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The Vandalization of Star Wars

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Text Comments (8133)
Ivan Molokov (20 hours ago)
Disney ruined Star Wars to use Star Wars and marvel as a way to push the liberal sjw agenda through pop culture.
Ivan Molokov (20 hours ago)
Take out jar jar and the prequels are all better than the sequels.
Axel H (1 day ago)
Dude you’re spot on on many points but you have to chill with that resentment towards feminism. It gives off a bitter taste.
TheUpwardbound1 (1 day ago)
What do you think was going to happen with Disney allowing the feminazi run Star Wars to the ground. Only reason Sw7,8 made money is for the true fans nostalgic love we have for the real Star Wars! I dont even count this Kathleen shit as Star Wars! More like a Disney Space Adventure! She is the main one fucking everything up! Disney has endless pockets so under the right guidance we would have all gotten what we really wanted to see just like what Marvel has done under Disney sticking with their formula and not wavering. Only we can change this by not spending our money on the bullshit!
donald paluga (1 day ago)
I blame Jar Jar Abrams
No1Knows (1 day ago)
Boycott Disney's Star Wars and all Star Wars Stories
csu111 (2 days ago)
Great critique.
Spamfitters (2 days ago)
Rouge 1 was a great film, the other two were shite
Jiří Blahoš (2 days ago)
Funny how you complain that the movie doesn't explain why is Kylo evil. The original trilogy doesn't give a fuck about why Darth Vader is evil, yet everyone loves the original trilogy. Prequels try to explain this, but get hated by many. So I don't really see youe logic in this ...
Jiří Blahoš (2 days ago)
Prequels were great, people saying they were terrible are simply ignorant.
vinnyvasquez (2 days ago)
Outstanding analysis. Star Wars franchise is ruined now.
John McCormick (2 days ago)
Dave. You're a fucking idiot. The Empire was a bunch of white male antagonists. So SJW has a look? Luke followed the path of Obi-Wan and Yoda. We didn't need Super Sayan Luke like in the EU we got Yoda "A Jedi uses The Force for knowledge and defence, never for attack" I agree with you on one thing, Jyn. The whole cast of Rogue One were bland one dimensional characters we didn't care died. The first 90 minutes invited fast forward editing as it's full of pretty planet hopping shots. Only reason fans lap it up is the sheer amount of fan service added. It throws everything it can being an unnecessary limpet attached to ANH. A movie summed up in a paragraph in the very first film ANH.
ArtstarTheCat1996 (3 days ago)
NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! EP I-VI were all good! EP VII-XII UH! UH!
TheLastKeyblade (3 days ago)
Fuck. You. The prequels were awsome. :)
Hijacked TARDIS (3 days ago)
Dude, I love your content and shit, but you’re reading a bit too deeply into this. It’s just fucking Star Wars, not a political commentary.
Nenad Kanelić (3 days ago)
I could not agree more. As a fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars, I could say that P.C, SJW and other B.S agendas had ruined everything. Why? Because the customers of the franchise are those whose brains have been programmed to consider that SJW, P.C. Feminism, and so on are the edgy, cool, nice, good and only way of thinking. New customers, new watchers, new fans, all of them are lost cause. Infantile to the very core, led to believe on their entitlement, without real childhood, they are the easy recruits for a even more activists of those damn ideologies.
Guy Aryeh Wilson (3 days ago)
Spot on!
Trevor Hirsch (4 days ago)
#Leiaisaforcetobereckonedwith #Lukeigotyoursixordoi
oogle boogle (4 days ago)
I like Phantom Menace more then The Last Jedi.
Gibson Weasel (4 days ago)
Kylo is just some kind of random Emo boy
Gibson Weasel (4 days ago)
There will be new rules in the future for movies! Female and black characters can’t die!
Gibson Weasel (4 days ago)
Is Disney going to make a new Alien film where only male characters die and female characters all survive :) you never know??
David Macleod (4 days ago)
5:30 holy mother of jesus yes *no religious
Matthew Hay (5 days ago)
I agree with most of what was said. Problem with holdo and Leia pulling rank was the dirt bag that told of the plans to evacuate the main ships. Even if they had followed through with it they would all have died. I personally feel that the storyline for rogue one was well written. It is by far my favorite "Disney" star wars film. Tfw was a copy of a new hope and much of TLJ was as well.
