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The Vandalization of Star Wars

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Text Comments (8558)
M Oczakow (1 hour ago)
In Rouge 1 they only missed a Inuit Character from the Arctic circle, an East-Asian & possibly circa 1850s aboriginal from Papua New Guinea from the same time period (the cannibal fame). And of course the white guy has to be the new "Stalin" in the movie. It's as if they fried to satisfy every ethnicity in the world but the white guy has to be "representin' " KKK. And they wonder why the audiences are vanishing. Now Ray or Rey (whatever) character would have been so much better if she couldn't beat up giant males twice her size, but rather defeat them with agility, acrobatics (Jackie Chan style) and superior intellect, by luring them into self defeating traps. I would love to see that. Thats the kind of basic character abilities found in RPG games for Pete's sake. If they wanted to see proper character development, play Zelda Link to the Past from early 90s, its all there to rip off.
kjh311 (3 hours ago)
6:30 I hated that purple haired chick so much I cringe and people with colored hair just because they remind me of her
BigStickyNugs (7 hours ago)
kylo is one of the worst castings ever. Just doesn't work.
Jock McScottish (22 hours ago)
Actors should be cast based on their acting skills, not just because they are female or a certain ethnic group.
Impartial Observer (1 day ago)
You forget that the dark side = patriarchy. So a white, hetero, male cant be a good guy. Emo Wrenn has to go over to the dark side because all white men are bad.
Mr X (1 day ago)
What's more disturbing is that Leia is a general of a star fleet.
Stevie Kajeevie (2 days ago)
New to your channel and love it 😁
Kama Kairade (4 days ago)
Good lord what the hell is wrong with you? While I was disappointed with the new SW movies, your views on sociology are so incredibly broken that you're doing your viewers a disservice. Go have a profound experience or something and come back once you've figured it out.
LovelessDogg (4 days ago)
I think it was telling that when questioned by Poe regarding a plan, Holdo just told him (in a round about way) to “Listen and Believe” after that I was just done with the film.
Trevor H (5 days ago)
The SJWS were strong with the thumb downs, but not strong enough. Fucking wackos.
fuzzybear 12345 (6 days ago)
Dave Cullen...way too concise...articulate and intelligent in his delivery of his telling points to: A. Not have a major network show..( not that he wouldn't clash w the producers of such a show in basic belief systems...which is a good thing ) B.Have such few subs....( wish u best of luck and that your show hundred folds in its viewership ...) And I simply love listening to someone w such parallels views as my own.....thank u bud...!!!
Degrelle Holt (7 days ago)
Dave, I admire you for simply having the fortitude to sit through these films.  I took my daughters to see "The Force Awakens."  I fell asleep.  It was absolutely boring.  It was after the film that my daughters told me that Han Solo had been killed.  My reply?  "Really?  Whatever." I must agree that Star Wars/Trek have been appropriated to spread SJW/Feminist silliness.  The best thing to do is move on to let them know they are preaching to the choir and there are other worlds to enjoy.  Although it is baffling to me that audiences are so entertainment starved (how is this possible??) that they patronize this tripe.  I guess my friends are right.  I am a product of the 19th century...somehow.
Patrica Hyslop (7 days ago)
the fault of star wars and all films is the boss the jedi order, the the rebel aliance, the heroes have to keep telling the boss, this is what i am doing now is it okay to continue mrs peel and steed in the avengers never had a boss untill tara king turned up .In a new hope there was no rebels untill the death star needed blowing up
Troy Valos (7 days ago)
Yeah, SJW's spend to much time nit-picking everything to find the minute irrelevant problems that they can twist to further their agenda. Also, the anti-SJW people who do the same thing.
I think they should've been called Star Wars: The SJWs Awaken, Me Too: A Star Wars Story, and Star Wars: The Last SJW.
Long Egg Productions (8 days ago)
See if all for strong female characters and whatever but if the casting is good with say mainly white males but they say no say they can seem like the good guys inovie media by not having whites as the only race but just make a good movie don't make it a political correctness movie
Francine Losan (8 days ago)
I'm a woman and this is sickening.   They destroyed SW.
