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Welcome to Ocean City Maryland

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Ocean City, Maryland, USA Maryland's Atlantic Ocean Resort Town with world renowned classic wooden boardwalk accessible by taking the Harry W. Kelley Memorial Bridge across Sinepuxent Bay to the Atlantic Ocean front Town of Ocean City, Maryland ********************* History Efforts to establish a resort on the barrier island began as early as 1839. In the late 1860s construction of the Wicomico and Pocomoke Railroad promised an increase in beach visitors, prompting investors to lay out streets and building on lots on 267 acres patented as "The Ladys Resort To The Ocean" The resort became known as Ocean City by 1875 when the first major oceanfront hotel was opened known as The Atlantic House which opened on the Fourth of July in 1875. *************************** Ocean City Facts Beach is About 10 miles of beautiful sparkling sand Boardwalk is 3 miles long The whole city encompasses 4.5 square miles. The founding date is considered to be July 4, 1875, when the original Atlantic Hotel opened for business. Ocean City was incorporated as a municipality in 1880. No one is allowed on the beach or in the ocean between 12am and 5am No one is allowed sleeping on the beach between 10pm - 6am ******************************* Links For more information on visiting Ocean City, Maryland http://ococean.com/ For more information on the Town of Ocean City, Maryland http://oceancitymd.gov/oc/ ********************************** Transportation Ocean City Maryland is 233.64 miles from New York City via New Jersey Tpke S with car travel time expected at 3 hrs 58 mins Round trip bus from NYC to Ocean City Maryland is available via Greyhound Bus Lines https://www.greyhound.com/ Ocean City Maryland is 137.58 miles US-50 E to US-113 S taking 2 hrs 41 mins in car from Washington, D.C. *************************************** Hashtag metadata tag #OceanCityMaryland #OceanCityMD #OceanCity #Maryland #OC #OCMD #TownofOceanCity #Worcester #WorcesterCounty #woodenboardwalk #wooden #boardwalk #AtlanticOcean #AtlanticOceanBeach #Beach #Beaches #summer #summertime #warmweather #TheShore #Shore #SummerFun #SinepuxentBay #US #USA #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica #UnitedStatesofAmerica #AmericanSummer #SummerinAmerica #SummerinUSA #WarmWeather #EastCoast HD Video Ocean City town, Worcester county, Maryland state, The United States of America USA country, North America continent July 26th 2014
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Text Comments (134)
Giorgi Namgaladze (10 days ago)
https://youtu.be/tVQute8rhZI watch my drone video from Ocean City, guys!
J Clay (14 days ago)
Ah yes...one of my top favorite places to visit ...been going to ocean City since the age of 8 years old....you have the famous go kart tracks...the carnival which is on 1st Street ..the laser storm on 33rd Street ...the famous and expensive Jolly Rogers...let's not forget the ladies and the bus..ride all day for a dollar😁😁😁
J Clay (14 days ago)
Funnel cakes anyone? The boardwalk has the best.
METALFACEDOOM (15 days ago)
Looks boring asf lmfao
Maxwell Lynch (17 days ago)
Can anyone recommend places to go for family fun stuff? Aside from beach and water park
Shakina Frink (19 days ago)
lol i hope i gets to go next month to ocean city look fun 💖👀🏝 i’ve never been 🎡🏖
Ari Valdiv (1 month ago)
Who will be there July 19 to 23 July ????????????
Krystal Lawrence (2 months ago)
Left half of my heart in this city.
Turbo (2 months ago)
Ocean City MD i can stay here for ever 10-4 KKKKK
lugar lindo a inda vou conhecer
LesGab ForLife (2 months ago)
I went there for the summer for 3 years now and its still beauty
777 (2 months ago)
Thumbs up, hahahaha! Myself, I think I still prefer Ocean City, NJ: Boardwalk there is higher, amusements and arcades are sooo nostalgic, families seem more 'invited', etc. Utmost blessings and thanks!
Mya Is cool (3 months ago)
I’m from Maryland!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Daybelline Muñoz (4 months ago)
You’re a nice guy, and this is a great video, but ocean city is ass. MD is amazing and has so many other amazing beaches.