Boi Koi (5 days ago)
At this point i wouldn't be surprised if they made Eddie Murphy play as a young Han Solo with the purple haired giraffe play as his step mom.
ChanCeNecK (5 days ago)
After seeing The Last Jedi, I've discovered a new love for both the prequels and The Force Awakens! Because now I know, how bad it really can get....
6toeSimon (6 days ago)
JJ Abrams is a racist and I will never watch anything he touches from now on. The comment regarding white people is disgusting!
colossuses (6 days ago)
Dave Cullen. It doesn't suite white men playing the victim. you have every privilege and opportunity in the world in every area. turn on the tv and we can't get away from you. Boo hoo white men played the villans in this film. one of the best things about black panther was to see people of colour in a big movie that doesn't pander to white ideals of how black people should act, think, and behave. Apart from that good video.
Rocket Fox (6 days ago)
This review is worse. Don't see why I have to read into someone's Facebook page to figure out why I like/dislike a movie. The franchise is fine. So they want a diverse cast. Don't care. So some of the bad guys were left white. Doubly don't care. Bad angle to base your entire opinion on, and then to just feed the trolls that are obviously gathering around this topic.. seriously do not care. Without looking through your eyes in your mindset . None of what you said is apparent in the movies
otter25702 (6 days ago)
Political correctness has ruined this world. The majority no longer rules and the minority are being catered to. The only ones that can be blamed is ourselves the majority for letting this happen. We far out number the weirdos and queers of the world that are confused. I was happy with the first three movies of Star Wars. The Dark Side was beaten the series was put to sleep until some greedy people decided to bring it back. Now the Dark Side has risen again and will be beaten again...how many times can it rise and fall...only time will tell
Nuno Silva (6 days ago)
Don't you dare saying the Prequels were awful!
Tim Martin (6 days ago)
first order is a joke lolz, they have nothing on the empire... except for shooting lessons.
Lucas Boettger (7 days ago)
I agree with all of the points he made, but I feel that the new star wars are bad because of poor writing and directing, while SJW themes are not helping any, I feel that with the proper direction they could keep these SJW messages and still make good movies. But for real though Id still bang the shit out of Carrie Fisher, that's the only reason I even watched these movies in the first place, to masturbate. But seeing as how you cant Use the force to cure a heart attack, I wont be bringing my kids to the next star wars film. Oh well, I guess Ill have to get off the old fashioned way by watching re-runs of the Cosby show, which they still play oddly enough, BET for the win.
Mercenary Knight (7 days ago)
The Prequels are awesome and they were so Politically Incorrect. ^^
Coola Boola (7 days ago)
Im sorry but I have do disagree big time....the prequels I think were very good....never mind the acting etc...but he had to give proper backing to his story....Ill concede he couldve gotten in someone to do them for him but I prefer his story and I think the prequels are largely abused because its "popular" to hate them....i enjoyed them
Travro (7 days ago)
The biggest gripe I have against these films is the rehashed theme of the overpowered Empire hunting down outnumbered and outgunned rebels. It's as if blowing up two death stars AND Starkiller Base never matter. Killing Palpatine didn't matter. The Rebels never get the upper hand for any significant amount of time. They're always hiding, dying, being chased, and having to resort to guerilla tactics and sabotage to survive. We never see a scene where Star Destroyers route from being overpowered, or imperial officers acting humbly due to Resistance forces actually being a threat. And the Jedi never returned. It made sense for the original three films to have this theme because the republic and the Jedi LOST the war against the Sith who at that time were the ones who had to resort to subterfuge and sabotage. But after Return of the Jedi? It doesn't make sense. The same can be said about the trio. The heroes of the battle of Endor have returned to their original posts. Han was a general but now a goofy old smuggler. Luke's living under a rock having failed to restore the Jedi order. Leia has political power, but of no consequence. And this was all done on purpose. Instead of making a coherent theme and plotline for the new films, they instead decided they needed the old theme to serve as a backdrop for a political agenda. I always suspected it, but the pink-haired lady was the final proof. If anyone cares to remember the original films, nearly all the rebels were white guys too.
Jerry D (7 days ago)
Spot on!