Dragonage2ftw (9 days ago)
You don’t know what the word vandalism means. Kylo Ren fell to the Dark Side because he was a child with anger issues. That wouldn’t be bad, but both Han and Leia thought these were signs he’d be Vader 2.0. His fragile emotions went to their peak when he thought Luke was going to kill him, thrusting him into Snoke’s arms.
AmongstShadows (10 days ago)
Just want to point out that Mon Mothma has always been the leader of the Rebellion. Having her in charge in Rogue One makes perfect sense
Diana Nicolás (11 days ago)
5:20 as a woman there is one thing that bothers me, the kind of female they use to be a hero, no looking feminine, no breasts, because if you are a woman with breasts of feminity you can't be taken seriously apparently. Androgynous looks they don't want them to be attractive or to have a defined sex like, if you want to be a female hero you should look certain way, I'm saying this because I'm a woman with natural big breasts and it's okay I'm a functional human being and I'm not less interesante or less adventurous because I look feminine.
GJCorby2007 (11 days ago)
The reason Kylo fell to the dark side was because Jedi Master Luke Skywalker tried to murder him in his sleep. Kylo defended himself, the other Jedi students not understanding what had happened tried to jump in to help the would be murderer Luke to disastrous effect.
base vegeta (11 days ago)
Yo dave, you sir are a boss & you a boss for real man!!!!!!
Barbara Duncan (12 days ago)
I think Leia was leading the fight in the first 3 movies. Diffinetly in 2 and 3 so Leia's character in TFA and TLJ her role of leader was nothing new.
Bryce Dunlap (12 days ago)
You call her lightsaber fighting good? I feel like even Finn had more discipline with that thing, all she did were stabbing motions, which if the writers hadn’t made Kylo such a weak ass villain, could be easily countered. Seriously, hand me a lightsaber and I’ll beat the shit out of Rey in force awakens
Matthew Sanchez (13 days ago)
I'm gonna go out and just say it: Jar Jar > New Star Wars
Latvian Dragon (13 days ago)
Fuck you
Happy Camper (15 days ago)
Sjw wars
Need More Time (16 days ago)
OMG this is sooooo acurate!! I loved the 3 first films (from the 70's) but these abominations they released... fuck even the 3 films with anakin are better than this garbage they released! It seems star wars is all about a fucking death star, an emperor and a fucktard with a mask claiming to be "bad guy"... Pathetic. How can people pay to watch this crap!
Ryan Krekeler (12 days ago)
Need More Time and all the bad guys of the empire are all white men.... except for finn. Oh wait, he's on the rebel side.
Robert Holmes (16 days ago)
TLJ is the first time I actually said Star Wars Sucks, I cant believe I spoke such blasphemy.
alan jay mouse (17 days ago)
The 2 star wars movie rey is made human and it makes her way more human
alan jay mouse (17 days ago)
I liked the movies rey is a good character in the first one. But she lacks emotion.
Trans Am (18 days ago)
Fn idiots. To them we need sjw indoctrination rammed up our asses every 5 minutes or we might not think correctly. Got news for you, leftist writers and producers. I WILL DECIDE what to think, through MY OWN research of the issues, and on MY OWN timetable. Don't like it? Then don't ask for my money. If you're going to do poorly written propaganda, I'm definitely not interested.
Tom Hadler (19 days ago)
SW became full SJW with the last jedi. So contrived
Tom Hadler (19 days ago)
You need to revisit the prequels. I think they're actually quite interesting, after I rewatched them. They're story based and political rather than just endless cgi action scenes. Kind of reminds me of the EU and Britain trying to breakaway. The tyrrany and extra powers reflecting Hitler 's enabling act. Plus the night of long knives killing the jedi. So I think the prequels will age well especially with the lazy new Disney films
Eder Horta (19 days ago)
that is exactly what ive been thinking since i saw the movie... political correctness .. totally agree.. somehow it seems that the whole point is to make men look like shit..
Freekie6 (19 days ago)
I understand why Harrison Ford wanted out.
