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Don Lemon on Kanye: I had to turn the TV off

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CNN's Don Lemon criticizes Kanye West's visit with President Trump in the Oval Office. #CNN #News
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BOSS FROG (43 minutes ago)
I have to turn off computer when i see Lemon head the fudgepacker fake news boy.
booger face (1 hour ago)
Orange man bad Kanye is a traitor
E Serv (1 hour ago)
I am not American ... why the hell ..did they invite an obviously crazy person inside the oval office? Kanye needs help, i cant believe there are ppl saying he is a genius ....
M.I.A/MIA1 (1 hour ago)
Wrong Don!. He told the truth. democrats do just that. play on the fact that blacks are driven by emotion, which everybody knows. So no Don, stop trying to speak for all blacks.m Kanye's delivery may not have been the best, but the message was the truth about the Democrat's treatment of blacks. You didn't cry out when Hillary whipped out Jz and Beyonce Because she believes all blacks care about is hip hop and chicken and yams. Did you say that Hillary was using them? You weren't outraged when Hillary went to chicken joints and showed up at a black church speaking in a so-called black accent singing an old negro spiritual. why? to play on the fact that blacks are too emotional, . And you certainly weren't all hot and bothered about "I got hot sauce in my purse", so if you are looking for something to b outraged for then see the videos of Hillary playing black people for fools. Besides Don, you don't speak for the black community., not too mention you have lost your ability to even relate to black folks anymore. The black community pretty much despises you and you know it. So why you have the nerve to call Kanye a coon, you might want to take a look at the videos listed and ask yourself why in the hell you gave Hillary a pass on all the bullshit she pulled. Kanye's delivery wasn't great, but he showed up and Trump let him in. And not once did Trump pretend to be black. but Hillary did. Stop being a hypocrite Don. and get the chip off of your shoulder. Everything isn't racist just because you say so. signed a black person Feel free to watch racist hillary clinton in action. how much is she paying you? https://youtu.be/luUtaqkD4mc?t=52 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpAynOEJaKY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSGa6udK06w
Adam Cissell (2 hours ago)
Don Lemon is a total idiot and should be fired. It’s so hard to listen to him totally degrade someone that is trying to help everyone.
JCTJR98 (3 hours ago)
It's funny when Don 🍋 talks about other people needing help! That's hilarious!
wilbert kim (3 hours ago)
Kanye west is an idiot Its like looking at rainman talking to forest gump
Ben C (5 hours ago)
Is this really a news show
Lumina (5 hours ago)
Sick man you are.
Fun With Trinity (6 hours ago)
1:11 sums it up
Mona Lisa (6 hours ago)
It appears that the token negro Don Lemon doesn’t know who he just fucked with... YAY isn’t crazy you overseer fruitcake bitch.. 🖕🏾Dems
George Palmas (6 hours ago)
Kanye west is smart, everything Kanye says,is,correct . Look at kanye,s wife and wealth. Kanye is no where being stupid .. Trump is not racist ,Trump likes black people . Stupid people wants the divide America. Don't bite in this bullshit racism lies .. Trump invited warriors twice to white house and was denied . I don't even watch warriors anymore. Just going to white house,having great time would be great .
Tafari Boozer (6 hours ago)
Anytime someone like Kanye West is sitting in the white house with the President, having political conversations well in Crazy West mind which to the rest of the nation and the world was just a rant, other countries are laughing at the U.S as a superpower.
Walter Lyman (7 hours ago)
well? he does not turn off the TV while watching gay porn! LOL
Jay D (7 hours ago)
Talk the true Don, you always does tell the truth. I don’t think you would get in trouble for telling the truth. Kanye, pray for him look who he’s married to Kim. Anyone get with this family go crazy. Shame that devil and he doesn’t represent me @ all. That you’ll president 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿✌🏽
Danny Dano (8 hours ago)
I like what Kanye is doing. It is the truth and that is why people are upset.
Theoriginal thinker (8 hours ago)
Oh Don Lemonhead, SHUT UP!