Grendel (8 days ago)
Say what you will, you have that right. But I loved the prequels. I loved Jar Jar. (disliked midi-chlorians) I loved Rogue One. To me it was a logical entry into the universe of Star Wars. It did have a few moments which made my eye twitch, but was actually re-watchable. And while I didn't hate The Force Awakens, it did nothing to endear itself to me. I don't own a copy. Kylo Ren is the Edward Cullen of dark siders... moody, broody, and totally not your father's monster. The difference being I liked Cullen, but he wasn't a vampire in the classic sense. Neither is Driver's character a believable dark lord. Rey. Not Daisy Ridley, but her character. Force powers suddenly awakening, controllable, and more badass than those of the bad guy... who could stop light dead in it's tracks. Why even bother to track down Luke? Oh yeah, to immasculate him. She gives him his di... lightsaber back, which he throws away again in the next film. After my Star Wars nerd friends' reviewing The Last Jedi for me, I'm not even interested in watching it. I was tempted to burn all my Star Wars toys like Jake Lloyd (ever so briefly), or sell them on eBay... but that'd be an unreasonable response. Why ruin good things over cheaply made imitations? I can't even seriously contemplate it. Lastly... not looking forward to any new Disney entries being shoehorned down my throat. Star Wars has 7 installments, great short series by Genndy Tartakovsky, a decent stand-alone film... and several mutilated corpses being raped by sjw corporate shills. The "social justice" movement ruins everything it touches. Star Wars is one of the casualties.
oh and btw im pretty sure the black dude and the again and wht puperhaired white chick messed up and gave the white guy the upper hand so honestly if anyone should mad it should be the other side
odisseus ithaca (8 days ago)
sjw? sorry what is that?
Sanderus (8 days ago)
social justice warriors
The_Blazer (9 days ago)
Ugh, people complaining about Skywalker not being present enough in the new movies pisses me off. He's not a main character anymore, he's SUPPOSED to be going away! What do people expect, the series to continue with him as a protagonist now that he's like 70 years old? I was pissed at The Last Jedi because they kept Leia alive ffs.
msullivan85 (7 days ago)
You're not even remotely close to understanding why people are pissed off about Luke's character in TLJ but I'll give you a hint...it has nothing to do with screen time...
neosildrake (9 days ago)
They want women to identify with Rey. I am a woman and let me ask you: "What has she to offer other than 'vagina'? Gripping backstory? Nope. Heavy character development? Nope. Intense internal conflict? Nope. ...so what do they want women to identify with? Mary Sue plotarmor? Tearjerking non existent drama? What do they take us for? I love fanfiction, but there is a reason why I abhorr 99% of all SIs (often badly disguised as OCs) and Mary Sues are only good for crack fics and lolz. What about the support cast? Finn? On a PETA mission with that token asian female. Poe? Relegated to the far back. We'll never see him again unless he switches sides or makes some heroic but useless sacrifice that shows off how superior the heroine is. Rose? Rose who? Memorable enemies? Kylo "spoiled crybaby" Ren? General "WTF am I doing here" Hux? Supreme Leader "Sidious 2.0 monday model" Snoke? Commander "publicity stunt" Phasma? Puleze. Give me a break. Killing of the foundations of a fanservice and giving the middle finger to a huge fanbase that has grown naturally over decades only to put out a message about how anything before was racist, sexist and homophobic and full of toxic masculinity and how the force must be democratisized... sorry, but I am out.
charles ryanlee (9 days ago)
What you're missing is that it was all a con job and that Admiral sacrificed her life so the rebels could have enough time to escape and live to fight another day. If she hadn't done that, the New Order would've captured them and put an end to them. Then you'd be whinign too. So, in short, you lied by omission and suffer from huge amounts of confirmation bias to trash the movie. And fuck you for doing so. You've lost a subscriber.
Christopher Holmes (9 days ago)
I've basically quit watching anything from Hollywood. It's all about pushing SJW agendas. There is no longer fun in the movies.
I loved the original star wars and all the actors, and as a kod i never thought of the genders or races, it was all done natural. These newfilms feel so awkward and forced, racist vs whites and sexist towards men and women (wome mustbe men and men must be evil if white)
If gender and race don't exsist, why do we need more more of all those races and sexes that dont exsist
dzimpact (9 days ago)
I enjoyed Episode VII.  It did a good job of balancing the creation of a new story with honoring classic content for the fans. Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed with Episode VIII.  I suspect that this was due to the shoehorning of leftist themes instead of allowing for a more organic story.  I'm guessing that the desired reaction wouldn't be for me to leave the film asking "Why?".  I was disappointed.