Greennorth Pine (20 days ago)
Solo cannot return as ghost , he has no Force man , he 's not a Jedi ! ! !
grim tnt (21 days ago)
i liked finn better than rey, they didnt do him justice in the last jedi though
black cat01 (25 days ago)
Rogue one was the only one with a good story, PC but I could stand it
Damon Wayne (27 days ago)
The last jedi should be called "no country for white men"
Swoly Pump (28 days ago)
Talk shit about PT so fuck you patetic little man. Anyways new trilogy is trash yes.
Bill Hargate (30 days ago)
Brilliant commentary. Spot on observations! The politics seared into the Star Wars films (and loads of other Hollywood product) is KILLING audience interest!!! The SJW politics is wrecking so much storytelling, and the filmmakers just aren’t getting it.
Engin MM (1 month ago)
I am strongly against SJW'S but i need to mention that Rey when compared to Luke is not a Mary Sue she had to defend her self since she was a child shown when Unkar's Thugs attacked her and she defendet herself while Luke was never shown to have to do that plus Obi Wan never trained hım yet both show remarkable Combat prowess, Rey uses a mind trick without training Luke "Used the Force" to guide the Proton Torpedo 90° down with equally little training, Rey defeated Kylo because she had to fight in order to survive on Jakku plus Kylo was visibly wounded by the Wookie Bowcaster wich the movie shows to be so strong it knocked a Stormtrooper in the air and made hım do a backflip despite hitting the ground in Front of him,in episode 6 Luke defeated Darth Vader who wasn't held back by anything despite as previously stated having no training o experience and lastly she had to scavanged her entire life in order to get something to eat and İt's not that far fetched that someone who spend that much time taking something apart would start to understand how it works.Therefore if Rey's a Mary Sue then so is Luke.By the way Han's death wasn't unnecessary because it signalled that Kylo has now fully decidet to go to the Dark side and that he won't change his mind.I hope you take my Arguments in consideration and if not i'd recommend the Video "İt's Okay to like the force awakens" as he takes more time to explain and does it better than i could , as well as the video "the last Jedi is Amazing and You're all dumb"
Rick Morel (1 month ago)
On point!👌🏼💯
DustyXO Gaming (1 month ago)
Women are weaker than us and that's a fucking fact. Now I'm not talking for all women because there is a small minority of women who can spear tackle a motherfucker, but genetically and physically that's bullshit in movies. A women has to build up almost 3% more of muscle to get to an average strength of a man.
zombiewack (1 month ago)
All of the Star Wars since after the first 3 are absolutely terrible, revenge of the Sith was decent but the rest was horseshit
ian lewis (1 month ago)
this is way anime is wining, go anime less SJW filth, SJW=KGB something.
mr. mr. (1 month ago)
The biggest problem with Kylo Ren is simply that he did not join the dark side. He just does stuff cos...stuff. while the film also desecrated Anakin as it infers that his ghost is showing Kylo the dark side which is against Vader/Anakin after he kills the senator. As in the end Vader says that he is saved. While this infers that he was not saved.
Eddy Spagetti (1 month ago)
they could've established powerful female leads without taking dumps on the dudes. I was STUNNED when Poe flat out disobeyed a DIRECT ORDER from Leia, going as far as to 'hang up on her' That was SO OUT OF CHARACTER.. granted, I didn't know Poe but from TFA, but...he CLEARLY had so much regard for Leia, and he was a SOLDIER'S SOLDIER i.e. he WOULD NOT DISOBEY A DIRECT ORDER FROM A SUPERIOR, ESPECIALLY, LEIA. That entire 'dynamic' was set up for such a PATHETIC PREMISE. I believe these 'ideas' came directly from K.Kennedy.. not out of a burst of 'creativity', but OUT OF PURE SPITE, fueled by a maniacal sense of 'POWER' over the entirety of the Star Wars UNIVERSE .. I HOLD KK 100% RESPONSIBLE, and so should Disney.
MisterCCL (1 month ago)
Why are all of your criticisms of things centered around "MUH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS"
Mr Tuxedo (1 month ago)
I wonder what a feminist light saber looks like....maybe a vagina...