Dana Williams (8 hours ago)
Kanye west is on point he has trump listing that's a start what are you doing not shit running your mouth not doing shit
Richellé Lewis-Perry (9 hours ago)
Agreed Don!!!!!! Glad you woke UP!!!!! Poor Kanye, nobody loves this brutha enough to check him!!!!!! Buuuuuuuuuut.....AHAHAHAHAHAHA, he's crazy ass fuuuuuck!!! And who cares anyway, he has Nooooooo Powerrrrrr!!! Who is he????? And ?..Chump, he's being true to his brand!!!! What a joke!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
King77 (10 hours ago)
They asked Lebron to stick to basketball and not same for Kanye to music
Creator Bless (10 hours ago)
Creator BlessHe might sound funny but it's all real talk.... Who don't support that a fool. He talking about Hoover who snoop made a political money stunt hating when West have a relationship.. Real Dudes like 38 Spec having rehabilitation for people coming out of prison need those connections that west building on with Trump. Wake up wheat crackers
Tommy Paterson (10 hours ago)
Liberals fear black conservatives Don lemon just fuck the fuck off you snowflake
Johnson Brandon (10 hours ago)
Turning the TV off shows weakness
Jo Smotherman (11 hours ago)
Don Lemonhead needs to take his own advice.
April Harris (11 hours ago)
Kanye west isn't crazy
Waya525 (12 hours ago)
Don, the only I would add to your assessment and things that should be said to Kanye: "Have some f****** dignity!"
Jeremy Thompson (12 hours ago)
Don lemon is a racist hypocritical piece of shit and the fact that CNN still employes him shows how racist they really are.
Well sowhatwhocares (12 hours ago)
Yea his hasnt been the same
Well sowhatwhocares (12 hours ago)
That is so so true. He needs his meds. I felt so very sorry for him. U could see where he really needed his medication my heart broke when I saw him.
kawika pagan (13 hours ago)
Im happy to see that CNN is open minded and supporters of the president----- oh wait
Steven Westerhold (13 hours ago)
That’s ok. The VAST majority of Americans turn Don Lemon and CNN off anyway! Don Lemon and many liberals are in for a surprise. We back the President and defend this country and our Constitution from ALL enemies “foreign and domestic” and that includes Don Lemon and the biased fake news of the worst network CNN!
ColaBling (14 hours ago)
Why does this sound like gossip 🤔😂😂😂😂
Chris M (14 hours ago)
The same people who are criticizing Don Lemon, don't realize that he was attending the Saturday Night Live performance featuring Kanye West only a week before this happened. Kanye and his goons closed all the doors of the studio and forced them to stay and listen to his rant about Trump. They weren't allowed the freedom to leave or to speak their minds. Now, this rant. Kanye admitted during his appearance with Trump that he is bipolar and was off his medications. He admitted this...no one else. And this whole show taking place at the exact hour when Panama City, Mexico Beach, and parts of Georgia were being ripped apart by Hurricane Michael. It's ironic to see all the conservatives coming to Kanye's side now. He's been mentally ill since his mom (a college professor) died unexpectedly. Kanye's interrupted the music speeches of Beck and Taylor Swift. He's gone to award shows with bottles of vodka and alcohol -- and drunk out of his mind -- during these events. He's made other crazy outbursts. Kanye was wrong then. Most conservatives attacked him with racial epitaphs then. But now that he's a Trump supporter, he's suddenly okay and sane? ROFL. GTFOH. He admitted he needed help at Trump's event...and you all don't care. His mom would be rolling over in her grave, because her kid needs help.
ReaLityBlue (17 hours ago)
The only thing that I strongly agreed with Clinton News Network in years.