Quatruam DogZzZz (5 months ago)
I live here it's snowing right now Alot HELP
Lilah Kallee (7 months ago)
Mahfuz Pagol (9 months ago)
OpTurtleGaming (9 months ago)
I'm going ocean city tomarrow too pick up my custom made savage shirt/I'm staying for 2 days
Marony marony (10 months ago)
Beautiful vídeo!
Adam Cooke (10 months ago)
I just got back from there it was very fun I go there every summer
Emin Baxishli (10 months ago)
Stunt Vlogs (10 months ago)
MyDiamond (10 months ago)
I remember going there with my friend. We drove a red car that you could rent and everyone seemed to enjoy how loud the music on the radio was. I remember one of the workers of an arcade started dancing along and these guys asked if they could take a picture with us. It was such a great time 😂
The America You Dont Know (11 months ago)
Youre walking on the wrong side of the boardwalk dickwad.
haywood jeblome (10 months ago)
If you did that at night you would get punched.
Destiny Playz (10 months ago)
The America You Dont Know omfg ikr
Daga Sinyan (11 months ago)
im going in two weeks, can't wait!! I live in md so it'll take about 2 1/2 - 3 hrs to get there.
SPORT Time (1 month ago)
Daga Sinyan that’s funny because I’m going in two weeks to lol
Mya Is cool (3 months ago)
Daga Sinyan dame I do to!! It’s two and a half hours away to three hours what part
Nicole the Artist (11 months ago)
I got pooed on by a seagull... Now I feed them more than I eat down there... They scare me and my mom.😅
Blorox Cleach (6 days ago)
Unhinged Killer Stop tryna be relevant by replying on every comment.
Unhinged Killer (10 months ago)
Nicole Shepard So, Nicole, your boyfriend said you're a shithead. And he's right now that a gull shit on you.
Daniel Burger123 (11 months ago)
comin down there in about a week
EllieMacG TV (11 months ago)
I'm going to OC Maryland Tomorrow!!!
Unhinged Killer (9 months ago)
EllieMacG TV Truth told, I lived in Ocean Pines in 1990 with my ex American girlfriend, but she broke my heart 20 years ago... But I'm over her as no man's heart breaks forever...
haywood jeblome (10 months ago)
Get fudge. And watch out for the city folk at night. They sleep all day so you should be ok.
EllieMacG TV (10 months ago)
Unhinged Killer this was 4 weeks ago I got excited lol
Unhinged Killer (10 months ago)
EllieMacG TV Oh yeah, well no one cares, OK.. They really don't.
Nicole the Artist (11 months ago)
Me three!
XxJas (11 months ago)
I'm going to Maryland Ocean City in a couple days it looks fun!
Daga Sinyan (11 months ago)
Beebo World im goin the fifth of august too lol
XxJas (11 months ago)
Beebo World It Is Amazing You Will Have A Good Time!!
Beebo World (11 months ago)
Jassy Games how was/is it? I'm going on in August 5th
Nona Taylor (1 year ago)
Haley Kemp (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9r_9I2gAdeOxtia1eAiuCg?spfreload=10 check out my vlog!
Tom Y (1 year ago)
O.C. hon!!
0legacyking0 (1 year ago)
Man, you slide through the crowds with such precision Lol
Joiga X (1 year ago)
going this weekend!!!!
James Folly (1 year ago)
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haywood jeblome (10 months ago)
Who would want to work in trashy hoods with gheto people? I bet the stray pitbulls eat the mailpeople alive.
blacksultan85 (1 year ago)
so this is a dangerous place in the US? really? looks safe to me.
WOLF RIDER GAMES (1 month ago)
Liane Layman there are a lot of crimes in OC but they are not near the board walk most of the time
LazyCobra (1 month ago)
haywood jeblome Im latino may i enter your "good family" zone
James Douglas (5 months ago)
ocean city is not dangerous and it is beautiful. now there is dangerous places in md. but oc. is def not one of them.
awsomenes dragon (6 months ago)
blacksultan85 it is safe I have been there before
Beebo World (11 months ago)
blacksultan85 Its perfectly fine I've been there every year almost
Andrew Pernia (1 year ago)
I. Love. This. Place. So. Much. And. Been. There. Before And. Enjoying. Fun. Under. The. Sun With. My. Freinds, 😎☀
WOLF RIDER GAMES (1 month ago)
Andrew Pernia why. You. Put. Periods. Every.word .dude. ?
