 and again that is still less than the amount I lose EVERY MONTH due to my inability to concentrate.  
Mike The Gamer (4 years ago)
+signal44 I would personally be interested to know how it works out for you.  Good luck.
signal44 (4 years ago)
I am going tomorrow to get a script for this , and I am well withing my right to do so according to the list of people who should not get this medication , for I am not a douche bag and I am defiantly not an not an uber-high-achiever douche-bag , nor do I condone uber-high-achiever douchebagery behavior  AND I am not inconvenienced by the perilous thought of a good nights sleep --- HOWEVER what I am is a person whose mental awareness has never been good , never mind great , I run a successful business , I recently sold 2 other business to a world wide corporation for far more than I ever believed I would ever make in 5 lifetimes , I am a HS dropout that is living the American dream I am a person who does everything in his power to achieve a solids night sleep including taking Ambien , I will never take amphetamines , Adderall or any of those types of drugs , especially since I have found out that the side effects of this drug are minuscule in comparison. SO in closing I will tell you this Dr. Lady , I feel for you for having narcolepsy , I appreciate that you feel it is unethical to  "push" this drug for off label or in this case , a use that you do not personally approve of , BUT as a person who suffers with commingled symptoms that , while I do not qualify as an "as approved" symptomatic patient for this drug , I believe that this medication would DRASTICALLY improve my quality of life , yea , I am going to do it & if my doctor wont give it to me I will fly to whatever part of the world I need to to get this drug , I will smuggle it in like a dope mule coming back from South America , I will start a buyers club or join one , I don't care , I am plagued my constant lack of motivation , tiredness , inability to focus along with a few other less than desirable symptoms that most of the world never has to deal with , so again , I am ALL IN WITH THIS DRUG ! 
4251268 (4 years ago)
Just take nzt48... instant ''einstein mode''
Eddie Hearns (4 years ago)
Just ordered some of this shit. Woop!
Seok Lee (4 years ago)
do you have any website for purchase it?
Eddie Hearns (4 years ago)
+Seok Lee I explained in a previous comment on this post. But, you do build tolerance with it, so you will have to take higher and higher dosages over time or just skip a few days every now and again to get the same effect. I also linked where I got it, but as I said, they only deliver to the UK.
Seok Lee (4 years ago)
Frank How does it work? pretty well ? hope so  which website do you recommend to get that ?
Koroistro (4 years ago)
+Imam Bintang sadly your assumption is wrong . i've chatted with people that have tryed it and i'm well informed on the risks-benefits , but here in italy is a prescription-only drug so i do not know how to put my hands on it ( i don't even know if it's legal)
Eddie Hearns (4 years ago)
+Koroistro Very true comment. I think people expect more of the drug than is realistic. It is very good, but don't expect anything like the pill from Limitless lol
DiscoverMiley (4 years ago)
nice eyebrowls
AlvinBetterThanYou (4 years ago)
Do research don't state something you don't have a grasp on the understanding of provigil
Martin Zupan (4 years ago)
This guy is full of shit. I don't know anything about provigil. I do on the other hand know, that Tylenol is bad for the liver only if combined with alcohol and that nutrasweet doesn't cause cancer in humans.
yo gurt (4 years ago)
Good one. Have a great day.
JaaacKz (4 years ago)
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xIFez (4 years ago)
which PJRP did he mention this?
Armis Game (4 years ago)
the top side effect is eyebrow thinning
Armis Game (4 years ago)
A students are usually those who know how to know (KH2K) and apply it B students are generally those who KH2K but don't consistently advance it C students often don't KH2K, they do great in certain areas but not in other areas D students often don't KH2K, get confused and frustrated leading to disinterest F students often don't care to know Armis is great for C and D students because it provides a process to learn how to KH2K. Knowing how to know is the key to meaningful intelligence
Ragga1205 (4 years ago)
I was afraid of that. Are you being serious or joking?
nomoreheroes93 (4 years ago)
Seriously? How much were you taking per dose?
Nadim Choudhury (4 years ago)
Dave Asprey is a machine. He figured out the operating system.
lel (4 years ago)
I hear it's for people with irregular sleep patterns and it gives some a crash. Can you tell me about this?