Kineticfir3 (10 days ago)
Pythia Sibyls (10 days ago)
nothosaur (10 days ago)
Is there such a thing as a non-white villain in modern movies?
Nurgle's Socks. (10 days ago)
I actually enjoyed the movies, I mean they were way better than the prequels. The SJW wasn't too bad and it actually felt like star wars. I guess I'm just happy to have something better than the bloody prequels.
jame4696 (10 days ago)
I haven't seen a star wars movie since the 1980's. And I thought that I mite would like to see some of the new stuff. But if it's like that they can keep there movies and I'll keep my dough.
Antoine Marques (10 days ago)
Anti-family : so true !!!
matthew helm (10 days ago)
My memory may be faulty, but wasn`t Leah a general in Return Of The Jedi?
Evil Plum (10 days ago)
They utterly fucked the whole thing up not interested in this crap direction they are taking especially when they blatantly say they don't want male fans . Well you got your wish fuck heads
Disney killed a money-printing machine. Hope those assclowns are happy.
A SALAD (10 days ago)
srsly 6k dislikes... world is doomed
those1kidds (10 days ago)
ok man, that was an amazing video. I LOVED your about us pushing women to be more like men and pushing men to be more like women and how we're scratching our heads wondering why we have all these people confusing their genders not know what the crap they are. Very smart points, great video.
those1kidds (10 days ago)
ok get off the bandwagon of hating on the prequels, they were great and introduced a lot of amazing stuff to the Star Wars universe. Where the last jedi did not. Great point about the left wing view of the family though. Why was The Incredibles so amazing? Because it actually showed a normal, healthy, functioning family. That was the heart of it.
Lone pube (10 days ago)
Well..... at least the prequels look good now.
DarkNye (11 days ago)
Man you need to seriously look at life and yourself in the mirror and repeat some of the drivel that came out your mouth.
CodeeXD (11 days ago)
To be fair Poe's plan didnt work either. Also she probably should have told someone her plan
Kasper Tangen (11 days ago)
Fuck SJW’s😒😒
Mark Ukrainetz (11 days ago)
What wasted potential. You have the main original characters, but nothing is really done with them.
msullivan85 (11 days ago)
Lets face it,  the prequels with Jar Jar and Hayden Christensen shit all over episode 7, 8.  My biggest gripe with the new trilogy is the "bad guys".  How can you have a good star wars movie when the villains are terrible?  The "First order" is completely incompetent and not domineering or intimidating at all.  The same can be said about General Hux.  That was one of the reasons Tarkin was so great.  He actually seemed like a ruthless, intimidating, serious general.  Kylo Ren's character suffers from this as well and casting Adam Driver in that role was ridiculous to me but I kinda understand him being the anti-Luke Skywalker.  I don't like Kylo's character but I understand it.  What they did with Snoke was the biggest travesty in these movies.  Putting his stupid name aside, he had absolutely no back story, no reason to believe he should even be a "supreme leader" of anything.  No information on how he got there or even who the fuck he was because FUCK IT he's only supposed to be the main villain in 2 movies of a franchise that was made by great villains (Vader, palpatine, Maul, Boba Fett, Jabba, etc.)  I realize that in a way that was kind of what made the emperor great in the originals, we didn't really know much about him but he also didn't get killed of in such an anti climatic way that left me thinking, "why was this guy even in charge of anybody"...
Snoogle Thekil (11 days ago)
And the only hot chick, is Princess Leia - The rest are butt ugly lesbians x)
Melissa Jean (11 days ago)
This is a fantastic video. You explained your opinion very articulately. I didn't like the new star wars as much as the last ones either and now I understand why a bit more. I hope the final one in this series is better
Halfman Halfamazing (12 days ago)
What the fuck do I have to do to keep videos from whiney alt-right douchebags from showing up in my suggestions list!? Jesus fucking Christ you bastards complain about ANYTHING that doesn't reinforce your perceived superiority complex.
Gleidston Filipe (12 days ago)
6:13 Hey, shut up. She was great in the originals, and back then it was just a throw away thing. They didn't make a big deal off of her being a woman, she just was, which is how it should be done. With that said, yeah, cultural vandalism and stuff.