Haley Kemp (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9r_9I2gAdeOxtia1eAiuCg?spfreload=10 check out my vlog!
Pickle Rick (1 year ago)
Andrew Pernia I love how you put a period after every word except the one you actually need a period after.
Miles S (1 year ago)
Im going for a week in June with friends I can't wait. Haven't been there since last summer. Btw im a Marylander myself😎
WOLF RIDER GAMES (1 month ago)
Miles S my birthday is in June so I went on June too last year
Haley Kemp (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9r_9I2gAdeOxtia1eAiuCg?spfreload=10 check out my vlog!
Eumardes Mendonça (1 year ago)
this place is very beautiful !
Eumardes Mendonça hell yea it's beautiful I've been there before it's so much fun and so much to see and do
bob bot (1 year ago)
YOUR_lady_ANASTASIA1 leave a message
alyssak27 (1 year ago)
I'm going the 17th
Donna Jones (9 months ago)
Brad Cordrey pussy.
Donna Jones (9 months ago)
I see no body is in the water he he
Donna Jones (9 months ago)
alyssak27 are those teradactals flying there
Unhinged Killer (10 months ago)
Brad Cordrey Brad, she ain't giving you no pussy. So just stay with spanking your monkey.
Brad Cordrey (1 year ago)
let's hook up. We'll meet at Thrasher Fries 10 am this Saturday and share a bucket of fries and get sick on the grease.
Bill Burke (1 year ago)
going tomorrow just wanted to see how it looks thanks
Cringecrafter 87 (1 year ago)
I'm going in 13 days
I leave in three days!!!
A Person (1 year ago)
im going august 1-5
So your there now
Liane Layman (1 year ago)
God I miss Ocean city so much.
Haley Kemp (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9r_9I2gAdeOxtia1eAiuCg?spfreload=10 check out my vlog!
Janna Peters (1 year ago)
Brad Cordrey yep lmao no Pennsylvania
Brad Cordrey (1 year ago)
where you at now Kansas?
Welsey Snipes (2 years ago)
haha fuck all you people that talk negatively about oc if your doing so clearly you haven't visited
haywood jeblome (10 months ago)
I read the news and it proves it used to be a nice place to take families.
Daniel Festa (2 years ago)
I'm going there soon me and my family go every year
John Doe (2 years ago)
Should rename it The Town of Ugly People.
Mya Is cool (3 months ago)
Kalli McCullough I do too
Mya Is cool (3 months ago)
John Doe you are so rude and that is offensive bc I love Maryland (I live there) and ocean city so shut up face
Olivia Bartel (5 months ago)
John Doe fuck u
haywood jeblome (10 months ago)
Those are all city people and ornamentals.
Kalli McCullough (11 months ago)
wow thanks, i live there
catsrthebest 07 (2 years ago)
I go ocean city Marilyn every year so I've been there
UserName0043 (1 year ago)
Awesomebella 52 are you retarded or just cant spell?
catsrthebest 07 (1 year ago)
+Danny Pham listen no u aint
catsrthebest 07 (1 year ago)
+Liane Layman I can spell how I want
Liane Layman (1 year ago)
It's spelled Maryland.
smtpgirl (2 years ago)
Where's Plim Plaza and Fun City?
SG OHIO (2 years ago)
Awesome Place
Liane Layman (1 year ago)
Sure is, I grew up there, well I went every year with my family.
Toxic Anomaly (2 years ago)
remember how Baltimore was this nice lol
Trucker Joe (2 years ago)
Dang OC got Dark...
Manman Holmes (1 year ago)
daryl k news flash it been their for you all foodstamps didn't just happen
Black People Unite (1 year ago)
kill yourself bitch
Shawn P (2 years ago)
Go to Delaware,like I do
daryl k (2 years ago)
problem is oc is accepting food stamps now. so they flock
daryl k (2 years ago)
I was there last year. it looked like pg county. once thry get a hold of it it will be trashed filled with violence
Magic 555 (2 years ago)
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Trenton Beegle (2 years ago)
Great place to be

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