Dorothy Mays-Pitts (18 hours ago)
Start addressing the Opium crisis doctors R killing mainly Professional people and nothing is being done about it Black folks R being imprisoned by a dominated judicial system and buddy controlled system as well Blacks needs to stop feeding the frog for the snake by taking their money out of crooked and corrupted bankers and open Black banks to accommodate minority banking needs we R.asleep and needs to be awakened by people like Kanye. DPitts
Dorothy Mays-Pitts (18 hours ago)
Don't fool yourself Kanye has more sense in his behind than the average person has in their heads. Kanye and Trump have similar personalities I wish Coons would be called out like Racist. Do not overlook the fact that Obama nor Eric Holder did what they should have done to help the Banking Mortgage Insurance and financing crisis that wad created by Alan Greenspan and caused mainly Black folks their wealth oh yes what about Reproration for Black folks like that issued to Jews and why wasnt more done Federally to address the police killings that the Justice Dept failed on under Obama watch People fail to address nor see the wrong our people do to themselves that cause people like Kanye to lash out in frustration We like to be dreamers as oppose to doers and this forces people like Kenya to lash out just think about it. Black on Black crimes and no coming together in harmony ]peace and tranquility. I am jumping all over the place but we the people need major major exposure and changes so stop talking and do something positive. DPitts🙏🙏✋💖🙏
White Knight (18 hours ago)
Don, you showed your true face. Your words are hateful and disgusting. How can you talk so awful about him and his mom?! You are a big disgrace!
Michael Jean (19 hours ago)
Kiss but there
tony gristina (19 hours ago)
Now Lemon knows why his ratings are so low.
Cheryl Juliette (20 hours ago)
Kanye seeking attention trying to be relevant regardless of his extreme behavior. Ha!
F. Jeff Begin (20 hours ago)
Don low blow buddy bringing up the guys mother.....loser!!!
F. Jeff Begin (20 hours ago)
CNN why don't you also question the Hollywood establishment who push the left's agenda? Cant even watch an awards show today without propaganda.
I AM ADLR (21 hours ago)
Damn Lemon.
Sean Napier (21 hours ago)
The only disgrace to African Americans is you, Don. You advocate against racism against minorities, yet you yourself have made racist remarks against not only white people, but other black people as well. Not to mention you had the nerve to bring up Kanye's dead mother to shame him all because he wouldn't make a fool out of himself by calling Trump a racist . Just goes to show that you and your cohorts are completely fine with handwaving corruption as long as it meets with your line of politics. America will be a much better place when CNN finally collapses to the ground and your party with it which judging by the ratings, is not too far off.
James Killen (22 hours ago)
I couldn’t watch more than five seconds of that. Another session of trump sitting there while someone uses him. Any normal person would be embarrassed to their bones.
goonsville340 (23 hours ago)
Perfectly said Don,I don’t even listen to his music anymore
Jim Bob (1 day ago)
CNN=FAKE NEWS lol crap nothing bs and ps don is an uncle tom.
TR 316 (1 day ago)
CNN especially Don The Lemon are obsessed with the president, ye the ones giving this ratings and talking about it, how can the Lemon say Kanya has no say in the black community?? Is it because if a black person supports Trump their wrong?? What has Donald said that has ever been racist????? The Lemon on his show is constantly talking negatively about the president.
KingHustla313 (1 day ago)
Kanye is a genius and black people are ignorant for going against him
Gwendolyn Flowers (1 day ago)
He definitely need some help. He is losing his damn mind. Kayne take your meds.
Mike Stranack (1 day ago)
Don Lemon likes men's behinds....
glenn surgest (1 day ago)
in order for a black man to get ahead today he,s got to play the new house nigga meaning he,s got to fuck over his own to get ahead.and thats what they do.
glenn surgest (1 day ago)
the black man of today is not only looking for a home but looking for his own plantation.the breeding grounds for the house nigga.
glenn surgest (1 day ago)
black people spend some of 💰 and things will be copacetic, get these white people out of your business and your going to be are right, sitin and waiting for them to take care of you ani,t happening.
glenn surgest (1 day ago)
you send a house niggro to school and look what he does, its sad cause at the end the day he or she is still EL. Niggro
glenn surgest (1 day ago)
how can any house nigga that never been in any shoes of a real black person talk, im black i don't never see tv blacks go out of their way for their own, most tv blacks look ashamed on issues
sonyahannah (1 day ago)
LITERALLY had to go pour myself some ginger ale because I got squeamish. Cannot believe that tRump is stupid enough to allow someone this stupid to have even a brief moment on center stage.