D33P S3A (12 days ago)
all star wars after the firs 3 movies are PURE GARBAGE JUNK. I couldn finish any of the post-firs trilogy. and I m not gona participate in this last junk ones.
S. Haugen (12 days ago)
I fu**** hate horriewood and hope the first abomb lands there!
Dre Zee (13 days ago)
Anakin Skywalker was conceived from the force. Decades of training required Reye becomes master of force 5 minutes after hearing the word. And lightsaber master when she first fires up lightsaber...
Guardian3891 (13 days ago)
The only move I walked out of in 30 years -_-
Peter Caci (13 days ago)
I've never agreed with something on YouTube so wholeheartedly
LeadCounsel (13 days ago)
As a franchise, stacking them all up, Star Wars has far more mediocre or terrible episodes and main characters than great ones. A briefly wonderful thing, for about a decade in the 1970s-80s, it's been a massive continuing letdown for longer than it was great and has only really 2 great films out of how many, 10? A handful of fantastic characters out of hundreds? It's bewildering who even likes or pays for this garbage now...
dorpth (13 days ago)
Everyone in the resistance wears drab military jumpsuits. Why does the commanding admiral dress like one of the capital dwellers in The Hunger Games?
leductdh (13 days ago)
LEts not go to next star wars movie... And I mean... Not attent to make our voice clear.. That's it that's all.. Do you hear me you pussies out there. Just dont go.
Cancerous Cake (13 days ago)
Oh sure, blacks and asians need to be starred in all these films, but SJW let me ask you a question. Why the actual FUCK did you not focus on Latino people too? Just like the others, they have an ENTIRE CONTINENT to their side, and are generally sociable people. They'd be great for films needing "color" (despite SW having shit-ton of "variety"), but no. No no no, its all Blacks and now Asians. Good job. I don't have a problem with these two, its just leaving out Hispanics and crying for the others is just hypocritical.
梵天丸 (13 days ago)
IT is more like Joseph Campbell's hero's journey....everything goes to shit at the end.
jacob boeser (13 days ago)
leia is an actual general before disney botched the EU. Mon Mothra is also an original general in the old movies. So I dont have a problem with them being in the leader roles but everything else you said is spot on.
Antonio Anthony (13 days ago)
Even Battlefront 2 story line is a crock of feminist shit. I can just imagine what Solo will be like...
Sky Fly (14 days ago)
I suspect in SW9 Rey will convince Kylo to get gender reassignment surgery to deal with his Toxic Masculinity. Once he becomes a dude with a Frankenpussy and announces he is now Kyla Ren, he will suddenly embrace the full power of the Force and save the universe with Rey by his side where they will rule the SWJverse as nonbinary lesbian lovers. They will do this by raising an army of pussy hat wearing Feminist protestors called "The 3rd Wave" lead by Vice Women's Study General Nasty Zir (played by Ashley Judd). Somehow the ghost of Trump will rise from the ashes as our bad guy and will eventually be buried beneath an ocean of used tampons launched from the gorilla salads of our menstruating army of obese blue haired feminists. Before the closing credits, Han and Luke will be revived and forced to apologize for their past masculinity and then their bodies will be submerged for eternity in a sarlac pit filled with menstrual blood who's entrance will be sealed forever by a massive tampon called "The Death Pon"! The next trilogy will be about how the 3rd Wave lead by Kyla and Rey will hunt all corners of the universe hunting and killing all creatures will a penis. Light sabers will be outlawed for looking too much like dicks and the 3rd Wave's weapon of choice will now be the "Light Giner".
Nicky Liu (14 days ago)
Social Jedi Warrior
Peter F-Model (14 days ago)
I had not though much about this topic, but concerning the way the political correct storm troopers ruined The Ghost in the Shell for depicting Kusanagi a western looking cyborg instead of a Japanese looking cyborg, which incidentally she never was in the source material, made me realize something fishy was happening to movies from Hollywood. Could be the reason why I am drawn towards Japanese anime. Its fresh, interesting and free of political correctness. The Devil is a part timer is great - 日本の映画は最高です.
Joe s (15 days ago)
The preqeuls were good.
