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Spotlight: Crazy Bar Deals Under $5!

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Continuing from our previous video for Ladies' Night, here are some crazy deals for you gentlemen as well when you're looking to get some drinks! We have negotiated even better deals exclusive to our viewers as well, so watch on to find out more! 1. Prince of Wales 101 Dunlop Street Singapore 209420 2. FIVE Oriental 16 Collyer Quay, #01-05B Singapore 049318 3. Standing Sushi Bar 8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-51 Singapore 018984 4. Sleeping Giants 217 East Coast Road Singapore 428915 5. Michael’s Bar & Grill 32 South Bouna Vista Road Singapore 118161 Find us on Instagram: Ryan - https://www.instagram.com/nightowlcinematics Sylvia - https://www.instagram.com/sylsylnoc Aiken - https://www.instagram.com/aikenchia/ Deekosh - https://www.instagram.com/deekosh/ Sikeen - http://www.instagram.com/chansikeen Aurelia - http://www.instagram.com/aureliahathaway Joanna - http://www.instagram.com/joannalhs Grace - https://www.instagram.com/gracelsyy/ Nixie - https://www.instagram.com/nixieangel/ Rachel - https://www.instagram.com/iamrachelwan/ Nina - https://www.instagram.com/ninatsf Sherri - https://www.instagram.com/sherriashlee/ Charlene - http://www.instagram.com/kiewc Anna - http://www.instagram.com/anna_en/ Franster - http://instagram.com/fransterwong Victoria - https://www.instagram.com/victoriacheng/ Julian - https://www.instagram.com/juliantaytm/ Zijie - https://www.instagram.com/raozijie/ Click This. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=alozerk SUPPORT US ON PATREON! https://www.patreon.com/noc FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/nightowlcinematics EMAIL For business/talent enquiries, email us directly at sylvia@noc.com.sg VISIT OUR WEBSITE http://www.noc.com.sg TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/RyanSylviaNOC ADDRESS Kent Ridge Post Office PO Box 1049 Singapore 911102 NOC PARTNERS Cathay Photo - http://www.cathayphoto.com.sg/ MyRepublic - https://secure.myrepublic.com.sg/ Shunji Matsuo - http://www.shunjimatsuo.com.sg/ Flesh Imp - http://shop.fleshimp.com IMBA - https://www.facebook.com/IMBAinteractive?fref=ts TopGear PC - https://www.topgearpc.com / Bosch - https://www.bosch-home.com.sg/ Aftershock - https://www.aftershockpc.com/ OUTRO SONG Darren Ashley - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJZq4bADmW0 Disclaimer: While we respect everybody's views and opinions, it is necessary you respect ours. We are entertainers, not role models! If you're gonna be butt-hurt about our videos, simply click X :/ But for those who share our sense of humor, enjoy your stay! And tell us what you want to see in the next video! :) Thank you! Directed, shot and edited by Ryan & Sylvia
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Glay Yang (6 days ago)
Other place I don't know have not try but sleeping giant cannot make it sry to say , other 1 tower of hoogarden I can tell u all it's one of the worse hoogarden I ever drink and the food here cannot make it hiazzzzzz
these 2 girls are good looking sia
zippo freeze (9 days ago)
$5 is no longer the problem but the alchohol that they are using, if it's 1981 alchohol that is made in SG you are definitely paying for a alchohol that is gonna give you a bad headache in the morning and most bars are aware they are serving lousy alchohol.
chelsea shim (9 days ago)
It would be great to see an episode for coffee! Thank you for your hard work!
chia wai loon (9 days ago)
Just a piece of advice, Cresten beer tower yes it definitely the cheapest you can find but what they failed to mention it's literally one of the worst tasting beers I've ever drank. Sour with a bad aftertaste. It's worse than medicine imo.
hui gin Ang (10 days ago)
At first i thought Hyuna came to NOC .
TraTra Czr (10 days ago)
First time I read the title...I thought is cheap car deals haha
nyleaJ L (10 days ago)
Went to sleeping giants once, great place to hang out with friends to just chat or play the card games that they have (poker cards, cards against humanity etc) BUT their drinks can be quite diluted... esp the shots.