Cem Savaş Aydın (4 years ago)
I used provigil for 4 days and then when i stopped using it i slept 17 hours a day for a month and it took me 2 months to fully recover from side effects.
Dennis nguyen (5 years ago)
Like the movie limitless!!!
Joshua Fanguy (5 years ago)
I just researched it n there are more side effects
Eli Ozaeta (5 years ago)
powerful olive garden buttholes
solecism (5 years ago)
modafinil's predecessor is adrafinil, not armodafinil
resonant.interval (5 years ago)
walgreens: $28/pill (for GENERIC!!!)!!!!!!!!!!!! medicaid doesnt want to pay for it. nuvigil is probably $100/pill
Alan Gomez (5 years ago)
I'm so taking it!!
Gus Sugas (1 year ago)
Alan Gomez what u believe something on CNN.....good luck
Jesse (5 years ago)
I have been on modafinil before. An indian brand called modalert. Dave is right its pretty cool drug. I took 300mg the first time i took it, about an hour n half later i was listening and responding to my brother yabbering on Really well(usually its one ear out the other..) And i played halo 4 from 9pm to 3am. Tried to sleep after that but couldn't so i layed there anyway so im somewhat physically resting my body. I wasn't aware how important it is to have food in my stomache too. Next day at
Ginkgo (5 years ago)
I don't think for a moment that the government always has our best interest at heart, but I also don't think that they are conspiring at every second. I don't give "them" that much credit.
TheTardstrong (5 years ago)
Annie Bae (5 years ago)
I take 200mg a day for my sleep disorder.I find that honestly, it's helpful for my condition. However, I feel that if people who aren't perscribed this drug abuses it, it can cause harmful long-term effects. I don't know 100% if it's related to this drug, but ever since I started to take it, I often get chest pain. It may be tempting for students to buy this online without perscription, but be smart. Research the drug, side effects, the risks, perhaps talk to your doctor if it's safe for you?
Ginkgo (5 years ago)
Also, as to the dude being interviewed (@Dave Asprey) in this piece: worth noting that he's been on Modafinil for decades, and takes more meticulous measurements of his health markers than most physicians. Granted, that's not the same as a long term study, but it's not nothing. Another way of framing the question: harm reduction. For someone prescribed stimulant medication to treat ADHD, modafinil is (arguably) much less dangerous, which is also not nothing.
Ginkgo (5 years ago)
If the government wanted everyone to be on Modafinil, it would be prescribable for a much wider range of conditions than narcolepsy, shift-work disorder, various disease-induced fatigue syndromes.
Ginkgo (5 years ago)
I wish weed did this. Honest personal experimentation has taught me otherwise.
Ginkgo (5 years ago)
i don't even know what this means.
Ginkgo (5 years ago)
...and sometimes that means knowing what's a few steps down the road. Another approach - life is short. I will take advantage of any tools available to me to make the most of my biological/spiritual/emotional system, and will learn from mistakes made along the way. That's how I roll.
Ginkgo (5 years ago)
Fair enough. I actually agree with you, except that I don't see a contradiction between the long and winding road to self improvement (meditation, yoga, etc) and also taking a medication which may offer a glimpse of what a self-improved future looks like. (Same argument applies to antidepressants, psychedelics, training wheels on a bike). I also agree that the shortcut is not the same as embodying that space naturally. Personally, I like having a map of the states of consciousness available...
c n (5 years ago)
The prospect of regularly taking a medication for the purpose of self improvement. I understand (all too well) medicating out of necessity, but self improvement requires resilience and discipline. You CAN take short cuts, but it doesn't really make you smarter or better. It makes you better ... on drugs. lol. Kinda sad. I'm not hating on drugs - I'm hating on the mindset that taking them improves you. Taking medication always takes something away from you even if it alleviates a condition.
Ginkgo (5 years ago)
"Full disclosure- our parent company is a subsidiary of the same company that owns Glakso, the manufacturers of adderall......" (This statement has not been evaluated for factual accuracy.)
Ginkgo (5 years ago)
What, exactly?
Ginkgo (5 years ago)
That's very interesting. You don't find any cognitive benefit?

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