Alex Honeyghan (15 days ago)
for one the prequels and its back stories were great. second there wasn't anything wrong with the casting. the stories and the characters were bad. white men play the lead in more than 90% of the big budget Hollywood movies, its ok if for once or twice they dont. ...big deal. the problem with star-wars is the characters are terrible ,forced and the story itself is inconsistent with the already established back-story that is star-wars.
talking about star wars as if they were real movies. 'she could fly the millennial falcon.' geez louise, have some self-awareness.
A C (15 days ago)
Ugly lesbians are the future K!? George Soros knows he will get his way because he has the cash and cash is king.Get ready for serious bull dyke star wars you know it's coming!
nlawson2004 (16 days ago)
In the end I‘m not happy with every single thing Disney/Kathleen Kennedy, etc, is doing with Star Wars, but could the same be said about post original trilogy George Lucas. Either way, there’s hope for the future of Star Wars yet. Maybe it’ll take the next generation of movie makers. Maybe this poster and myself are already a dying breed of frustrated agitators that the young will have little tolerance for.
nlawson2004 (16 days ago)
It should also be said, and supposedly this is true of life and human existence in and of itself, tragically, it’s all a development, an experiment even, The United States is as such, and so on it‘s initial roll out per se, not every project is going to be refined and highly appealing. Diversity and responding to the growing shifting demographics is in it’s infancy, and funny enough there are still a mostly if not practically entirely, white bodies making diversity decisions; a lack of nuance and insight is going to invariably make it’s way into the final product. It’s all a learning process. We have to try not to tear each other apart so that we’re alive and of sound body and mind to enjoy the fruits of that process’ results someday.
nlawson2004 (16 days ago)
Don’t get me wrong, SJW laden dialogue and direction is uncreative and kowtowing to the mass of tribe identity driven, overcompensating, agency deficient automatons that crave validation from the media, as a false yet superficially satisfying indication of their prevailing status within society. But it must be realized that the exact same thing can be said about the propaganda machine throughout American and western history, and it’s relationship to minorities and the marginalized. It’s just such a joke. It’s a joke the degree of delusion the privileged class is in a state of.
nlawson2004 (16 days ago)
I think there is something to be said about not fixating on cringe worthy SJW distractions and just making a great movie. However, it’s revealing to see someone who is from the majority class in the western world, some would argue from the ‘privileged’ class, who themselves in some small way are now echoing a sentiment many non-majority folks have experienced their whole lives. One taste of it, diversity initiations, and these new directions in casting/roles, etc., is enough for the ‘favored’ class to have a cow about, while marginalize people have dealt with disparaging roles their whole lives. It’s just a missed opportunity for the majority to take a minute and walk in someone else’s shoes for a while. To say that previously roles were not engineered and propaganda driven is also a joke. Complainers are cherry picking and seeing what they want to see, Poe is white and male and is the best pilot in the resistance and leads the rebels to evading the first order. Luke is white and male and distracts the entire fleet of the first order and goes out as a legend, larger than life itself, and witnesses by everyone. What more do you want. Pick your poison, do you only cast white males as saviors and worthy heroes, or do you only case the marginalized as heroes and capable leaders and champions. It’s all engineered to reflect the sentiment of the times and the growing market and demographics. Sounds to me like some, read angry white guys, just can’t handle the growing face of the changing world, and would rather go back to the plethora of the same old same old of white males up, non-white males down. It’s lame and lends itself as evidence of all the worst accusations prescribed to the majority for past atrocities, from slavery to Jim Crow to state sanctioned police brutality and inequities witnessed in all facets of society today.
Daniel Arnold (16 days ago)
We used to have all the money and land, and we still do but it's not as fun now -Bo Burnham, "Straight White Male"
Feminism ruins everything.
VunderGuy (17 days ago)
0:01 Nigga, where the fuck you been? Star Trek has been vandalized since the beginning. You can't converge something that was so converged in the crib anymore than you can kill a child that was born stillborn, IE, dead on arrival.
Mike Williams (17 days ago)
The Force is a paraplegic.