Jasmine Kang (10 days ago)
AH! THANKS FOR THIS!! Please do more!!
tanxinya juwina (10 days ago)
i love noc,i watch noc since im 9,and im now 12
PR (10 days ago)
Would love and hope to see Sherri in more videos. Plus more videos like this please!
Chen Xin Hui (10 days ago)
i love itttttt! 😍😊 more of this pls.
melissa pasquin (10 days ago)
Love this
Zulkarnain Zainiddin (10 days ago)
FIVE Oriental is a good place to chill and also catch NDP fireworks this time of the year too 👍🏽
shay min lee (11 days ago)
Super cute! Thanks!!
Someone Here (11 days ago)
Great video. Just that Rach needs to take note of the focus when doing the portrait video. Other than that, Rach sure looks great!
Yzeuthium (11 days ago)
Somehow I prefered the previous spotlight ep, its more vlog-like, more chilled and laidback which is also more fitting to the theme, instead of the to-the-point pros and cons evaluation
Lawrence Chan (11 days ago)
RYAN Is So Handsome He's a 10
Waine Lim (11 days ago)
For the next spotlight can u guys talk about swim wear or phones back then and now? Like the sanitary pad video
Chloe Leow (11 days ago)
More more more!
Rebecca Lai (11 days ago)
Really hope you guys were in Malaysia!
Elfin lim (11 days ago)
TBH I dun really like them coz Sherri is so shy and Rachel is too dramatic. And by dramatic she's like way too drama queen
Jeannie Tang Ho (11 days ago)
Love love love this!
redsparksss (11 days ago)
sleeping giants is damn good
Camille Teo (11 days ago)
Can you guys do a episode of spotlight about contact lens
Mehak Akbar (11 days ago)
The video seemed very rushed..maybe can try slowing down the diff scenes
stephaniey (11 days ago)
yes pls do more videos where you find cheap deals!!! this kind videos are beneficial, keep up the good work😍😍😍
Nas Banu (11 days ago)
Can noc do a video of their hair and makeup next time ? Super like Sherri's hair colour ! Is that dark blonde
Tan Yi Xuan (11 days ago)
Stickies would be a good option. They have a promotion where the prices of house pour shots and beers are based on the timing. So it’d would be $2 at 2pm, $3 at 3pm and so on
macro molecules (11 days ago)
Where to go if dont hv ID
Reel Fitness (11 days ago)
Since y'all went to so many bars how about some hangover cure/recipes?
Reina Lim (11 days ago)
Why Sylvia never come in?? She is so funny I would like to see what she will say!! Maybe dee josh and Aiken should do this once? Anyways, are Sherri and Rachel an official members in noc?
Leyna Tan (11 days ago)
Love this video
Entity21 j (11 days ago)
Im 13........... *awkwarddd!*
Sarah M (11 days ago)
Samantha Ong (11 days ago)
Love this video sooo much, I always wanted to have fun in a non crowed area but I don't know how to find... Thanks you guys for this video, really appreciate it a lot 💞💞💞 Definitely going to go bar - hoping next time :)
Calvin Abdullah (11 days ago)
I don’t think bars are for children that are watching 😅 but it’s ok
Tay Marcus (11 days ago)
Did Sylvia fire herself from Spotlight? Or did Ryan do that
Tay Marcus (11 days ago)
Rachel Wan (11 days ago)
Tay Marcus She’s way too in demand with every other series, and we have only 1 Sylvia! Sometimes we gotta make do!
Reanna Choo (11 days ago)
Random Asian Guy (11 days ago)
They are so good at negotiating, OMG!
Troy Ta (11 days ago)
i like more of these videos!!!!
CrystalSJ (11 days ago)
Yay I'm early
Htzr Playz (11 days ago)
Wow thx for recommendations! Nice!!!
Tae Kook (11 days ago)
Great video ❤️
steven teoh (11 days ago)
The paints on the face too thick?