richard henderson (1 day ago)
Soooo you had to turn off the T.V. , so what.
quben alex (1 day ago)
put on a jacket to go into the oval office you know what that is the problem with the world this is the bullshit you focus on who cares so long as they get the job done. no one is looking at prison reform no one is doing anything about it as far as i am concerned if someone wants to go into th oval and disucss it good for them and all you dickhead criticising him for it
quben alex (1 day ago)
he made a lot of sense all the issues he said wanted to address no other motherfuckers are doing this but they want to diss him. kanye came up with some solutions. did common address the prison system no he didnt. he said a stupid poem who cares about that and kanye does things out of the box
BAware (1 day ago)
Don Lemon is an evil nasty hateful person. Kanye did absolutely NOTHING wrong in having a press conference with the president Trump to express what he believes in and being honest about the issues instead of sticking to the status quo of the black community. Trump also did nothing wrong in having this meeting because he gave Kanye a platform to spread his message in a big way. I see two Americans expressing only good ideas about the black community in America. Shame on Don Lemon and the rest of these fake nasty people who spread hate and lies and are hypocrites.
NPC #778 (1 day ago)
Kanye is so bad. I love CNN. Dump Trump. Bluewave2018
Perry Keener (1 day ago)
Kayne, just another loud mouth ignorant spook. Shutupbitch.
T4 (1 day ago)
The Kardashian Curse is in full effect, Kanye 's turn right now.
Mark Brown (1 day ago)
CNN is so biased against any minority who has changed his or her mind and wants to support Trump. I don't like Trump either but I like his policies. He didn't like like OBama.
Vera Armstrong (1 day ago)
ok Mr Lemon...finally...we also have turned off cnn and your boss Ted Turner looong time ago...heh But Kanye has class and you do not you are totalitaraian pinko commie loser mk ultrabrain washed zombie mental midget, sleepwalker Control Freak loser...... good riddance
Delfonte Knight (1 day ago)
Don L is the man.I don't care bout KW at all.He need 2 be slapped hard 2 wake up.The racist cunt with the frame changed the topic 2 economy,it was all down 2 Obama .Donald is a disgusting human 2 be a president 4 a car rental company,let alone the USA.Donald T is the poster boy 4 all haters,ie racists,sexist,etc.DT is America,old,fat,ugly,evil & stupid.
dopplegangerdavid (1 day ago)
Don Lemon may have just proven for himself what Trump said about his intelligence. How is Trump using Kanye exactly? If a black person has unpopular political views, that means he's being controlled by white people? That idea is just plain racist? And using his dead mother like that? How about saying things like "a room full of white people"? I'm glad mainstream news is dying out.
Manny N (1 day ago)
As a Filipino American, typical low blow from the left. Don Lemon cares about Kanye? Bottom line- kanye supports the President Trump and he is black. Blacks are walking away from the Democratic party!
patriot 1776 (1 day ago)
Don lemon you are a ass
1 fabfitnat (1 day ago)
I said what I said! Y’all still on here trashing Don, meanwhile y’all President is condoning body slamming reporters, idolizing dictators, speaking with a limited vocabulary, paying off porn stars, losing control of his staff (Kelly and Bolton cussing each other out in the Whitehouse ), etc.... But Don, a reporter, is the Antichrist for reporting on what Trump has said and done...on video!!!!! Last but not least, Y’all don’t even care if someone tries to tamper with an American election as long as your crooked candidate won. Wow!!! How many convictions are we up to now? 🤔🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄
ToryDSart (1 day ago)
Don’t pretend to care about Kanye, you are a paid token negro use by CNN to demean those that would choose to step out of line from the Democrat party. You use his dead mother to make your small following believe that she would be disappointed in her son, you are an inhuman monster and I can’t wait for someone to put you in your place.