Swan A (18 days ago)
You guys really are mad about a women holding a lightsaber for the first time without any training. I’m 100% sure that if Rey was a man and “he” would have been able to hold that lightsaber without any prior training y’all would have been like “WOW, he’s just a super strong or whatever guy...he must have a background story for it I can’t wait to see how he could have achieved that, who are he’s parents, he’s such a badass, he’s gonna be the most epic force user of the whole franchise I can feel it” and so on. But hey she’s a woman so there’s no way she could have done that so the film is trash. Also she knows how to fight so she’s clearly strong, and agile and smart while fighting. There’s more than brute force and weighting more than 110 pounds to win a fight, theres a lot of references that strengthens that statement, look for them. She being able to fly the Falcon doesn’t really surprise...if you thought beyond the “oh, this is feminism propaganda and all that bullshit,” you could had hypothesized that she being a scavenger and cleaning fallen ships off their parts could have given her an idea of what to expect when being on a functional ship and a knowledge about how they work. And ships are, obviously, a common transportation in Star Wars I really don’t know how hard could have been, it’s not like she hasn’t seen them before or heard about them. One of her first scenes is of her simulating that she’s a pilot so is pretty obvious that she has an interest in that and knows a thing or two about it ...that’s what you do when something really interests you, you research, absorb and learn even if you can’t practice with the real thing and she’s clearly not a dumb chick. I mean she can fucking repairs anything that you give to her and she doesn’t have a PhD in engineering or something like that because of her needing to do so to stay alive on Jakku and not died of hunger or in this case, boredom. If Rey was a man she just would have been an amazing character and y’all wouldn’t question any of the things she can do in the film because “he’s a man, of course he can do anything it doesn’t matter how improbable that can be” and y’all just would be sit still waiting for the whole movies to come out so that way you can explain why he could do or could not do that base on his background story THAT HASNT BE REVELED YET. So, yeah I call bullshit on your whole video, y’all are just mad that they put a woman as one of the main characters, if not the most important in the whole new movies, in a SW movie. I get it if people don’t like the movies for other reasons but because of “feminism”? I didn’t even notice that “feminism” in the movie until I watch this video. Ppl are too hurt because of a strong woman character can’t believe that’s enough to wound your fragile “macho” egos. Also it’s funny how no one batted an eye when FINN was capable of holding the lightsaber and he really doesn’t have an OUNCE of fighting skills or whatsoever in his blood he can just handle a fight when his armed with a gun, but when the girl that at least knows how to fight and also is REALLY STRONG WITH THE FORCE does the same is automatically unrealistic.
Kajex Surnahm (17 days ago)
*"You guys really are mad about a women holding a lightsaber for the first time without any training."* Anja Gallando predates Rey by a wide margin, and she was capable of wielding a lightsaber without the Force. That said, she was the daughter of an infamous gunslinger mercenary and lived a life of violence, using combat spice to enhance her agility and strength. I have no problem with _anybody_ wielding a lightsaber without training, but the problem here is in proficiency and execution- not gender. *"Also she knows how to fight so she’s clearly strong, and agile and smart while fighting."* Rey is clearly proficient enough in combat to be able to hold her own against _unarmed scavenger thugs_ (watch the scene again) while wielding a staff, but that doesn't amount to viable combat experience against Sith Lords and stormtroopers. *"And ships are, obviously, a common transportation in Star Wars I really don’t know how hard could have been, it’s not like she hasn’t seen them before or heard about them."* And yet a stormtrooper of the First Order, Finn, doesn't know how to fly a spaceship and needed a Resistance pilot to fly him out- at least until TLJ, where Finn somehow, without any explanation, knows how to fly a starship. It's often that only those with the luxury to own a starship learn how to pilot them, it's not just a skill that everyone learns. But as it happens, I don't find Rey being able to pilot a ship objectionable- just that she was able to do so while keeping the ship intact, or smashing into the scenery. It's one thing to be a competent flier in a commercial setting, but that doesn't stick when it comes to darting around massive wreckage, darting into narrow spaces and surviving enemy starship firing on the vessel at once. *"If Rey was a man she just would have been an amazing character and y’all wouldn’t question any of the things she can do"* That is utterly false. If absolutely _nothing_ in TFA and TLJ had been changed except for Rey's physical sex and behavioral gender, I would _still_ have the same issues with the character, because the characters flaws have nothing to do with their gender, and _everything_ to do with their characterization, story arc, and lack of meaningful character