Caleb Sargent (1 month ago)
Okay so kylo was in a book under a diffrent name and he still went to the dark side way before this movie was made. The only differance was he didnt kill han. Second I dont think it has a left wing agenda hidden in it with the divorce thing. It's kinda the fault of the detectors for not all comeing to a center point and instead individually makeing random storys. Its bad story telling not an agenda. And that bad story comes from Ryan who wanted to kill off the characters even back during the original movies, he's the reason Yoda ended up dieing in general, once given control he was able to just make everything the way he wanted it origionly
IMC IMC (1 month ago)
I don't watch modern movies, I stopped doing that a long time ago, anything after the late 90's I avoid, except Lord of the Rings, I liked that.
CumberCube (1 month ago)
Actually makes me feel suicidal this shit
Brianna Lee (1 month ago)
Yeah, I was really mad that Han and Leia divorced, that was awful! Kylo REN didn’t have to be their son. Wish they explained how Ray could do what she did and showed her training. If Rey wasn’t a Mary Sue and they respected the original characters, it could be good. It’s sad that they didn’t respect the Original and had to make the white guys bad. That Admiral was terrible, but I did like the sacrifice. I agree women don’t have to be masculinized, Wonder Woman wasn’t. She was feminine.
FrstSpctr88 (1 month ago)
The hollywood rich folks idea of marriage seems to be what celebrity marriage is, get together, get married, break up and repeat, then the rich hollywood elites think its normal everyday shit amongst the non-rich middle class.
Paul Todd (1 month ago)
Why does no-one comment about the fact that Han & Leia's evil son in the true Star Wars history was called Jacyn, twin brother to Jada, and was killed in a duel by his twin sister. Luke's son was called Ben. Chewbacca was killed LONG before The Force Awakens, and in fact not long after The Return of the Jedi, when two worlds collided, and Chewbacca was on one of them. Disney have wiped the ENTIRE back history of Star Wars pre-the prequel movies, and are now re-writing Star Wars as a whole PC universe.
Lala Lolo (1 month ago)
Let me ask this question, how come when there is a movie where they are all white guys, say the Avengers, almost nobody says "this is just a straight male white guy movie"? Answer: because most people see these "white guys" as characters with a story, nothing related to their race. So same question applies. How come a movie like Rogue one have people like this guy over here complaining about so many minorities "the asian, women, Hispanic guy" when the story never addressed or indicated anything about their ethinicity? Say what you want about SJWs and liberal hollywood. The fact that many people, mainly on the conservative side, get triggered when they see minorities playing a main role in movies is somehow political and injecting minorites, is a statement that there is a racist behavior and bias coming from the audience. These minority characters in Rogue or Force awakens represent their characters of their story just like the ones in the avengers, nothing more, nothing else.
Rich Harris (1 month ago)
I completely agree with the sentiment that Star Wars and Star Trek have been massively perverted beyond any semblance of recognition, but I’d have to posit the idea that the diversity hire casting isn’t really something that makes a whole heap of difference here. Yes, they’re absolutely casting to appease, but it’s not something I personally ever thought about. I simply look at these movies as poorly written garbage regardless of who’s playing the characters. It’s far more “racist” (lower case “r”) that despite Finn being from a galaxy far, far away, he’s still using racially stereotypical phraseology like “Droid, please”. As for Holdo, yeah the character sucks, but I figured she was only irresponsible in the sense that if she knows Poe is an impulsive hot-head, she should probably have mentioned the real plan right from the start so as to avoid him doing anything rash
chrisrd4 (1 month ago)
Quick Correction: Mon Mothma had always been the leader of the Rebel Alliance, going back to the original films. At the very least, she was the leader during Return of the Jedi when they planned the attack on the 2nd Death Star
Cole Sultemeier (1 month ago)
George Lucas would be disappointed
They can't create anything of value themselves. They can only take over things which talented people have created and built over the last forty or more years, stamping their names on preexisting properties in the voodoo practice of imbuing themselves with virtue they never earned.