kevin kieswetter (1 day ago)
Don lemon is a disgrace. Out of touch with the people. I can't stand him
rosamaryful2 (1 day ago)
ladonia gage (1 day ago)
B-Swizzle (1 day ago)
Don fuck ass thinks it's funny to laugh at people calling kanye a "token negro" don, you dont speak for all black people, people are individuals and have their own minds no matter the color of your skin. You are not all black people so fuck your hypocrite ass
Ethel Paris (1 day ago)
I agree with you Don Kanye made no sense. Why do he think he needs to encourange black people to accept trump because it is a reality that he is a rascist and his business history shows it and the comments that he has made about the N.Y. 5 that was accused of killing and raping a white women. He never apologized to them even when they were found not quility after spending years in prison. He is surely a racist, liberals don't have to tell anyone that. Do he not know that Black People do think for themselves
Deb Kent Realtor (1 day ago)
what an idiot.
NukeFace :D (1 day ago)
I have to close this youtube tab because of Don Lemon's bs
realest out (1 day ago)
260M u such a fucking ho Don lemon
Carti Abel (1 day ago)
I wonder why don't you people that is doing all the talking go fucking run for president and win so we all can criticize your every move
budy bradley (1 day ago)
CNN is a joke. It’s going to me a long 6 years.
Estefani Nunez (1 day ago)
Don lemon I love you, he's right
Eternity's Scribe (1 day ago)
What's with all the Don Lemon dislikes? He's correct the guy needs help and the people around him should help him and he's also correct CNN should be focusing on more important subjects than celebs
jeff colburn (1 day ago)
FIRE THE IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Epik Zebras (1 day ago)
No but they sent cameras to the white house when a YouTube went to visit barrack obama
738polarbear (1 day ago)
BTW Did President Trump not visit the Florida devastation areas . YES,YES he did. So STFU.
jordan dillard (1 day ago)
If we would all just come together and boycott CNN this kind of crap would be dead.
738polarbear (1 day ago)
Don Lemon will be wearing diapers one day . It loosens the sphincter muscle you know ,having a big white dick up there.. Its not healthy.
FitzyLove (1 day ago)
Kanye is UNSTABLED. A double minded man is UNSTABLED!
Mr F (1 day ago)
Don leman you are Crazier
Valelacerte (1 day ago)
Remember when Donnie claimed that Kanye West's mom would be rolling in her grave, according to an alleged close friend? Well, imagine my surprise when it was revealed to be complete bullshit: https://youtu.be/T5A-aM-NnnU
Jesus Solis (1 day ago)
I turn it off when you’re on my tv
Miguel Miguel (1 day ago)
Keith Hunter (1 day ago)
You people disgust me. Democrats and Republicans don't care about any of the issues Kanye addressed. Mental Health, Public Schools, and of course CHICAGO --- none of you care. Don Lemon is a square.
Othello (1 day ago)
Don Lemon is 110 percent correct. Kanye put on a minstrel show, and I can't believe Jim Brown was sitting there listening to that nonsense.
susan s (1 day ago)
The liberals need to get over that Trump is President..Obama screwed Americans so *ucking much .and nobody cares!! We need to take the camera away from CNN. this anchor person is an embarrassment..good lord..grow up liberals..pathetic..wow!!!
hescio ivan (1 day ago)
Lol Kanye getting worse
AD 07 MAFIA Gaming (1 day ago)
Don lemon is reporting shit he should be reporting news facts for the people of the USA but if Kanye west was with Obama its a total different story that’s the Communist News Network for you because they don’t know what the hell there talking about and Obama brought people into his Oval Office as well look it up on google I’m in the middle Die hard conservatives are nuts and die hard liberals are nuts I just want good for the country like CHRIS TUCKER and I want everything to go well
AD 07 MAFIA Gaming (1 day ago)
Also Fox News aswell they do cut stuff out
AD 07 MAFIA Gaming (1 day ago)
Fake news is what cnn is
Jordan Sim Vlogs (1 day ago)
Y’all need to calm down, Don knew Ms. West personally and he did not insult her in any way...but she would curse Kanye out after what he said.

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