Inify TM (11 days ago)
I like piez
Annaseline S. (11 days ago)
Love your spotlight videos ❤️
Tan Jing Jie (11 days ago)
OMG I am so goner go check out every bar mentioned
Andrew Lee (11 days ago)
Am I early?? 😂
易烊千玺 (11 days ago)
I'm here before 4000 views!
Germs many (11 days ago)
I'm a teenager so i have no idea what they are talking about.
Vernetta Huang (11 days ago)
I luv uuuuuuu
Hu jayjay (11 days ago)
Chernisse (11 days ago)
GAMER _KID (11 days ago)
Keep makinv funny vids!! Awesome
taniaaa clarissaaa (11 days ago)
59's comment
taniaaa clarissaaa (11 days ago)
3.3k 💜
naomi here_ (11 days ago)
58th comment 😱😱
JustMeSofia (11 days ago)
Bts Trendz (11 days ago)
Finally a new video!!!!
Bts Trendz (11 days ago)
56th comment. YAY
So cheap? DAMN...
kabuto (11 days ago)
Sharanya Rai (10 days ago)
I just received notification. 2590 views already. Should i really press the bell button??? 😛😛
DinoRex_MHW (11 days ago)
nk wl (11 days ago)
Best student meal deals?
Aneeqa Reema (11 days ago)
U shld be ashamed to do this content
Crazy Trazy (11 days ago)
Lol why
Val Lee (11 days ago)
Can u do a episode on cheap drinks around Clarke quay area for those that are looking to pre drink before going into the club? 😛
Yumiko (8 days ago)
Buy a bottle from the hotel(s) nearby ~ and get your mixer from 7-11 ?
Someone Here (10 days ago)
How abt 7-11? 😝
Qiao Han (10 days ago)
may be there isn't one
panncaakes (11 days ago)
although i love sylvia but i’m glad to see more sherri and rachel ;-) goodjob to NOC for letting everyone have their shine !!
iiCandle Xo (11 days ago)
Now u know that you've just gotta bring 10 dollars with u Haha!!! ❤️
melody chan (11 days ago)
Alexia Lin (11 days ago)
Omg I dislike sashimi too T-T I just can't stand raw fish...which is sad cuz I'll like to appreciate it too...
wohenfei (11 days ago)
44th comment
Ira Syameera (11 days ago)
Zenn Sim (11 days ago)
Macy Wong (11 days ago)
that was the best vidio on youtub
Alexia Lin (11 days ago)
I love this series omg
p e a c h (11 days ago)
Typical Tracy (11 days ago)
Omg early!! I love you guys so much and I’m from the United States but I always have dreamed of going over To Singapore to meet you guys you inspire and you guys are awesome!!
Foo Xi Hui (11 days ago)
I love your videos they are so funny, practical, interesting and awesome I am surprised you guys haven't gotten 1 million followers you guys are my favourite and the best channel. Like if you agree
Torsha love (11 days ago)
Here finally
crystal lizer (11 days ago)
Before 1000
Foo Xi Hui (11 days ago)
Number 34 Yay
Foo Xi Hui (11 days ago)
Teng Qingpei (11 days ago)
57 viewer
Kaden Kwah (11 days ago)
Iam the 39 viewer
Cheeky Bottle (11 days ago)
How do you all always find new places to explore?
Ashlyn Toh (11 days ago)
looking at my notification that noc posted a new video makes my day!
Isaac Hans Koay (11 days ago)
Number 38. NOC is the best YouTube channel.
giv me the succ (11 days ago)
Isaac Hans Koay I beg to differ
Charlotte Ong (11 days ago)
13 commer
Cheeky Bottle (11 days ago)
LTH _ (11 days ago)
early !
Charlotte Ong (11 days ago)
I'm the 36th viewer
Jerald Tay (11 days ago)
38th or 39th viewer
hello8374 (11 days ago)
pls do one on world cup
fj89delta (11 days ago)
Under 50 views reporting in 😜
Aryes Gale (11 days ago)
Love your vids with all of my heart
Annie Ee (11 days ago)

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