flaws. *"y’all are just mad that they put a woman as one of the main characters, if not the most important in the whole new movies, in a SW movie. I get it if people don’t like the movies for other reasons but because of “feminism”? I didn’t even notice that “feminism” in the movie until I watch this video. Ppl are too hurt because of a strong woman character"* Rey is not a "strong woman character." She is a character who has been granted immense power, who is capable of doing anything perfectly without repercussion, who is good and pure and incorruptible and possesses no realistic character flaws that allow the audience to empathize with her. She inherited a special ability without undergoing the crucible of training, failure, humility and triumph that is demanded of any character that seeks such power- as a result, she lacks the necessary wisdom to utilize it, as well as lacks a serious respect for that power and the responsibility that comes with it. She undergoes no tragedy- and no, losing Han does not count because she barely knew the man for longer than a day and a half _tops._ In the mythos of Star Wars, it takes a Jedi at least two _decades_ of studying and training in order to become a proficient Jedi, trusted to keep the peace and protect the Republic and it's people. Even Luke Skywalker underwent weeks, if not months of training on Dagobah before he tried to take on Darth Vader, and he wasn't even deemed ready for the task. All of those Jedi, Luke included, learned humility and failure. In contrast, Rey spent four days _maximum_ learning from a reluctant Jedi Master how to use the Force; she doesn't fail in any of her endeavors, and suffers no traumatic moment to humble her; by the end of it, she's levitating more boulders than Galen Marek, one of the strongest Force-sensitive in the entire Star Wars mythos. *This is the worst kind of Mary Sue- the kind that is strong from the beginning and undergoes no character growth.* It's like Rey popped in a video game, set it to easy mode, and then used a cheat code to get all the Force powers in the game- it is utterly devoid of any entertainment or value. None of this would change if Rey was a man. The character would still be poorly written and poorly characterized. The problems would still remain. *"Also it’s funny how no one batted an eye when FINN was capable of holding the lightsaber and he really doesn’t have an OUNCE of fighting skills"* Finn was a stormtrooper. Stormtroopers are trained to fight. Obviously, nobody is going to bat an eyelid when he handles a lightsaber with moderate skill. This is not an issue in consistency- trained soldiers should be _expected_ to know how to fight. *"but when the girl that at least knows how to fight and also is REALLY STRONG WITH THE FORCE"* Luke was also "REALLY STRONG WITH THE FORCE" (seriously, why are you putting this in caps? It's like you're getting worked up over nothing), but he still got beaten by a Tusken Raider, pushed around by an alien thug, and zapped in the ass by a remote droid. At the very least, he _had_ a minor amount of training with Obi-Wan, and it can be inferred that he didn't stop training when Obi-Wan wasn't around afterwards. He didn't actually have his first lightsaber duel until years later, and even then it was only after he trained with Yoda- and he _lost_ that battle, despite Vader actively and knowingly holding back. Rey had four days of training, _maximum._ It wasn't nearly that bad when it was against Kylo Ren, since Ren was _also_ holding back and had suffered a shot to the side; but there's no excuse for her holding off Snoke's honor guard at that point. Rey could have been handled so much better. She wasn't.
Blank Blank (18 days ago)
Black knight fin XD
Joseph Kelly (18 days ago)
I agree with you on your views towards the main female characters in the Force Awakens and Rogue One. You have something insightful to say about diversity becoming a mere quota: a female hero need only be strong and capable without needing any flaws, nuance or engaging character development. HOWEVER, your attitude towards diversity is just ridiculous. The fact that white men are now complaining that they don't have enough positive white male role models in modern cinema is as laughable as it is pathetic. Try watching every blockbuster in the history of the world ever made ever. I don't understand why racially diverse casts are anything to be cynical about and considering that women have spent the last 100 years seeing themselves primarily represented as a token sex object/love interest (with few exceptions), I have little sympathy for the fact that Poe Dameron, Kylo Renn, Luke Skywalker and multiple others isn't enough for you. Poor fucking white men. I'm a white man myself and i disagree with the principle of making films solely for the purpose of undermining masculinity and white male characters, but people are confusing that with a vital readdressing of balance in Western cinema. P.S. The Last Jedi sucked because the script was poor, the editing was clumsy, the humour was misjudged and the plot progression wasn't anything like as radical as everyone said it was. It's got squat diddly to do with diversity as far as I'm concerned.
Mikko Barros (19 days ago)
Ooh! This kind of shit really exists? :D I thought Far Cry was a caricature, but it's actually real! omg omg omg America, you're sooooo fucked up. :D

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