Urban Moving (1 month ago)
she sucks
Jordan Kalmov (1 month ago)
3 minutes in, gotta disagree with you on the whole "rey is a merry sue" thing. She has said she's flown ships before, the falcon was owned by the guy who trade food for her salvaged parts. She is shown to be a proficient fighter, taking on 2 people who catch her off guard (gee, haven't there be mentions that lucky gamblers and racers are likely force sensitive, and force sensitives usually go gambling because they think they are just lucky?). What about Luke and his Anikan, are they not both male merry sues? Luke used the force and took out the death star, ANIKAN WAS BORN IF THE FORCE, and was also shown to the only human to pod race, and also the only child to pod race, with no training.
jimmy OTEL (1 month ago)
Damn who woulda thought a film about Rebels rising up and overthrowing a fascist imperial establishment would some have social justice themes? I mean those things are SO far apart right.
Orlan Cote (1 month ago)
I agree. It's very sad. Star Wars has fallen to the dark side.
xlrouge (1 month ago)
After so much time I’m starting to realize I really don’t like TFA very much
Victor Elstad (1 month ago)
Yes the "minimally exceptional" Disney execs don't know that political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners.
Justin McGowan (1 month ago)
Rip Star Wars
Justin McGowan (1 month ago)
Great video
Justin McGowan (1 month ago)
I'm proud to be white but I rather be human and not a color
Justin McGowan (1 month ago)
Mary Sue say it with me Mary Sue
Justin McGowan (1 month ago)
Star Wars the last sjw
Chris Thompson (1 month ago)
man i can't agree with you more this shit is sad
SavvySteak (1 month ago)
I loved Start Wars. Watched Rogue One and Force Awakens. Stopped. I thought that Sorcerers Apprentice was the worst one. oof.
effe'n aey man (1 month ago)
I really don't understand the problem people have with the prequels, I mean they weren't bad and I've seen way worse *cough cough* episode 8 *cough cough*
Caleb Jones (1 month ago)
[Looks at Disney's SW] It was at this moment, everyone knew, political correctness had gone too far. *Doesn't it always?*
samuils (1 month ago)
I loved Stars Wars while growing up, I even loved the sequels. But after I fell asleep when watching the force awakens, I knew that I was done with the franchise.
CLASSIC (1 month ago)
Why doesn't anyone mention the Kylo Ren naked man bitch scene in last Jedi as another negative ? guy was basted like a fucking turkey in a deliberate objectified moment by the cuck director , even with the added female telling him to get dressed, Disney banned the serving wenches from ye olde tavern at their theme park but it's ok to insert a naked man bitch in Star Wars.
Tyler Worsham (1 month ago)
I disagree with some of your tales on Luke and Kylo, and I actually find things to enjoy about all 3 of these movies so I'm not about to abandon ship, but you're right about the raider point. Social justice warrior ideology threatens to compromise the integrity of the franchise and it needs to be dealt with. Marvel Comics has already been assimilated into the SJW Borg-like hive mind, and although DC Comics has done a decent job at containing and putting out quality content and still treat their company like a business that pleases customers, the problem is still there. I don't think my nerd heart could take it if Star Wars collapsed under the weight of SJW propaganda and mediocrity.
Jesse O'Reilly (1 month ago)
In fairness to Rey, you can't have the film lead suck at flying ships or fighting or she would've died during the scene where she and Finn and are fleeing from the TIE fighers on Jakku. LOL. However, she didn't have to be able to effortlessly summon complex force powers or defeat the PRIMARY villain of the new trilogy in he first chapter. Those were waded deep into the sludge of poor story telling and politically correct pandering, especially when you put in context with The Last Jedi (a film where they chose to double down on the controversial social justice rhetoric rather than wisely try to ease up on it).
black Superman (1 month ago)
As a black man no disrespect but I'm tired of seeing white man only in movies I want to see someone that looks like me and movies also it don't have to force anything but I will want to see a guy that looks like me up there then test another white guy in every movie and the goes for females as well
DarthArab (1 month ago)
I stopped watching after 1 minute 30 seconds. The dude can't even pronounce Princess Leia even nearly correctly. Just be a huge fan eh? Get a life mate, it's a movie, real stuff is happening outside
Samir Kasim (1 month ago)
Cinema, especially popular mainstream cinema like star wars cater to the larger public and not the larger "American white male" public. You my friend can scream vandalism all you want but by being more racially inclusive and accomodating better female characters, the star wars franchise is making it's characters a better reflection of our world. You might say the series ruined your childhood because of its new turn, but for that black or Indian immigrant kid who saw the original movie and wondered the place of his people in the movie, the new movies are at the least a sign of acknowledgement of his kind.
Ben V (1 month ago)
PC crushed Star Wars. Please redeem us 9!!
Mister Stink (1 month ago)
Did you just speak for girls regarding what they aspire to be? Also, Jyn grew up as a rebel soldier with no real family. And somehow her not being very feminine is an issue for you? Go watch youtube videos of female rebels in the middle east. P.S. What's your take on Joan of Arc?
nman3k (1 month ago)
How is Han and Leia breaking up "anti family" when almost half of marriages end in divorce? Seems realistic to me given their history
SRT8Driver (1 month ago)
Han and Leia spawned a murderous son on top of everything, totally ruining their storyline beyond repair and his death was horrible, he got killed like a bitch, you'd think he'd go down fighting but it was pathetic! he stood there and got killed, I mean WHAT THE FCUK!! SJW's must be run outta town and FAST!
Smokr (1 month ago)
I agree, Han's and Leia's 'estranged' relationship was entirely retarded. Their happy-every-after was ruined and that was another ruination of the franchise. Their son becoming a chief villain was another blasphemy. Han's death at his hands pretty much sealed my now-hatred of the 'new franchise' and Luke's throwing away of his blue light saber caused me to walk out of the theater and away from the entire franchise.
ITwas (1 month ago)
Mary sue main character, mary sue support mary poppins character, mary sue commander with purple hyperdrive plan, mary sue diversity Asian sexual offender. Yeah this sure is going to project image of capable women. Who gives a fuck about making a great movie as long as you can just blame white men for movie's flop?
Jamie Hellfire (1 month ago)
fuck feminism
guyverjay (1 month ago)
Daisy Ridley is a horrible actress
Peter Dwyer (1 month ago)
Star Wars is on life support, I think Disney are realising this now. Solo was a wake up call. Dear corporations. Don't openly disrespect your majority fan base, white male or not. It doesn't matter if your main fan base is pink elephants. Don't shoe horn in empty uninteresting characters to tick a box. Then openly offend the majority. The majority fans no matter what franchise um...I dunno please shareholders and buy your plastic toys n every other shit ya throw at them. Just feed the seals. It's not hard.
Annette Sobczak (1 month ago)
The only good prequel move is revenge of the sith
cakesandpi (1 month ago)
The Last Jedi is the biggest pile a crap. The other knew Star Wars films I can deal with.
MrHaro654 (1 month ago)
To be honest I prefer Jyn over Rey since ya know, she’s a little bit more believable.
Pepe_ Nacho_ (1 month ago)
Great video.!! Also the Benicio´s Del Toro character phrase:"LIVE FREE, DON´T JOIN" That is a clear anti marriage message, like you said: anti family. Disney is destroying Star Wars
Honestly the prequals werent bad, the idea was good and the stories themselves were not terrible, just the exacution was bad.
genius2012 (1 month ago)
As a martial artist, one of the reasons I liked the recent film “Atomic Blonde” was that, while Charlize Theron’s character was obviously skilled in hand-to-hand combat, she utilized the environment and makeshift weapons to help her overcome opponents that were bigger and stronger than her. I thought that was nice touch of realism because even a man who faces an opponent that is stronger and bigger will be at a disadvantage in most cases of hand-to-hand combat and unlike most other recent films that show these tiny women beating up men 3 times their size with ease, I enjoyed the more realistic and intelligent manner in which her character handled these situations.
Cerberus (1 month ago)
I believe that Ford took back his role as Han Solo on the sole case that the character he played has to be killed off with no way of bringing him back, the same I believe Mark Hamill said about Luke Skywalker. I think they just got so sick and tired of being labeled to this franchise for most of their careers that the idea of bringing it back may have just pissed them off.

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